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324 of 332 people found the following review helpful
on September 16, 2005
I do not want to repeat what all the other reviews have said. This is a quality compressor. In this day and age of plastic junk, I am surprised some of the reviews complained about wieght. The weight comes from steel, not plastic parts. The tanks are heavy steel as is the roll cage around the entire mechanism. The handle is in the center, so carrying it is well balanced.

The compressor is just as quiet as others report. I have it in the corner of my workshop about 10 from me. The start up instructions are easy and you are up and running in 20 minutes.

Why did I get this compressor? In sum, (1) I wanted a GOOD quality tool that was not Chineese junk, (2) I wanted at least 4 cfm for tools and (2) I did not want to spend a fortune. There seems to be several classes or levels of compressor in the lower price range. Unless you are getting a specialized mini-compressor just for a small brad gun, the $125-175 compressors are mostly junk: loud and rough. This Makita is in the next step up, with compressors in the $225 to 325 range. There are some Dewalt Emglo and others I looked at in this range. Most of this second tier are either made for just for job sites or are just bigger cheaply made compressors.

I chose the Makita over the Dewalt for one reason: quiet. The Dewalt is an excellent compressor, but you cannot use it next to you in an exclosed shop -- its too loud.

So, I wanted a quality tool and one that could live in the shop next to me. The Makita does both in spades. It is a very well made little compressor. The fit and finish is great. It has a dual personality: it works and looks great in the corner of the shop AND is perfect for taking to a job site or the back yard. Best of both worlds.

The compressor seems to live up to its specs. I have easily run 3/8 and 1/2 inch impact wrenches, a brad gun and a finish nail gun, along with blow guns, etc. When I went to use a Snap-On 7200 3/8" air ratchet, the performance was just adequate. Then I read the spec for the ratchet and it calls for 4.5 cfm. The Makita is rated at 4.2. SO, you do have to watch the cfm ratings on tools: I am sure a 8 cfm jitterbug sander will not work. But then again, that is not the type of tool I wanted this for.

I have not owned a compressor is many years. I looked long and hard for the best of all worlds: quality, size, price, and cfm. As an advanced and serious home workshop dude, this review is not written for the pros. But for a serious homeowner that appreciates quality tools and needs a general purpose compressor, I believe I found the perfect compressor.

Lastly, no shop came close to Amazon on total price, in large part due to the free shipping.
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235 of 241 people found the following review helpful
on October 4, 2005
I think it's the best for the following:

A) This compressor just purrs. People are amazed when it's running. Big rubber feet also help prevent transmitting vibration to whatever it's sitting on, so no more vibrating boards.

B) Over-built compressor compared to tank size - so cycle times are very short - if using light-duty tools, it doesn't run much anyway. Also runs way more cool than others - I'll save those sear lines for my steak on the grill - not my forearm.

C) No leaks - holds its air pressure seemingly forever when turned off (not that you shouldn't release pressure when done using it).

D) The air filter is a miniature version of an old-time car air filter. For a unit that's going to be sitting on the ground amidst swirling construction dust, this is a big plus.

E) It does indeed weigh in, but at least the design is very compact. The frame wraps around and protects most of the important stuff, so there are no lines, wires, etc. waiting to be snagged. The glaring exception is the air filter hanging off the side - I can see this part's going to be replaced at some point when I throw it in a truck bed. No problem for shop use though.

Be forwarned - Makita's packaging designers always seem to get it 90% right. In this case, the air filter is just thrown in loose inside the box - mine broke one of the gauge glasses. If pressed, their warrantee dept. will send out small parts, but it's a PITA to get a product this good only to have to fix it right out of the box. Also - pay attention to the "break-in" procedure - run it for @30 minutes with no load, open petcock, to seat the rings.
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79 of 82 people found the following review helpful
on September 19, 2005
I needed a compressor to put up a fence, install mouldings and refinish my basement. After a TON of research, I settled on this Makita. I am very pleased. It's quiet, very well built and easy to use. So far I've run a framing nailer and brad nailer with no problems.

I've read other reviews that speak to the weight of this unit. Well, it's a compressor and they ARE heavy. That's just how it is. Especially a high-quality compressor like this one. It's not a tinny piece of junk and there's only plastic on it where it makes total sense - no where else. Makita also puts a NICE molded rubber handle on it that doesn't shift or move one bit. The thing's built like a tank and looks great. I have yet to trip a 15-Amp breaker with it.

Additional comments:

The finned discharge tubing on this thing is fantastic - if you've never had your hand seared like a steak after touching discharge tubing on a compressor, you haven't truly felt pain. I've brushed the tubing with the motor running on this one (accidentaly) and where my hand normally would have STUCK, it was only warm. Very nice touch.

The tanks fill quickly enough, and the gauges are really nice quality. The pressure regulator is pretty easy to adjust once you get the hang of it.

Again, the noise level is excellent. I can use the compressor in my basement shop and can barely hear it running on the main level. I can have a pretty much normal conversation with it running 10 feet away in the same room.

If you're looking for a high-quality, oil-lube (don't know why anyone would go for a non-oil unit) compressor that will last for years, look no further.
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101 of 113 people found the following review helpful
on March 13, 2006
I researched portable compressors for months before deciding on the MAC2400. It had all the features I wanted oil lube, low rpm, lower decibel rating(quiet) and decent cfm rating. After receiving and testing I do believe the 4.2 cfm @ 90 rating is stretched a little. I also have to agree with others as this is a heavy unit to be lugging around daily but I knew that before ordering. Even with weight I was quite pleased with the compressor but my buying experience was much less.

My first compressor from Amazon had a broken plastic motor cover which wasn't caused by shipping damage. There seems to be a wide spread problem with some of these and also the mac700's.

I sent it back and Amazon had a replacement back to me in 3-4 days, Quick!, but that compressor also was damaged. The air cleaner housing was thrown on top of the compressor and beat up the control panel and one gauge from bouncing around. My 9 year old son asked me why they didn't tape it down or put between the cardboard packing. Funny how the Makita packaging engineers couldn't figure that one out.

I called Makita and they would not cover damage but could send me the control panel for $45.00. I was told to contact Amazon and after a week of waiting on Amazon, I was told that they could not send part (it would void warranty if replaced) and they were not going to send a replacement compressor. I packaged up the second compressor and sent back. I wasn't going to order another brand compressor from Amazon as I didn't want the hassle if damaged again. I went to H.D. looking at Ridgid as I really didn't want a Dewalt or the Porter Cable pancake compressor which they carried. I bought a Ridgid model with a higher cfm rating, larger air tanks, wheels, handle and it came out of box without a scratch. A very nice quality built unit, a couple decibels louder but less vibration than the Makita MAC2400. The wheels on this unit are great, solid tires-no flats. After moving it around the house and up the stairs, I don't know how long I would have enjoyed carrying the MAC2400 or any other brand compressor that weighs 70-80lbs.

Overall the MAC2400 looked and sounded like a good compressor for the short time I had it but makes me wonder how well they are built, with so many problems between packaging and broken parts inside cartons not caused by shipping damage on the Mac700's and a few of these. If you are not in a hurry for a compressor and/or don't care about cosmetic condtion out of the box (if damaged) then Amazon is the place to buy with their best price. I you need one right away and are particular about quality, I would seriously look elsewhere to purchase. I have a feeling I wouldn't have had these problems if ordered elsewhere and paid a little more.

Saving money is great, but in my case the savings were not worth the time wasted and the hassles, now that I look back.
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28 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on March 14, 2006
I am a general contractor and framer. This compressor is amazing!! I've opperated many compressors over the years, and this is the quietest, most well built compressor I've seen. It also has a good recovery time. I can nail off sheathing on a roof and this little beauty keeps right up with me.

A great compresser for the operation of one framing gun at a time. It has no trouble keeping up no matter what you are doing. I wouldn't recommend it for two framing guns at once.

Though it might keep up framing walls, but not with sheathing.

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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on September 9, 2007
If you buy the next bigger Makita, plan on wearing ear protection. If your tools don't require over 4.5 cfm, don't go bigger. The benefit of this quiet machine is that you have a workhorse readily available with heavy duty rubberized feet. I mounted mine to a kitchen cart sold by a certain wholesale club that came with an extendable base to which I mounted a rapid reel. It wheels easily around the garage, though I'd say that if it was any lighter, there is no way it could muffle its own sound as well as it does and I wouldn't call the weight a con for this reason. Its not so much heavy, as sturdy and well-balanced, resulting in an easy-to-pick up compressor, as opposed to certain types that have you leaned over to lug it around. The compressor easily runs tools requiring greater than 4.5cfm and if it runs more often it doesn't matter since it sounds like a slightly higher pitch than as the drone of nobby tires on the highway at 70mph. The quality is so far superior over other compressors in this price range that its funny. I've tried the big name yellow one, big name orange one, several red ones, and a blue one and I would have paid twice as much. I've never had such a great tool at easy reach for blowing up car/bike tires, rotating tires, blowing dust out of the garage, nailing out a bookcase, "upholstering" a headboard and framing the basement out. Its not blown the fuse once when kicking on. If you're a geek that needs a compressor for weekend projects around the house, this is the sophisticated compressor that you should pick. Would it be the best kicking around the back of a pick-up with spare shovels and bricks, I don't know; to me, it seems far too refined to be mistreated like that but, like Cadillac SUV's, this compressor has its place.

UPDATE: 12/25/2012 -- Still going like a champ.
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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on February 28, 2005
If you have a small shop or space where a compressor is close to your work, you will appreciate how quiet the 1725 rpm motor is on this compressor. The unit is heavy, and not likely to provide enough air to simultaneously run 2 heavy framing guns, but it shines in an environment where you are running finish nailers in a closed space.
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on April 11, 2008
I had two concerns when I bought this compressor -

1.) The weight I had heard so many people complain about.

2.) The high rate of damage complains due to shipping.

As for the weight - May I be the first one to say I'm pleasantly surprised that it's not as heavy as I expected. After reading all the reviews here I was worried that I'd be sorry I purchased it as most of my uses for it require a fair amount of mobility.

It's heavy, but it's not THAT heavy. I'd say it's on the higher end of being portable - pushing the envelope, but it's still very portable. You won't enjoy carrying it up three flights of stairs, but you'll do it without stopping (if anybody's watching) - and you still won't have a heart attack.

Now for shipping damage...

Well I got lucky. It arrived in almost perfect condition ... there was a small ding in one end of each of the tubes. No paint flaking, or any cause for concern. It could have left the manufacturer like that for all I know, but I figured I should mention it here.

Maybe if I hold the safety valve in and pump up the pressure real high, the dings will pop out... : )

Other than that it's perfect.

Dials are clear and easy to read, regulator works smoothly. it's a great compact size. Solid as a rock. Time will tell how tough it really is, but at least I don't feel I have to baby this thing.

If I HAD to complain about anything... two VERY minor issues:

1.) The drain valve. I love that they used a simple-to-operate ball valve, but why on earth do they not mount it on the very bottom of the tank? You have to tip the compressor back 30 degrees or so to get it on the bottom as you drain it. It's not hard to do, but WHY make us do it? They could raise the tank 1/4 of an inch so the valve would have the same ground clearance at the bottom as it does now. (the only reason I can think they don't is that maybe for people who don't drain it often enough, sediment build up becomes a problem, clogging the drain and leading people to believe there's no water in it when they finally DO drain it... ?)

2.) the sheet metal face plate near the handle. The opening in it is too small to use two hands comfortably on the handle. You'll notice it when lifting the compressor up high, or holding it in front of you to walk down a narrow hallway or door openings, etc. The sheet metal is purely decorative, and that's what makes it a bit annoying. It's one of those design over function issues.

If they moved the drain valve down and cut the sheet metal shroud straight across, and rubberized the entire grip bar - I would then give this compressor six stars.

OH - the manual - in addition to not telling me what to do with the aircleaner, they are also not very clear on which valve to open when doing the 20 minute break in run. I think they call it the "receiver valve" or something else odd-sounding. To this day I don't know if I really broke mine in properly - I opened the drain valve and let it run.

One positive regarding the directions - and I have to THANK MAKITA from the bottom of my heart on this one:

They give you a COMPLETELY SEPARATE instruction book COMPLETELY IN ENGLISH!!!! One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is having to look through a set of directions, skipping the spanish, the french, and the german sections to get to the next english step, or having to skip every other page, or flip it over backwards and upside down.

And one final note: If you're trying to decide between the 2400 and the 700 (as I was). The 2400 kicks on after about a dozen or so nails with a hitachi finish nailer. (I'm used to a big tank compressor that almost never kicks on) I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing the 700 runs quite a bit while nailing. Not that that's a horrible thing, but I'm thinking that the 2400 should live longer.

I haven't given it a good try out with a framing nailer yet, but I'm thinking the 700 would be a little too small for that - I think it'd work for a non-pro framer, but I think it would really be the wrong compressor for the job.

I also like having 4.2cfm for air ratchets etc. for the occassional car fixes. I like that extra flexibility.

You WILL lose SOME portability. This thing does make you think twice about moving it from room to room, but on the other hand, with a 50 foot hose, you usually don't need to. If most of your work requires you to get it into a house and leave it in one spot - this is absolutely the compressor for you.

However, if you do a lot of remodel work in ultra high end homes where you can't even think about bumping into anything accidentally, or cringe at the thought of dragging a rubber hoses across the legs of a $20,000 settee - well then the 700 is probably the wiser choice.

Also, the fact that this unit will never tip over the way a 700 can (disastorously from what I read) is something that shouldn't be overlooked either. (just picture somebody tripping on your air hose)

As of now - I HIGHLY recommend this compressor. If anything should go wrong, I will update this review.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
I love It. Its quiet and it pumps up fast. Its heavy but so are all the other compressors in its class. I first ordered a reconditioned porter-cable, sent it back and ordered the Makita. I have a upright 60 gal 3 hp IR that makes more noise than the Makita.
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17 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on May 5, 2005
After doing alot of research I settled on this Makita- I have to say the reviews are right- its quiet, and yes heavy, but you can feel and hear the quality in this machine. I don't intend on moving it around much, I was concerned more with noise and build quality, both of which are superb on this model. I had bought a craftsman compressor and returned it because it was a piece of junk, and came out of the box dirty and didn't work- I'm guessing it was a refurb. Anyways, this machine is great, I highly recommend it.
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