Help! Making black and colorful streaks across my scans now! It was working just fine, then I uploaded my recent scans and all of them had black and some color lines streaked across them. Does anyone know how to fix this?
asked by Crissy1382 on August 3, 2011
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You will need to clean (wipe with soft, micro dry cloth) the glass on bottom of unit where scanning bulb is located. Do this frequently because a few small dust particles are on the glass. When the scanner moves across the image/page you are scanning this reads on your scan as a streak. Very simple to resolve, but it has to be checked on your PC to actually see if you are having problems. Sometimes the speck of dust cannot readily be seen. Just be diligent about cleaning the glass. T. Eason
Terry L. Eason answered on December 7, 2012
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I get 2 white streaks running across the scans (photos), each about 1/3 of the way in from the margin. I haven't contacted VuPoint or Amazon yet.
F. Asper answered on July 26, 2012
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