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Style Name: GPS with Lifetime Maps|Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$299.99 - $329.99
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on October 20, 2009
I bought this because I was interested in the larger display. We use it in a motorhome and both of us like to be able to see the GPS. Not so easy with a typical 3.5" unit. We previously owned a Maggelan unit and were happy with it but wanted a larger display.
This unit is almost idea, the display is very clear, it is easy to set up prior to a trip and it has no fluff that we have no need for like bluetooth, MP3 player etc. It's a GPS, not a multi-purpose unit. Which is what I want. I really like the lane change feature, that's almost enough to make the new unit worthwhile by itself. So far it has worked flawlessly. The only downside is that it will not run very long without being plugged into 12V (30 min). I suspect because of the large display. But that's not really a issue since we have it plugged in all the time anyway. One feature I like is the small suction cup, it takes much less dashboard/window real estate that our previous unit. We us a non-skid "pillow" most of the time, but use the suction cup in the car and it's much easier to mount.

Just wanted to make a update - We now have a lot more miles on the clock using this unit. We had no issue with it being slow or not giving us enough time to react like another reviewer found. And I often need lots of time due to the length of our MH and car together. We didn't have any routing issues either. Guess that's why there are many different models and companies producing these things.

I have to give Amazon a plug as well. I looked at Best Buy and one other store, they didn't even know this model existed. Amazon shipped it and I received it in less that 18 hours. We were on a one day stop while traveling. That's really good service.
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on November 19, 2009
Have just used it for one day and love it. Beautiful display, very intuitive, touch screen is very sensitive to the touch, voice instructions are loud and clear and just the right amount, routing was right on, its really looking good thus far. In the coming weeks I'll really wring it out on an extended trip across America (what I bought it for) and may report more.

One word of caution, though. Its HUGE. I knew it was big, I just didn't realize how big. I had a bit of a problem mounting it in my old GMC conversion van because it took up so much windshield real estate. If I would have mounted it straight ahead as I normally do, it would have blocked far too much of my visibility. Ended up literally drilling some holes lower down in the dash (old van, who cares?!) and mounting it there. So here's my suggestion...cut a piece of cardboard that matches the dimensions of this unit (I think its 7.5 by 4.3 inches) and take it out to your vehicle and see how it would fit into your field of view/windshield. Its a VERY impressive display, but it may not be right for what your vehicle can handle.

UPDATE: After much use of this unit the last few days, I've found a few flaws. First, the owner's manual leaves a bit to be desired. I've stumbled across some features the unit has, which is a good thing, but are nowhere mentioned in the manual. Second, and realizing that no unit is perfect, it went a tad bonkers on me yesterday while trying to route to a state park. It told me to turn left on a particular highway. As soon as I did that it immediately told me to make a u-turn, which I did only to be told immediately to make another u-turn! I ended up finding the park on my own about four miles down the original direction. Third, the points of interest seem a bit lacking. A search for grocery stores told me the nearest was 5 miles away. One block later I passed a grocery that had obviously been there for a number of years. Lastly, I'm used to a Garmin that has a trip summary screen. (Average speed, total time of driving, miles, etc.) If the Magellan has such a screen I've not found it yet. Oh, one other thing....when I have intentionally not made a turn it tells me to make, it simply recalculates a new route and doesn't mention anything about my goof. Not a word. I don't know, maybe that's a good feature!

Still like the unit and am still pleased with the purchase and would do it again, however, the honeymoon is kind of over, thus a downgrade from 5 to 4 stars.
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on November 30, 2009
This is my 5th GPS (4 Magellan's and one Garmin, plus the ones in rentals and built-into cars) and I have to say they've gotten close to perfect for what it is. I was going to give up on Magellan after my last long term one (Maestro 4040). I just bought a Magellan RoadMate 1475T and found it an improvement over the 4040 but it took forever to start-up and get a signal; plus a number of idiotic things they've done to make the displays harder to navigate and the fact the traffic feature never told me about a slowdown until I was in it.

I saw the 1700 and thought I'd take a chance because I've always wanted a bigger screen to show surrounding streets. I am so glad I sent the 1475T back, this unit is a huge improvement over the 1475T! The screen is fantastic and supports swipe movements over the map so you can look around, then return to where you actually are, or are going.

I didn't know about the AV video input when I bought it, but what a bonus! I just plug in my 3.5mm AV cable (I got it at the Apple Store) and the display switches to video (the aspect ratio is stretched, but what-the-heck). It's going to be great to use on long trips. I would have bought it for this feature alone.

It doesn't have Bluetooth (I could never get Magellan Bluetooth to work properly with my iPhones, Magellan seems to be Windows centric) or any other GPS add-ons that never seemed to work properly. I don't know if the 1475T or the 1700 came first, but the 1700 has a lot of the 'good' features that older Magellan's had, ones that seem to be back-step improvements on the 1475T. The spoken voice on the 1700 is the good old one and the 1475T had a distorted hard to understand voice that I assume is new. The 1700 has the old, easier to use, screens and the 1475T has additional options like the "Local Info" icon that leads to more confusing options that don't really tell you anything. Also the "Save" on the present location didn't work on the 1475T, but it works great on the 1700. It's a feature I use all the time, if you're someplace you want to quickly remember, just hit a couple of buttons and it's saved and named.

I've used the 1700 for over a week and it really works well, locks on to the GPS signal faster than any GPS I've had, literally within seconds of turning on the unit. With the big screen it's much faster for me to enter info and navigate. Buttons are HUGE (and pretty)! The sound is great and the 3D maps are better than the 1475T (probably because of the larger screen). You can easily add more destinations for multi-stop trips and sort them. It's also much easier to add an address than the older Magellan's and their "Smart Cities" is a much needed improvement that works. The POI's also appear a lot faster than the the older models and are easier to add to the address book. There are also two pages of favorites buttons that are easy to add and easy to use.

Overall I love this unit, I'll probably keep this one for a long time. Before I could hardly wait to upgrade out of frustration.

The downside: it definitely needs a faster processor. Maybe the large screen takes more of the processor, but there can be a lag when entering using the keyboard touch screen. It doesn't affect actual navigation, it's only when using the display to enter things.

It's big! I would follow another reviewer's advice and make a cardboard cutout first and see if you have the space. I just barely do, my window really slopes and it's a close fit. One of the big deficiencies for me is the window mount. It's the worst Magellan mount I've had. In the past they've been really great, the 4040 had a fantastic mount, but the one for the 1700 is really too small, they must and known this in the product trials. Even if you only used it for Motor Homes or Trucks, I don't see how this mount could move it far enough from the window to get it off of its cradle. It uses a ball joint that can't be tightened enough to keep it from jiggling. I'm going to have to buy the optional extended mount, but Magellan should have included the same mount they used for the 4040. The mount is the biggest disappointment of this purchase.

The POI's are as bad as they always are. Since I've never seen any brand that has accurate ones, I think they should give up trying to include them. Only half of my local Post Offices are listed, none of my favorite coffee shops appear (but all the Starbucks are there correctly) and it lists businesses that closed down years ago. If you want POI's, I think you have to buy a smart phone and look them up when you need them and enter addresses. The gas stations and hotels seems to be accurate and on a trip would be useful until they get outdated as well. Even Google Maps doesn't have things correct, so I guess it's not unexpected that a unit that was manufactured months ago isn't right either.

Also, all the Magellan's I've had shows you slightly behind where you actually are. Since it's always been that way, through many models, and they've never changed it, I have to assume they do it on purpose. This can be really frustrating when roads are really close to each other and you're not sure if you're turning down the right one. If you're stopped at an intersection, it shows you yards back. I think they should add an option that would move every reading 10 yards forward on the map. However, the turn chime is correct and it's what I use more than the screen. If it chimes, I know the next turn is it. The close-up feature they've added works well, it zooms in on a turn and puts a huge arrow on the map, this helps.

Overall, this is the best GPS I've ever had and would buy it again in a second. It does have room for improvement, but has all the features I really count on without the optional stuff that never seems to work. And the display is FANTASTIC!

For those that are having problems using the AV input, you have to have the correct cable. Three times Radio Shack tried to sell me the wrong cable, one made for audio. Only the Apple Store had the correct one and knew what I was talking about. Magellan should have one on their accessories online store! You have to plug the cable in after the 1700 is running, if you start the 1700 with the cable attached, it ignores the AV and goes to the GPS. Just plug the AV cable in and the 1700 automatically switches to AV mode. You can access the volume controls by taping on the screen. NONE of this is documented anywhere in the instruction manual or online. It's a great feature that they seem to be ignoring, maybe it's liability or something else.

Please Magellan, use the 1700 as your basis for future models and improve the windshield mount.
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on October 23, 2009
Compared to the TomTom, this particular Magellan unit is very basic. No MP3 player. No RF transmitter. No bluetooth connectivity. No instant traffic report. No free map updates. No bluetooth remote control. No variety of voices. In other words, the Magellan is a basic, yet very functional GPS with a large, high resolution screen. We have been using the TomTom for about 2 years and took it to Hawaii in June. It was great until it routed us in a perpetual loop near Pearl Harbor. Other than that, the TomTom is a lot of GPS for the money, BUT...

The Magellan is soooo much easier to see b/c of it's much larger size. The menus are simple to navigate (not so many endless optional settings as the TomTom) and it includes the AAA travel guide, which we have used in book form for years. Street names are presented in easy-to-read-at-a-glance fonts, for those of us who actually look at the GPS while driving. The screen is plenty bright enough even in bright sunlight to be easily read, even through dark sunglasses. Not so, the TomTom. Also, I like the auto turn-to-night feature, which changes the screen colors to suit nighttime driving. And did I mention, I love the BIG screen! I plan to buy my wife a portable DVD player for Christmas and the Magellan will accept composite video from the player and give us two screens if we choose (but not while driving).

Here's an important feature: the Magellan comes with a very functional windshield suction cup mount which works like one of those small hobby vises you've seen that uses a lever to really fasten the suction cup to a table top. That's necessary since the GPS is naturally heavier than the smaller units. I'm now satisfied that it will hold the device securely after several trips.

The lane change feature should be handy in unfamiliar cities. And did I mention the HUGE screen? Of course I did. BTW, the big screen does have a couple of drawbacks. For one, if you plan to use the windshield mount, you'll have to mount it as low as possible so that it won't interfere with your vision. Mine is mounted so low that it is supported by the dash, which allows me to see over it easily and also takes out the vibration of the unit which occurs on bumpy roads when mounted this way. The other thing I am concerned about is that a passing cop may be drawn to the large "thing" sitting on my dash because of it's silver color (only the back).

So, will I ditch the TomTom? No way. But if I am not traveling by air to a remote destination (it's easier to pack, perhaps) and don't need the convenience of the MP3 player, I'll use the Magellan. It's really more practical and both will probably route me similarly. In this case, bigger really is better.

UPDATE 5/20/11

Just completed a 1,000 mile round trip to D.C. The 1700 performed flawlessly as we negotiated some of the most convoluted freeway interchanges I have faced since L.A. Only once did I have to wait for the unit to "catch up". It occurred upon exiting a multi-level parking garage where we started out on the 4th floor and literally wound our way out into an alley where we quickly made two more 90 degree turns. We then drove one short block and made another right turn. By then, the unit had stabilized and we had no other latency issues.

If you've driven in the D.C. area, you will know that turnoffs are frequently immediately followed by other turnoffs, which are then followed by...well, you get the idea. To put it another way, sometimes you only have a matter of a few seconds to decide which lane you belong in or you will find yourself headed off in the wrong direction. This can be especially likely in heavy traffic if you are on roadways you have never driven and your GPS is slow giving you directions. Happy to say the 1700 keeps up and emits voice directions promptly. We had all manner of road maps with us, but none were obvious enough to get us easily to a destination. The GPS made it a breeze. Remember the large size? Absolutely invaluable! Just a glance at any time, and I was able to know precisely where we were. I even used it to monitor speed so I wouldn't have to look down at the speedometer and it is more accurate. We did discover that we were not able to get info on hotels, gas stations and such for every rural offramp we selected. I understand that you can buy this ancillary data from Magellan.
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on December 27, 2011
I purchased this to replace my Roadmate 1425 that died and I love the 1700 LM! The big screen is great and easy to use if you have big fingers and easy to see! The volume is nice and loud and seems to be accurate with directions.

The one reason I prefer the Magellan over the Garmin units that I tried is, the Magellan will show you the route and if you don't want to make a certain turn in the route (there's construction on Walker Rd, etc) you can click on that turn and let it know you don't want to go that way. It will recalculate another route before you leave. The Garmin will recalculate after you drive past that turn. For me, it's nice to know exactly where I'm going before I go because no GPS can be trusted 100%, in my opinion. But that's just my preference. I also purchased the Autodashmount friction mount so I don't have to use that annoying suction cup mount, I love the entire package, it's everything I hoped for.

I got A LOT of GPS for my money here on Amazon, best price I could find for a new, unrefurbrished 1700LM! I would have paid more for it. Very happy with my purchase!
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on December 10, 2009
This would have been a five star but the only thing that made it a four star is that Magellan should have listed the name of the current street that you are on at the top or bottom of the screen, rather than just putting the text sideways on the line that shows what road you are on. Older Magellan's had the current street name that you were on listed at the top of the screen. This one tells you what road you are on BUT it is sideways meaning it is listed on the line of the road you are on. This is my 4th GPs from different manufactures and this by far has some great speaking and viewing modes. True it does not have a lot of bells and is a GPS as a first priority.

The 7" screen really is clear and nice compared to the 4" screen ranges from other brands. Sound is easy to turn up or down or mute. Re-route option is quick and locks on to satellite quicker than previous models. Touch screen buttons are larger and helps for larger fingers.

Nice and reliable features like quick reroute and clearly spoken street names with lane assist. But remember "lane assist" is not always accurate and available depending on where you live. You can turn that feature on or off - it is not the fault of the GPS if it does not work. The AAA Book is great and the large screen that makes it great to view from a long distance away! Zooming in or out will assure that you can have a better lead time where to turn if you choose to glance at your GPS to see what is ahead. You can zoom out and see many roads at once. Not sure you can plan to place on windshield , mine would not stay attached because of the weight/size. But I have an SUV and kept it center in the console - low and out of site.


One last note, you might want to consider connecting this GPS to a 12v cigarette or accessory outlet that turns on when your vehicle is running and off when it is not. This unit will shut off automatically if connected that way without using the slide on/off switch. It also has a auto shutoff feature that you can set.

****Update as of 1-1-2010
The software update version 2.20 seems to not have fixed the problem with loosing your home address. After you complete your first route, it sometimes changes your saved home address to the last route you visited. I am working with Magellan on this but they have not finished resolving the problem.

A lot of you post on and on about how it is not a MP3 player, no Bluetooth, etc. Then the reviews compare it to other brands that typically cost more. If you use any gps for entertainment vs. business (as in daily or weekly service calls), you need to compare apples to apples. This is the only manufacture that I have found that you can enter your trips by zip code first. Great option if you are going to different states to quickly find the city or township OR you are new to the area. You should review it for a $200-$250 GPS, not a multifunction unit of another brand for the cost of $350 or more!

This GPS is still a great GPS but there is a problem with saving your home location. Even after the 2.20 version update, I find that the GPS is loosing the home address after you complete your first route. It changes your home address to the last address you went to. Magellan is working with me on this but no fix yet. More to come as soon as I have an update from Magellan.

**** Update as of 12-8-2011. JUNK SUPPORT should be a negative 5 star.

Tech support would rather play corporate politics rather than assist you with ANY issue you may have.

Let me give you an example.

I purchased new maps and they were worse than the older maps. Not even close to the correct route no matter what route option you select. (Fastest time, shortest distance, mostly freeways, etc). This gps will guide you to your destination the longest and dumbest way possible compared to prior maps. Need I say more.

3 defective units due to lockups/bad screen might indicate to you the quality they have. The rest you can call or email their support department that is little to be desired.
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on December 17, 2009
i didnt see anybody talk about the multiple destination feature in this model, but it happen to me . after i upgrade to the newer software version , this feature not working , i return it and exchange for another one ,exactly samething happen ,after update to version 2.05 ,this feature gone. it still guide you from point A to B, but if you have more than one destination at the same trip?forget it ,it will not do anything unless you set it up again. my opinion: if multiple destination feature is important to you ,dont upgrade it ,or get some other brand. besides this ,it is a good unit .
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on December 14, 2011
I decided I needed a GPS when I got a job assignment that required traveling to various different stores in the southern California area. All I needed to do was enter the address of the hotel or store I needed to go to and the GPS told me exactly how to get there. Any GPS could have done this I suppose, but the RM1700 was the only one with a whopping big 7" display. The last thing you need to be doing while driving down the freeway at 65mph is stare at a tiny display. A quick glance and this told me everything I needed to know.

It is great for finding stores, restaurants and places like gas stations for you too. Finding gas stations was a feature that saved my bacon all the time while I was traveling.

No doubt one of the smartest purchases I have made in a long time.
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on February 24, 2012
Bought the Magellan wireless backup camera for my wife's Subaru Forester at Christmas, (Subaru doesn't seem to offer an in-dash unit, yet. At least I couldn't find one on their website.) along with the 1700 LM Roadmate GPS. I have to say that after punching a 1/2 inch hole in the body panel behind the license plate and snaking the wires up behind the trim panels, up through the hinge in the lift hatch, down through more trim panels and attaching the wires to the backup light wires.... I wish that I hadn't. The picture is OK once it finally comes on. But, the delay is unacceptable. Most times the backup maneuver is compete before the image comes on the screen. In a really tight situation, though, it is worth the wait as the view is excellent, especially on the 7" screen. It is a great safety feature! Just wish it reacted quicker. (for what it is worth: the sender for the camera is about six feet from the GPS and behind 1 plastic trim panel, as high from the power connection as the wires would reach. This minimizes the number of seats and stuff the signal must pass through.)

The GPS unit: Magellan Roadmate 1700-LM is OK. I have a suspicion that most of the satelites must be re-positioned over the middle east right now. Because this unit takes several minutes to aquire enough of a signal to give us a position. Sometimes (perhaps 20% of the time) it shuts off all-together because it can not aquire the necessary signal.

Some businesses are not in the inventory of the unit and if you don't know the street address and number you are out of luck. The Roadmate 1700 can't help you.

When I punch in 'home' it will inevitably try to send me out of my way... by approximately eight miles. When I make the correct turns to go home it tries and tries to send me the "long" way around by telling me to take turns that are unnecessary. Very irritating! Too, bad it doesn't have a "learn" feature. This has happened on other trips that we routinely take. It has even tried to detour us onto side streets when we were already on the correct route going it the proper direction. I wonder how it will work when I go to a city that I am not familiar with... For a high end$ GPS I expected more.
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on November 15, 2009
Have had a number of GPS units including a unit with chart plotter in a boat we recently owned. This unit has great detail, nice display and good sound. I really appreciate the way it warns of up coming turns and the way it guides you to the proper lane to be in before a turn. Shows over-head highway road signs just as you see them over the highway as you approch multiple highway turnoffs. Warns you to stay on the main highway whenever the highway splits and does it in enough time for you to get into the proper lane. Found it easier than any other to program and set up. Putting in a go to address is really easy, especially if you dont know how to spell a road name. The keyboard highlites only letters or numbers that might be used with the letters or numbers you already entered. Never had a Magellan before, but I am sure I will again!
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