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on May 11, 2000
The King of Metal returns with the best Dio album in years! However, this is a CD that grows on you, no fast stuff here, the songs are more in the "Heaven and Hell", "Holy Diver", "Children Of The Sea", "Shame On The Night" style. I must admit I hated the interludes between the tracks (as this is a concept album), but now that Ive listened to it a few more times, I love this whole CD! Standout tracks include "Feverdreams", "Feed My Head", "Eriel", and "As Long As Its Not About Love". All diehard Diomaniacs should get this CD, as well as the more casual Dio fan. However dont expect "Stand Up And Shout", "We Rock", type songs. Ronnie, Craig, Jimmy and Simon have NEVER SOUNDED BETTER! Excellent keyboards by Ronnie and Craig. No fifth star due to the fact that the song tempo's are basically the same, and although Craig sounds great, to be honest-he's no Vivian Campbell as far as soloing goes, but these are the best rythms since "Holy Diver". I give it 41/2 stars. GET THIS CD!
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on January 3, 2001
Man, I get sick of reading review after review of people sitting and comparing this disc to previous material. Why would anybody want an album that sounds like Holy Diver or Strange Highways? Granted those are both awesome discs, but I see no point in going on and on about how this cd should sounds like either "new" or "old" Dio. The way I see this album, Dio is giving fans something they want and deserve, a fresh sounding cd. It doesn't sound like anything I've heard Dio do before. Magica is original and innovative sounding, and awesome too! This disc leaves cool riffs and melodies burned permanently into the listeners skull (Fever Dreams, Feed My Head), it has eerie and atmospheric themes, (Eriel, Lord Of The Last Day, old school medieval riffage, (Losing My Insanity), in-your-face concert rockers as only Dio can deliver, (Challis) and even soft emotional parts, (As Long As It's Not About Love). This is my favourite Dio album, no matter how many times I hear it I keep coming back to it. I think its going to be a classic.
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on April 4, 2000
I know I already reviewed this, but I'd like to add an addendum. I just saw DIO LIVE in Phoenix, and they played the entire Magica album, with the exception of Turn To Stone, and of course the 18min story thing. It was GREAT! Although it was new material, the crowd ate it up, proving that it is a fantastic album. I gotta say that RJD sings these songs LIVE 100% BETTER than on the record, believe it or NOT! "As long as it's not about Love" was phenomanal. The rest of the concert was just as good, they pulled out many deep album cuts from his entire catalog. Here's the setlist.....
I think that's all of them. If he's coming to your town, get a ticket, and get there early. You won't be disappointed!
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on December 10, 2005
Few men can claim as much prestige in the Heavy Metal scene as can Ronnie James Dio. The man invented the horns, for goodness sakes and probably has the most impressive solo career of any Metal musician. The first three albums, "Holy Diver," "The Last In Line," and "Sacred Heart" are essential for fans of good ol' Heavy Metal and some might even include "Dream Evil" on that list as well. After those records, however, DIO hit what you might call a slump, releasing a string of unpopular and often off-written records. Luckily, 2000's "Magica" brings back the glory days of DIO with an added touch of storytelling and experimentation.

That's right, "Magica" is indeed a concept album. I won't take the time to explain the concept, since that's basically what DIO does on track 14, "Magica Story," which is 15+ minutes of spoken word storytelling from Uncle Ronnie. It's an interesting way to end the album, but skip-worthy all but the first time you hear it. You don't even really need to listen to it that time, either, as it comes in printed form with the liner notes. It's not a terribly original story, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Kicking things off is "Discovery," which is basically a mechanized spoken word that introduces the album, leading right into the main "Magica Theme," a nice instrumental number that reminds me a bit of PINK FLOYD. Right there are two things the reoccur pretty regularly throughout the album: robot voices and PINK FLOYD influence. The former makes it so that there is no way to listen to "Magica" as anything but as a concept album and the latter, along with DIO's brand of plodding Heavy Metal, makes it definitely enjoyable either way! "Plodding" is definitely the word here, as "Lord Of The Last Day" starts off the album proper with ominously slow and heavy riffage and some sinister vocals by Mr. Dio. The first many songs follow a simple style, with heavy riffage and simple song structures, but don't think that this is simplistic Metal for dummies - the focus here is Dio's majestic voice and he definitely delivers both aurally and lyrically. Try not to sing along with "Feed My Head" or get shivers during the half-ballad "As Long As It's Not About Love."

Finishing as it began, the album comes to a close with reprises of both the "Magica Theme" and "Lord Of The Last Day" (not counting the "Magica Story," of course). The last fading bit of "Lord Of The Last Day - Reprise" brings "Magica" satisfying closure, wrapping up not only the album but also the story DIO has woven here.

"Magica" is quite an achievement by DIO and the album goes highly recommended to fans of Heavy Metal of both the literate and thoughtful and the fun and infectious varieties. If you want fantastic stories and epic scope, "Magica" delivers, but if you all want is some hard rocking Metal magic, skip over the story bits and look no further than "Fever Dreams" and "Feed My Head." Excellent work by DIO! (Online October 19, 2005)
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on October 21, 2001
Incredible, outstanding an amazing album. Its great Jimmy Bain is back, the best bass pick player ever aside from Dave Ellefson from Megadeth. Craig Goldy is so underated, hes such an outstanding guitarist, crunchin guitar hear, with the rythm and spectacular solos. Back in great form like he was in Dream Evil. Simon Wright awesome drummer only a few miles down from Vinny but great just the same, he does awesome. Dio as always so spectacular with his vocals, this isnt childish at all, very neat actually, sure the alien voice seems funny but keep listening to it and ull think its cool it fits really well.
Discovery-cool intro
Magica Theme-isnt this beautiful?
Lord of the last day-awesome creepy, great lyrics and solo.
Fever Dreams-Great tune, the chorus is spectacular.
Turn to stone-Awesome opening with the guitar solo, creepy tune.
Feed my Head-all 3 of these songs follow together so cool like, the mid part of this song is incredible,excellent chorus again.
Friell-Awesome keyboards and symphonies, awesome solo at the end.
Challis-metal classic, awesome chorus again, dynamite solo,awesome, very origianl lyrics.
As long as its not abt luv-one of the most beautiful songs ever, just listen to it, its incredible.
Losing my Insanity-spectacular opening like medieval folklore music, and how they get down is awesome.
Otherworld-Great bass here,good lyrics,rocking slower song.
Magica Reprise-dynamite,lyrics are spectacular,incredibly true.
Lord of the Last day-Awesome closing.
Magica Story-incredible to listen too, very magical indeed.
Album is awesome, heavy to me, they might add a few more symphony sounds in here but big deal it sounds like the old fashioned dio, get it its so incredible. Magica is spectacular, God Bless u Dio and the rest of the band,u did amazing.
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on April 13, 2000
After reading so much positive press about Magica, I decided to pick it up. I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't incredibly impressed either.
My first complaint about this CD, would be the robotic/alien voice, that can be found between almost every track on the CD. It sounds how robots always sounded in bad 1950's style Sci-Fi films (choppy, broken, emotionless, etc.), giving the CD a sort of silly feel from the opening track.
My second complaint would be the line up. Suffice it to say, Craig Goldie is not Vivian, and Simon Wright is certainly not Vinnie.
Third, the story line is cliche. The characters, events, and plot line are about as old, obvious, and rehashed as anything in the Sci-Fi genre. And when looking at this CD, purely as a "concept album", it doesn't measure up. Had the actual story not been included as an insert, the story line would be undiscernible to listener.
Finally, there is too much junk on this CD. There is a 16 minute track, where Dio reads the entire Magica story to the listener. Since the story is included as in an insert, it is a waste of disc space. There is also too time given to the silly alien/robotic voice that I mentioned earlier. And lastly, there are two different reprises on this disc, neither of which deserved to be reprised. So while the running time on this CD chimes in at 74 minutes, there is maybe 40 minutes of new music contained within.
Regardless of my complaints, this is a solid CD. Ronnie is in rare form, vocally, and lyrically, and much of the music has a Holy Diver feel to it. Challis and Fever Dreams are destined to become Dio classics.
All in all, it's a solid disc, probably his best since Dream Evil. However, it could have been better.
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on May 19, 2000
Just received this one in the mail from Amazon yesterday. I've listened to it three times and like it better each time. The "concept album" idea is interesting and makes the songs blend, especially if you listen to the "story" track, but the songs can definitely stand on their own. Dio is in excellent vocal form and the percussion is solid. Strong guitar and bass work. Keyboards blend nicely. No alternative stuff here. Just good, straight hard rock/heavy metal. Vintage Dio improved !
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VINE VOICEon April 28, 2000
This is one of Dio's best albums. Nothing will ever top the early/mid 80's classic albums but for a band that has been around for 17 years this album is right up there with the rest. Ronnie's voice is spectacular and the music is great. I was able to see the band live on the Magica tour and they sounded better than ever. If your a DIO fan you would be crazy not to pick up the CD. Rock on Ronnie.
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on June 18, 2000
Yes, the songs on this cd are not very fast. But who cares? I am really glad to know his voice is still powerful and full of passion. Although this cd is not Holy diver or Dream evil(and the robotic voice sometimes sounds idiotic), this is a solid cd. I am sick of "NEW" Metallica(of course, once great), (always) stupid Slayer and other current pseudo metal bands(Korn, Kid Rock ---). Dio is really one of the few survivors of 80's great metal movement. I like him(as long as he does not sell out). YOU GO, DIO!
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on June 29, 2013
I actually bought Magica when it first came out in 2000 but due to work/personal issues hardly ever listened to it (basically when I was home my fellow tenants were sleeping). It's sort of grown on me over the years. Having always been a Craig Goldy superfan, I knew that a lot of the guitar parts from this release were derivative of his solo work, and that didn't bother me. The songs are awesome classic Dio, but it just seemed to have a brown mix or something. Thankfully the Deluxe Version sounds absolutely fantastic, and the bonus material is worth the re-purchase if you already own it. Why "Annica" was only on the Japanese version is a mystery, with some of the best guitar soloing. "Electra" was already put out as a single and on the Beast of 2. Not much info on the bootleg material, although it sounds here as good as the rest of the CD. I'm pretty sure 2 of these songs are from the live DVD with Doug Aldrich on guitar which would have been the next tour, not Magica.
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