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on August 31, 2011
First let me say that this is an excellent book and a must read for all fans of Sherlock Holmes. If you don't already have it, you could be in for a real treat! But let the buyer beware, this is at least the third time this has come out with a new cover. I got trapped in one of these, but I did get a hardcover edition to replace my trade paperback edition, so still a win!

Quoth the Raven...
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on July 17, 2011
The stories in this volume are remarkably true to the style and language of the accepted Doyle Canon, and, like all collections of mystery stories, there's a few weak ones, a lot a pretty good ones, and several great ones.
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on October 15, 2011
I was a little skeptical about reading non-canon Sherlock Holmes stories, and at first I tried to pick apart the stories, trying to find things wrong with them - but after a few pages, I just gave up and enjoyed the stories! This is a compilation by several different authors, tied together nicely by commentary from a guy who really knows his Sherlock Holmes! I was definitely impressed by the story quality, and at 9.99, this was a steal. It kept me reading for days - I usually finish a novel in 1-2 days, this took close to a week to finish! Can't recommend it enough for true Sherlock Holmes fans!
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on December 27, 2011
This collection will fill in the gaps, both in the timeline of Holmes' life in career, and in your mind, when you find yourself craving new work from an author that's been dead for decades.

The selection is excellent. The stories are very well-written in the style of Watson's narrations. I have a few minor quibbles:

Attempts are made to introduce Holmes to famous people of his time, like Ambrose Bierce, Aleister Crowley, Marie Curie, and so forth. It rarely works. It generally comes off as forced and fanciful. The worst example of this is probably when Holmes meets H. G. Wells (Watson recognizes him right off- apparently he's a fan), and quickly finds himself in the middle of a science fiction murder mystery inside a bizarre contraption invented and understood solely by the victim.

More annoying, and more common, is the reduction of Holmes and Watson to tired stereotypes. Several stories in a row feature his exclamation that the game is afoot, a line which only occurs once in the original canon. Watson is frequently made out to be a bumbling fool. The exchange about the "curious incident of the dog in the night" is repeated nearly verbatim, exchanging a different animal for the dog.

I giggled a bit when one author noted that no case was too small so long as he got paid, and then another author reminisced on the cases he had turned down because they were unstimulating, no matter what the reward. One of these authors has read their Sherlock a little better than the other.

All in all, though, the complaints are minor. The stories are still entertaining, and the mysteries are, for the most part, mysterious, right up to the bit where Sherlock explains everything. If you want more like the original, this is a good pick.
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on March 30, 2012
This book is a collection of stories written to fill in the blanks of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson's career, each story having a title based on one of the unwritten tales in the official Holmes Canon. Clever and enjoyable. Sherlock Holmes is a difficult character to portray, but I believe Dr Watson is harder. He is not the buffoon of most movies, but within the Canon I always found Watson to be a cold blooded killer (always quick with his service revolver), a gambling ladies man who had maybe 7 different wives according to some experts, and a staunch friend of Holmes. Most of these stories had that relationship down pat. An enjoyable read on my Kindle Fire.
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on September 30, 2014
Just what the title says, new Sherlock Holmes stories by different modern authors. Most if not all are based on cases mentioned in the Doyle canon. Contains: The Bothersome Business of the Dutch Nativity, The Affray at the Kildare Street Club, The Case of the Incumbent Invalid, The Adventure of Vittoria the Circus Belle, The Darlington Substitution Scandal, The Adventure of the Suspect Servant, The Adventure of the Amateur Mendicant Society, The Adventure of the Silver Buckle, The Case of the Sporting Squire, The Vanishing of the Atkinsons, The Adventure of the Fallen Star, The Adventure of the Dorset Street Lodger, The Mystery of the Addleton Curse, The Adventure of the Parisian Gentleman, The Adventure of the Inertial Adjustor, The Adventure of the Touch of God, The Adventure of the Persecuted Painter, The Adventure of the Suffering Ruler, The Repulsive Story of the Red Leech, The Adventure of the Grace Chalice, The Adventure of the Faithful Retainer, The Case of the Suicidal Lawyer, The Legacy of Rachel Howells, The Adventure of the Bulgarian Diplomat, The Enigma of the Warwickshire Vortex, The Case of the Last Battle.

There were several problems with this anthology. First, I don't know why authors feel compelled to claim they "found" a Watson manuscript or notes, or they are Holmes scholars. He didn't exist, for Pete's sake! They are writing fiction and these obviously phony claims just make them look like they think the reader is an idiot. As usual, some of them have Holmes performing totally uncharacteristic actions: telling Watson to "come on, play the game" or "I would describe you as my sole friend." Also, whoever proofed it should be fired; there are multiple spelling/grammar/usage errors (countrary, persuing, food venders, "more exercised by their loss," "rarely sees fit to avail me of the incidents," "whom is ten years of age," "has long since being interested," "being less previous to the rays than flesh," several instead of severed, it's instead of its, principal instead of principle, waiting instead of wailing), unusual in an Ashley anthology. The stories themselves are mostly not bad, although the explanation was very easy to guess in most of them, and I didn't like the repeated pulling-in of real people (H.G. Wells, Pierre Curie) to fiction. At least one story (The Legacy of Rachel Howells) offers NO resolution, ending in mid-story. There are many minor but irritating errors, such as Scott misquoted as "Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practise to deceive." There is a working Table of Contents. The title is descriptive if unimaginative.
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on April 14, 2013
I've gotten a few other books that were supposed to be Sherlock Holmes adventures, but the characters were wrong, or the stories were boring, or the mysteries were either too transparent or too opaque. This collection of stories is a worthy addition to Sherlock Lore and I really enjoyed reading it.
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on January 21, 2013
I just love this on my kindle. Most of the stories are well written. The stories are in general of similar tone and style to the Conan Doyle stories. They are great for a quick read. I love having this on my kindle and my phone for short reads especially when travelling or when on my treadmill at home. The very good ones are almost indistinguishable from the Conan Doyle stories while the weaker ones remind you how clever the better writers are.
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on May 1, 2013
This is a great compendium of Sherlockian stumpers, but there's not enough of 'em. I expected something called 'mammoth' to keep be busy for more than a few weeks, and I am not a speed reader.
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on October 7, 2014
I enjoyed this tome immensely both for the stories and the introductions. Recommended for those who enjoy a good thick Sherlock Holmes catalog of stories.
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