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on June 24, 2003
Living outside the U.S. for a while now, I've been a bit out of touch with American television for the last few years. So, when a friend of mine handed me this DVD set and said "You've got to see this show", I got my first taste of "Malcolm In The Middle"...and was completely hooked.
This show is not only funny and original, but it seems to strike a familiar chord with childhood memories. Not only mine, but also everyone that I've discussed this series with. Although the family in the series appears (at first glance, anyway) to be thoroughly dysfunctional, they grow on you as the series progresses. I began to recognize bits and pieces of my own childhood, whether it was some absurd thing said by one of my parents, a kid-like caper pulled off in school, or some friend that I had that didn't quite "fit in". I can relate to this show.
The writing is excellent and extremely funny, even managing to put valuable life lessons across, without being heavy handed. The acting is top notch, reminiscent of "Family Ties" and "Home Improvement" in its ensemble cast chemistry and tightness. And, although a surprise, I found the unique innovation of not including a laugh track to be refreshing, allowing me to decide what was funny (almost everything), rather than trying to force me down the road of simulated amusement.
The DVD set is a great value. Fantastic transfers (as best as I can tell, without ever having seen an actual broadcast), great sound, and jam packed with special features. There's about 3 hours of commentary for selected scenes, a bloopers reel, 4 unaired opening scenes, 4 deleted scenes, and a handful of "promos". There are also 3 fairly interesting featurettes covering the show itself, the crew, and a day in the life of "Dewey" (Eric Per Sullivan). The only lame feature of the entire set was a small section called "MalcolmVision", which was basically just some framing goofs as a result of the program's shooting in a 16X9 format. An incredibly small negative for what is overwhelmingly an outstanding boxed set.
Good show, good price, and exceptional entertainment...You just can't go wrong with this series. I can't wait for the release of season two!
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I don't know about you, but I've always felt that The Simpsons didn't represent the goofyness at the heart of the American family. I'll admit it--the family on this television program represents mine at the most intimate level. One exception is that whatever humor we find in situations that occur in ours is usually in hindsight. Luckily we can laugh at this family the first time around.
The DVD is of exceptional quality. The full screen presentation does suffer from grain problems on occasion but, on the whole, the transfers are very good. The commentary, outtakes and gag reel are worth the price alone. While the show has continued to evolve and is still as funny as the first season (and, yes, I believe this is the best written sitcom bar none--it's also better written and funnier at a gutbusting level than the Simpsons. Don't get me wrong, I admire The Simpsons but it's strayed away from the very qualities that made it special and funny a long, long time ago).
Frankie Muniz is perfectly cast as Malcolm but, more importantly, the actors portraying this family are equally as loopy and fun to observe. I really haven't found a weak link in the first season casting. The pilot deservingly won Emmys for best direction and writing. The extended version adds a bit of additional fun that wasn't on the final aired version. Additionally, there are bits added to a couple of episodes that were deleted for time constraints and other reasons when the original episodes aired in 2000. It's amazing that such a quality show could ever have been seen as nothing more than a mid-season replacement.
While the box set is a bit light on episodes (there wasn't a full season produced during season one as it was a replacement series) the extras more than make up for that. Additionally, the commentary adds quite a bit to a couple of episodes and make the discs worth viewing again just to find out the odd little tidbits mentioned.
While Season Two would continue to build on the success of the first season, it wasn't until Season three that there was additional comic depth added to the program.
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on August 11, 2005
If you don't have this on dvd your missing some great laughs! This is quite an original series and quite fun to watch even for the 5th or 15th time! My question for FOX is this... WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO RELEASE SEASON 2??????????? Dewey has been wandering the streets unattended for what.. 3 years now? It just isn't nice to leave us hanging for this long!!! Come on, release season two; I promise to buy it right away! For those of us in deep rural America without access to cable or even decent satalite reception, the dvd television series is a must! I'm starting to lose faith in the entire network for this obivous lapse in good judgement...release the second season already!!!
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on December 29, 2002
Well, I was disappointed to read that I wasn't the first person to equate the family on "Malcolm in the Middle" with "The Simpsons." But, it is true, this is the most functionally dysfunctional family on earth. No counselor, no psychologist, not even psychiatrist could tame the insanity. The cast is great. Malcolm, played by Frankie Muniz, narrates the show and gives it an amazingly funny perspective. Lois, the mother, is outrageously funny, she is insane and quintessential to the show. Hal, the father, is a bit of a bumbling idiot, but in a harmless and good way. Francis, the eldest child, advises from afar his little brothers on the inner-workings of their mother. Reese, the second child, older brother of Malcolm, is a bit of an idiot too. Driven by anything that would torment those around him, he gets himself into a great deal of trouble. Then, finally, there is Dewey. He is the youngest, he manages to get lost regularly. He does things that would get an average 6 year old killed.
The first season is hilarious. It is great to see how the show progressed from the pilot to the Emmy winner. I look forward to the next season coming out on DVD.
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on December 5, 2004
Malcolm in the middle is great, but it looks so lonely in my DVD collection (being the only malcolm DVD i have).

I really want fox to release the other seasons on DVD because, it will make them alot more money. People will be wanting them that bad that they will be reduced to pirating them or downloading them, im sure that fox do not want that to happen, but i really want season two of malcolm.
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on December 23, 2002
A great comedy series come few and far between in these current times of television. Even then, most of them are the same. What a blessing and a breath of fresh air "Malcolm In The Middle" was when it debuted a few years ago. This family was far from perfect. They weren't clean or in control. It has been said that this is like a live action version of "The Simpsons". That sounds about right. All 16 episodes of the first season are presented here in full screen format(thank god!). Each episode is rich with inspired comedic performances and hilarious and clever writing and direction. It's the first comedy to come along that has made me laugh out loud in years. The series is about Malcolm(Frankie Muniz), the middle child of a crazy family. He speaks to the camera while all of the zaniness goes on around him. He's usually a target for his older brother Reese(played by Justin Berfield), who's an obnoxious bully who always has an idea to cause mayhem or inflict some kind of pain and horror on his younger brothers. Ahhh, big brothers. Then there is little Dewey(Erik Per Sullivan), the baby of the three. Dewey is hard to explain. He doesn't say a whole lot. There is a fourth brother named Francis(played by Christopher Masterson), who has been shipped off to military school, which is where we see him throughout the entire season. I have saved the two best for the very last. Mom Lois(the brilliant Jane Kaczmarek), and doofy dad Hal(the equally brilliant Bryan Cranston). These two are unlike any parents seen on TV in a while. Lois is like a dictator. She is smart. She's tough. She knows when the kids are giving her BS and she doesn't take it. She has a way with punishing them. She knows her stuff. She seems to be the one of the two that is in control of the household and the family. Hal is like a big child himself. The punishing and everything is more Lois' department. He likes to have fun with the boys. He's a very likeable schlub who never seems to get a break. When he does, something goes wrong. These are two extremely interesting and brilliantly performed characters. Why these two haven't won emmy's yet is anyone's guess. The episodes themselves are classic. You can't go wrong with any of them. There are a few standout episodes on the disc. They are all standouts, but these are the best. "Krelboyne Picnic" takes place at a kid's party. Nothing goes right. The entertainers' acts bomb, families get into fights, and Hal serves up some less than desireable food. A good one. "Funeral" has Malcolm having a date, but is stuck having to go to a relative's funeral. He tries to scheme his way out of the ceremony. "Cheerleader" has Reese falling for a teasing cheerleader. He even joins her squad to be close to her and impress her. The two best episodes come late in the season. The first one being "Rollerskates". This is the episode that really made me worship the show. The episode that made this a can't miss show. Malcolm wants to rollerskate. This is music to Hal's ears. He teaches Malcolm all these techniques that only annoy Malcolm. The scene with Hal doing his schtick to the song ' Funkytown' is priceless. A classic gut buster. Perfect. The other episode is the season finale of which I forget the title of it. The family goes to a theme water park. In the meantime, Dewey is babysat by an older lady. The babysitter is played Bea Arthur. The scene with the two of them dancing to the ABBA hit 'Fernando' is another priceless scene until...well, that would be telling. Every other episode is great, but these are my favorites. "Malcolm" is zany, wild fun. But it's intelligently written and performed. It's a show for the ages. Get this disc and get lost in the greatness that is this family.
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on December 24, 2003
This show is truly the greatest, funniest show ever (and that is no exaggeration) It's probably the most realistic depiction of family life on tv but, at the same time, is so over the top in such a funny and charming way!!
Words cannot describe how utterly perfect this series is. Now, all we need is all of the rest of the seasons with lots of extras. They are worth any amount of money. C'mon, Fox, don't keep us waiting any longer.
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on December 24, 2004
A 15 year old's review:

For all those looking to buy this hilarious show, I urge you to get it! It is definately worth it. I watched just one episode of this show and was immediately hooked. This show is incredibly funny and yet realistic. The actors do a great job and the writers of the show keep comming up with great episodes. The first season is so great but I can't wait for the rest to come out on DVD. Frankie Muniz and Erik Per Sullivan both do a great job keeping you on the edge of your seat and rolling in laughter.
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on July 13, 2004
as another writer expressed we are expecting second season but nothing,there are a lot of series not as good as malcolm and they are outside, FOX WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
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on June 13, 2004
THIS IS MY ALL TIME FAV. SHOW. Every episode is full of laughs from beginning to end. I never get tired of watching it. It is a 3 disc set.
2-Red Dress- 10/10
3-Home Alone-9/10
5-Malcom Babysits-9/10
7-Francis Ecapes-8/10
8-Krelboyne Picnic-10/10
9-Lois vs. Evil-8/10
10-Stock Car Races-10/10
14-The Bots an the Bees-10/10
16-Water Park 1-10/10
IT even has special feautures:
A thirty minute feauturette.
Gag Reel.
Deleated scenes with show openings.
Deweys Day Job feauturette.
Promotianal TV spots
and more.
Season 2 what can I say. I remeber when I got Season 1 on Christmas Day of 2002. Right after watching all the episodes I thought to myself i can't wait for season 2 to come out. I think they will get around to releasing it but not for a long time. Now I'm just buying other TV show dvd's to take up the time in my wait for SEASON 2 of MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE.
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