Customer Reviews: Madrid 1987
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on September 10, 2013
Jose Sacristan can speak for hours without boring anybody; just articulating his voice. The problem is that in some moments of this movie, he really has nothing to say and if you do not understand Spanish you might be losing his greatness.

His co-star does whatever she can; and delivers a sensuality, Sacristan can't; but she is never up to his acting level.

It is a curious blend of intellectual a erotic movie (lots of nudity almost no sex).
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on January 15, 2013
While the "pairing" of the two main characters is far-fetched, it is made believable through the persuasive rhetoric of the male protagonist. One of the sexiest movies I have ever seen and great dialogue. While watching I couldn't help thinking that this would make a great 2-person play.
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on June 7, 2015
One of most intelligent films I've encountered in many years. The performances of the two actors-- Maria Valverde and Jose Sacristan-- are subtle and accomplished and fully inhabit their roles-- an aging, now famous political journalist and intellectual and a beautiful young journalism student, who meet in a Madrid bar for an interview. The script is highly intelligent, literate and cultured. It is full wry, at times cynical commentary on historical events and politics-- specifically the post-Franco politics of the Spain of 1987, a nation still divided along the fault line of the Spanish Civil War and its fascist legacy. But this is also a sensual, very erotic meditation on love and the sexual intimacy that that grows between the two characters, separated both by age and by the very different sensibilities of their generations.

The tension is this film is generated by a sexual tryst going appallingly wrong. I passed on watching this movie several times because I could not believe that such a wry, thoughtful, and engaging film could be based on an absurd mishap, locking the two virtual strangers together for 24 hours in a bathroom-- both completely nude, but for a shared bath towel. What evolves is a deeply felt and rendered encounter which changes both of them. Ultimately an erotic love story, set in the claustrophobia of a small, almost airless, bathroom, which becomes in this film a whole world.

One of the finest Spanish films I have ever watched. Full of humanity, wisdom and erotic sensuality. A film so complex and layered that each viewing reveals something new.

One of the finest Spanish films I have ever viewed. Full of humanity, wisdom. eroticism. So complex, that each viewing reveals something new.
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on October 14, 2013
This film tries to be intellectual and erotic, and it succeeds in some small ways, but not enough to ignite the fires of the mind or the body. The premise is interesting: An older (60-ish) famous and successful journalist trapped in a bathroom with a young and beautiful (30-ish) journalist aspirant, both of them naked. As wonderful as that may sound (at least to us men), neither one wants to be trapped. Expecting to be stuck for at least a day or two, they pass the time with talk, mostly. But none of the talk is very interesting. The old journalist is not wise, he's mostly a lecher. He's a decent enough guy for that; he's not aggressive. But neither is he very seductive. And should you start to feel some empathy or pity for how lonely he must be, devoting his life to the noble calling of journalism and all that, keep in mind that he is happily married and he doesn't really care that much for journalism.

Let me back up a bit. I told you that neither one wants to be trapped naked in the bathroom, but the old man does want to have sex with the girl. That's the only reason he agreed to meet her in the first place. This is what he does and this is what he has always done, with lots of girls over the years, in spite of being happily married. This girl, an aspiring journalist, agreed to meet him for an interview. Apparently she was not aware of his Lotharian reputation. Once he takes her up to a friend's apartment he makes his intentions clear, sort of. At first he tells her that he just wants to see her naked, just to look at her, telling her some boring, lame story about old men needing to look at young bodies. Like I said, he's not much of a seducer. The girl refuses at first and makes to leave, but instead returns and presents herself. He then proceeds to fingerpaint her body, which she finds disturbing, so she calls the whole thing off. She takes a shower - in the aforementioned bathroom - to wash the paint off. And he, of course, goes into the bathroom to watch. And that's how they get trapped. You see, there is something wrong with the bathroom door. Ah, a simple and brilliant plot device!

Now maybe you're wondering if the two of them ever stop talking and get around to having sex? I'm not going to tell you. Let's just say that they talk a lot. He talks a lot more than she does, but like I said, none of it is very interesting. He's a lecher, and he's not wise, he's not very funny, he doesn't care about anyone except himself, he's not sexy and he's not seductive. It's unclear to me if the dialogue is meant to sound intellectual or meant to sound pretentious. If the movie is trying to depict a rather pathetic, lecherous old man, it succeeded. But what of the girl? She doesn't say anything interesting either. We never learn what motivated her to undress in the first place. Was she expecting the old lech to procure her a good journalism job at a major newspaper? Did she do it out of pity or compassion for an old man, offering her young body as a gift? Does she have a daddy complex? Who knows? But because neither of the characters said anything interesting, who cares?

The best part of the movie, for a lecherous old man like me, was to see the beautiful young woman. But unlike the old man in the movie, I'd like more than that. I didn't really get to know the girl as a person, but maybe she is as shallow as the old man and there isn't much to know.

Bottom line: After watching this movie, I needed to take a hot shower, not a cold shower.
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on October 11, 2015
This is IMHO a piece of art. While there is full frontal nudity (barely), the situation and dialogue juxtaposes the two generations and their unique conflicts as well as concubinal confluence.

Maria Valverde is a particularly talented actress and has been working at least since she was 14 or 15. I did not know or even know of Jose' Sacristan but he is well respected in the European and Spanish film business. Davis Trueba was IMHO brilliant in his direction of this picture but I purchased the film because Maria Valvere was in it. I have two other films in which she is either a star or at least a major participant and have never regretted my decisions.
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on March 29, 2013
This is a nice easy movie to watch. You can watch for a while stop and then pick it up sometime later ad get right back into it. Not much of a plot but a nice easy character study without appearing to be too deep or having to look for hidden meanings. Everything including Maria Velasco is right out there and she is a pleasure to look at
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on October 12, 2013
Seems more like a stage play than a movie but it was a good watch anyway. Our two main characters, old male & young beautiful female, are trapped in a bathroom naked for hours & entertain themselves with conversation & such. If you were trapped in a bathroom for an entire night, naked with someone of the opposite sex, what do you think would happen. Watch this movie & find out...
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on June 10, 2015
The premise of the movie is a bit absurd, but once you get past that, the film is enjoyable. At times the dialogue was a little boring, but jt was interesting to hear the pronunciation of the Spanish dialect in this movie versus in Latin America. Also, I was curious how the movie would end. Me gustó
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on January 21, 2014
Think "Steam Bath" and the viewer may get an idea of what this film is doing. This very complex, very challenging. There are the surface elements, things that are quite obvious, that will appeal to some viewers and then there are the challenging little bits. The intense introspection that the characters experience during the course of the movie. Real questions, like who am I, what roles to I have in the universe, and so on. This more of a Rated R movie, not appealing to prurient interests and very thought provoking. It was a good investment, I think I will be on my close at hand shelf for a long time.
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on July 3, 2013
I liked this film. It's subtly tense with honest dialog, and there's no shortage of shots containing the female breast. I appreciated the care put into the captioning of the Spanish spoken dialog. I thought the director missed many opportunities for some full body takes of Maria Valverde.
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