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on January 29, 2014
If you're looking for the best portable table saw, here it is. I've used my boss' Bosch portable saw for seven years or so, and I love it, but this one is even better. This saw is very similar to the Bosch portable as far as quality, engineering, and features. The Makita is just bigger and badder! It's heavier too, but you'll have to deal with it, because if you want precision, longevity, and efficiency, you're going to want this saw. I just looked at the DeWalt portable at the store too, and I can tell you that it has some nice features, but if you want something you'll have forever, the Makita 2705 is your saw (and you do want your saw forever!) I bought the Makita 2705 never having seen it before, because I can't find one locally. I trust Makita wholeheartedly, and I'm glad I did. Most of my stuff is Makita because they not only have a reputation for quality, but their tools are just damn fun to use, comfortable, and user friendly. My local tool shop owner stands by their stuff too, and he urged me to check it out. You can forget about the negative reviews on this saw, because Makita must have fixed the fence problem since then. I don't know what the old one was like, but this saw comes with the best rip fence I've seen in a tie with Bosch's. If you don't know already, the rip fence is an ESSENTIAL part of the saw. It's what makes the saw accurate. It's one major reason you need a table saw in the first place. The Makita fence (like Bosch's) is a strong, sturdy, single piece of aluminum tubing basically, which means it's stronger than most other fences like DeWalts', which is a flimsy "L" shaped aluminum piece with only two sides to get strength from. Makita's rip fence slides smoothly across the nice, flat table. The Makita has a great, precise magnifying lens to view your ripping measurements (like Bosch's.) This saw is a little larger and certainly more powerful than Bosch's, with a higher RPM. The Makita is the only 10 inch table saw I know that can rip all the way through 4x material in one pass. That is a huge feature in itself. The table extension extends very smoothly and squarely, just like you want it to. It has two locking levers that function solidly. The rip measurements are easy to read; made on nice metal plates, recessed in the metal slide so they won't wear off. The blade height adjustment wheel has a nice feel and sturdy sound to it when you raise and lower the blade. Nice feel and sound to the on/off switch as well; easy to use even with gloves on. The bevel adjustment lock is basically the same as Bosch's too, which is the best on the market. Although the Makita requires you to turn the bevel adjustment wheel to adjust bevel angle, instead of just pushing the bevel mechanism like Bosch's. Both brands features have their pros and cons in the bevel department.

To use this saw on the job, I bought the Bosch gravity rise stand, because it's the best, fastest, strongest, and easiest to use of the ones I've seen. I tried the DeWalt one (which is light and portable, but flimsy), and I can tell you the Bosch is better hands down in quality, strength, and ergonomics.
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on May 14, 2013
There are a lot of portable table saws out there to buy. Dewalt makes a good one, Bosch has an excellent saw with a great rip fence that is well built which was my second choice, but none of them can rip a 4x4 in one pass. This Makita makes short work of modifying 4x4's and that kind of power also translates itself into ripping other pieces of material quicker and easier. As for the fence, Bosch is the best, but most previous table saw fences that I have used have required double checking with a tape. I find that most of the time the Makita fence is square with the material and right where it should be.
Other than that the saw is well made, I find the blade guard works well, but seems a little over complex. There is storage for blades and wrenches on the side. The weight of the saw is not bad, and fits through doorways as easily as any portable saw with a sliding extension side piece.
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on October 31, 2013
I bought this saw as a used saw from a vendor of Amazon. It was about 10% less than the new price. The product arrived in a beat-up original box that had been opened before and inadequately repackaged in a flimsy box with card boards and paper stuffing. The saw arrived with a few dents and several scratches on the table -- I can't say whether these cosmetic damages were due to poor packaging and shipping or as an used tool's wear-and-tear condition. In operation the saw is powerful but with moderate sound level , has a larger table than similar Bosch, DeWalt, or Rigid. If you like a large table to support your lumber, this saw will serve you better than any other in its class. While the fence is inaccurate when arrived, with some adjustment and compensation it works fine. It appears that Bosch's fence system is of better design and function. The anti-kick back and safety blade covers are easily removal without tools. Raising the blade up and down requires more muscle than I had expected -- perhaps my saw suffered too much concussion during shipment or a manufacturing defect. As this saw is slightly heavier than the other comparable table saws, this saw should come with its won dolly for easier transportation, but it does not. You must purchase the dolly separately for about $200.

If you need a quality table saw, this saw is it. Don't buy the cheap Ryobi table saw; mines lasted only one year under moderate use and wasted my money. And you don't need to waste money on gimmicky, over-hyped, name-brand table saws.
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on September 24, 2009
Makita did it again. They built a great table saw with a great motor equipped with a blade brake and plenty of power. The table extension is great for ripping large sheets. The major downside again is in the rip fence. I don't understand why Makita engineers can't figure out how to build a rip fence that locks tight and is easy to adjust tracking parallel with the blade. Makita's older more portable model 2703 has the same problem - a poor rip fence. I love Makita motors and overall build, but the rip fences are a huge drawback. The other negative is the weight, but this could be necessary to get the power of this saw. The cast frame that holds the motor is quite beefy as is the table - providing a great sturdy saw but not so portable. Maybe Makita should take a look at the Dewalt DW745 table saw. We have 3 of these and we all love them as the best portable table saw. The rip fence locks well and has a knob on the front that moves the rail that the fence clamps to. Check it out Makita!
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on August 12, 2014
Bought this one last weekend. its about 15-20% bigger than Bosch ones.
first i was worried about rip 8quart walnut, thats about 2in thick. spent 2hours ish fine-tune the saw. then powered it up, rip the walnut no problem! then i flipped that walnut 90 degree ripped it again now we are talking about a almost 3in walnut! no problem. no burning, no bogging it went thru smoothly. i was worried about the fence as well depends on the reviews. but i found it very square and stay down very solid. the ruler was off about just a shy of 1/16 with right side extension table all the way out but thats easy to fix. with the table extend out, its solid too. and i measured 4in - 6in - 9in- 12in-16in-14in, the fence all parallel and lock tight!. powerful little guy! blade stops in about 3 seconds. the miter gauge was wobbling abit i just put a piece of tinfoil tape under it its ok now but i will get some incra stuff for it.
overall, impressive. bigger and heavier and more power than the other portable saws. i was about to get a general 300-400 pounds best to make sure i get it "right" the first time but this one will do the job and easy to move around. what else, oh, the dust port shoots about 80-90% of the dust out. i hooked it up with my makita vc4710 it works pretty good.
again, its a good saw.

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on October 8, 2015
The first saw I receive arrived in a damaged box, with a 6" hole that reached deep into the box and whatever caused it, hit the fence, which resulted in the fence being knocked off its shipping position and being banged around against the plastic frame of the saw. The fence, anti kickback legs and saw body were damaged. . Fortunately, Amazon shipped out another saw within hours of my return request through Fed-Ex. The second saw arrived 36 hours later without further cost. The shippers (UPS) bears most of the responsibility for the damage to the first saw but so does Makita, as Makita's packaging design for this tool is archaic and basically sucks. As for the saw, here are some of the Pros: It has has a very strong, quiet motor, large flat table, incredible blade brake, arrived well tuned with accurate blade stops and fence to blade alignment. The Cons: The operation of the fence, albeit accurate, is not as smooth as one would expect from a tool in this price range. The fence has a nice storage location, but unfortunately the fence wobbles in its cradle and it is not possible to secure tightly. The storage of the blade guard is also poor as is the placement of the wrenches, the dust collection is terrible. If Makita could improve these flaws, this saw would be the best on the market by a long shot.

Follow up review 10/30/15: I've added the Makita rear out-feed table extension, Part No. MAK-194087-3, ($42), which is poorly advertised as an accessory by Makita, and it greatly improved the usability factor of this saw. Too bad Makita does not include this part or the left side extension, MAK-194086-5 as standard parts for this saw. These two extensions also fit the older 2704 model.
review image review image review image
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on March 26, 2015
Great saw with excellent power. Level table and sturdy construction. Only 3 complaints. The hand wheel should be re engineered to include a sleeve bearing just behind the wheel to eliminate the slop and play you feel when raising or lowering the blade. Miter gauge has an excessive amount of slop. Change instructions on page 7 to include "how" to remove the table insert (It reads "Remove the table insert."). The insert has 5 screws in it ... you only have to remove 1 phillips head screw to remove the insert. Messing with any of the other screws messes up the level on the plate. It will take you a while to get it level again if you mess with any of them.
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on July 1, 2014
Cuts no better than other saws. Will not adjust to 45 deg cuts because something holds it back. Rip guide doesn't stay parallel to blade when ripping, even after tightening Allen bolts. 90lbs and the lighter saws cut and rip just as well. Tool compartments don't have strap spots so all your safety items fly out during movement. I typically have 3-4 jobs going at once and the table saw moves from job to job I have had to adjust it every time I move it. View guides can bump out of alignment to easily.
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on February 15, 2015
Only used this saw a couple times but so far very pleased put a 50 tooth diablo combo blade on cuts likes butter also hook it up with a Dewalt rolling stand had to build it up a few inches to get it at a desired height but worked out nicely plenty of power would have like to see it come with a extended out feed bracket instead of making an extra purchase on a pricey table saw but I get by with my extended roller stand over all very pleased
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on November 13, 2015
This thing is too big and heavy. It runs and cuts great, but lifting it in and out of my truck 1-3 times a day is unbearable!!
I would recommend it to anyone who is going to be on a job sight for a week or more at a time.
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