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on August 15, 2008
Great charging circuit. Charges single cells. I hate when you have to stick two at a time. I've had other "smart" chargers that have a discharge function but not independently. Think of it as eight separate chargers. I also discharge cells manually with a simple lamp, but then I have to remember to take them out.
Power supply is outside the box.
We'll see how long this one lasts.

No cover, but I could use a piece of plastic.
Once the cells are in (over few seconds), the soft and cycle buttons don't work.
And if you want to cycle and soft charge, you have to remember the button sequence, which I've already forgotten, within five seconds.

I don't understand how some people say that the plastic housing is so great. Its plastic, what's there to say?
The cell contacts feel like they can come off if you push them too hard. What's the

(above 8/15/2008)

A drained cell won't charge on this device because it can't detect the cell being there. So, do keep a "dumb" charger handy to assist this "smart" charger.
Put the drained cell in the "dumb" charger for ten seconds, then put it in the "smart" charger and let it complete its job.
It's still a good charger. It just tries too hard to be smart.

Unit still alive.
I forgot to mention that a battery gets very hot during charge.
It's less hot if you do a slow or soft charge. But heat during charge is normal. So don't panic.
The people who say that batterys don't get hot are ... well, questionable.

Unit still alive.
Loaded with dust.
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on April 18, 2012
I thought this was a top of the line charger when I got it. I've had it replaced twice by the manufacturer. The first one started smoking. The second had one charging port that wouldn't work at all. I kept the third one and use it to soft charge AA batteries only when I'm around. There's no way I'd leave this thing unattended for the hours that reconditioning cycles require. I just tried a soft reconditioning of some AA batteries, and the unit keeps getting frozen in the discharge phase. I've let it sit overnight with no change. Even when I remove the batteries, the display stays frozen until I unplug the unit.

I have always loaded the batteries with the correct polarity, in the correct order (highest capacity > lowest capacity), and always on a hard countertop with plenty of air circulation.

I just got a MH-C9000 from the same manufacturer, and so far it's working great. I may get another and dump the MH-C808M. This is not worth the fire risk.
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on April 11, 2009
This is a very good charger for bigger batteries (C & D-cell). It is very easy to use and works well.

If you want a charger just for AA or AAA, get the La Crosse Technology BC-900 AlphaPower Battery Charger. The BC-900 has many more features and has a LCD display with lots of information about the charging.

The good:
1) You can insert up to 8 batteries at a time (AAA, AA, C, or D).
2) This is an intelligent charger not just a timer (like most of the cheaper chargers). The timer type chargers will ruin your batteries if you aren't careful. If you have expensive rechargeable C or D cell batteries, you must get this charger.

1) My first MH-C808M charger melted the casing when I recharged 4 D-cell batteries. The casing around the left two slots melted badly enough that I exchanged the unit. I haven't recharged D batteries with the new one, but I have recharged numerous AA & C-cells, which work fine.

2) Be careful when inserting batteries. Some batteries don't get a very good connection. This may be why the casing melted with the D batteries.
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on February 17, 2007
This battery charger is a winner. Batteries stays cool (a good thing) fast & slow rates of charge. No overcharging, it seems to FULLY CHARGE the big C & D sizes rather quickly, about 5 or 6 hours. Each battery size has it's own charging points, fixed contacts no springs sliding a metal bar against the battery, less stuff to wear out & break. You can charge AA ,AAA, C & D sizes but not 9 volt. about the only down side to this product. According to sales lit. with proper power cords you can charge around the world. Maha also makes wonderful rechargeable batteries have been using AA, AAA & D sizes for 6 months no problems so far. Mine cost about $ 90 twice what other cheaper crappier chargers go for(some cheapies don't charge big sized/highly rated mAh batteries fully) Thomas Distribution seems to be the cheapest & very reliable vendor.
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on July 26, 2013
I purchased 3 of these chargers 3 years ago while I was in the Air Force. I was tired of throwing away batteries containing mercury, while wasting tax payer dollars buying batteries every week. We have a 24 hour around the clock operation, and must perform inspections at all hours of the night. We have been using the same Maglights for years. They had performed excellent considering all the abuse they have been put through. Once I had used up all the mercury batteries, I created a spreadsheet showing the boss how much money we could save over time if we made a considerable investment (to my small operation, >$1000 is a considerable investment)in excellent battery chargers and GOOD D-cell batteries. I purchased these chargers, when there were not any reviews listed on Amazon. This at the time was considered the "King Kong" of chargers. After the purchase, I started reading about the chargers catching on fire. I re-read the instructions, and ensured I followed the directions to the T. I also moved the chargers into a concrete building that had a few power receptacles on the wall. Finally three years later, I decided to give my review. These chargers have been plugged in for 3 years, that's right three years straight charging D cells EVERYDAY. They have performed flawlessly. The first year, we got our money back and broke even on the investment, and for the last two years, we have saved the taxpayers a couple of thousand dollars by not purchasing throwaway batteries. We have also prevented at least two if not three 55 gallon drums of batteries from entering the hazardous waste stream. I wish every shop would do this, but some folks just don't care. You have to be on top of the game and ensure the workers are briefed when they come to the shop that they cannot for any reason discard batteries. I was completely satisfied with this charger. I have since retired for the AF, and now I am looking for a charger for my home. I have always just used the smaller AA/AAA chargers for my home needs. I remembered the good luck I had with this one. Hope this helps someone looking for a good charger. If there were a malfunctions, our shop was manned 24/7/365, so someone would have caught the problem hopefully before chaos showed up.
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on May 7, 2012
I purchased this rarely-used item almost one year ago from Amazon as quick-charger for my ever growing need for AA batteries to power my cameras and other electronic equipment (I am a professional photographer/videographer). However, after spending a bundle, I've been very dissatisfied with it despite reading the glowing reviews on Firstly, the price. It cost way too much ($65.00 for a battery charger!). Additionally, it seemed to never fully charge my brand new Sanyo eneloop batteries. So, I got used to spending even more to carry around back-up lithium batteries because my "charged" batteries would always somehow prematurely wear out. There is a third and a very seriously flaw with this charger. While recently charging up batteries for an event, I heard a loud "pop" coming from the charger and next, there was the smell of burning wires. I quickly unplugged the charger as it was too hot to handle. Evidently, the charger shorted out. A very dangerous situation, needless to say. I was very thankful the unit did not cause a fire! Stay away from this charger - even if this is the case of a "few bad apples" (which would indicate a quality control issue-a growing consumer concern, especially with imported products). Surely, this charger is not worth the risk of a hazardous fire. Because of these issues, I would give it *zero* stars if I could.
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on June 6, 2014
This is by far the best Unit for charging NiMH Batteries I have ever used or seen on the market. Not only does it charge all sizes it also can do any configuration of Batteries at the same time. With over 40 NiMH batteries I have all very high Value, (mAh) this finds out where they are at in its storage capacity and then brings them up to a full charge rather fast. The slowest one is the 10,000 (mAh) " D " size and that would only make sense. The " C " size is a 5,000 (mAh) battery and it too is rather fast in the charging cycle and they never get hot like some old charges I have had that LOWERS any batteries life over time. Heat while charging kills them. But it has proven to be the best to date and never once has it failed me. And the one battery I had from years ago it even told me unit had met its maker so it went to the Big Battery Recycle bin in the Store.
Now with all this said I wish I had not only bought the same brand that only charges only AAA/AA batteries but I found when you use a lot of them it has paid off to have 2 of them. VERY Pleased with it. And I kept with only one brand of NiMH battery "TENERGY" They have the highest and best I have found with the highest mAh capacity value. worth every cent I spent. and will buy more when I need to. For all my Battery needs. this will last me for a VERY long time with over 1,000 charge cycles in the very cold to very hot Weather inside and out.
12/25/2015 over a year ago I Bought this Charger and have used it non stop and this is what I Found out worked best. as well as the most asked questions.

Update on this Real Good Charger.

I was asked a Real Good Question and this is only fitting to give an update on it,

I was asked is it UL listed, and how well does it work?

Yes this unit is UL Listed In The United States, UL ( E230431 ), Second part of your Question How well does it work. Since the day I bought and used to date it has worked Perfect on Every battery I have Charged on it from "D" cell to "AAA" Batteries. In any numbers up to 8 at any given time. Note the Best way to charge is By USING THE SOFT MODE. It will zero out the batteries and slowly charge them. If you ( Fast charge them ) that will reduce the life any " nimh " Battery. And also keep in mind to charge like batteries at any given time and not mix them. As in the mAh of the batteries. i.e. 1100mAh, or 2500 mAh, DO NOT MIX.... when charging. And only charge only one size at a time as well.
The only thing I have found that " WAS NOT LISTED " it will let you Know if a Battery is not working anymore by not charging it, "NICE Feature. "
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on October 17, 2008
This charger has lots of nice features but I don't trust it in terms of safety. I bought this model a few years back from another distributor and it actually caught on fire. I sent it to the manufacturer for warranty replacement, and the one they sent me caught on fire as well. Sent that one back and the third one didn't catch on fire, but I did detect that unmistakable odor of burning plastic. So finally I sent it back for a full refund. I am currently using a different charger from the same company (the MH C-9000) and it works wonderfully. It simply appears that the MH-C808M charger is not one of Maha's better models. My advice, don't buy this charger.
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on January 30, 2009
This is no doubt a nice charger, but I have found it to have a couple of very minor faults. First, it doesn't handle 9V batteries. Not a big deal but if you want 9V you would have to buy yet another charger for them. Also, I have had very mixed results trying to charge old NiCd batteries. Sometimes the charger will not recognize them at all, and other times it will recognize them but not charge and give a "high voltage" error (flashes the word "done"). The manual doesn't really explain what this error means exactly. I was able to take these very same NiCd batteries and charge them successfully on an Ansmann Energy 8 charger that I also have. I also had the same thing happen with an old NiMH battery (the Maha wouldn't recognize it, but the Ansmann did and was able to charge it). I've had great results charging brand new NiMH batteries though. A plus of this charger is that it is faster than some other models, however I turn off the fast charging mode (which requires you to press a button each time you go to charge anything, otherwise it defaults to fast mode automatically). Another plus is that it has a manual refresh process so you don't have to run a refresh on a battery unless you want to. But... overall, I'd say the Ansmann Energy 8 would be a better alternative (especially if you want to charge 9V batteries, plus have the reliability of reviving older NiCd or NiMH batteries).
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on May 18, 2008
This charger seems to work well. I like the fact that it's made of high quality materials. Powerex makes really awesome rechargable batteries, so i'm assuming that their chargers are also well-made.
I think the instructions will leave you with a lot of questions. For example: 1. what happens if you leave the charger on overnight? is it safe for the batteries to stay in the charger once they're already fully charged? 2. what does it mean when you put in a battery, and the display remains blank?
you can email the company and they'll answer your specific questions.
there are only 2 buttons on this thing--one is to activate the slow charge, and the other is to activate the rejuvenation cycle(useful for old batteries or after every 10th charge). i wish it had a cover to protect it from dust.
that's all folks! enjoy it. oh by the way, it IS safe to leave the batteries in the charger even after they're fully charged. Maha responded to my email re: that question.
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