Customer Reviews: Magic of Findhorn
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on February 17, 2006
This book presents a good history of the people who started Findhorn Gardens. It portrays their spirtual journey's and connects each thread to the community as Paul Hawken encountered it. I liked that Hawken let the stories of each person, Peter, Eileen, Roc, etc.. stand on its own without too much analysis. This a book about people who come from very odd and divergent paths to weave a spiritual community that transcends their own personalities and histories. The story is very beautiful and inspiring. In many ways it is a book about dropping preconceived notions of who you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to believe. It is a great guidepost in this tumultuous world.

I, personally, found a number of the stories presented to be fantastical and hard to believe in completely. But this is mainly because I have not had experiences of this sort. However, the neat thing about this book is that it really doesn't matter whether or not I believe each tale. Rather, it is important that the people who created Findhorn believed in the vision and chose to follow it. Whatever drove them to be the spark for the Findhorn community led to the beauty that this living and breathing community has become.
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I first read The magic of Findhorn about 20years ago. For me the book tells of courage and faith. Courage to live a lifestyle out of the "norm". Faith to understand that the Creator will provide; will allow "Cabbages to grow out of the sand,where vegtables have never grown".
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on February 28, 2014
When I first read this book 30 years ago, it prompted my visit to the Findhorn Gardens. As I was re-reading it last week, I was stunned at how prophetic it's pages were as to what has been transpiring these past 30 years. If you want a guide to where this planet is heading, or just a lovely read, then please get this book and DREAM!
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on October 21, 2012
I found this little book in a 2nd hand book store in London nearly 30 years ago. It blew my mind...I was so inspired, I later visited Findhorn. I lent my copy to someone & they didn't return it, so I am very happy to have another copy again at last....
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on August 25, 1998
God is not what we think he is. This is one of the strongermessages that emerge from this interesting and hopeful book. It's alltoo easy these days, at the first mention of the Cap G word, to leap to Christian conclusions - or a wider religous view - where none are required.
The most valuable thing about this story of a living example of spiritual acceptance and success is that it is real, and still exists as a community. The book was written in 1975, ten years or so after Findhorn was established in the far north east of Scotland, on the Moray Firth. Its ordinariness and indeed the ordinariness of its various members is in part what makes it something to hope for in all our lives.
The book acts also as a harbinger of things to come and contains elements that are, when read today, really quite alarming.
But the strongest element of all is the hope that we can, and should, find the strength to work out just what the hell we are doing on this planet.
If you're starting a philosophical or spiritual journey or at the very least want to know about others who have made one already, read this book. If, on the other hand, you're looking for affirmation that Jesus saves and that Noah lived; don't.
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on May 29, 2012
The Magic of Findhorn is a magical book. I first read it when it came out in paperback more years ago than I care to remember. For more than a decade, I reread it now and then to savour Hawken's sweet distillation of the spirit of the time. Those were the heady days of pot-smoking hippies and smiling flower children and idealistic communes. Findhorn added fairies and giant cabbages and bushes that got out of the way when you wanted to make a path through them. It was wonderful to imagine that I might run off and join the small band of romantics building a new kind of community on what was once a garbage dump. I never did, of course. Sometimes I think I missed a great chance. Findhorn still exists, although it is now a foundation and calls itself a "New Age" community. Naturally, there is a website.

Hawken visited Findhorn in its early days and stayed in one of the small caravans reserved for visitors. (Caravans housed most of the community at that time.) His perceptive portraits of those who lived there, and a few more who were regular visitors, are a real treat. He shared in the daily round of activities and lived the free life that had brought such an odd assortment of individuals together. He talked about the strange beliefs in "power points" - there is one very near the community, atop a grassy hill - and fairies and Pan and vegetables that miraculously grew to immense size and many other things more related to The Lord of the Rings or children's fairy books than reality. Anything and everything was accepted. Everything was spiritual. It was the dawn of inclusivity.

If you love the natural world, long for a sense of enchantment, or feel the need to belong to a special kind of community, The Magic of Findhorn will satisfy on all counts. The book is currently out of print, but abundantly available on second-hand websites where copies of the paperback can be had for as little as a dollar. If you are at all interested in the mystical aspects of life on planet Earth, do not miss the chance to read this book. It really is something special.
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on May 11, 2016
I read this book in 1976 and thought that if I ever travelled to Scotland I'd visit Findhorn. In August of 1977 I arrived at the community for a 1 week 'trial' ... and stayed 3 yrs. Yes, it's all Hawken says it is - and more. By '77 it was a group of youngsters looking for answers to a better way of living (without jealousy, greed, anger, war, etc) and some elders who saw what the founders (Peter and Eileen Caddy) saw as 'The God Within' by expression through working with the nature spirits. The Findhorn Foundation - as it is now known- has evolved through many incarnations on it's journey over the past 50+ years. It now has NGO status and stands among the top business training and personal growth centers found anywhere while keeping to its humble roots with no gurus or fancy job titles. This is a read that brought sceptics, like me, to see for myself, and has changed lives in the process.
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on August 20, 2012
This is simply an amazing book. If you are curious about the real inner workings of nature and man's part, this will get you started.
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on May 23, 2009
I originally read this book in the 70's but it is still relevant today. If you visit their website you'll see the people and places discussed in this book figure prominately in todays Findhorn.
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on August 4, 2015
First book (outside of school books) that I never finished and I am an avid reader. Trying to follow the author was very difficult and trust me, I tried.
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