Customer Reviews: Magellan eXplorist 110 Handheld GPS
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on January 17, 2012
I bought this after trying an Explorist GC that was purchased locally. The GC was too focused on geocaching for my tastes. This model can be used for that, but it also is good if you just want to get out and hike, or motivate you to walk a little further/faster when exercising. It comes with a quick start booklet, but the real manual can (and should)be easily downloaded on line. It is fairly simple, but without that manual there are several customization's that I would not have figured out. Like other GPS's I've tried, it takes a while to find itself when you first turn it on if you have gone any distance from where it was turned off (or the first time out of the box.) After that, it works fine and syncs within about a minute. It was sensitive enough to pick up a signal in the house while I was reading the manual. The displays can be changed to suit what you look for and there are no maps to buy. It comes with a coupon for access to a geocaching website if you want to go that route, but you can also download the caches for free without it. All in all, I am very happy with it.
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on August 16, 2012
The Magellan eXplorist 110 is the first GPS I have owned so I cannot attempt to compare it with any other make or model. Previously I used an Android app for geocaching but that would drain the batteries after prolonged use (aka - several hours). The 110 seemed a good fit; I don't need bells or whistles like more expensive GPS units have, and the eXplorist GC seemed too focused. I am a casual geocacher and only required something entry-level and low cost.

I have not had the unit long but my initial reaction is pleased. It starts up quickly and after the first initial satellite search the GPS locks onto signal with minimal wait time. It feels solid but I don't want to test out how accurate the rugged and waterproof claim is on purpose. I found the quick start manual and the full owner's manual to be vague and not really useful so I fiddled with settings and various features for a couple hours learning how to navigate around and use the GPS.

Here are a few things I learned (most seem obvious now but at the time very frustrating):

I set the Map Orientation to "North Up" to keep me from getting disoriented when looking at the map screen; turned the Auto-Zoom and Night Mode to "off"; and lengthened the Backlight and Suspend Timers so I didn't have to push buttons constantly to see the screen (does drain battery faster though). These are personal preferences though.

Downloading geocaches was a simple and painless process. It is true that in order to take full advantage of the geocaching features a premium membership is required, but a free month trial period is included with purchase. Caching is still possible with a basic membership, you just don't get much more information than size, difficulty/terrain, and location on the unit; only have to make sure you read the description, hint, and recent logs prior to going out.

Also, I didn't realize how much of a newbie I was until failing several times to enter correct waypoints. Eventually, it became an easy task once I studied up on the different forms to represent the same location/coordinates.

Creating routes on the device can be a pain, but I decided to try the VantagePoint application from Magellan's website allowing me to create the routes on the computer and transfer them to the GPS unit. So far it is simpler and easier as long as I remember that the eXplorist can only show the first 25 legs per route, so longer routes need to be broken up into multiple parts.

Side note on accessories:

Contradictory information: the box the eXplorist arrived in says "USB cable sold separately", yet the product description says that a USB cable is included. Just be aware of that confusion because I did not receive a cable with my order. I didn't order a cable because I discovered that the cable for my digital camera also fits the eXplorist.

My advice for anyone interested in purchasing the eXplorist 110 is to not waste your money on purchasing the suggested small carrying case or the lanyard. The case is just large enough for the GPS to fit snugly inside. I figured out that if I detach the length of the lanyard I can leave the smaller portion attached at all times and it fit in the case with the GPS; all I needed to do was snap the buckle into place when removing the unit from the case and it was ready to go. I quickly became tired of the hassle and returned both the case and lanyard. I have no complaints about the quality of the lanyard; I just found it slightly bulky and pricey for what it is.

Instead, I found a camera case at a local big-box store for half the price with a much roomier interior. I am very pleased because now I can easily store the GPS (plus wrist strap), extra batteries, and a few other miscellaneous items. This is preferable to me because everything I need is contained in one little neat package allowing me to grab and go.
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Prior to getting this Magellan eXplorist GPS, I had been using a Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS Receiver I had purchased last fall. The first difference I noticed right away was how much more detail there was in the Magellan's World Edition pre-loaded map than there is in the Garmin's Built-In Base Map. With the Garmin, no lakes, rivers, boat access points or anything were listed. To get these, I would need to buy another separate map package that costs almost as much as the GPS itself. On my Garmin, the roads in our very rural town weren't listed, and in general other than a few major highways, the GPS needed me to create locations points everywhere to make my own mapped locations. This Magellan not only has every street and every back road listed in our area (very northern Minnesota), but all the little local lakes that are hardly even found on paper maps, are listed in the World Edition pre-loaded map and even all their public access points.

Next, the number of icons in the key for marking out points is abundant in the Magellan. With the Garmin, I had one or two icons to use for everything. So I was using the same icon to mark out docks, fishing spots, large rocks in the water to avoid with the boat, gas stations, parking lots, etc. With the Magellan, there is a ton of great icons made just for marking out all these spots, including even a little fish icon for making out the fishing holes. There's a skull and cross bones icon that I find perfect for using to mark large underwater rock that can put holes in the bottom of the boat.

The color screen on this Magellan is vibrant. I'm shocked how much easier it is to use this GPS with the bright color screen versus my Garmin's black and white screen. Both GPS's are waterproof and have rubber buttons and a rugged design. I have to admit, at first glance, I expected more from my Garmin than this Magellan, but I was so wrong. While the Garmin's sporty yellow design is eye-catching, that's all it has going for it compared to this Magellan. The color screen, ease of use and far better pre-loaded maps and tools for marking out your own spots on the maps, make this GPS far more useful. So if you're looking for a GPS for fishing, camping or hunting, I highly recommend this Magellan eXplorist 110.
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on May 12, 2012
I bought this GPS unit as an entry level handheld unit to begin Geocaching with. It appears to be a very well constructed unit, waterproof, crisp clear screens, a easy-to-use toggle switch. Set up was easy as was downloading geocaches with the free Magellan software available on [...]link.

This seems like a very nice unit for the price - solidly constructed, with customizable screens, etc. as well.

Buy it - you'll be happy you did!
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VINE VOICEon May 31, 2012
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The Magellan eXplorist 110 Handheld GPS has several handy features. It uses two AA batteries that can be used for 18 hours of continuous usage. It has maps, routes, the ability to load waypoints, and more. It will also tell you the best fishing and hunting times as well as when the sun and moon rise and set. While it does all that it is especially designed for geocaching. You can load the geocaches you want to find right into the eXplorist (eliminating the need for paper) - almost everything will be included such as the name of the geocache, location, description, spoilers, logs etc. The eXplorist 110 holds up to 500 geocaches.

The Magellan eXplorist 110 Handheld GPS is a nice little handheld GPS that is full of useful items. I picked this mainly for the geocaching feature and I've been thrilled at how well it works. It is very easy to load the geocaches into the GPS (a word of caution - unless you become a premium member on the geocaching website you will not be able to access all the information about geocaches. This is not the fault of the GPS). I love all the information it stores - no more carrying paper around and looking conspicuous while I hunt for geocaches. The GPS is very accurate when it comes to locating the geocaches (if only I were as accurate at actually finding them!) The GPS is a good size - easy to hold in your hand (you can wear it around your neck if you want) and not too heavy. I was a bit concerned about not being able to see the display screen in the sun but that is easily adjusted. The only thing that isn't easy to use as the joystick - it takes some time to get used to maneuvering it. Once I adjusted to it, I was able to use it just fine.

I've not used all the features on the Magellan eXplorist 110 Handheld GPS (for example the best fishing and hunting times) but I've been very happy and impressed with those I have used and recommend this to geocaching fans.
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VINE VOICEon December 13, 2012
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Sometimes you want a device dedicated to a specific task. This GPS offers a great balance of tools and features to make it easy to use when geocaching, hunting, fishing, canoeing, hiking, biking, even as a passenger copilot tool when driving. (Not a safe device for a driver, it is too complicated and small)

The device is small, but the screen is bright enough to see clearly outdoors. If you want a GPS dedicated to a specific task you may want to research devices that are dedicated to that task. If you are like me, I want to get to know one device I can count on and take with me anywhere I go. This is that device!

Fairly small, it is a little deep at 2.4" It will work better clipped to your belt or backpack instead of in a pocket. (I suggest a carabiner through the large D shape on the bottom of the device)

The included World Edition map has an amazing amount of information in such a small portable device. You can take this anywhere in United States, Canada, Western Europe, and Australia. Unfortunately no Central America or Mexico.

The eXplorist 110 supports paperless geocaching with the ability to store all the detail you need for the cache.

Using standard AA batteries with 18hour continuous use, you can easily pack the supplies you need to keep this device working no matter how long your trek.

Connecting to your PC is easy with USB cable, you use this for data transfer, map downloads, as well as full NMEA support.
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on September 21, 2012
I guess I was spoiled by my eight year old Garmin eTrek. The info display on this unit is so tiny, I have trouble reading it even with my glasses on. And I don't usually wear glasses when I'm trekking. The eTrek had a large print setting so I could see it without glasses even when it was mounted on my handle bars. This unit doesn't have that. It is also not very intuitive. I find myself spending way more time trying to do what I want than I should have to. The unit should be a benefit, not a distraction. I also have not been able to get it to work with my computer. Should be easy, but the 'required software' link they provided was grayed out when I got there, and when I finally tracked down a different link on Magellan's site and downloaded and installed the driver it still wouldn't recognize. I didn't do enough homework when looking to buy a replacement GPS, naively figuring they'd all be similar. Won't make that mistake again. In hiking, biking, and kayaking, it is only useful when hiking if I want realtime info. And then only if I can get to my glasses easily.
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VINE VOICEon March 4, 2013
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I bought a Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator a while ago and and was fairly happy with it except that I have two boys and there was some squabbling over who got to hold the GPS. I figured that a second GPS would solve the problem (which it did, except I still don't have one.)

This is a still a pretty basic GPS unit, but very usable for us small time geocachers. The embedded maps on this device are far better than the Garmin and I like the overall design better. Otherwise the functionality is pretty much the same, right down to the less than intuitive menus and lack of an easy way to simply input a coordinate. If you are trying to set a waypoint or mark a location, it is very straight forward. Likewise, downloading geocache coordinates is great. However, I have yet to find a great way to input a coordinate. Why isn't there an option of a "Go to this coordinate" button that then prompts you to enter the coordinate? That seems completely intuitive to me, yet I cannot find this functionality on either this or the etrex. (please comment if you know how to do this, I have just been altering existing waypoints or caches.)

I don't think I could be happier with the form factor. It fits well in the hand and is, for lack of a better word, cute. I have had fun using this with the boys and I appreciate another excuse to get them outside and almost unwired for a while. I have also used it to mark fishing spots on lakes and keep general information for walks. It's a very nice little unit.
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on June 28, 2012
Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Very nice GPS for the money! I've been looking for a basic GPS for when I go out on long hikes, and this GPS is perfect for me. You can track your progress, and easily make corrections if you veer off course. Another bonus is the built in Geocaching feature. While I don't Geocache all the time, it's a nice feature to have. The only downside to this feature is the fact that in order to go "paperless" (have all of your Geocaching data on your GPS while Geocaching) you have to buy a premium Geocaching account. Without this premium account you just get very basic information about the Geocache. This is a small negative as the premium account doesn't cost that much, but it's just something to consider when your looking at this GPS. This GPS claims to be waterproof, but after looking at the seal guarding the USB port I have a hard time believing that it is 100% waterproof. I would say it's water resistant, but definitely not waterproof. I wouldn't feel comfortable getting it submerged in water. Overall, this is a very good GPS for the money that has all of the core features that I was looking for in a quality budget GPS.
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on December 27, 2012
My wife bought me this for Christmas as a surprise. I have never used a GPS for hiking/geocache, but had really wanted one for kayaking. I know this was an entry model, but I am very pleased with it, screen is small but suits my needs. The center button is touchy, and the provided directions were not very clear, but you can download better directions for free from the Magellan website. Would recommend this to others, I can't wait to try out the geocaching features with my kids, this product seems perfect for it (you can download geocache locations from websites).
1/21/13 - have used this for almost 4 weeks now. Much of the time I wear while walking the neighborhood with the dog, driving to work, etc. This weekend I took it out geocaching with my kids, what a blast! We went to (free version), connected a cable to our computer, and downloaded the geocaches near our house. First one we found just a few hundred feet away, but then we searched for some geocaches on a nearby lake. Lots of fun for the family even though we did not find all of the geocaches. Would recommend Magellan Explorist this to anyone starting out, that's why I upgraded to 5 stars. Its an inexpensive way to get outside, can't wait to look for other geocaches! On a side note, the included lithium batteries have lasted for a long time.
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