Customer Reviews: Major League Baseball 2K12 - Xbox 360
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on March 16, 2012
I have seen a lot of reviews of Xbox sports games that attempt to provide you with every detail of the gameplay and pros and cons. I am not going to do that and instead will give you the shot and sweet review of what I feel is in fact a very fun game to play with great graphics and incredible realism. It is by far the best Xbox baseball game out there and easily rivals The Show on the PS platform.

The thing though is that 2K12 is not a massive upgrade from 2K11. In fact other than updating the players and some other slight improvements it is hard to call this an upgrade more than just an updated version of the game.

What are the real meaningful differences? MLB Season mode is different as it snaps better to the regular upcoming MLB season. From a gameplay perspective, I like the new throwing mechanism where you have to be much more accurate with your throws or you will see them sail over the first baseman's head or easily miss your cut off man. You also will want to check out what they call the new Tendency system. As you get ready to make a pitch, the batter learns your tendencies and vice versa in a much more accurate way than in the previous version so you have to do a lot more adjusting.

Gameplay continues to be fun. You don't have to learn how to bat or pitch differently although you definitely do need to pay attention to the throwing as I mention above to ensure your accuracy. A good game that moves along fairly quickly and that you can easily play for hours and hours with your friends or by yourself.
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on March 7, 2012
It's an upgrade for 2k11. That much is certain. One complaint is that the graphics aren't up to par with the games rival MLB The show. I did enjoy the new menus in comparison to 2k11's, which I thought were a tad bit confusing to navigate at first. The new batting style is favorable.

Perhaps my biggest peeve about this game is the face that My Player mode wasn't modified enough. It feels the exact same as last year, with a few graphical changes. Sure you can now define your player to fit your favorite role (Strikeout pitcher, ground ball pitcher, etc...), but it just isn't enough. Realistically created players would be submitted minor league offers from random teams and be able to choose the highest paying contract. I haven't gotten much past the first game in my player mode, so I will update when I have finished a season.

Dynasty mode is an exact replica as last season, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I like that you get to start out in Spring Training, so you can get practice and a feel for the new controls before the games start counting.

All in all, so far, this game isn't anything that stand above the rest. It is exactly what you would expect from a 2k Baseball game. Needless to say, I am definitely hoping for an EA Sports title next year.

Edit 3/9/2012

Just a small update. I am thoroughly enjoying franchise mode, just pitched a shut out with Josh Beckett in fact. My game has frozen twice when loading the last 2 games I've played, so that is a bit of a downfall. I've also noticed that at times the commentary is wrong. For example, one of the commentators said the Red Sox one the World series in 2008 when in fact they won in 2007.

Edit 4/3/2012

I am digging through My Player Mode now as a pitcher. I enjoy the fact that it is a bit more difficult to get to the Major's than in last years edition. I'm currently dueling it out in Triple A with Pawtucket. My Player Mode is really where 2K shines (well sort of). There were features that definitely, no questions asked, should have been added. For example, NBA 2k12 boasts an interested player draft before delving into its My Player Mode. To me this seems like a feature that could have seamlessly been added to MLB 2k12 that would have made My Player Mode much more realistic. Also I would have liked to have seen the computer to be able to potentially trade your newly created player to other teams.
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on March 8, 2012
First off, I LOVED 2K11 and was really excited to get 2K12 for the updated rosters and because Justin Verlander is my favorite pitcher and the cover athlete. I cannot say I am disappointed in 2K12, but really, it's pretty much the same as 2K11 just with updated rosters and a few minor changes here and there. This is not a bad thing, I just wish a few more changes would have been made such as more minor league stadiums or classic ball parks would have been nice. My Player mode seems really no different from last year AT ALL, neither does Franchies Mode. MLB Living Season mode is cool but not really for me since you csn only play one game at a time (on the current day of the year).
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on June 20, 2012
Overall I really like the game, I updated from MLB 2k9 so I can't compare this two the previous years game, but so far enjoyable. My Player Mode is frustrating, coming from the minors and then into the bigs, I can't seem to get my swing down, this game is definitely challenging. Sure I could use CLASSIC controls, but then what fun is that? Started a franchise as well. I find though that the hitting in this game is a lot harder then in 2k7 and 2k9 which I previously have owned, going to take some getting used to. The reworked pitching is definitely a big positive. For the hardcore MLB fan and casual gamer, this is a decent buy. Though maybe wait a bit more for when the price will go down.
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on June 28, 2013
It's basically an updated roster from 2010, and 2011, but is still VERY fun to play. The controls are logical, intuative, and easy to learn. The gameplay itself is not too hard, but not easy. Just the right amount of challenge, which I like, even over The Show.

Best career mode in baseball!!

Two nice improvements are the camera movements, and pitching. If you keep throwing the same pitches, and become predictable, your opponent will kick your butt, so it keeps you on your toes! The announcers do an excellent job, and the controlling the players is tight, and predictable.

The only real cons are to me minor.
There are a couple graphical glitches. For instance, after your player has scored a run, he will plant on one foot, do a 360, like a ballerina in a music box, and head for the dugout. Lazy programming? Ya, maybe, but I'm 53, so I don't give a crap.
Sometimes a player will run through a wall after making a catch, defying all laws of physics, to which, again, I say, I don't care, as long as the gameplay is solid, which it is.
Lastly on the graphics front, the players are kind of colorless zombies, more than really human looking. The stadiums look nice, but players are too cartoonish, when compared to other games. Again, coming from the, "Pong generation," I don't care.

I stayed away from 2K13, As it was Exactly the same game, and I'm tire of spending 60bucks on roster updates, so screw
'em, I'll play this one!

Fun game, hours of enjoyment, and you get to watch your favorite player, do 360's at the plate, thrown in for free. I do hope they put some effort into 2K14! This company has great basketball games, and NFL 2K was amazing. Please put the same effort into this game as well, or give up the license.
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on October 19, 2012
I had bought 2k11 last year and although it had glitches as well, especially the injury recovery one which was annoying, it was a good game as far a graphics and mechanics go. So I went ahead and purchased this years edition and was impressed with the visuals and mechanics. The ballpark details are almost perfect, gives one a real good atmosphere. Of course there were the occasional glitches both on the player and AI's part, yet the issue I have with it is the fact that 2k Sports has completely abandoned the game since they haven't renewed a contract to create an MLB game next year for the XBOX 360. During the All-Star break the game freezes because of MLB Today. Since there were no scheduled games, it had no idea what to do and freezes after loading the sliders. After the break everything returned to normal but it didn't last long for when the Postseason came the issue occurred and remains unsolved to date. There are two fixes for this issue. First, you will have to continually change the date on your console in order to play (i.e. September 25th instead of October 10th). The second solution is to create a non-XBL account and load the game up, once loaded sign in with your XBL account and TA-DA! I hope this review helps.

Edit: There is now a new fix in which you must delete your settings, that way when the game starts up it will ask you if you want to turn on or off the living rosters and the auto-save. Once there you select to turn off auto save and keep on living rosters. It will load living rosters every time you start up the game but a much better solution than the ones previously mentioned.
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on June 18, 2014
They sent this game in what appeared to be unopened packaging. Gave this to my two sons as a gift for getting good report cards at the end of the year. Game does NOT work. Locks up after the image of Justin Verlander finishes loading. Does not get to a menu at all. Contacted the seller who told me to return it to Amazon because they have Run Out of this product. Yeah. Unfortunately, according to Amazon's return policy, only Unopened games can be returned! I have never had problems with Anything that I purchased through Amazon. This was a first! It appears that this seller does Not stand by their products! It would Never buy anything from them again!
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on November 3, 2015
This is the penultimate baseball game for Xbox! The price has skyrocketed since apparently the franchise has lost the license to produce new versions. disk has failed (scratches) and I'm looking for a replacement. If you have this game, treat it like gold!!
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on August 23, 2012
Hi, I don't review many products however as an avid baseball fan and Xbox gamer, I feel compelled to review MLB 2K 12. First you should know, I am a Mets fan. So please know that my expectations are NEVER too high. The best aspect, and also the most frustrating of this game is the MY PLAYER mode. You create your own player, give him whatever name you desire and assign him a position for both the field and batting order, as well as the franchise he will play for. I selected Shortstop and Leadoff hitter, and I obviously assigned him to the Mets. Your newly created player starts in the minor leagues, A - ball, and hones his skills (You earn SKILL POINTS to assign to your player's fielding, batting and base running abilities.) until he gets called to the majors. I'm not sure what happened to Double and Triple - A ball, it would add to the game if you could develop your player against more difficult competition, but as you read this review you'll understand why that's not really important. Also, you continue earning skill points and developing your player even after you reach the majors. My player was called up to the majors the 2nd week of July during his 1st season. The games move quickly, because they have what's called a SUPER SIM and you only actually PLAY during your at bats, or if you have a potential play in the field at your position. Okay, the frustration begins. The N.P.C.s (i.e. your teammates) have the baseball acumen of road kill that's been baking in the hot August sun for 3 days on the side of I-95. An example: Slow runner on 2nd base, (My speed has advanced to 81 out of a possible 99 at this point) and my player is batting. I hit a ball that reaches the fence in Right-Center field (Ya know, the GAP) and I'm thinking triple all the way. As I'm rounding 2nd base, the center fielder has just gotten to the ball. My team mate (remember, road kill) is standing on 3rd base and not moving. He should have scored. For reference, his speed was 62 out of 99. This type of issue is not a onetime thing. Also, in MY PLAYER mode you have absolutely no control of your team mates. During each of your at bats, you are given a GOAL to achieve for additional skill points. A common goal is to DRIVE IN THE RUN(s) if there's a runner on 2nd, or 2nd and 3rd bases. Frequently the runner on 2nd base simply won't progress beyond 3rd. It doesn't matter where, or how hard the ball is hit. Road kill. Another very frustrating part is the N.P.C.s inability to understand the in-game situation. Every little league boy or girl learns early on, if there are 2 outs and there's a runner behind you, you run on anything. The road kill simply stand there and wait to see if the ball will be caught. If it's not, they are much less farther along than they should have been. Finally, I mentioned the GOALS that are assigned during each at bat. These are apparently random and also don't take into account the in-game situation. Losing by one run, top of the 9th inning with runners on 1st and 2nd. The goal, GET AHEAD IN THE COUNT. That doesn't sound so bad until you realize in order to get ahead in the count, you must take at least 1 pitch. If it's a strike, you're automatically in the hole (behind in the count) and having to take at least 2 more pitches to get ahead in the count. If either of those pitches is also a strike... well, you get the idea. A nice thing about this game is that you play with and against actual Major League players. Stepen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals is a phenomenal pitcher. During my 1st at bat, the goal again was to get ahead in the count. I fouled off 15 pitches, had a count of 1 ball 2 strikes before I finally struck out. He doesn't throw balls early in the game. When I came up again in the 3rd inning, h3 had thrown a total of 49 pitches, only 4 of them were balls. I'm now in my 3rd season, and the problems have only gotten worse. The reason is as I mentioned, MY PLAYER continues to develop while the N.P.C.s are stagnant. This game has so much potential, but the level of frustration far outweighs the fun that's provided while playing it. The best baseball franchise for the Xbox was MVP Baseball by EA Sports. Unfortunately, they lost the contract to 2K. I hope that when the contracts are up for bid again, EA wins it back.
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on March 13, 2014
The game froze at the start, I thought the game was defective and started a return request. However, I researched the problem and found others experienced the same issue as well and learned there is a workaround and a permanent fix. I am a new xbox360 owner and have not had much experience with configuring the xbox settings and did not realize I was required to join xbox-live and set-up an account in order to apply the game fix. After joining xbox-live, the game update was applied automatically which corrected the game freeze problem. If not for the freeze problem and the amount of time I spent to correct it , along with the aggravation as well, I would give this game 4 stars instead of 3 stars. The game is actually fun to play and I really like the look of the graphics, players and stadiums, etc.
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