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on May 19, 2012
just picked it up at home depot on 5/18/12. I was immediately impressed by the feel of the saw. I liked the grip better than the Bosch and the speed control feels a lot more substantial as well. the Bosch speed control felt a little cheesy... like it would vibrate to different speeds. Both this and the Bosch are similar in size but the makita just felt better in my hand... that will be a matter of personal preference though. The thing for me that sets this one apart is the power and oscillation angle. Most of these saws on the market have a 2.8 degree swing to the blade but this one has a 3.2 degree swing. That might not sound like much but when coupled with 20,000 opm it makes the tool cut faster than any of the other ones. It also has a 3 amp motor in it as well which, so far, is the most powerful in its class. This will be nice for deeper plunging without bogging the motor down. The fein has a 250 watt rated motor(2.08 amps at 120v nominal voltage) and the Bosch being 2.5 amps. This tool is very solid feeling other than possibly the on/off switch might give some picky people hesitation. the switch does seem just a little light weight but when compared to the fein that has a very stiff switch, its a welcome change. The fein is a solid tool and does have the best tool-less blade change on the market but the switch and speed knob both suck. The fein also gets really hot after not much use and it gets to the point of burning your hand if not wearing gloves. I haven't really put this thing through the ringer yet but so far I'm really impressed by its power and how quiet it is. This multi tool is the quietest one of its kind that I've ever used. the fein was pretty quiet but this one is much quieter. It also doesn't vibrate as bad either. Makita has put some kind of anti-vibration technology in this tool which is nice because typically these types of tools vibrate quite a bit.

this tool is in the same price point as the Bosch and while it seems to me like a better tool, the Bosch does come with better accessories. the makita only comes with one plunge cut blade and a plastic sanding pad with some sand paper. the Bosch comes with that plus a few other blades and more sand paper I think.

this new makita multi as well as the cordless version are also carrying on the tradition set forth by Bosch of the "OIS" blade system. A standardization of the blade mounting system that so far has varied greatly across the different brands making it very difficult to create true competition with blade prices. almost every manufacturer has their own design that is not readily compatible with others. In other words, the tooth pattern on the blade mount is the same as on the Bosch. it does however come with two adapter rings to be able to use the fein style mount as well as the dremel style mount too, making it a little easier. personally I go for the universal type blades offered from oshlun and versatool and others that offer a much better price point and they fit almost any tool.

I am expecting this tool to perform extremely well but if it doesn't then I'll post again with my findings. I may do that anyway though...

cheers! hope this helps someone

**5/28/12 UPDATE**
So I was able to put this tool through the ringer a bit and I have to say that I love it already!! ALL of the other multi tools I have used can't really compare to this one. this tool is so quiet that I don't have to wear earplugs and I won't go deaf! It also doesn't heat up nearly as much as I though it would. The Fein heats up soooo bad that after a couple minutes of heavy use I have to put gloves on or make sure not to hold it up by the front where the gear housing is. Don't get me wrong, the fein is a great tool.. built like a tank, but I like this one better. The one thing that made me change this review from a 5 star to a 4 star is the switch. The switch doesn't have a very strong "click" to it and it shuts off too easily if you brush your hand up against it. One time during the day I also had to jiggle it a little bit when turning it on but that may have just been a one time occurrence. I felt it worth mentioning. I was able to adjust my grip rather quickly so I didn't really run into much trouble with the switch after my initial use so this set back is not a deal breaker for me. I also like the soft start feature. Soft start on a tool with this little current draw is more for the life of the motor though, but still a nice feature. Its not one of those soft starts that takes 2 seconds to come to full power either... this is a very fast soft start...just enough at about half a second. Vibration was very low, especially for a tool of this nature. I could use this all day with no ill effects on my wrists from excessive vibration.

All in all I found this tool to perform pretty much like I thought it would with the small exception of the switch, but like I said, not a deal breaker for me...especially because the rest of the features are so great. you can make your own determination, but I would definitely recommend this tool to anyone.
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on August 7, 2012
Another remarkable tool in the line of well crafted, user-friendly, dependable tools Makita has created. The feel of the tool in hand is comfortable, weighty and convenient to maneuver for a wide range of tasks. Surprisingly, no one has remarked that the variable speed control in models that have it allows for a CONTINUOUS adjustment of the oscillating speed between the settings of 1 through 5, so that it a smooth continuous control of the desired rate of oscillation is possible - a benefit that cannot be overestimated when precision of control is important.

The feel of exactness of fitting the blades and various attachments is reassuring thanks to the tight tolerances of the arbor gear. The quiet performance even at the highest oscillation setting and a very low vibration of the tool is very comforting. No overheating or slippage to less dependable performance has been noted on extended use (so far). Hopefully these characteristics of the tool remain unchanged with time and not deteriorate to the mediocrity of similar and less expensive tools.

One omission should be noted, however. Why would MAKITA not equip the tool with a convenient light illuminating the work area is difficult to understand! The same holds for the angle grinder.

As an extra benefit, the tool comes with a fancy carrying bag conveniently accommodating the tools and a number of accessories decked in the brand-specific colors and lettering with a shoulder strap and handles.
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on April 13, 2013
I have owned the Bosch MX25 (2.5amp) for the past Year and a 1/2. It was my most used tool on the Job. Well it just bit the dust (oscillating stopped) checked the brushes and they still look brand new. Well I don't have time for repairs so I went and bought the Makita. Boy am I glad I did. I will start with the simple things - :
The Bag, the one thing I hated most about my Bosch was the bag was too small, specially with extra accessories, I was never able to close the zipper. That is no longer an issue with the Makita, nice big bag with plenty of room for extra's. I even put my Makita Right Angle Drill in the same bag and it still has extra room.
Power - A whole 1/2 of an Amp does not sound like much but trust me when you are using this tool for extended periods of time the 3.0 amp is appreciated compared to the Bosch 2.5 amp, no bog what so ever with the Makita. I can definitely feel the difference in power between the 2. I also have access to the Rockwell (that doesn't even come close to the Makita) and the Fein. The Fein is a nice tool but I feel it lacks the power that the Makita puts out, plus they are way over priced.
Vibration - With the Makita there is hardly any vibration, real smooth and quite too. I would have to wear ear plugs when running the Bosch in closed quarters.

What Makita lacks in accessories compared to the Bosch, it makes up for it with the Bag.

Overall - This is by far the best Multi Tool that I have used and owned. Compare any 3.0 amp multi tool's price and Makita wins that competition hands down. This is Better then the so called best (Fein) out there. More power, quieter and a whole lot less money. I don't like to have all the same brand tools (it seems tacky) but I have to admit my Makita stable is filling up.
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on December 7, 2013
It is a geat machine, but a bit pricey. However, this exact model is available at any Home Depot store right now at $99.00
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on May 5, 2013
My husband and I are both carpenters, and we previously had a Rockwell SoniCrafter.(It was incredibly cheap at a big sale at our local lumber yard.) The screw that tightens the attachment was a soft metal that stripped easily. For a while, we were able to get replacements at our nearby ACE, but there must have been a lot of others who were having the same problems, because eventually it became harder and harder to find those screws in stock. We were also getting tired of having the tool heads loosen while we were using them and having to stop working and try to tighten the attachment again. Our company had an old Fein that we used for a while, but it you use it for any time at all, the part that you hold onto gets really hot. In frustration, we decided to shell out some more money and try to get a tool that really worked the way we thought it should. We have other Makita tools, and they seem well thought out and dependable, and the reviews seemed favorable for this tool, and in comparison to the other two we've had experiences with, this is great! The tool heads are easy to change, and they are tightened on with an allen wrench that is stored in a little holder that is attached to the cord so it's always close at hand. The tool heads don't vibrate loose when you're using a lot of pressure. It does get a little warm close to where the tool head attaches, but nothing like the heat the Fein puts out all over the area you grip. We haven't used the sanding attachments, but the cutting tools do a good job and easily get into tight quarters, and can be adjusted so that the heads are at various angles, not just straight out of the handle. Very versatile, and I would recommend them.
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on May 13, 2014
I've used my boss' Harbor Freight "O" tool, two Ridgids, and this one. The harbor freight broke after a few jobs, as you could imagine. The Ridgid looked great, came in a nice case, and then we used it. It made tremendous vibrations which vibrated our arms numb. It was so bad, my boss immediately returned it. I used another friend's Ridgid, and it worked until it contacted a surface. Then, completely stopped cutting. He returned his too. So my boss bought this Makita. We were all impressed by its power and smoothness. Makita's anti-vibration technology, superior motors, and tool engineering and ergonomics are obvious. We've used the hell out of it, and it's still running fine. It's fast and comfortable.
These tools are a must have for jobs where no other tool will cut. I also recommend using "O" tools ONLY when no other tool will do the job, because they're only designed for tight spaces; NOT fast, or efficient cutting. Plus, the blades for them are expensive and short lasting, no matter what brand you buy.
Summary: Great tools. Only use them only when you need them. And you'll find that when you need them, you REALLY need them.
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on September 25, 2014
Bought this tool to use in various aspects of a laminate flooring project, for scraping and undercutting molding mostly. My contractor came in from out of state to help complete the project. He marveled at the Makita TM3000 and stated that after using the Makita he wish he did not have to go back to the Dremel he had at home. For me, it is my first Multi-Tool so no other brand to compare it to. Just a sweet little tool....smooth. Did not overheat although at time I thought it might. Expect I will be relying on this tool heavily on a bathroom remodel when the time comes. Kudos to Makita for including the sturdy bag. The Tool and all the attachments easily fit in the bag and store away in one fell swoop. Very pleased, highly recommend.
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on August 26, 2014
This is a good tool. Makita makes good stuff. I would add this caveat to that, though. I am sure there are others much more skilled than it, but if I am going to cut a straight line, I will be moving very, very slowly. My blade rattled loose a bunch, but tightening it was easy enough. I would not use this Multi-Tool for a job I could do with any other saw, but I had jobs that I could do no other way. When you get to that point . . no other way to do that job . . slow is just fine. I would buy this again.
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on July 2, 2014
Makita is the Apple of the tool world. Everyone else just trying to keep up.
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on February 7, 2016
I bought mine at HD, specifically to handle an accumulation of small, aggravating projects that would be tough and unpleasant to accomplish without a multi-tool. Already, I can see that I will be using my Makita TM3010CX a lot!

The tool feels very substantial in the hand, gripped by its narrow, "easy to handle" handle. The slow start and adjustable speed is wonderful; noise is minimal; cord length is long enough in that a longer cord would be harder to fit in the box, which does have plenty of space for tool and attachments. The quick change feature is "the bomb," but I plan to acquire a spare pin. It handles Dremel attachments and ships with adapters for several others. We'll see about that.

My uses in the first week should present an idea of the tool's versatility. So far, I have only used the Makita plunge saw blade; Makita Sanding pad w 120 grit paper; and a Dremel rectangular stiff scraper blade.

1.) I was amazed at how quickly the scraper stripped out a nasty old cracked caulk bead along a lengthy back splash area.

2.) Next I used the plunge blade to remove the water-damaged, totally warped and crudded up floor of a kitchen below sink cabinet. This was only made of fiber board, but before I purchased the multi-tool, I was not looking forward to the job.

3.) After replacing the fiberboard with a sturdy wooden plank flooring, resting on two new wooden joist bump-ups, it was necessary to stabilize the front of the cabinet, which was slotted to fit into the left side cabinet panel, but could not be forced back into place, as it was warped. I glued a piece of 1x2 vertically to the side panel, just inside the door; and then drilled through from the front, countersinking my screws. Now the door hinge would not fit because the new vertical 1x2 was blocking the wrap-around flange. The offending wood was easily pocketed out with the multi-tool's plunge saw.

4.) Upstairs, the Master Bedroom's walk in custom shower needed several tiles at the raised threshold removed and refastened. The scraper blade made quick work of the old ground and the very tough construction adhesive that had been used as glue on the backs of the thick stone tiles.

5.) We reworked and rebuilt a very old, high quality American Standard tub and shower three-faucet mixing unit. This thing should last hundreds of years with proper maintenance; and it shames the cartridge-laden, plastic crapola so common now days. However, sans proper maintenance, leaky washers had allowed water to leak and destroy the plaster board behind the tile, resulting in a 9x12" hole into the closet beyond the tub. I anchored plywood between the studs and filled from the front with Durabond, which then needed to be leveled so the tiles would fit back into plane. The scraper made short work of the very tough old glue on the backs of those tiles. The scraper blade, followed by the sander head made it pretty simple to level the Durabond layer, working in a confined space, studded with three handle stems and the tub spout. Soon all the tiles again fit together, and in plane. I needed to enlarge a couple of the holes in several of the ceramic tiles. I understand that a multi-tool diamond blade can be had, but I didn't have one, so I used my Bosch 4" angle grinder with a diamond wheel. This was all pains-taking, fine detail work, all handled with ease, thanks to the multi-tool and a bit of hand-eye coordination.

Maybe too verbose above, but I had seen multi-tools for years, pictured only with the small triangular sanding head. Thus I thought they were merely odd little sanders. Boy was I wrong :-) I am sold!
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