Customer Reviews: Magellan RoadMate 1700 7-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
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Price:$299.98 - $329.99
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on January 10, 2012
I was a confirmed Tom Tom user and happened to come across this large screen Magellian on Amozon.Since the old eyes aren"t what they use to be I was intrigued with the 7 inch screen.Well was I in for a surprise.We used this machine to be our guide from south Texas all the way to Hamilton,Ontario.The ease of operation was fantastic,we followed it all the way and did not encounter any difficulties at all.Right thru Houston,Baton Rouge Memphis,Nashville and a few others without a mistake.
Good Job and well Done this product is a good buy and delivered as promised .
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on November 12, 2010
Just recieved the Roadmate 1700 and am disapointed to find that the speech function is not working properly. Speech is distorted and each word gets cut off in the middle.
The unit already has the latest firmware.
Having previous experience of the AWFULL MAGELLAN SUPPORT have immediately returned the unit rather than go through any hassle with Magellan "support"

My mistake for taking the chance on buying a Magellan product again.
I've had a couple of recent GPSs from other manufacturers and they were reasonable.
Before that I was a very loyal Magellan user for years, having bought a number of Magellan units from really early ones in the early 90s up to 2005. I gave up on Magellan back then because of a really bad support experience with the 2005 Magellan GPS
Stupid of me to have given Magellan a try again.
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on November 8, 2009
I had the Roadmate 1470 & even though it does have a big screen 4.7 inches, it by no means compare to the 1700, size wise. Everything else is very similar. The 1700 (this gps) is not a perfect gps but the combination of ease of use & screen size (a big factor for me) merit the 5 stars in my opinion. I wish they had not included a battery in the unit cause it's worthless. We're talking 10 to 15 minutes before the unit requires to be plugged in.
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on January 30, 2010
Over the last ten years or so, I've owned at least six GPS units and have quite a bit of experience with them. I rely on my GPS at work to get me places quickly and efficiently and if the unit has navigational or usability flaws, I have very little patience with it. My last GPS, the TomTom GO 720, was loaded with features and gee whiz stuff like MP3 capability and bluetooth, but in the end, I hated it because it did a million things and none of them very well. When it comes down to it, I need a GPS to get me somewhere with the least amount of hassle and the Tom Tom just didn't cut it for me. When I found saw this unit at Best Buy, I was instantly drawn to it for its huge screen and simple user interface. Best Buy is usually priced a little high, so I checked Amazon and found it for $217.00, including shipping, from Car Toys. It arrived within a few days and was packaged very well.

In regards my satisfaction with the Magellan, I can honestly say this is the best GPS unit I've ever used. The maps are accurate and seem up to date and the ease of use is fantastic. The huge screen makes it easy to do simple things on the unit while driving without being a big distraction. It doesn't have a lot of frills, but it does what it's supposed to do and does it very well: get you from point A to point B with little drama.

What I particularly like about it is the fact the display is large enough that it can show the street names for most of the surrounding streets, which is something most other GPS units with smaller screens just can't do. I find nothing more aggravating in a GPS than for it to show you a street, but no street name- that's not very helpful, to say the least. I also like that it shows elevation, which is something a lot of other vehicle GPS units don't do, for some reason. I live in a mountainous area and it's nice to know my elevation a lot of times.

When I read complaints about the screen size being a problem in some cars, I can't help but wonder what the h*ll the person was thinking when they bought it! I mean, did you NOT buy it in the first place because it has a gigantic screen? Why are you shocked that it won't fit in the same places your old GPS did? Unbelievable. I think those are the same people who complain because they bought a huge SUV and are shocked to find out it doesn't get the same MPG their Camry did. Life is about compromises, people.

If I had to pick one annoyance with this device, I'd have to note that the unit is a little slow to keep up sometimes; i.e., it will show an intersection a little ways ahead of you when, in reality, you just passed it. Annoying to be sure, but something you can compensate for after a little time with the unit.

All in all, I highly recommend this device!
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on October 8, 2010
This unit works great, but try to install a new map or software update! I bought the $79.95 map update for 2010, but had to contact customer service twice so that I would be forced to pay for it twice. Two weeks later, I get notified of another update available via the Content Manager application. I installed it and it corrupted my device and now I need a replacement. Oh for two so far. If I ever buy another GPS device, it probably won't be a Magellan.
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VINE VOICEon July 11, 2010
I'll get thus out of the way up front: the Magellan RoadMate 1700's 7-inch display is beautiful and easy to see from anywhere. We're using it in a Dodge Grand Caravan, not quite a truck or RV but big enough that we could appreciate the big display. This is absolutely hands down a great big GPS display. That said, size isn't everything and we've experienced some ups and downs with this unit.

First the positives.
We first used the 1700 on a long road trip for a drive from Indianapolis to Myrtle Beach. That's about 750 miles, 13-14 hours of driving and gas stops. The 1700 was very accurate in mapping and directing us on the trip down, taking us the most common, well known highway route.
As we got to know it, we came to really like the feature that shows you what gas stations, restaurants, and hotels are at upcoming exits.
The turn by turn voice directions were generally very clear and easy to follow.
The additional oversize mounting device that came with it was very big, easy to attach, and easy to adjust. It gave us good range of adjustment options for getting the unit positioned right on the large sloping windshield in the van.
The interface itself is fairly intuitive and easy to use, at least for the most common functions.

But, not everything was great with this. Some of the negatives we experienced were:
The touchscreen on ours seems slightly off. At first I thought I was touching a wrong button but then realized that the touch points on the centers of the buttons I was trying to touch weren't reacting. I would have to touch the screen 1/4" or so above what looked like the top of a button to get that button to react.

If you are on a road that it doesn't consider a highway, it can't show you restaurants at upcoming intersections as easily as highway exits. You have to go to a different part of the system for that.

Splits in highways really confuse it and cause it to give confusing directions. When you come to a highway exit to another highway, typically you'll get 2-3 lanes to stay on the highway and another 2 lanes to exit to the other. The directions for an event like this if you're staying on the same road are something like "stay on the same road in .5 miles." And it will show you that direction hundreds of miles out, stating that your next maneuver will be stay on the same road in 168 miles. Well, that's great until the immediate next direction is "highway exit in .2 miles." In this case, the direction really needed to be "take exit 168b in 168 miles." I really don't care for directions telling me what I'm not doing but I need the directions for making a change. When there's 2 parts of an interchange, don't tell me for 168 miles to stay on the same road and only give me .2 miles warning for the exit.
Related to this, it had trouble with similarly named highways in South Carolina. There as a highway (just making up the number) like SC 20 and another SC 20 business route. The unit had a hard time differentiating the "stay on the same road" directions when these 2 similar roads would split.

Other reviewers have noted that the 30 minute battery life isn't enough (agreed) and the lack of an AC power adapter for home is bad (also agreed). I wanted to be able to check out my route back in advance without setting in the car and 30 minutes (if fully charged) just isn't enough time.

That brings me to my biggest complaint: routing just isn't flexible enough. I guess I'm just spoiled by Google maps where I can drag part of a route and it will calculate a new route. It was literally impossible to get the 1700 to produce a route for us that everyone we met in Myrtle Beach swore was the best way back to Indy. The options of fastest, shortest, most highway, least highway just aren't good enough. I really want to be able to touch the map and reroute and this has nothing similar.

Other more minor complaints: the maps were out of date when we got the unit brand new. Who knows how long this had been setting around. Firmware was also a couple of versions out of date. Guess what, it has to be charged 3 hours or more in a running car before you have the 30 minute battery charge to hook it to your PC USB cable (which it won't draw power from) and make those updates. Very inconvenient.

Some of the default settings were annoying. There's an auto screen saver mode that kicks in and blanks the screen after 20 minutes if nothing happens. Very disconcerting to have this happen after 20 minutes on a highway with no direction changes the first time, I thought the unit had malfunctioned. You'll probably also want to double check that U turns are turned off. And we found it much easier to use on highways with the auto-zoom at turns turned off. You'll want to get it set at a comfortable map scale for driving at highway speeds, you really don't want it autozooming to 1/4 mile scale for turns just to have to touch the zoom out button 7 times to get it back to your 70mph scale.

Parking garages confuse it. Yes, that's a function of it not getting a GPS signal in a garage, that's a technical limit of any GPS. But it's inconvenient to exit a parking garage and not know which way it expects you to turn at the exit.

Also, not a defect or flaw, but just to be sure you understand what you are getting with this: this is a GPS unit only with built in preloaded maps that can be updated from your PC. It does not receive live traffic data, road closures, or anything else live. We found that because of that and it's lack of customizable routing options, the best way to use it was with the Google Maps on our iphones. We'd check the iPhone maps for any coming traffic issues as we came to cities and we used the directions on the google maps iphone app on the way back to give us our preferred route and just plotted from city to city on the magellan, not ideal.

If all that concerns you is a big screen and you're content with the handful of routing options this gives, you'll probably do OK with this. I think there are probably better available options if you want more flexibility.
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on December 20, 2010
Age and failing eyesight drove me to buy the largest screen I could find. I found this baby for $149 so couldn't pass it up. First two addresses I wanted to program in weren't in the database, and my home address has been there almost 40 years.......go figure! Next thing...the screen went black during routine address programming, so I had to reset and start again. Remember, this all happened within the first hour of use while plugged into my car-lighter jack. Four more times the screen went black, and four more times I had to reset the unit. Takikng it back now and gonna buy a Garmin nuvi.....a reliably known and respected brand. Bye bye Magellan!
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on November 2, 2009
The GPS works as promised, the only improvement needed concerns the window mount, the unit will bounce if the vehicle goes over even minor bumps due to its weight on the plastic mounting bracket.
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on April 23, 2012
The new one I received would not update maps so after THREE HOURS on the telephone they decided the new one was defective and I should return it and it would be replaced. I had to pay the shipping charges to get it back to them even though it was not my fault a new product was defective.

To add insult to injury I get back a "used refurbished" one. The "used refurbished" replacement one has a bad power port and will not charge the battery nor allow the unit to remain on when power is applied to the port by use of a home charger or the car charger!

Now they once again want me to pay shipping charges to ship this "used refurbished" replacement piece of crapola back to them! I have asked for a refund so I can buy a replacement that actually works, so far they have refused to refund my money or to give me (without further cost) what I paid for, A NEW WORKING ROADMATE 1700-LM!

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on September 19, 2012
I bought this unit about 7 months ago. My first unit did not function and the end seller quickly replaced it. But recently my unit has been powering down. It was obvious an issue with the charger. I have both this unit and the backup camera and it was installed by Best Buy professionally. When I called customer service about my problem I spent nearly an hour arguing with the rep that my power unit connected to my gps was magellan's despite it being marked Magellan and me giving her the parts number. After all this she finally agreed that it was a charger for the backup camera and it would need to be replaced. Unfortunately they do not have this part separately so I would have to get a whole backup camera replacement and they would have to charge my credit card till I returned my replacement. I hope this is the part is all I will need and I can just exchange this one part without having to open the dash and replace other cables. Magellans customer service is terrible. My father always told me to judge my service not when things are going well but when things go wrong. For this Magellan gets a big F and I will never buy one of their products again.
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