Customer Reviews: Magellan RoadMate 3030 4.7-inch Portable GPS Navigator
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on December 6, 2010
I bought this to replace my older Magellan. While I was happy overall with the old one, it was a lesser model, and I was ready for an upgrade. My old model was OK, but was more of a bottom of the line issue and didn't give street names and some options that newer models now offer. I gave the old one to my nephew and am very happy with this new 3030 model.

She is very quick to acquire the signal, especially in comparison to the old one. and the 3030 doesn't even bother with the "Calculating" stuff--she just goes immediately into giving you the new directions, based on where you are. This model seems to be much more "intuitive" to what you want to do. Of course, I've only been on routes I know already, at least so far. But I'm looking forward to exploring new places.

It was very simple to use and set up. I like the QWERTY keyboard (and later found that was an option--you can go back to the alphabetic order if that's your preference) in entering addresses, and like the intersection option in programming. There are more bells and whistles on this model and know that it'll be 2011 before I have explored most of them.

These are great right out of the box, but there are lots of options for the experimenter in you. And it's really big! Good for us older folks!
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on November 17, 2011
The last Magellan (a Maestro) I purchased was in 2007 and still works great but I wanted an updated map - since it's cheaper at this point to buy a new GPS instead of updating the maps I went ahead and bought a new one. This one includes lifetime maps as well.

I've always liked the navigation software for the Magellan over the Garmin (I haven't used a TomTom). Roadmate's trip settings are improved - they include the ability to see gauge where to go next using the approximate distance to places (useful for planning garage sale shopping, for instance). The text prediction is a little bugged - but press "list" at the bottom and you can view suggestions that way instead.

The trip recalculation time is the fastest I've ever experienced. Ten feet passed a missed turn, it has already recalculated. I have noticed that the chime to indicate a turn goes off slightly before you reach it - instead of RIGHT AT the turn. It seems to chime when you're within 50 feet of it, and it's your next turn. Which is nice so I don't have to turn like a maniac when the chime hits, I can clearly see and hear the turn coming.

It takes only 10 seconds to locate the satellites, and the touch screen is quite responsive. The improved POI database is impressive too. I was able to find all of the business addresses I like to store using the POI locator and that includes small local businesses and obscure stores that I normally wasn't able to find with my old GPS's.

The suction cup is only 2 inches across and doesn't obscure the windshield view as much as my previous models.

I do not agree with other reviewers that the screen is too dim in sunlight, I turned the brightness all the way up and it was fine (though it hasn't been blazing sunny in Michigan for a while). Though unlike my old units, the speaking voice is so clear (instead of a garbled electronic voice, it sounds like the female voice is 'speaking') and the warnings are set up in a way that actually looking at the GPS isn't necessary. Personally, I hate it at night when GPS can't get dim enough - I think that is a worst hazard at night.

I am a bit annoyed how the "avoid toll roads" is now a system setting instead of an individual customization for each trip.

The highway lane assist is paramount if you've ever driven on a strange highway anywhere. It shows you what lanes you should be in for your highway splitting as opposed to the generic "keep right in 4 miles."

I did not have any problems at all updating the Magellan (maps and program) using the content manager. It wasn't charged all the way either, but the Magellan didn't explode. It is annoying how it ONLY charges with your car charger or separately purchased wall charger - but I haven't met a GPS that does anything but that. And while it does suggest "4 hours to charge" I drove with it plugged in for 2 hours and it was fully charged by the end of it.

Overall, I am very pleased with my new Magellan - and if you do have problems with the updates - just call customer service first before freaking out.
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on July 24, 2011
The unit is fine, but the maps are awful! It does not recognize new roads and road name changes that occurred decades ago! I thought that the lifetime map updates feature would correct this problem, but none of the issues I have identifed have been updated (despite my running the map update multiple times). Often, this issue causes the unit to give not only confusing, but totally incorrect directions. Consequently, you cannot trust the directions, which defeats the purpose of the unit when you are in an unfamiliar area where you really need the help. My sister has a different (and older) Magellan unit, and her maps are much more accurate, so they obviously use different maps in different units. I strongly recommend NOT purchasing this unit because of the maps.
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on January 1, 2012
Would like to first say that the support I got from Amazon was number one. I can 't say enough about their return policy fast return. The unit its self is good and working now. The price was great and it had a life time map up date . I will say to all others that if they buy one they need to look at the Magellan web site before they try to update and load the new map if its out dated. There is info NOW on their web site that let you know what programs you need to disable before you down load their updates. If you don't disable the programs you may have trouble down loading. I have used other Magellan GPS and they are good units.
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on December 3, 2010
I've been using this new unit for a few days replacing my old TomTom.

Reviews are mixed. The screen is clear and programming is a breeze. I do like the lifetime map updates. However the
speaker volume is not good and the voice sounds a bit muffled and hard to understand. If you like listening to your
radio, forget it, you will NOT hear the directions. The 4.7" screen is not much different than the 4.3" of my TomTom.

Overall, I probably will go back to my TomTom unit.
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on May 13, 2011
I chose this unit because it has the 4.7" screen size and can be updated with the latest maps. The registration software, once installed on my computer, automatically checks for the latest map updates. It is large enough to be easily seen on the dash, but not so large as to be in the way. It will accept an SD memory card if you want to buy specialty maps to install. I put it in my baggage when going on an airline trip and it sets up real quick in the rental car. My wife is fairly technophobic with electronic devices and she manages to operate it A-Ok. In fact, she likes to take it along on routine drives. We are both getting up in years and she finds it comforting to have it tell her all the road names as she drives in unfamiliar areas. Plus it is large enough to read at a glance. The only partial negative I find is that it is a little hard to read in bright sun light, but otherwise it is an excellent unit.
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on April 13, 2011
I can't believe this unit is getting such good reviews. Only buy this GPS if you have copious amounts of free time to spend on the road, because you will be spending A LOT of it. I recently used this thing on what should have been a 2 hr trip and became more like 2:45. It gave some of the most ridiculous routes you can imagine. Heck, once it got to within 30 miles of home on the return trip (back in an area I was familiar with), it was giving me a route that would add 15 miles to the route! I pressed my trip odometer on the car and sure enough, the correct route was only about 30 miles. Yes, it will eventually get you there (as pretty much any GPS that doesn't stop working entirely will), but it will waste a lot of your time doing so.
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on December 8, 2011
This was my second Magellan and I am pleased with the size. It has a very nice address book that allows storage of more than just the address but it took a bit to figure out. Something new, it allows getting pedestrian routes and a 4 hour battery. I look forward to noting where I left my car and finding it again since I sometime come out of subway stations from a different exit and head in the wrong direction. I miss having the name of of the street I am on as well as the one I need to turn on. This has the name of the street that I should turn on Big enough to see which is the main reason I went with this one.
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on November 6, 2011
Oh man, I love this thing. I once had a Magellan in a rental car years ago and loved it but my family had a Garmin for a long time and that's one that they got me a bit back. The Garmin was fine overall but was frustrating and now after using the Magellan, I won't go back. The Magellan starts up 10 times as quickly and the interface is just so much better. It remembers your main city so for Raleigh, for example, I just type R and it's the first choice rather than having to type a lot of the word each time. It finds the route quickly and if you miss a turn, it automatically re-routes you the quickest way without making you simply make a u-turn. It's easy to get a listing of the entire route and you can quickly recalculate it to go the quickest, the shortest, avoiding highways, or more. There's a great feature where you can choose a detour depending on the amount of miles you want to go around as well due to accidents, construction, heavy traffic, etc... The layout is great, it'll tell you particular lanes to be in for exits off interstates, the "ding" it gives you AT the turn is helpful and accurate, and this is just an awesome GPS unit overall.
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on May 25, 2014
I chose this model because of brand recognition and because it has lifetime maps. I had only used it twice, on a trip and to a local destination unfamiliar, I don't use it for most of my local trips. A little over a year later, I got it out to use on a trip. I turned it on and no problems. I plugged it into my pc to update the maps and the update failed. I retried to update and it says it is up to date. Now it won't get past the title screen as if it is trying to start. I called support and was told that it is no longer under warranty and the only thing they could offer is a few bucks off a new unit. It was the update that fried the unit! Think about that...the service I paid extra for ruined the unit! You should just save your money and buy a new GPS every year! a TomTom. My 6 year old TomTom still works fine, it just has a smaller screen.

I would NOT recommend this GPS to anyone.
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