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on September 2, 2012
From Manhattan with Revenge was a great read whether or not you've read any other Chrsitopher Smith books I have no doubt you will get to know the characters from the previous books as easily as if you did. His heroine Carmen is an assasin sometimes working for a "syndicate" of powerful men and women who hire her to take out people who threaten the way they do business. Her former co-worker Vince Spocotti is on his way to back up Carmen on her revenge against the syndicate for their killing her boyfriend Alex just when they were both going to get out of the business and build a normal life together.The syndicate feels that Alex had told Carmen information he had gathered against them and therefore they need to have her taken out as well. Carmen's foes know some of her weaknesses and kidnap an orphan, Chloe, that she had befriended years before, so they know they will be able to take out Carmen as she tries to get the child released. With the help of Carmen's new and old friends and alliances she learns where Chloe is being held and is filled with revenge for Alex and Chloe's lives being threatened because of the line of work she was in. There are many twists, turns and moments of breath-holding while reading this book, which is exactly why I love Christopher Smith books! A thriller? Yes! A great stand-alone novel? Yes! My recommendation is to read slowly because you won't want this book to end! You will be hooked!
There are more works coming from Christopher Smith and I am one of his many fans who are always happy for the next work to come out.
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on September 12, 2012
If you never have read a Christopher Smith book, you don't know what you're missing. This author knows how to spin a web of mystery and suspense. In From Manhattan with Revenge, he brings us back the wonderful Carmen! If you thought you knew her from his other books, just wait. Smith takes you into the complex psyche of an assassin, where trust is never an option, Carmen is put into a position that seems virtually impossible to get out of. Trust is her only way out! But, can this girl take that leap and come out the other side alive? Up until the end, you know that this roller coaster thriller is going to turn your heart inside-out. Smith has a way of making you pull for a character that shouldn't be the hero of a traditional thriller; but Smith is no traditional author - that's what makes his books so freaking addictive. Forget what you think you know about who to trust and what to do in a perilous situation. Carmen never pulls any punches; she has a goal. She will do it or die trying. Let's just hope she lives another day for a future Smith tale! A definite read for Thriller & Suspense lovers.
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on September 5, 2012
Christopher Smith scores again with a book that, once I started reading, I was unable to stop! The main character, Carmen, is back for revenge. And with powerful reasons! Nothing will get in her way...or will it? Non-stop twists and turns kept me reading as fast as I could with no intention of stopping until I reached the final, but uncertain conclusion. Few authors hold me like that; gripping storytelling that pulls me forward without letting go.

Even if you haven't read another book by Smith, you will have no trouble picking up this story by itself. His books are linked by characters, but are not necessarily "sequels." The more books I read by him...the more I want.

Make sure your Kindle has full charge, and you have the whole day off!!!
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on September 17, 2012
The assassins are back. They're the stars of this show and they are motivated. The stakes are as high as ever and the plot is mostly straightforward (compared to previous the previous Manhattan books), which makes the suspense all the worse, like watching a black widow make her way through her web to a snared insect. This book brought the thrill of the hunt to life!

The ending wasn't a surprise, but it wasn't a sure thing, either, given the surprises along the way. For me, the ending seemed a little abrupt, although that may have been just a sudden, if partial, sense of relief. After all, the story doesn't really end here! I am happily awaiting the next book from Christopher Smith.
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on August 30, 2012
I have been waiting for this book and was not disappointed, read it in one sitting! I eagerly await Christopher's next offering. If you want to be entertained then I recommend any and all of his books!
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on August 27, 2012
Christopher Smith is by far the most captivating author! His books grab me on the first page and don't let go! Love the characters and storylines. I will not give the plot away but this book is a must-read. Actually, read everyone of Christopher Smith's books and you won't be disappointed.
Katherine Bourne Brown
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on August 30, 2012
As with all of Christopher Smith's books, I had a hard time putting this down. The book moves along at a great pace and is full of suspense. I love the characters he creates - even those without many redeeming qualities. His books keep you engaged and wanting more.

I can't wait to see what comes next!
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on November 16, 2012
It's certainly no secret that Christopher Smith is my fave thriller/suspense author. I love his characters in all their delicious, decadent, demented glory. I love the swank of NY society that Mr. Smith is able to describe in so few words, yet somehow still so completely immerse you in the surroundings that you can see it and feel it. I love that he is a storyteller first and foremost, winding a tight, riveting plot around you so that you can't escape and feel disappointed when it ends. From Manhattan With Revenge is no different. Mr. Smith has hit his groove as a writer and his latest novel does not disappoint.

From Manhattan With Revenge picks up where From Manhattan With Love leaves off -- And Ms. Carmen the assassin is pissed. Her lover, Alex, has been killed by their powerful employers and she's next. Unfortunately for them, she has connections too. Let's just say they picked on the wrong girl. We've met Carmen a few times in some of the author's previous novels and I'll be honest, she wasn't one of my favorite characters. There were glimpses of hope for her, but I wasn't convinced and wouldn't have blinked an eye at her death. He soundly changed my mind with this novel, as he lets us into her world where we are given more insight into her psyche, her background, her "weaknesses".

As Carmen goes about seeking her revenge for Alex's death while trying not to get killed herself, we are introduced to more colorful freakishly fun characters from the New York elite with more money and time on their hands than sense but, as it turns out, who Carmen can't currently live without -- literally. Vincent Spocatti returns and we are introduced to orphaned Chloe, Carmen's "weakness". I loved Chloe! I had hopes to see her down the line in some of Mr. Smith's future works -- that girl had potential! (I could have just seen her and Beth Spellman from A Rush To Violence either pitted against each other or working together to save their loved ones ;) ). But, with Mr. Smith's golden rule that nobody is safe from death, not even main characters, you'll have to read the book to see if spunky little Chole makes it or not.

As usual, the author spins a tightly woven tale that keeps you guessing with twists and turns that make sense but that you didn't see coming. I wouldn't call his writing sparse. I call it precise and lean. I don't find myself paging through unnecessary fluff or flowery prose, yet it is entertaining and anything but dry. He focuses on the story, which draws you in and keeps you firmly planted in Carmen's world. The pace is fast but the story and background are thorough, leaving you guessing at nothing except what's going to come next.

That's it, folks. That's all I can say without giving away the plot, which I always refuse to do. Reviews aren't a retelling of the story, they're a recommendation (or not). Right? ;)

So, thriller fans, as usual I highly recommend picking up Christopher Smith's latest work, From Manhattan With Revenge. Read the novella From Manhattan With Love first, though.
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on February 23, 2014
A story with a bit of action and mystery. Black operatives have a use- by date and the members of the syndicate are no different. With mistrust, betrayal and exposure to information beyond their pay grade, black ops are constantly after the last big job so that they can retire in luxury in a safe haven.
A similar pattern here as her boyfriend has been mistakenly murdered to safe guard the syndicate, Carmen looks for revenge by killing the head honchos and revealing all their dirty little secrets. Who can she trust in her pursuit as every body is in for the money.
A good read in this series.
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on October 1, 2012
I LOVE Christopher Smith's books! When I read Fifth Avenue, I raved about the book to all of my friends. I connected with the characters and actually gasped a time or two when reading it. I have read every book in the series and I was so disappointed with this one. There were several grammatical errors, which honestly didn't bother me too much. It was the fact that I was left with more questions in the end than I started with that bothered me. POSSIBLE SPOILERS...We never find out Jake/Fred's back story. He just seemed to be a loose end thrown in for no reason. The book just ends after a major scene and I kept tapping the pages looking for more. Chloe finds out that her surrogate mother/sister is an assassin and there's nothing but an "I'll tell you later?" An epilogue wrapping things up would have made more sense. It was left in such a way that I guess there's an opening for another book, but it wasn't done in a way that will make me want to read it.
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