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on April 13, 2013
I got the first unit in a closed, sealed box for my wife for Christmas. We were surprised to open it and find there was no power cord included.

Magellan eventually sent us a power cord. The wrong one, naturally. In the meantime, I was able to power it by using the power from the Magellan Wireless Backup camera I got at the same time once I got the camera installed.

Once I finally got it powered, the unit would not find satellites. It would search and search and search, and then perhaps find one or two. Even when it found more than 5, it couldn't locate itself on a map.

So, I sent it back and Magellan replaced it. The new one picked up satellites much better than the old one, but after about six weeks, it has totally quit picking up satellites as well.

Even when they do happen to pick up satellites it takes an inordinately long time, and worst of all, interrupts the backup camera. So, you get in your car, and start to backup while eyeing the backup camera, and the picture goes away so the GPS can tell you it is searching for satellites, which is not helpful when I am searching my rearview camera for kids on tricycles so I don't run over them.

Not only is it junk, it is dangerous.

As a nitpick, the mount is poorly thought out as well. If your dash slopes up, it tilts the GPS to an angle where you can't see it. I made my own mount to overcome that problem.

I have driven a car with a comparable Garmin, and it was far superior in its ability to locate satellites, the time it took to turn on, ease of use, and it had a much better thought out mount.

The only reason I got this unit was because it has the ability to integrate with the Magellan backup camera. As a GPS, it is garbage. As a backup camera, it is pretty good, except when the GPS is interrupting your view.

Save yourself the a Garmin, and buy a separate backup camera. The idea of integrating the GPS with the backup camera is a good one, but the execution is awful.
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on November 26, 2012
My ratings [after 7+mos usage]-

Navigation ........................** 2-stars
T(traffic) .........................** 2-stars
LM(lifetime map) ................** 2-stars
B(Bluetooth) ......................* 1-stars
Also "B" for back-up camera..** 2-stars


NAVIGATION 2-stars for its GPS performance. This unit appears to suffer from poor satellite sensitivity and my configuration, using the 5265T-LMB w/Magellan Wireless Back-up Camera only makes it worse. The numerous power wires, connectors and perhaps the wireless camera receiver box result in interference degrading satellite signal reception. I was initially plagued with problems "acquiring signal" and experienced delays that made navigation practically unusable because of frequent screen delays or freezes and inaccurate map positioning. It was bad enough that I considered returning the unit after the first week. If I moved all the cables away from the back of the cradle, signal strength improved enough to be useable although I still get occasional freezes. Wire management behind the cradle is sloppier now but it works. After the first month I gave it 3-stars but it's continuing to annoy me enough so that I'm bumping it down to 2. (Update - applied the first software update available since I purchased this unit 4+mos ago, it did not improve useability significantly, in fact it now gets occassionally gets "Application Navigation.exe" errors.)

The 3D rendering is not a strong feature of this unit. There is a lack of perspective and peripheral road placement/presentation is poor compared to what I'm used to from my (low-end) Nuvi 1100 Garmin. The ability to toggle between 2D and 3D is nice, although there have been several occasions when the Magellan will ignore my 2D-North preference and present me with the 2D-Heading orientation instead.

When everything is working, the routing is acceptable (like many GPS' the algorithm does not consider small local roads that are often shorter and more direct). When I have time, a work around that I apply is to break up the route using smaller segments forcing the GPS to travel via my preferred routing. The turn instructions and lane guidance (albeit in a synthesized voice) are relatively clear. Navigation feature-wise the turn tones and speed limit features are a plus, as is the wealth of POI information, more detail than any other personal navigation device I've used.

As for the other 5265T-LMB's model number-sake features -

T(TRAFFIC) 2-stars. Adequate when it detects a signal. The simple colored triangle icon is easy to see and the estimated time delay was a nice feature. It occasionally does not detect traffic data even when I am traveling in the same areas that I had without any problem before, so it's inconsistent. (Could be an FM traffic antenna issue, see comments below.) The alternate routing feature does NOT always offer a better alternative routing, it merely lets you know that there is an alternate route even if that alternative takes longer. (For example, once in RED traffic it informed me that my current route had a delay with total travel time of 16-minutes; the alternative route to "Avoid Traffic" would take 1-hr 10-min instead... not very helpful.)

LM(LIFETIME MAPS) 2-stars. I initially gave it 4-stars in anticipation of the ability to update (up to 4x/yr) and the fact that the maps on my Magellan contained recent streets that didn't appear on my 2011 factory Navteq Navi from Honda nor occassionally on Mapquest. However I have encountered mistakes in the current map and it's was over 6-mos before the Magellan Content Manager indicated my first update. They promise UP TO 4X/yr, actual delivery once in 7-mos thus far.

B(BLUETOOTH) 1-star. Even though only 1 of my 2 cellphones was listed on the Magellan website as being compatible, I was able to pair both phones to my unit, a plus. However an annoying feature is the system asking to download the phone directory every time I connect my phone. Whether I want it to or not, and even if I have previously downloaded it, unless I say "yes" it will refuse to link, a minus. I initially rated the Bluetooth 2.5 stars but additional use has worsened my experience. Connectivity periodically drops even though my cellphone is less than 3-ft from the GPS, annoying. The screen suffers from an occassional resizing problem, where the menus are sized for the screen in portrait mode even though I am using landscape mode, resulting in some of the screen menu items not being visible. A workaround I perform each time this occurs is to temporarily set to portrait mode in the Screen Setup, then toggle back to landscape, this resets/corrects the screen layout. I've also noticed that the GPS frequently loses speaker phone functionality with my cellphone. Great Bluetooth promise, poor performance.

As for working with the back-up camera, 2-stars. The ability to couple with the Magellan CPBCKUSGXXX Wireless Camera was the main reasons I purchased this unit (and still the ONLY reason I haven't replaced it). The other camera-compatible Magellan models used 7" screen which is great for backup but simply too large for portability due to their size and poor battery-life (Garmin's A/V offerings are limited to their DEZL series). The wireless hookup was relatively straightforward (perhaps the subject of another review). There is about a 2-second delay from the time I switch into reverse gear and when the camera image appears, takes getting use to. More annoying however, as with Traffic and Bluetooth, is the camera periodically dropping out while in the middle of my reverse manuever. I have triple checked all my physical connections, thus I believe it to be signal interference or some issue having to do with poor satellite reception and the system attempting to reestablish. I've also occassionally gotten "green screens" where there is no picture just a green screen. But if one needs an aftermarket back-up camera without installing a second monitor screen, this is about it.

Earlier I mentioned a potential problem w/the traffic antenna. The 5265T-LMB documentation indicates that one must use the supplied GPS power adapter/cable in order to properly receive traffic. However, since I'm using the Magellan Wireless Back-up camera, Magellan requires that I use the CPBCKUSGXXX Camera dual adapter/cable instead. (So would I still get traffic wo the original 5265T-LMB cable?) When I raised this inconsistency to Magellan Support, I was told that the 5265T-LMB actually has its traffic receiver built-into the GPS unit and that it will still work with the Back-up camera's cable. My experience is that while it "works", as with any radio signal reception it's a lot poorer without the proper antenna/cable. Seems to me like another bad design or rush to market. (Magellan indicated they would address the issue, that was 4+mos ago and not a word since.)

Another minor issue for me is the cradle/mount which was probably designed primarily for use on a windshield. I prefer dash mounting and as such the included mount has a limited downward tilt range, at its limit mine is still tilted slightly upwards (approx 100 deg.) whereas I prefer a slight downward tilt (approx 80 deg) to help reduce glare and reflection.

IN SUMMARY, the top-of-the-line feature list promises 5-stars worth in a small package. While the 5265T-LMB (just barely) meets my expectation for use with the back-up camera; the delivery of all other features is lacking, from poor reception which affects both initial start-up and subsequent performance (e.g., issues w/screen freezes, Bluetooth drops, etc.) - thus I say 2-stars overall.
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on April 29, 2013
Late September 2013, ever briefer update. One of the many errors that I reported on the maps has now been fixed, just one. As before, I do see additional map errors all the time, but I no longer turn those in since it doesn't do any good. I am starting to see other errors in usage however. In addition to the ever present map errors, every once in a while, it just goes bezzerk. It starts giving instructions to me, one right after another after another in rapid fire mode. Within half a minute to a minute, I might get up to five totally random instructions. None of them have any relationship to where I am or where I am going, they are random. It also gets so lost that it doesn't know what state I am in, let alone what road. It does this randomly for no apparent reason. This first happened when I was driving in rush hour traffic in a big city and I was freaked out. Since then, it has happened here and there in my city do I know it was not related to any traffic conditions.

It also caused me to miss a couple of exits because it's position is a few hundred feet off and the exits were very close together. It caused some real tense moments on that trip. Had I not been somewhat familiar with that city, I would have been in big trouble a few times. I think this is a new "feature" brought about by software updates since I has never been this bad before. I have also seen the same thing another review said: the traffic problem reporting can go from no problems to a list of a dozen long term problems to none again within seconds. Whether or not it tell me about traffic it totally random. This includes long term lane closings for construction, as well as traffic backups and short term closures. When it does warn me, it usually does not work if I try to take the alternate route. That kind of disappears randomly too. I am using the factory supplied power cord since I don't have a camera.

Early September 2013 brief update. NOTHING has improved. Finding additional map problems all the time, but no new map updates. Unfortunately, the only place that I can put the unit so I can even have a chance of seeing the display is directly over my cup holder. You guessed it, it has fallen into my drink two out of the last three times. It didn't damage the unit any more than the horrible design did, lol. Why do I keep putting there knowing that it can fall into my drink? Because that is the only place I can put it and have any chance of reading the display.

As of now, Summer of 2013, this FINALLY has had a map update so I'm updating my review. This is the first update they have put out even though they say they are going to put out four per year. Actually, the way it was worded is intentionally misleading since they say "up to four per year." When I pushed them on the fact that they had not fixed the many problems that I had reported, they said that zero updates were, in fact, within the parameters of the guideline of "UP TO four per year" since zero is up to four. That really ticked me off, but now there is finally an update.

Are all the problems fixed? No. Are at least the problems that I reported months ago fixed? Also NO. Has anything that I can see been improved? No. In fact there are additional problems with the map. It is actually worse than we started with.

Additionally, I do not want to put this on the windshield because it is too hard to use on my car. I have it on a "bean bag" type of dash mount. It falls off all the time because it looses suction. When this happens during a turn, it usually ends up on the floor, often face down. I also should have mentioned that the mount is made so that it points up ONLY. Since mine is on the dash and is essentially level, the screen will only point up. It is higher than it should be already AND is pointing up. Makes it even worse to see. I have to lean the mounting pad over the dash to even see the screen then I have to take off my sun glasses. Not good.

Finally, I have come to realize that one of the several reasons why I am having a hard time reading the screen is because I wear Polarized sun glasses when it is sunny. Polarized sun glasses reduce glare by blocking vertically polarized light which is typically glare. Some rocket scientist at Magellan designed their screen with vertical polarization built in. Since Polarized sun glasses think that vertical polarization is glare, they reduce it to the point that it is difficult to impossible to read much of the time. I have to take off my sun glasses to see details on the screen no matter how sunny it is. Their polarization also seems to do little to nothing to make it more readable under problem lighting situations. In fact, I think it actually makes it worse, even without my sun glasses on.

I have also finally figured out why the unit goes berserk on some roads. I used to think it was just an anomaly, but then saw it repeating consistently at certain points on my trips. The maps are so messed up, that they think that I have left the road and taken another course. They temporarily go into a stupor and in a minute or two get back on track. One of those points has not had any road work done in over ten years, so this isn't a recent change. Another point has not had any work done in over twenty years. A third point had work done three years ago, but that won't get updated on the map for several more years if past experience is any indicator.

One plus is that my unit has never frozen, as others have reported. I never use the battery, so I don't know if mine has any problem with that.

It seems that the role of tech support is to defend the product and assure the customer that the problem will soon be fixed. I have asked repeatedly to talk to someone at the actual company instead of the company that handles tech support. I want to plead with them to fix the problems instead of assuring me that they will do that and not actually doing it. Tech support consistently refuses to tell me any way to contact the actual company. I wonder if anyone at Magellan knows how tech support plus the multitude of errors are trashing their reputation.

Do I really have to say anything more about them?

<end of Summer of 2013 update>

I posted comments on another review so I thought I should also post my own review. This unit's features are 5 stars. The price is also 5 stars. I gave it only two because of the flaws and the handling of them by the manufacturer's tech support department.

While the info here says this unit was released in September of 2012, the manufacturer's tech people tell me it has been out for about a year. Either way, there have been zero map updates in whatever period of time it has been out. I first contected tech support within a couple of days of getting my unit last December (2012). It showed wrong speed limits on the freeway. They tried to weasle out of it by saying that it takes up to two years to change a map after a speed limit changes. First of all, two years to change is at least a year and a half too long. More importantly, the speed limit on that road has not changed in the last 15 years, or more.

I also informed them of other speed limits that were wrong and of streets that were not on the GPS. Again, these are things that have not changed in over 10 years, or even much longer. There were also other issues that I told them about, but none of them are fatal flaws.

My biggest problem is with their attitude about the errors and problems. They acted like it is okay because they will all be fixed eventually. I did get a bit upset when they kept emphasizing the fact that map updates will occur "up to four times a year." The thing that upset me is that zero updates is within the scope of "up to four" and zero is what they have issued. Is saying "up to four a year" a lie? No, it is not actually a lie. Is it misleading since you assume that means there will really be four in a year? Yes, it sure is misleading compared to my understanding of that statement.Is having no updates in 7 months, or 12 months depending on who is correct, acceptable when there are errors that have been reported? Not is my opinion.

I have not found an acceptable place to mount this unit. I want it on the air vent, as my previous unit was, but I'm having a hard time finding a mount that works. It blocks too much of my vision when on above the dash.

Bottom line is that I'm sorry I didn't spend the extra to get the better model that I had first decided on. Then again, if it really does have the same map errors, as tech support says it will have, I would be mad about the errors and even more mad that I spent that much on a unit with bad maps. My goal for having a GPS is to give me confidence when in a potentially uncomfortable driving situation. This unit does do that most of the time, hense the two stars instead of one. It does not do that all the time, hense two stars instead of more.
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on July 1, 2013
I bought this because is had a high rating from a source I trust. After loading the data onto the GPS via my computer I did a test drive in a familiar area. It was inaccurate with respect to street names, and other features such as the voice prompts were slow in coming at at times unclear. I logged on to Magellan's help desk. The contact people were not helpful. One was hard to understand, and the tech person said he needed access to my computer to help. UGH. After some hesitation I agreed to this. He found problems with my computer so said he could fix these for a "nominal fee." Soon after I left these people behind.
Upon reading the small print on the Magellan box I found I could NOT return this to the seller, had to have permission to return it from the Magellan site, and if and when I reeived permission to return it it had to be packed in ALL of the original packing incljding the bubble wrap! Luckily, since I purchased it from Amazon, they gave me the return address for this product and refunded my gift card and credit card.
Several days later, the same source who had recommended it wrote in his column that several had not found this gps to be as good as they had hoped. Thanks to Amazon, this ended up OK for me.
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on July 25, 2013
I like the fact that updates are free for the life of the unit.
I ike the display, the street sign display when nearing a turn, and the one touch access to various functions
I have had trouble with the address and intersection finding software where addresses show up in towns that they are not in. For instance, my son lives in Bloomington but looking up his address shows up in Edina. Also, roads and addresses that do exist, but are not in the GPS for some reason (they have been around for a long time), are not allowed to be entered leaving one with a thought of "what do I do now". I rate this capability much lower than in my previous Garmin.
When used with a pillow mount sitting on the dash (window mounting is not allowed in our state) the pivot does not allow enough movement to get the screen out of the sun so it is hard to read on sunny days with sun glasses on. I will be purchasing the available shade to see if that helps this issue.
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on February 7, 2013
I love this GPS, because its full of features but still is very simple to operate.
It boots up & acquires a satellite connection fast usually.
The maps are very good at least in my area in Florida.
I wish it had the ability to simulate the routes, which you are able to do in tomtom and garmin.
I like knowing where I am going, before actually getting there.
I wish you could change the female robot voice as well.
I hope they give you in the future the chance to change the little pointer to a car or something. The triangle is boring.
Overall, I am pleased with the features. I am happy that I spent the $150+ to get a brand new 2012 GPS unit.
It was a good buy. I got it from a big box store. Its a good GPS unit w/ bluetooth.
Please be sure to register your GPS via the content manager on your computer and not on the magellan website to get updates. You will never get a update, if you register on the website... with the content manager you get updates.

It comes with the standard car power plug and USB power cord to use for updates via your desktop computer or laptop.
Its okay.... But, next time I may get a garmin.
It went down a star from 4 stars, to one because it takes a little time to get signal, when I am ready to drive ....
review image review image review image
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on October 12, 2014
Roadmate 5265T-LMB I bought a refurbished model (not from Amazon) and it showed me everything I need to know about Magellan and it's GPS unit support. First, I wanted to register it to take advantage of the lifetime maps and traffic. On their website the registration attempt was that serial number could not be registered as it may have been registered previously.
Undeterred, I decided to download the RoadMate Content Manager application to see if the software needed to be updated. But it could not detect the GPS unit when it was successfully connected to my computer. The message on the GPS screen said it was connected and I should follow the instructions to update it.
After digging through the website I found the suggestion that there was a list of units that the Content Manager would recognize. But the Roadmate 5265T-LMB (refurbished) was not on the list.
Also, it was on a Saturday so there was no one at Magellan to answer questions on the telephone or to operate the chat feature of the website.
But that was quite enough for me. I returned it to the retailer having learned that support of Magellan GPS units is a very bad joke, especially if you are accustomed to using Garmin units, of which I have had four.
I will get another Garmin unit quite soon now and will never attempt to deal with Magellan again.
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on July 22, 2013
Just finished installing related backup camera today. Does not compare with $1000 + original manufacture's camera in wife's car, but only paid a little over $300 including sales tax for GOD and camera. No problems with maps, blue tooth, traffic reports or speed warnings. The wireless camera has extremely clear daytime picture and muted nighttime picture. Absolutely no electronic interference with other electronic equipment. Previous Garmin GPS did not have as many options and functioned differently as does original equipment GPS in wife's car.

Would not recommend amateur installation.
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on January 20, 2016
The review camera part requires the use of Magellan's camera and transmitter, so what I have will not work. Other then that it is a good GPS. I did buy it with the idea was using a back up camera with it.
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on February 3, 2015
Piece of junk. I received the unit and it worked ok for the first 4 weeks. At times it has you turn off your main road and go around the block just to have you get back on the same road again. The Blue took feature stopped working entirely. I have reset the device to factory settings a couple of time and still no good. When I contacted the Seller via Amazon they didnt want to know me after the 30 days had expired. I was told to contact Magellan.
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