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on August 1, 2013
I have a lot of magicJacks (5 of them) and wasn't too happy with the sound quality of the original magicJacks (no plus) but they were reliable on a fast computer. I loved the 2012 version magicJack Plus (I would give it 5 stars), they worked great, they were reliable and they sounded good most of the time. They only dropped calls if you tried to talk longer than 90 minutes on one call.

I just upgraded to the new 2014 magicJack Plus and all I can say is they should have waited a few more years before releasing it. It is not reliable, the DTMF tones it generates won't work on most phone menus at banks and if the power fails, you have to unplug and re-plug the 2014 magicJack Plus a several times before it will connect to the VOIP service again. The DTMF problem can be fixed by high-level tech support but anyone that has used MJ Tech support knows how irritating it can be and how many circles and stupid things they have you do to your system before you get to talk to high-level support.

If you have the original magicJacks that you have to keep plugged into the USB slot of your computer it might be worth the upgrade since the 2014 magicJack seems to work OK when plugged into the USB slot and the sound quality is much better than the USB only magicJacks.

As of today, I can't recommend the 2014 magicJack Plus and urge anyone planning to switch to magicJack to buy the 2012 magicJack Plus version or wait until they fix the 2014 problems. I'm sending mine back and reactivating my old 2012 magicJack Pluses.

Oh, almost forgot. The 2014 magicJack Plus does NOT currently have a wireless mode unless you maybe buy an external wireless card to install in it.
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on July 30, 2013
I have used a Magicjack since October 2011. I have a ported number which works fine.
It worked well for 6 months and then the voice mail stopped working intermittently.
I decided to upgrade to the 2014 Majicjack plus last week and that fixed my voice mail
problem but now it will not work unless I plug it in to my pc. It will not work
standalone on the ethernet. I spent over 5 hours and countless support people trying to
get them to send me a replacement. When they can't prove that the problem is not the
MJ they just disconnect the chat session. What ever you do don't buy the 5 years of
service like I did and use a credit card so you can send it back if it doesn't work.
I have over 25 years experience troubleshooting networks and had the problem isolated to
the ethernet port on the MJ. Don't expect much from the support which is chat only.
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on December 19, 2013
Just got the Majic Jack Plus 2014 a few days ago and been testing it out and so far it's great.

I have made calls to Arizona and North Carolina and the sound quality was perfect. Had NC call me back to see if inbound calls where any different and it was still perfect sound quality.

I then tried to Fax to NC and that worked fine also.

Now I plugged my MJ into the outlet NOT the PC. When I plugged into the router I did not have to mess with setting up ports at all for my system (yours might be different). Also I have very fast Internet speeds of between 30k and 50k Mbps, presently I am at 40k Mbps. Internet Speed is very important with MJ as if you have a dial up or a slow connection you will likely have problems.

It's only been a few days but so far so good. I will update this later on if able to keep you informed on how it's going.

Oh one thing to note, I just started porting my home phone number to MJ and you can make Outbound Calls while the number is being ported, but you CANNOT receive Inbound Calls till the port is complete which can take 5-10 days they say. Not a big deal for me, but I guess can be irritating for others. You can however still get Voicemail sent to you so you do not really miss any calls.

Few other things about the pricing when signing up:

The box I bought came with 6 months free, but you still have to pick a plan.

If you only go with a year plan it will cost you $30.

I went with the 5 year plan for $100 or $20 a year and this gave me 5 years and 6 months so I am all paid up till 6/2019 as it shows on my MJ account page.

Also there is a charge if you want 911 service for me it was only $6 a year, but on the website they say it can cost $6 to $60 a year depending on where you live. I did not do it cause you can call the police and ask what the 10 digit number is to get 911 operators and just program that into your phone for one touch dialing and save this fee.

And there is a $10 fee a year for having a number ported over to use with MJ.

They also have international calling plans that seem okay, I do not call overseas so that did not concern me.

MJ does have Voicemail service that will send the .wav file to your email address and that seems to work fine. It does work as your number is being ported over cause you can not receive inbound calls but you do get the voicemails. Course if you have a answering machine you can disable this on the account page.
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on September 29, 2013
I'm reading the reviews for the newest Magicjack and wondering if I possibly received a couple of the few goods ones produced? I have been a Magicjack customer for a few years and have been satisfied with the services provided, particularly considering the cost of usage. The original Magicjack isn't anything special, but it has performed for me well over the years. My only concern was problems with faxing. Occasionally there will be a brief quality of sound drop. And now and then an incoming call will catch the darn thing sleeping ( All my friends know to call back if they get the auto attendant.
I recently had to replace a couple of my devices, do to a power surge that wiped out my router, and the devices. I received one 2014 Magicjack Plus, and one of the older model Pluses (Magicjack was selling them for $29.95). Both are functioning beautifully. No problems with them at all.
I really cannot understand the concerns of the people writing the negative reviews.
I had Vonage for a few years. I keep it until I was satisfied that Magicjack was a reliable replacement. I now have three Magicjacks (2 Pluses, and old reliable).
My mother just moved, so I purchased her a Magicjack Plus and a few years of service for under $200.00. She was able to keep the phone number she has had for twenty-five years, even though she was moving to another state. Nice!
The bottom line is that my various Magicjack products have given me more bang for the buck then any other item in any other category that I have ever purchased in my life.
I didn't give a 5 star rating because I am not fond of the chat only tech support. That said each time I have had to use tech support I have been helped with my problems. It may however take a bit of patience before the solution finds me.
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on May 13, 2014
Verified Purchase
I'd always wanted to try MagicJack but was too cheap to pay the $55+ pricetag for the privelege. Then I applied for an Amazon VISA card. They approved it and gave me a $60 Amazon credit to boot. So, when I got the MagicJack, it was free (grin).

First, note that I have a Windows 7 laptop which permanently uses a WIFI connection to the Internet. And, I wanted to set up MagicJack to be computer dependent. When my computer is off, I'm usually away someplace, involved in an offline activity where I don't want to be interrupted anyway, or in bed. Assuming voicemail worked correctly, that would be enough.

So, I got the MagicJack and plugged it in. As stated, the first thing it did was install drivers. It took about a minute. Then, I went to their registration page to register. But, I got a message saying my MagicJack device couldn't be found. Perplexed, I tried to get into chat with customer support ... but their "" Tech Chat site was down (and it's still down as of right now). But, I did find their "secret" (non-published) email address for support and posted my query to it (see my comment to this review). It didn't bounce so I assume it's a valid email address. As it happens, I troubleshooted the problem on my own and found/fixed the issue before they could respond.

5/14/2014 UPDATE !!! -- I have updated my rating to 5 stars. I'm a forgiving man and can understand mistakes. When you try to connect to their Tech Chat page, you can't. It says the page doesn't exist. But (snicker), I found out why. The first part of the URL in the chat link is "" Just as an experiment, I changed the "sales" part to "service" - and the Tech Chat page came up (grin). Obviously, the MagicJack webmaster did an "oops." Hey, it happens to all of us. I'm doing this update in the middle of the night - but will contact them (via chat, hehe) when they open up in the morning.

The issue I had during my troubleshooting was two-fold. First, after the drivers are installed, the MagicJack device attempts to download software to make it all work. But, for some reason, it didn't download the software. So, I ended up with a lot of drivers but no software to "run" the device. MagicJack didn't have any page where I could see what software I had to download. But, I found the direct MagicJack link to it on a trusted 3rd party site (see my comment to this review).

Once I downloaded their software and installed it, MagicJack encountered a 2nd problem. But it was easy to troubleshoot. I use a free firewall program that "piggybacks" off Windows Firewall. And since my net connection is via WIFI, I had to reconfigure Windows Firewall to allow for "public" connectivity. After that, MagicJack started working just like it was supposed to work (grin).

As others have said, I had to pass through a short gauntlet of "ads" to get everything set up. But eventually, I did. And, I set up the voicemail - and it works. FWIW, before I even got the device, I contacted my county emergency communications office (the 911 people) to see if there was a 10-digit non-911 equivalent number that I could enter in to speed-dial. They never responded. So, I set up e911 through MagicJack. In hindsight, I can understand why the county office didn't respond. They have a "fee/tax" on 911 service (as does my state). And there's no way they were going to let me "bypass" those taxes. Totally understandable. But for a year, the state+county fees/taxes are only $11.70. Coupled with MagicJack costs, my annual cost for the phone service is $41.65 (or roughly $3.47 monthly). FWIW, $41.65 is about the same as CenturyLink charges for only a MONTH of phone service in my area.

Then came 4 tests. Using my CenturyLink phone, I called my MagicJack phone. Worked/sounded fine. Then using my MagicJack phone, I called my CenturyLink phone. Worked/sounded fine. Then I called my ex (70 miles away). Worked/sounded fine. Then (I'm on the west coast), I called my son in Pennsylvania. Worked/sounded fine.

Bye-bye CenturyLink (grin).

So it appears that, overall, my great "free" experiment worked. I'd originally given it a 4-star review but updated it to 5 stars after discovering the link-error to Tech Chat on the MagicJack page - an error I'll mention to the webmaster via chat after they open in the morning.

Brief update (6/2/2014). I took my MagicJack with me for a 2-night hotel stay out of the area. It worked just as well as it does locally. I realize everyone's situation is unique. But I'm frankly surprised that MagicJack Plus has gotten so many negative reviews. I do have a couple of suspicions, though.

This is an ideal phone service for people who live alone (like me). But in households where kids download movies/MP3s or play online games at the same time you're trying to make or receive calls, most VOIP services (not just MagicJack) will become problematic. Also, some ISPs that provide their "own" VOIP services have been known to use packet-sniffers to identify VOIP use by competing companies (like MagicJack) - and then try to "throttle" its speeds. So, people having reliability issues with their MagicJack device might be blaming MagicJack unfairly. And the real blame for poor service may be on other users (family members) within the household - or a jealous ISP that wants to (ahem) discourage people from using competing VOIP services.
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on April 30, 2014
I bought a Magicjack Plus about a year ago and set it up and saved money ever since. Here are some tips in getting you MJ+ (2014) going well.

1) Ensure the physical line to your internet provider is good and clean. If you notice poor internet speeds below your expected, you may have a splice in your line between your home and your provider.
2) If your MJ does not allow you to use touch tone menus, get on the tech support line and they will enable something on their end to fix this.
3) The MJ 120 volt to USB adaptor is pretty weak and will burnout (expect it), get yourself a good USB 3.0 120 volt to 5 volt adaptor. The MJ+ will then draw more current as it needs and not overdrive the adaptor.
4) If you want your MJ to work without having power in the house, get a $55 UPS and plug in your router, cable modem/dsl modem, and MJ to the backup power plugs on your device and you will be able to use it during blackouts.
5) Faxes work on my MJ+, to make sure of this open up ports 5060 and 5070 SIP protocol at your firewall (ensure you have a really good router/firewall device) and set those protocols to high priority in the router/firewall. Faxes will come out fine.
6) Keep you order number and tracking record to ensure that should your demo account expiry unexpectedly. You can tell the tech support your order number and they will ensure you get your fulll time service allotment.
7) Be nice to the guys on the tech chat. They will be of good help if you are clear in what you need done.
8) When wiring up you MJ, if you wire it through the whole house from the phone patch panel, make sure you don't plug in more than 3 phsyical devices. Two is better (I use 1 fax, 1 corded phone, one cordless base with 4 receivers). If you do more than 3 devices, your MJ will not have enough power to drive a call properly and will not work properly. Remember this is a low power device and not really designed to be wired to the entire home, but it does work.
9) Make sure your MJ is operating in a place that is cool, dry and has plenty of air. These little devices can get hot and heat will kill them.
10) Have fun saving money like I do.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on November 4, 2013
Well, maybe I got lucky...

I had an original MagicJack that bit the dust, and was always flakey with the computer connection.
Based on the Amazon reviews I almost didn't buy this, but decided that if it didn't work I'd just send it back.
Well, the setup was easy as pie...simply transferred my number from the old MajicJack, plugged it into my network and it worked immediately and with no problems. Actually vastly easier than the original MagicJack.

The WiFi capabilities are need to purchase an SD WiFi card to fit into the device, which costs more than it does alone.
Customer service is something I've never had to deal with, but I would assume it's just as bad as everyone experiences here. You get what you pay for...if customer service is important, look elsewhere like Vonage.
So, maybe I got lucky...your mileage may vary!
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19 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on December 6, 2013
This product along with their support is a joke. On the package they advertise WiFi capability, well apparently that means maybe someday because it is not available now. I was using their support process and chatting with a couple of their service represenitives. What I was told in a nutshell is I should've tried harder to find out if there product and features really worked before purchasing it... Are you kidding me. Returned and I will never purchase from them again, I don't care how much their competition is, this junk isn't worth your money.
I forgot to mention when I was chatting with their support they said they couldn't help me so they were ending the chat. That's right, I was hung up on by their "support" rep. I wouldn't care if the product did do what they said, after being treated like that I would send it back anyway.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on February 27, 2014
To be clear, I am not an 'angry person' by nature. This may be only the second 1-star rating I have ever given.

I persuaded my wife to end her Verizon service ($65/mo up from $55/mo for basic service) and get a Magic Jack Plus. She did. And now I never hear the end of it. I am writing this review while I wait and wait and WAIT for tech support to tell me how to add minutes for conference calling -- which my wife does a lot of (for her studies). Conference calling (to call into a conference) is a PAID service -- something that is never mentioned and not in the FAQ. BTW, I eventually learned that the solution is to hold your own conference call (free) or to buy pre-paid international calling minutes. However, if the conference connection runs longer than 90 minutes, Magic Jack disconnects you.

If you are just going to do the very basic calls, MJ will likely be OK. But if you ever need their tech support. Pop open the chat window and some other window so you can do something useful while you wait. And here's the thing -- and this is something I have never experienced on any other tech support line: if the rep gets frustrated or can't solve your problem, he/she disconnects you.

So in summary, when it works, it works pretty well, but when it doesn't and if you are doing this for a family member, you may end up wishing you didn't.
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on February 13, 2014
Let's get the BS out of the way - the original MJ sucked. Period.
When I discovered the Plus version in 2012, decided to try it on my FAX line. Boy, was I surprised! Better connectivity than I EVER had with Vonage or VOIPO, So, I kept it. Still in place, still working great.

I had kept my then current VOIP provider, and got the 2014 MJ+ unit, set it up, and call forwarded my line to it, to test for six months. I am happy to report that the voice quality is fantastic. I really am impressed by this new unit. So much so that I ordered a port of my phone number from my old provider to MJ. The port went through on the date promised, a mere 6 days after placing the order, and it is working just fine.

Do some research, and, if you are hesitant as I was, install it, then call forward your number to the MJ number and test it out. The only drawback to this method is that it will cost you extra $$ to port your number later.

And, the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that there is no ability to selectively block calls, block private numbers, etc. Of course, you can choose to ignore certain calls. But I really liked having a blacklist of numbers with my previous provider. But it was worth losing that feature to go from $216 per year to $40 per year ($10 extra for the ported number). Just make sure your ISP is rock solid, and you have good equipment - shabby speeds and equipment make all the difference in the world!
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