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on February 29, 2000
Upon hearing "Pardon Me," one would be quick to dismiss Incubus as nothing more than another rap-metal ensemble. Nothing could be further form the truth. The only thing close to rap on Make Yourself is in the verses of "Pardon Me." Most of the album's other songs surpass "Pardon Me." Also unlike today's crop of metal-rockers, Incubus don't rant and rave about how everything sucks. Some of it, such as "Drive" and "The Warmth," are even (gasp!) positive! The driving guitars keep Incubus from sounding like wussies. Brandon Boyd has a unique voice that works with harder stuff and slower, more heartfelt material, like "I Miss You." Incubus are also quite adept at crafting compulsively singable hooks, especially on "Nowhere Fast" and "Consequence." Throughout Make Yourself, Incubus really shines when they experiment more with electronic sounds. "When It Comes" bristles with a quiet intensity that bursts occasionally. What sets Make Yourself apart from their debut LP S.C.I.E.N.C.E. is the fact that they blend their influences together more fluidly. Their songs have roots in alt-rock, electronica, and funk, and most of the time, you can spot all three. This is a definite improvement over the uneveness of S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
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on April 6, 2000
Once upon a time there was a great band that blended a plethora of influences and great lyrics into a new and interesting genre. That band was Faith No More. They kept changing and eventually lost their edge until they disbanded. Now, we have Incubus, which sounds as if they took everything they know from FNM. "Pardon Me", is nothing like the rest of the album, but it's still a great song, and a fine album. If you liked the first two FNM (w/ Patton) records, get this.. if you hated FNM, just get the "Pardon Me" single so you don't waste your money.
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on January 12, 2000
Normally, when a band submits to the public their second album it turns out to be a rather large flop. This is not the case with Incubus. Their newly released effort, entitled "Make Yourself" holds true to the sound that is Incubus and also illustrates fully their intelligence with both instruments and lyrics. Those familiar with the Los Angels four that make the members of the band realize that their sound is quite difficult to classify. Incubus is a great mix of hard rock, a bit of hip-pop, a pinch of jazz and maybe bits of reggae just for spice. Their first release from "Make Yourself" is 'Pardon Me', a song that is rapidly moving to heavy rotation in radio stations that play bands like Korn, Lip Bizkit and 311. However, other songs on the album such as 'Drive' (track 8) and 'I Miss You' (track 11) are more acoustic and mellow. This album is definitely a must-have for anyone that is looking for something a bit new, a bit different, but a bit familiar.
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on December 15, 2013
This is a great Incubus album. It has merited numerous listens from me. Present on this album is a sonic cohesiveness and musical delivery that works quite well. This album is emotional in its content, and compassionate in its presentation.
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on February 7, 2004
When I first heard this CD i was like 11 and didnt like any type of rock, so Incubus i apologize for not listening to this CD until two years after i got it. But when i gave it another listen i was surprised. This is very diverse, third to System of a Down and Metallica. With hit songs such as Pardon Me, Drive, and Stellar on the radio, Incubus became even more well known. Here are my ratings for their songs.
1 Privilege (B+) A good song with a nice guitar riff and a strong chorus, talking about taking advantage of life.
2 Nowhere Fast (B-) Okay, but not as good as Privilege. Not one of my favorite songs.
3 Consequence (B-) Kind of catchy lyrics. Not very long song.
4 The Warmth (A+)I'm surprised that this song was not on the radio. It has a cool guitar solo in the middle and a nice chorus.
5 When It Comes (B) Once again, kind of a mediocre song, but better than Nowhere Fast.
6 Stellar (B-) A radio hit, but not one of my personal favorites.
7 Make Yourself (B+) Starts out acousticly but develops into a heavy song with a great chorus. Very profane, though, in the verse and bridge.
8 Drive (A) An acoustic song with a classic chorus and a great bridge.
9 Clean (A) I love the electric guitar that slowly gets heavier and heavier with a great chorus and a soft verse.
10 Battlestar Scralatchtica (B) Thats a mouthful to say right there and an okay instrumental with those guys showing their DJing skills.
11 I Miss You (B-)Kind of a soft song and a little boring.
12 Pardon Me (A) I love this song with its hardhitting chorus.
13 Out From Under (A+) I have no idea why i like this song so much but i do. It talks about escaping from control of your life by others.
I would definitely recommend this CD to fans of hard rock who are looking for creativity.
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on October 29, 2000
when i first heard pardon me it was one of the best rock songs i'd heard in years. most of the rock out there today is recycled crap that has been heard on trl for too long. so i had to get the album.
when i first popped the album in my player, privelege blew me away.The thrash metal toned down by brandon boyd and then power cords coming back at full speed was amazing. i knew the cd was going to tear it up, and it did. There's alot of mellow stuff that the band messed with that sounds a little cheesy at times but as you listen it starts to grow on you. As other people have commented you've gotta listen to this cd with an open mind because incubus are always changing their style with every new cd they bust out.
overall i gave this cd 4 stars but it should get a 4.5, because it's a really unique and creative cd that will bring you closer to the band.
p.s. pick up s.c.i.e.n.c.e. it's their best album yet. you'll love it.
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on November 6, 1999
I had only listened to the first song-and-a-half on this album when I decided that it was definitely worth buying. Granted, its mellowed out in comparison to their last 2 releases, and that disappointed me at first. After a listen or two to the entire album I changed my mind and decided I had purchased a real gem. This CD probably isn't going to make you wanna bang your head and mosh very much, so if thats what you want, you better look elsewhere. If you like good music, excellent melodies, a singer who can actually SING (not growl and grumble like so many an alterno-band vocalist does these days) if you like a smooth sound and you don't mind a little bit of grind on the guitar, I bet you'll like this CD. If you're hoping to get something kinda heavy like Incubus' S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album or something that you can slam dance and mosh to, then this CD probably isn't for you. Either way, I think this a great album.
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on November 22, 2001
These days it seems like every rock band sounds exactly the same. These guys are different though. They experiment with many different kinds of music. There's something for everyone on this album. My favorite song is the smash hit "Drive". You would think that since it was on MTV and VH1 so much that I would have gotten sick of it, but I haven't. If you listen to the lyrics on that song, it's really insightful. The rest of the songs on the album are just cool. I don't really like them like I do "Drive", but there is just so much diversity in their songs that everything is worth listening to. I've heard their new single "Wish You Were Here" off of the new release Morning View. I don't really like that song that much so I would buy Make Yourself before I bought that.
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on July 18, 2000
First thing's first. Incubus did not sell out. Incubus did become softer and more melodic. That's not a bad thing. This CD does have some excellent tracks such as Drive and The Warmth. It's also got harder songs reminiscent (sp?) of older Incubus- see Make Youself and Out from Under. This IS a great CD, I just enjoyed the more agressive funk metal stylings of SCIENCE a little more. You can't expect a band to stay exactly the same with each new release. Incubus is an incredibly talented and original group of musicians, and Make Yourself is just the next step in their musical evolution. "Evolving" is not just a musical buzzword for "selling out." Harder does not always mean better, and Make Yourself is an example of that.
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on November 2, 1999
Okay, I wrote an *ahem* lengthy review of Make Yourself the day it came out but for some reason it was *cough,cough* excerpted. It basically stated the same disappointment expressed by many of the previous writers. But I'm kinda glad that I listened to it more since then because,to be honest folks, Make Yourself ain't all that bad. Not as good as S.C.I.E.N.C.E. yes, but pretty good in it's own right. I'm person who feels that rock is held hostage these days by MTV trendiness and whiny bands that range from mediocre to homogenized to excrement. Faith No More is my favorite band so when I first listened to these guys I thought of them as something of Faith No More's second coming(On second thought, that wouldn't be very fair to them). Anyway, I knew that Incubus were special and far beyond most of the members of the post-RATM, Limp DefKorn crowd. I loved their sense of playful, Mr. Bungle-style funky beats in Enjoy Incubus and I was very impressive with how well they were able to do Limp Bizkit-like rap metal correctly in S.C.I.E.N.C.E., among other things. I had established myself as a fan so I was eager to get Make Yourself. At first I was slightly devastated. I thought that, though they hadn't sold out, Incubus had done the next worse thing by doing unoriginal, watered down alternative. Then I listened to it more when I was doing things like driving, working and typing things on the computer, and it grew on me. Now, you don't listen to Make Yourself quite the same way you listen to S.C.I.E.N.C.E. or Enjoy Incubus. Everyday I got home from school or work I would toss on my headphones, play "Redefine" and bang my head and make goofy turntable-scratching motions with my hand.Make Yourself doesn't do that and it isn't meant to. It's a very intelligent, poignant album. The positively messaged lyrics aren't nearly as cheesey as those of, say, 311, and Brandon's vocals are strong and passionate. Still, the album is something of a little kid trying to blow a balloon. There are some reall good songs but then the album deflates for a while. The Radiohead-esque space noises don't always work and their new DJ, DJ Kilborn, has skills that equal or may even be better than DJ Lyfe's, but he hardly gets to use them(Though, Battlestar Scralatchtica is pretty phat, if a little Beastie Boys derived). Overall, I hope Incubus release more albums because they are a rare gem who are constantly experimenting and utilizing various styles. Peace
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