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on May 29, 2014
I love this handy little blender, it's lightweight, powerful, and easy to clean. This model has sharper blades than my old blender and it doesn't take up too much space on my counter top. Since upgrading my old blender to the Nutribullet 900 watt I've been using it everyday to make dips, protein shakes and smoothies. The machine blends root veggies, frozen fruit, chia seeds, flax seeds, and ice cubes to a smooth consistency without any lumps. I haven't experienced any leaks like some reviewers have mentioned, I think the trick is not to overfill it with too much food or liquid beyond the max fill mark. So far so good, touch wood! My only complaint is I wish the package included more small cups, but despite this I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank on a $500 blender.

P.S. My nutribullet also included a recipe book with some tasty ideas for beverages, for example, spinach, celery, green apple and banana smoothie. In addition to this I'm also using a fantastic book called Superfruit Smoothies: 50 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Energy & Optimum Health. If you're stuck for ideas this book is great.
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UPDATE 2: It finally happened. I had a blade fail. And since I mainly use my blade for coffee grinding or I don't use it every day for long runs, it is simply a matter of constant use vibrating a part inside the blade that eventually fails. The blade became loose, and powdered coffee or smoothie leaks out of the unit into the motor portion down through the blade assembly. I looked at the blade assembly and before, it was not easy to turn the blade by hand and now it spins loosely and freely on the spindle. This is not how it's suppose to be--it's supposed to be sealed around the spindle. I assume it is a bushing or seal around the shaft that eventually vibrates itself into fragments, or simply rots over time. If you use your Bullet every day, this could happen sooner. So, yes, the blade is the weakest link in this unit, and needs replacing sooner or later, sooner if you use it frequently.

UPDATE: Many people are reporting problems with the blades, even after a redesign of the seals. Heavy use may result in the blade getting liquid into the seal area causing rust, or blades can break. I have not had this happen, but read ALL the reviews. Some people have had a bad experience. I have had good luck but there seem to be many who have not.

The Nutribullet is a mini-blender that blends right into a mug or small vessel. It's a less expensive than blenders that liquify (like Vitamix.) It makes one or two servings at a time. When making smoothies, I want one cup, not a quart. I'm not alone in this--just about all of use want that, so the Nutribullet was invented and it was a huge hit. had issues. The motor, being relatively lightweight at 600watts, would burn out if you used it too heavily. This type of blender is best used in pulses and if you read the fine print, the manufacturer tells you that five second bursts are about as long as you should leave it on. I've never had issues, but some people report that they've had problems with the 600 version. I don't use mine for smoothies every day, and I'm single, so I am not a heavy user. However, if you are big on smoothies, have a family or spouse that also drinks them, and if you plan to use it a lot, you'd be better off with the 900 version for better blending and for the heavier motor.

Some new additions, based on suggestions from owners: a flip lid and a "colossal cup" for those of you who are drinking 32 oz of smoothies and hitting the road. Also, if you are making smoothies for breakfast for more than one person, the 32 oz vessel is great--one for you, one for your mate and you do not need to do two batches. Blend, pour out into the other two cups.

The blades are updated to have better seals, as in some newer 600 watt models. The cups are BPA-free. One thing people wanted was 2 extractor blades, because if you are making smoothies, that's the blade you use. The milling blade (single blade) is used for chopping or grinding. So the Nutribullet now comes with two extractor blades so you can set up two smoothies at the same time. The cutting up and preparation is probably the slowest part of the operation. So having two cups ready to go can be helpful.

*UPDATE* I have never had "blade issues" but many people across the Web and in the comment section below report blades that only last a few months. If it isn't "user error" (because you need to use water with each batch you blend) then there are possibly defective blades OR extended use leads to metal fatigue or failure of some other part. In the light of this data, which is out there but not what I've experienced personally, my warning is that if you are going to be a heavy user of a liquifying blender, you might consider a stronger machine such as a Vitamix. You can buy replacement blades for about ten bucks (not including shipping) but if you have to replace blades frequently, this is not a budget choice after all. And it is why I knocked off one star. Cost and function it gets FIVE stars, but durability reports take it down to FOUR.

I also use my Nutribullet to grind coffee. I was absolutely bowled over that the single blade works better than coffee grinders I've owned in the past and is faster. I thought it would be too rough on the beans but it isn't. While a "burr grinder" is the gourmet way to grind your own beans, I've never found one I liked. So now you'd have to buy an accessory milling blade. It's clearly being geared to the smoothie users (nothing wrong with that) but I also loved it for the single blade. I hope Nutribullet makes this available again or more easily attainable (I suppose if you email them, you'd get a part number and blades seem to cost around ten bucks before shipping.) I don't find their website very detailed; it's geared to quick ordering and simple information, which is good for ninety-nine percent of people and I get that--a good, uncluttered design, but it could have more detail for more experienced owners.

If you don't want to own a bazillion appliances, the Nutribullet substitutes for:
1. Coffee Grinder
2. Blender
3. Drink maker
4. Smoothie maker
5. Juicer (kinda sorta, you get the pulp in a liquified puree, though that is good for fiber)
6. Chopper for bread crumbs, seeds, nuts
7. Mixer (for eggs or crepe batter.)

Most people buy this for making vegetable-fruit smoothies to incorporate more raw fresh food into their diet, in a digestible form and that's good, but I was pleasantly impressed that the Nutribullet replaces other appliances as well.

Downsides: the five-second rule. While the motor is heavier, I would still observe the five-second rule and run this in pulses, not leave it on for minutes on end. It just isn't designed for lengthy running. Also, there are plastic parts (where the blade connects to the motor.) If you do NOT wait until the motor has stopped before removing the cup, you may run a risk of damaging parts some day. A few simple safety precautions will insure a long, happy life. I believe a lot of the unhappiness (units that fail) could be due to "operator error" but it's understandable, as we all have used blenders, and those are typically run continuously.

Heavier motor (50pct more wattage)
Colossal cup 32oz
Flip lid for travel
Two cups for serving out smoothies
Lids for storage
Can replace some other kitchen small appliances (ie coffee grinder)
2 extractor blades for making more smoothies quickly (can set up two cups at the same time)

More expensive than the 600 model
Comes with 2 extractor blades (the cross shape) but not the milling blade
Can't find milling blade on website accessory order page


If you don't own a Vitamix or the older Nutribullet, this is a terrific way to make liquified vegetable-fruit foods. It also makes baby food and can substitute for some other kitchen appliances (if you obtain a single blade.) If you already own a VItamix or a previous Nutribullet, you are only missing out on a more powerful motor that may handle very tough stuff like celery much better, and a larger capacity vessel (which you might be able to order as an accessory.) Since it costs more, you can save money by buying the previous version if you are not going to be a heavy user.
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on December 10, 2014
This is the best purchase I have ever made... I use this machine daily to make smoothies. It is the most frequently used appliance in my home, I never put is away. Seriously thinking of getting a second for work because we are starting a smoothie club in 2015.
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on January 19, 2015
Put unpeeled carrots, and peeled cucumbers, unpeeled apples, spinach, kale, pineapples, bananas, peeled beets, strawberrys with green stems, plus water, in this bullet and you will have a SMOOTH juice! Doesn't matter what you put in it, it is so powerful that you will get a no chuck smoothie! I have tried so many different combination of goods! All same smooth results!
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on November 20, 2013
OK this is an awesome machine. Obviously better than my 600 watts Nutribullet. The 2 extractor blades are really improved by getting it well sealed inside and out. By saying that it is relative to what people own. I had mine couple months after the inception of the first Nutribullet 600 model and I know that the blades has been modified/improved since then and before the Nutribullet 900 came in to the market. Check on youtube " NUTRIBULLET IMPROVEMENTS NEW VS OLD" and a guy (not me) shows how it was improved and these are both 600 models. Back to the 900 series, the 32 oz. colossal cup fits more stuff and that's a big plus. The flip top lid for me is just ok am likely going to use it less. So here's the difference in my experience. I use celery on my older model and I just cant get it extracted really well. So I stop using celery on my smoothie. But when I tried it on this 900 watt series I just cant tell and see the fibers of the celery. The smoothie is smoother than the one done on my 600 watt model. Worth the money.
Spoiler though ..... I bought another one as a gift at Kohls for $85. They had the Nutribullet 900 series model for $99.99 sale online (must be a mistake) last Tuesday, Nov 19th. I went to the store and with my cellphone on hand I showed the kohls website price to the manager. He honored the price and have me signed a kohls card for additional 20% discount. Lucky me cause the sale was gone online the next day.
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on January 30, 2015
Worked great for almost year. We did not use it everyday and only then for smoothies that maybe were blended for 20 to 30 seconds. As we used it over time, it became louder and louder until today we could not get the cup onto the unit.
I discovered the problem is that the bearing was slowly rusting and is now rusted out completely. SEE PICTURE! Since the blade cannot turn, the unit will not allow the gears to turn and engage. This stops the base from getting low enough to delock the safety catches. Even if it did engage, the blade is absolutely rusted tight and will not turn.
I am guessing the talk about the motor being strained from less viscous liquids is more a product of failing bearings. (Like driving on a tire that is slowly losing air) Eventually the motor cannot over come the failing bearings and will grind to halt or burn itself out trying.
Also the brown particles and liquid that many folks see is a product of rusting and deterioration of the bearings.
I have written to the company. It will be interesting to see what (if any) response I get.
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on September 3, 2014
***Consumer Reports has issued a consumer warning and rated the Nutri Bullet product as a do not buy for safety reasons. Check the September 2014 issue, page 41 for details. ANd to further back up my review below - they recommend the Nutri Ninja.

I am a long time Magic Bullet user. Around 10 years now. Back then, these were the product of choice if you wanted a quick, effective personal juicer. That time has passed. I no longer recommend these products because they simply do not last. After almost a year of daily use making from 2-4 shakes a day for a single or two person household I see them starting wearing out. They blend less and less effectively and the plastic cups begin to crack or the little tabs break so you wind up having to use a pointy knife to push down the safety ring to get the blender to turn on. I do personal training part time for fun and many of my clients have the same gripes and I see it across the internet in various forums and reviews.

If you are very rich and money is no object, you can go with the $400 Vitamix S30. It is a dream and LUCKILY I got it as a gift. Would I have spent that much money? No.Which is why I use and recommend the Ninja product line - especially the Nutri Ninja Pro. The price is about the same. I would say the performance is a bit better (at worst it is equal) and the product is more durable. I, and 4 other trainers, have been using the Ninja Nutri at the small private gym I run for 2 years now without fail. The Magic Bullet could not hold up and died. We were using both to make it easy for everyone to get their shakes during meal breaks. Now the Ninja serves us all.

Another option would be the personal sized Cuisinart product line are awesome and affordable. A quickie example would be the Cuisinart CPB-300 an excellent and affordable travel mixer.

The Magic Bullet product line is now a gimmick product. Remember - WATTS don't mean SQUAT. It is a marketing tool meant to make you think it is powerful. If you know blenders, juicers or personal mixers like I do, then you know many of the lower WATT products can produce much greater results. Why? Because of the quality in design and manufacturing. I am not saying the Ninja is going to blow away the Magic Bullet...I am just saying it is the better choice so temper your expectations.

Considering that there are better devices out there costing around the same - I suggest you do further research.
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on February 27, 2015
I recently bought this blender. I haven't used it yet, but I took it out of the box yesterday to wash it and decided to see how sharp the blades were. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! BOTH EXTRACTOR BLADES AS DULL AS EVER! My OLD (8yrs +) 10 speed blender has sharper blades that this. I don't know if it suppose to be dull... but to me a blender should have sharp blades. It has an edge, but so does a butter knife. Unless it doesn't need sharp blades because of the powerful motor.
Is this how the extractor blades suppose to be... dull? ... not happy at all.

I will give an update soon about performance.

UPDATE: 12/3/15
PERFORMANCE: It does its job.
I have been using my nutribullet for about 3 weeks now, and I like how it works. My smoothies have the consistency of a slushy(no ice), because I don't add much liquid. (personal preferance. also, I don't only use it for drinks, at the price, it has to do other chores also)
The machine works really well... dull blades and all. I have made a few smoothies and depending on the ingredient, and the amount of liquid added, you can get a very smooth smoothie. I blend in stages to avoid possible chunks; so lighter and difficult things first, like spinach,flax, nuts etc. I then follow with either bananas, pawpaw or pineapple etc. I don't use water in my smoothing.. its either coconut water or milk, apple juice or watermelon (seeds removed).
It does not do grapes well, if you want grapes in your smoothie, it is best you peal and remove seeds. I have gotten bits of skin and seed in my mix a few times

Everything was packaged nicely. My box came with a small dent on one corner, with the hard cover bonus book with also a dent on one corner. However, the blender and parts were in extra cardboard packaging, so it was safe.
1: User manual/ Cookbook: I would recommend to the inexperienced.
2. Pocket Nutritionist: Could be handy for very busy people who don't have time to research how each fruit or veg benefits them. However, it only lists a few fruit, veg and boosts.
3. Healing Recipes Book: (Bonus Book) : waste of time, don't waste your money. If you want a book full of testimonials and very very few recipes .. then this book is for you.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend this blender to anyone trying to eat healthier.
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on January 16, 2014
I bought this Nutribullet Pro 900 from Amazon as a Christmas present for my wife back on 07 December 2013 (sold by Speed of Light Distributors). It was delivered quickly, but then sat under the tree, unused, until 26 December 2013. Initially, my wife enjoyed it quite a bit. But, on 10 January 2014, after about 10 uses, the gasket ring on one of the blade assemblies came off. Thinking it trivial, we didn't pay too much attention to it. But, we noted that the manual specifically states that the gasket ring should not be removed and if it does come off, we should contact the company for a replacement blade assembly. My wife confirmed that statement by asking on their Facebook page and they told her how to contact support. She emailed support, told them the story, and gave them a copy of Amazon's invoice. Today, Nutribullet emailed back and told her they wouldn't honor the warranty because the seller (Speed of Light) isn't an "authorized vendor." They told her she could buy a replacement at full price. Needless to say, we declined their offer and are returning the unit to Amazon (even though it's beyond the normal Amazon 30 day return period, it appears that Amazon will allow her to return the broken unit for a refund). So, here I am with a review.

Now, on its own, the above is reason enough never to buy anything from Nutribullet LLC. But, on the off chance that you poo-poo that statement, here are some comments on the Nutribullet Pro 900, itself. Due to the joy of the holiday spirit, I paid way too much for this: about $190 (it's much cheaper now). Prior to the Nutribullet, my wife was using a $40 Oster blender to make smoothies. From the glowing reviews here (including reviews that said the Pro 900 version was wonderful for blending ice and frozen fruit), I assumed the almost-five-times more expensive item would be better than the cheaper item. Well, it's not. Though the Nutribullet does handle frozen materials, it does it no better than the old Oster: in both units, the frozen stuff wants to sit in one congealed blob and not blend. She had to fight with it just as much as she did before. For fresh fruit and vegetables, the Nutribullet works fine. But, if it works any better than that $40 blender, it's a subtle difference. The one good thing about the Nutribullet over the Oster is that it seems just a tad less noisy: perhaps the difference between a jack hammer and a jet engine.

I'd also like to note that the Nutribullet comes with a boat-load of documentation. Unfortunately, 99% of it is, essentially, infomercial fluff. Plus, the tiny bit of actual information in that documentation seems to be wrong. The thing that immediately leaped out at us (besides failure to honor the stated warranty after about two weeks of use) is that the manual specifically states that you shouldn't fill the cups beyond the fill-line. Yet, that fill-line is approximately at the 2/3 level. Trying to follow the included recipes, my wife found that she couldn't fit half the materials specified into the cup. After consulting the Nutribullet Facebook page, she determined that it's the added fluid that should stop at the fill-line. The solid material could go up to the top since it will blend down to a fraction of its size immediately after the unit is turned on.

So, there you have it. An infomercial level of equipment and documentation, breaks in a way specifically warned of in the manual after 10 uses, refusal to honor the warranty after 10 uses, and works no better than a blender costing 1/5th as much. I think that's definitely worth a Terrible rating of 1 star out of 5 and a warning to never do business with the Nutribullet company.

My thanks to Amazon for allowing my wife to return this fine Christmas present I got her.

EDIT (08/19/2014): We've been using a Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450) for about the last three months without issue. It doesn't have as many attachments, but no one seems to be having gasket problems with it. Also, the blade seems better designed than the Nutribullet's and it handles frozen material much better.
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on January 2, 2015
The reason I gave this a 1 star is because of how it is functioning. When I place the blade and container on top of the base it is very difficult to make the blender turn on. Ive now noticed that the clear plastic wheel on the base is developing a gouge in the plastic in 2 spots. The product has only been used maybe 10 times. I'm going to return it. When it actually works it blends well, but the product is not working properly and there is a design flaw.
review image review image
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