Customer Reviews: Making Money (Discworld)
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on November 18, 2007
A friend of mine recently suggested to me that maybe Terry Pratchett managed to write so many Discworld books by employing a ghost-writer. As an ardent Pratchett-fan I rejected this idea immediately. Now I'm not so sure. This book reads like a bad imitation of the Pratchett style. All the surface elements are there, but it just doesn't work.

The previous Moist von Lipwig book, Going Postal, is one of my favourite Discworld books. It is tightly plotted and has strong original characters. Making Money, in comparison, is a mess. The plot never really manages to sort itself out. There are too many unrelated things going on - Cosmo, Cribbens, the Glooper, Bent, the cook, the golems - none of which even really presents us with any sense of drama. Moist just meanders from one thing to the next without ever really facing any urgent trouble.

The new characters are disappointing. Cosmo is no Reacher Gilt - his contribution to the story is just gruesome. Bent could have been interesting, but he got lost in the fray. A number of others - Heretofore, the cook, the forger - have an impact which is disproportionately small for the amount of attention they receive.

The ending is the biggest let down - a complete deus ex machina. I was expecting a big "Moist's clever plan" scene, a la Going Postal, but it's just "oh, here's something we didn't tell you before" (Ocean's Twelve, anyone?).

Of course, there's lots of lovely TP wit and cleverness along the way, but it just doesn't make up for a real lack of plot or decent characterisation. If you liked Going Postal, my advice is to leave this one alone.
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on October 27, 2007
Where is the spark? Where is the sense of humor and irreverence? Where is the writer I've known and loved for so long?

I've been a huge Discworld fan for years. I've read all of his books many, many times.

This book was very disappointing. The characters were lifeless and the story was disjointed. The exciting and entertaining Moist from "Going Postal" is completely missing from this book. In his place was a doppleganger that tried to fill his shoes but failed miserably.

The storyline seemed to be cobbled together and the supporting characters simply did not come alive.

Did someone else write this as some other posters have suggested? Probably not, but I sure do understand why someone would think that. At the very least Terry phoned this one in.

Very disappointed,
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on July 23, 2010
I own all of the Discworld series novels, both the young adult books and the adult ones.
I guess you could say that this is my favorite book series.
There are so many memorable characters, so many twists and turns to the plots, and everything always works in the end.
Besides a few initial novels, the books are very well written, extremely witty, and worth rereading especially during a finals week when your brain needs some relaxation time.
HOWEVER, throughout this series there have been two books that I have NOT enjoyed, one was "Eric" (in which I never laughed once) and the other was "Making Money."

As I read "Making Money," the book felt like a rough draft not a completed work.
Story tellers have to capture their audience's attention and weave a tale that keeps them spellbound and wanting more.
The flow of the story, the drive to the end that keeps you unable to set a book down, and (when you did put the book down) the excitement of hardly being able to wait for the ending - all that was missing from "Making Money."
All the pieces for a great plot were there, and there were glimpses of greatness in it (like Cosmo's ending), but somehow it all fell flat.

Many of the jokes, gags, and supposed silliness in Making Money, were just not that funny.
It felt like the author was looking for cheap laughs or his humor just failed to be well humerus (which is not something I usually associate with this author)
Old men having as much sex as possible before they died leaving behind closets full of sex toys, or old men without teeth goggling at scantily clad women - that is not funny; its disgusting and sad.
A chain smoking women who puts high heels through peoples feet - not funny.
A wealthy family out to kill each other and sue each other at the drop of a hat - how is that funny?
The man slowly dying from an infection in his finger spreading all over his body, was frankly gross.
Eating sheep a sheep's head - yuck.
A man who was frequently attacked by his dentures and killed by them - was gross.
In fact, the number of times I thought "gross" or "sad" in this book was pretty high.
Not at all what I was hoping to read when i picked up this book.
A clown does show up and throw pies in people's faces - but so what? It was not enough to save the book.

I know this review seems pretty harsh, but come on, this author can write so much better than this and this book was not worth my time or my money.
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on October 10, 2007
If you are a fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld and love the style they are written in, this book is not for you.

This was the most disappointing book I have ever purchased, mainly because my expectations were that it would be in similar style & tone as all of his other books. I have been a Terry Pratchett fans for many years, eagerly awaiting the next book. I am so sorry that those days appear to be over.

This book - along with Wintersmith - were major let-downs for me. I suspect that someone else has stared writing under Terry Pratchett's name. My sister, also a big fan, has the same suspicions. The humor is flat, the clever, humorous remarks are lacking, and - worst of all - it is as if all new characters have been created & given the same names as those I had come to love!

I forced myself to keep reading, just in case Terry P decided to through in some of the good stuff. Last night, after the hideously long & boring conversation between Moist & Cosmo, I actually had to put the book down.

2 books in a row produced with the same discrepancies - I will not be rushing to Amazon or the book store to buy the next book. I'll probably go to a bookstore & read a chapter of 2 before I consider another purchase.

I want the best of Pratchett back! I want the Granny Weatherwax & the Vetinari & all the others old & new back the way they were!
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