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Color: Enchanted Forest Green|Change
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on October 29, 2015
I've used Manic Panic's Blue Steel to upkeep grey hair I had professionally dyed. I was very impressed by how evenly it colored my hair, my roots like to lift unevenly so a lot of times lighter colors look spotty (even when done professionally) and I didn't have this problem with Blue Steel. I did, however, leave it on my hair for a couple of hours (as I do with all vegetable dyes), and I added some dye to my conditioner to help with upkeep.
If you're going for a pure grey you may be slightly disappointed, because there is a blue tint to this dye (especially in certain light), but it really is a gorgeous color. I would highly recommend it. Please rate my review as "helpful" if it helped you, it helps me a lot.
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on June 18, 2013
The first thing people need to realize is that Manic Panic needs two things to last a month- heat and (VERY important!) leave it on overnight. The first time I used Manic Panic was when I was trying to get a really rich red from a dull, faded, permanent red. I had shoulder length hair and I had bought one jar of Vampire Red. I read the review but decided that if you can leave it on and it doesn't damage your hair, why not leave it on overnight and see what happens. I applied it thickly (I still had extra left in the jar when I was done), put a cap on, used heat every 30 minutes, long enough to get all of my hair hot, and left it on for a total of about 13 hours. I rinsed it all out, and I was gifted with silky soft, vibrant red hair that lasted for about a month. I mixed the excess Manic Panic with my conditioner. Virgin Snow is more of a toner than a dye because, well, look at the colour. It is extremely light, and light colours don't show up well unless they are used on very, very light hair. I'm talking pale ash blond almost, before you try to use it. If you're looking for white hair, you can't just bleach it once and expect this product to act as a bleach and toner at the same time. It's not a miracle maker, just a very good vegan dye. If your hair is damaged from bleaching, Manic Panic will really help you. The more damaged, the more porous your hair, the better to this stuff. If you use this on two people sitting side by side that have the same beginning colour, but one has more damage, the person with more damage would be blessed with better toned, softer hair. It's practically giving you a gift for abusing your hair. The biggest things to remember about using Manic Panic are:
a) Don't be afraid to leave it on too long. There is no such thing as too long.
b) Use heat, especially if you're afraid that your hair is too 'undamaged' for the dye to stick.
c) If you go with a colour instead of Virgin Snow, put the excess from your dying process in your conditioner.
d) Whatever shade of Manic Panic you use, use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Your hair loves it and it makes Manic Panic last longer.
e) When you wash your hair, wash your hair under the faucet- cause it needs to be cold. If the water is warm, the colour will come out faster because the hair follicle is open. Manic Panic needs heat because of that same principal. Cold water= shinier hair + longer lasting colour.

I hope I could be helpful for some people and maybe these tips will come in handy for a future dyehard. :) Oh! and if you use a colour- don't let it get on your skin! It will stain it in less than a minute! ^-^
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on March 26, 2015
FAST shipping. Great hair dye. UV reactive!
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on August 25, 2013
Okay let me just say I read a bunch of reviews for this product and a lot of people were saying how it didnt do much or anything to their hair.
Well let me say, AS AN EXPERIENCED BEAUTICIAN/STYLIST, this IS NOT FOR ORANGE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't think most people realize that this is for yellowish bleached pail blonde that still has YELLOW not orange tones in it.
If you have yellowish hair and use this, it will work well!!! but if you have dark yellow/ orange hair, it wont work!
If you have dark yellow hair and don't want to bleach anymore, use shimmer lights blonde. it'll work great.
Don't be stupid and buy this if you have orange hair, you'd just be wasting your damn money.
Hope someone reads this and finds it useful.
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on September 3, 2011
I've had Manic Panic hair for at least a year now and I cannot stop raving about this product! I've used maybe 6 of their colors and I'll review them all for anyone who's curious :)

Vampire Red - LOVE the potency of this color. I had light brown hair and without bleaching it I have bright as day blood red hair. It's awesome! The downside for this color is since it is red, it will fade faster than other colors. Any sort of red hair requires constant upkeep, but it is worth it!

Raven - One of my favorites! Unlike most of Manic Panic's colors it does not fade to a weird shade other than black, it's black for a super long time and will NOT run in the shower.

Rock N Roll Red - Good, but not the best. Gives more of an orangey tint to the hair, whereas Vampire Red will fade to a dark pink. Washes out quickly but the biggest downside is the orange tint.

Atomic Turquoise - If you want full affect you Definitely need to bleach, if you don't, brown hair will be more green than blue!

Wildfire - Eh. Not my favorite at all. VERY orange and doesn't stay for very long, not as potent as most of the other reds.

Electric Lizard - AWESOME! Very nice green shade.

Ultraviolet - Good, for a few days. Fades to blue very quickly :/
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on January 14, 2013
I used this on unbleached, virgin VERY dark hair. When I woke up the day after, I thought it didn't take at all. Then I went outside and saw there was a pretty significant change, that is, for a cheap, gentle, semi-permanent dye with no peroxide.

I left the dye on for about 6 hours and rinsed with cold water and vinegar. Then I've only been washing my hair every 4 days (2x at the time of this pic). I think the color has brightened with the washings, which I like.

My hair has retained its natural texture and remains undamaged from use of the product. It's not as shiny though, which is to be expected from what is essentially a coating on your hair.

I will warn you that this stuff will get on your pillows, clothing, bathtub, towels, etc. Every time you wash. I was able to bleach most of the color out of my towels with 1 washing. But the bathtub still has a pink hue on the bottom, despite 4 hours of a bleach soak.
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on December 1, 2014
The dye didn't last that long, almost a month. But the color was lovely!
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on March 2, 2015
As background needed if you're a hair junkie, I've relatively low porosity textured curly hair that was previously dyed a permanent auburn red (Loreal Power Reds) that had faded into the dark orange family. With permanent dyes, I have to use a 40 vol developer and my hair is still hesitant to lift or allow color deposit.

That said, I just wanted a deposit only product to darken the orange back into the red family until next time I permanently dye. I read good things about Manic and figured I'd probably get almost imperceptible results/a slight ted tint since I had no intentions to bleach but figured it was worth it.

I ignored the vibrancy of infra red since I just "knew" it'd barely show up. Out of the jar it looks rich. Not clown red but a deep hues, beautiful red. Anyway, Was I ever more wrong? My hair definitely received this non-permanent color! I think it came out ever so slightly purplish/pinkish due to past dye (it definitely went on bright red and rinsed out bright red...and stained everything from sink to skin bright red) but it's so bright I'm a little worried about rocking it at work as a thirty something professional. But it is definitely as advertised. Expect significant results even on hair without bleach. Even if it's not for me, I must endorse this as a seriously great product.
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on March 31, 2012
My son's been bleaching and dyeing his hair on and off for 4 years now, and we've experimented with many shades of Manic Panic. This is his preferred brand but the results vary depending what color you choose. (all of these are on hair which is bleached to light blond) We found that:

Red seems to fade faster---all three of the red shades we tried were pretty faded after 2-3 weeks. Pillarbox Red and Vampire Red both fade to an unattractive pinkish shade (not great on a boy), while Flaming fades to a rather nice sunset orange.

Ultra Violet lasts a bit longer than the red shades and it fades to what appears to be gray. My son found this kind of amusing but I didn't care for it.

Shocking Blue: this was one of our better results, really vibrant color, lasts pretty long, fades to a decent shade.

Midnight Blue: a little bit anemic, watered-down looking, a bit matter how long you leave it on, you never quite get the color saturation.

Electric Lizard: same problem as midnight blue. Nice but not nearly enough saturation.

MAGIC FORMULA.......drumroll.....THE BEST RESULT EVER with Manic Panic: do one full application of Electric Lizard, followed by one full application of Midnight Blue. You will get a REALLY great shade of emerald green that lasts a LONG time. We did this last on January 16th, and it's now March 31---it's faded but still green. Looked pretty cool at the St Patrick's Day party!
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on May 6, 2014
I've used this brand a few times, and have just gone back to having Atomic Turquoise hair again. I mix it up in a bowl with one part conditioner to two parts dye, and then leave it on underneath a shower cap for a few hours. Your hair will feel lovely and soft, and I'm sure it appreciates the love if you've just bleached your hair like I did.

My hair is past my shoulders by an inch or so, and based on my conditioner/dye ratio I used about three quarters of the pot. The remaining dye I'll be mixing into some conditioner to use as a top up between dye jobs.

You will see a lot of color coming out when you shower, but don't be alarmed! It just looks a lot because it's so pigmented. It will last a long time, and if you're like me you'll find that your roots need re-bleaching long before you need to touch up your color.
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