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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 6, 2010
Over the past 25 years, I've chased just about every self-improvement idea there is. While I think the affirmations and visualization that Mike Dooley teaches can help, I know there are millions of people who've faithfully practiced these techniques and found that they did not provide the full answer. The reason is that no matter how much people practice visualization and affirmations, negative programs in the subconscious still hold them back from realizing their dreams. If you've ever experienced crushing disappointments and setbacks even if you've followed the positive thinking routine, you know what I'm talking about.

Here's where I stopped chasing:

What really split the atom for me was learning about techniques that allow you to rid your mind of limiting beliefs rather than trying to shout them down. These modalities include Sedona, Release Technique, and Holoponopono. I'd also highly recommend reading The Power of Now and then learn to put it into practice by reading Beyond Happiness by Frank Kinslow.

Updated: 12/9/2010

I remember many years ago reading books by Robert Anthony, Denis Waitley, Tony Robbins, Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy and scores of others. I also read New Thought books from around the turn of the century by folks like Ernest Holmes, Ralph Waldo Trine, and William Wattles. Looking back at everything I've read in the Law of Attraction genre (which I think Manifesting Change falls into) nothing impacted me as much as "The Master Key System" by Charles Haanel. Do a Google search and you'll be able to download this MASTERPIECE for free as it is in the public domain. That, as well as Mike's book will give you a good foundation. get to the next level explore some of my other recommendations.
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on November 15, 2010
This latest book by "Infinite Possibilities" author and "Notes From The Universe" writer Mike Dooley is an eye-opener, and answered a few questions that I have not been able to answer myself over the last few years when working on the Law Of Attraction and "Thoughts Become Things" paradigm. Specifically, I have been stumped on exactly how to define and build the life of my dreams, and finding and following my "life purpose." Mr. Dooley took all the pressure off me by simply stating that "manifesting change could not possibly be any easier than defining what you want in terms of its end result, and then simply and physically moving in its general direction." Dooley goes on to explain that we get caught up in specifics--the "cursed hows"--and that by becoming more general (focusing on "happiness" or "joy" or "abundance") and moving in that general direction ("turning over stones" and being available), we then allow The Universe/God/Divine to take care of the "hows" and thereby end up at our requested destination.

Does it work? Dooley cites numerous examples, including many of his own experiences. I am convinced, and am working the plan. I guess I could best sum the theory up for non-believers by quoting a wise sage: "When you pray, move your feet."
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on January 16, 2011
I've read a plethora of self-help books. Some of them motivational (Anthony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Jack Canfield, James Arthur Ray etc etc). I've also read plenty of "Law of Attraction" themed books. From The Secret, the power of your subconscious mind, The Answer, and all of the Abraham Hicks books just to name a few.

Manifesting Change is by far THE BEST combination of motivational/self-help and spiritual Law of Attraction. Mike Dooley does a fantastic job at helping the reader wrap his/her mind around the impossible concepts of the cosmos. Dooley helps explain how to use the laws of the universe to grow as a person, and become everything you were meant to become...and guides you from a truly realistic and optimistic stand point.

Where some law of attraction books seem a bit far fetched and "woo-woo", Manifesting Change stays in a grounded place by:

1)explaining existence of "something bigger" through a feasible and logical standpoint. This is useful for someone like me, who sometimes questions (albeit rarely) the existence of Universal Energies and "sources".

2) Being realistic, and going beyond just sitting on your but and thinking about things. The secret, and most law of attraction books left the "action" part out of the equation. Mike Dooley explains actions, and also explains how to decipher the meanings of certain outcomes...for example, maybe you crashed your car so you could meet the other driver, and that driver knows someone who can help you in a certain situation.

To sum it all up, this book is something I would recommend to anyone wondering how to make their life better, how to be the best they can be....basically, ANYONE!
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on November 19, 2010
The best advice that you can take away from this inspirational book is to learn to focus on the end results. Dooley reminds us that we should focus on what we truly want instead of worrying about how to get those things. Specifically, he refers to these obstacles in your mind as "cursed hows" and encourages people to forget about those obstacles and focus primarily the "end result".

This book talks about god and the universe in a non-religous sense. Instead, Dooley describes god as the essence of everything, living and non-living. He focuses on the point that we should allow the universe, or god, or whatever divine force you choose to believe in, to eliminate those "cursed hows" and help you manifest change in your own life. Of course, he doesn't mean that you will not have to do anything at all, but you will be able to achieve your goals with less worrying about details. Whatever it is that you truly want, the universe will help you if you have faith and are focused on what you hope to achieve.

This is a simple concept that it put together in a straight-forward, easy to read book. While reading, you may realize how this concept has already been applied to your own life and how it truly works.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on February 16, 2012
This book was one of the main catalysts that freed me to finally start directing my life. If you are anything like me, books about the "law of attraction" and "we create the life we visualize", really resonate with you. The Secret was my first introduction to becoming aware that the universe was actually working with me to create the life I was thinking about. Up until then, I had mainly just considered myself "lucky" or even sometimes, "unlucky". Fortunately, the majority of my life fell into the "lucky" category. People saw me as someone for whom "things just worked out", and I felt so too. There wasn't a job I interviewed for that I wasn't offered, luxurious material goods I dreamed of buying were just given to me, I even got a beautiful house, free to live in for two years, just when I needed it! Before I knew it, I had the children I dreamed of in the exact house I imagined with the husband I had wanted. (In case you are thinking I'm some supermodel whom people continuously tried to please, let me just assure you that is NOT the case, my good fortune appeared to be just that... good fortune!) However, before I became aware of why and how I had managed to create such a "fortunate" life, I got bogged down in the chaos of family life, and I forgot to keep dreaming. What a terrible place to find yourself, unsure of what to even wish for or what could make you happy! I was heading towards a depression, and soon safely arrived. After reading The Secret, and many other similar books, I recognized that the power to create the life of our dreams was within each of us. I could see, how I had always been using these tools, albeit unwittingly, to bring me everything I always had. However, becoming aware of this isn't always enough. For example, I know all the right foods to eat to be wonderfully healthy, but that doesn't mean I reach for them. Sometimes the fact that we know better but still don't choose to behave accordingly is even worse that not knowing. We feel, guilt, confusion, frustration, and can't understand why we can't get out of our own way. Here I was, aware of this revealed truth, with a life history that magnificently supported it, but I was still unable to choose a new and positive reality. Enter "Manifesting Change" by Mike Dooley. Within the first two pages of the first chapter, Mike addresses, head on, one of the huge blocks I was up against with truly embracing "thoughts become things". For me, while "thoughts become things" resonated with me, I was still trying to not turn my back on my pre-constructed faith system. I was fearful of "what if I'm wrong" and "what if it's just my inflated ego thinking that I can play God and the true God is angry with me". In fact, it didn't help for me that many "law of attraction" authors often quote some of Jesus' words from the Bible... if they are quoting him... what about the other quotes, such as "I am the only way" , and "no one gets to the father except through me", etc. It only made me more confused when they presented Jesus as evidence towards their point, but ignored a huge part of the Christian message. Mike finally helped me begin to break through my limiting beliefs when he asked,

"What good is it to resonate with the law of attraction and to believe in an all-conspiring Universe, yet simultaneously believe that God is watching and judging you, or think that karma might undermine your dreams for achieving perfect health, or that your desire for abundance is somehow sinful or recklessly selfish?"

He goes on to say,

"The nature of our reality is deducible, knowable, and very simply this: we are creators, alive in a loving Universe - spiritual beings who live in a world of illusions that we have not only created but still exercise control over. The focus of our chosen attention is what shifts the circumstances of our lives around. That's it. Case closed. There's no hell, judgement, or New Age ideologies that mitigate this power. There is no such thing as a destiny to follow, dues to pay, or penance to offer."

WOW! Thank you Mike for fearlessly daring to say what needs to be said in order for some of us to fully embrace this beautiful truth. Thank you for daring to not just ignore common religious ideology, but to succintly state, that some of it is wrong, and it's time to let these limiting beliefs go. This is not the main focus of his book, but his thought provoking question, and following bold statement are a wake up call to some of us to clarify what we really believe.

For me, the other break through moment in the book, was when Mike addresses exactly what my other biggest problem was at the time. What if you don't know what you want? It's all fine and good for these books to tell me to "visualize what I want and get excited about it"... but what about when I've forgotten how to dream, and nothing excites me, what if I'm not sure what I want... what then? Mike addresses this head on, and it was like a light bulb moment for me. The most wonderful thing about this loving universe, is that I don't have to know the details of what I want, I can have joy just by deciding I want joy... In fact, that is the BEST place to start consciously creating a more glorious life. Mike describes clearly and easily where to begin,and I can confidently tell you, that it has worked for me, and my "luck" has changed again!

Different people are at different places on their path, but if you relate to where I was on my journey, then please read this book... You might have noticed that I said "begin to break through" earlier in this review. It was Mike's book that gave me the superb practical advice of how to put the universe to work to create a life I love, and challenged me to address whether I was fully embracing my power, or whether I was still holding onto limiting beliefs. But there was another story that gave me the confidence I needed to break through my fear and release my limiting thoughts. The story is that of Anita Moorjani, and the near death experience she had as her organs began to shut down from a losing battle with cancer. What she experienced, during her NDE, and her subsequent complete and miraculous healing, is truly life changing. (See my review her remarkable book, Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing). I know my journey still has many ways to unfold... but these two books seems to have combined for me, the breakthrough I was seeking to live fearlessly, as my authentic self, with a new sense of joy, and a beautiful confidence in a glorious future, that I have the power to create. Thank you to both these authors, and all the others who try to help us hear the message of our amazing selves. What a wonderful life it is!
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on March 12, 2011
because I feel as though there was a mismatch between reviews on amazon and what I was reading.
This book tries to be encouraging. Tells you to be patient. that your visions will work out in time. It's a comforting message. Yet lacks a clearly defined program to manifesting success and does not add anything that hasn't been written in 100 other books since the movie "The secret" came out. I would recommend this book to give another point of view on a difficult topic but you could say that about 1000 other books. Based upon other reviewers I thought there would be more to it. Working towards your goal and taking steps to make it real is just simple goal achievement. Manifesting your reality is on another level entirely. I don't know of many people who have a true grasp on what manifesting is, but many of us who are frustrated are tired of hearing the same ole thing. I've manifested miracles, but it ain't easy, and anyone who has diligently tried for very long will will tell you the same.

Still, the message of "letting the universe plot the course for you to arrive at your final destination" does align with what I have found.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on December 12, 2010
Mike Dooley and his cosmic alter-ego, "The Universe," offer equal parts wisdom and wit in this companion piece to Infinite Possibilites. It's a metaphysical book that demystifies the magic of how the law of attraction and physical manifestation work. Equally it's a practical "How-To" book about believing in the magic of your ability to dream and create anything you set your heart upon.

For many of us, the hard part is figuring out what it is that we want. According to Dooley, if you get too specific with what he calls "The Cursed Hows," you throttle the creative force of the universe. He offers a Matrix - a kind of cosmic crib sheet - to help guide your visualizations. It illustrates how your thoughts and emotions are the only things entirely under your control, and if you focus on progressively specific details, the message of what you want gets more and more diluted and dependent on other people. If, on the other hand, you focus on pouring good feelings and expectation into a more general desire for Happiness, Health, Abundance and the like - part of his "Fantastic 5" - you unleash the full power of the universe to fill in the blanks, and fulfill your desires in wonderful and even unexpected ways.

The book is punctuated with useful visualizations and exercises that really make you stop and think about your thoughts! You begin to realize the power they have to manifest good and not-so-good. According to Dooley, "All you ever have to do to manifest change is define what you want in terms of the end result" and then "put your car in gear." The direction you move in is not as important as the fact that you are moving. Let the Universe arrange the details. It's good at that...
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on February 14, 2011
I was looking for a book on manifesting that gave me some new insights, methods, or "secrets" to what I already knew. However this book left me disappointed. I looked at all the 5 star reviews and thought oh great. I read less than half the book then skimmed the remainder to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I suppose I wouldn't have been disappointed if there were a redeeming quality to the book where I could say, yes, that was nice, but I'm drawing a blank.

"Thoughts are things." Yea, I know. We create our futures based upon what we expect and act on. Yea I know. We need to decide what we want and begin to take steps (even if simple) to move in the general direction of our dreams. We don't have to figure out all the "how to's" or details, the universe will take care of the details. Events, even if at first negative ultimately take us to our goal. Our positive emotions play a role in the process. All pretty basic stuff IMO.

This certainly is a useful topic one that needs to be explained by an expert. I didn't get the impression that Mike Dooley (God bless him, I love him completely) was an expert based upon the examples he gave of his experiences.

If I had to recommend this book it would be to someone who had little understanding of manifesting and was just starting out, however there are much better beginners books out there such as books by Florence Scovil Shinn's "the game of life".

Many people confuse manifesting with simple hard work. I can tell you that if we didn't succeed in the things we put our mind to then we wouldn't have life on this planet.

Best thing about the book, helping me see that regardless of where I am right now, experiences add up to eventually reveal the final out come, that along the path may be unclear.
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17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
You may be wondering, "Who is Mike Dooley and why should I listen to him?" Mike Dooley is a prominent
teacher from the wildly successful book and DVD "The Secret". You may remember him from his trademark
phrase, "Thoughts become things".

In "Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier", he discusses taking the law of attraction to the next
level and reveals some his best material which he uses as the basis for his speaking programs.

Dooley compares our lives to traveling with a GPS. He tells us that the only thing one needs to put into
a GPS is the destination. The GPS, like the Universe, then does the work of plotting the best route to
our destination, and we can get there if we follow step two - taking action. To consciously manifest
anything, we need to decide where we want to go (i.e. what we want in our lives), and the Universe will
provide the guidance to get us there.

According to Dooley, most people try to create their life backward. The key to the process of manifestation
is to begin with the end in mind. The Universe works backwards from the end result. Having the end in mind
effects the circumstances of your life so that you will be introduced to the right people at the right time
and the right activities that yield the manifestation you started thinking about.

He uncovers the reasons why we view making changes as difficult when it doesn't have to be, and shows how
manifesting change is actually quite easy. He introduces a 3-step process to clarify your desired end
results. The main tool for doing this is his Matrix which helps you clairfy your desires. It really is
quite good.

Dooley will also challenge your limiting beliefs to get you to look past them. The book is spiritual but
not religious and may challenge some religious beliefs. I really enjoyed the thought provoking "Notes from
the Universe" which are designed to get you think beyond the obvious life that you see.

There are an abundance of books on the law of attraction. This is definitely one of the better ones. One of
the best things about this book is his conversational writing style. You feel like he is your close friend
talking to you. He keeps things simple with real tools for change.
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19 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on November 20, 2010
Mike Dooley's book "Manifesting Change" is the book I needed to have when I turned 47 and said, out loud, "I want to change absolutely everything about my life". But, like many people, I too became bogged down by the "hows" he speaks of with such remarkable insight. They are often accompanied by persistent self-questioning: "Is the the right direction for me, what if it's just not meant to be, and, what if it doesn't work?" I chose instead, after a year of unproductive effort, to let the Universe know, simply, that I wanted my life to be used in the best possible way, and then to be brave enough to follow the course in which I was led. Mike Dooley's book will no doubt help many, many people begin to move in the direction their lives are meant to take, and to travel with greater confidence on their journeys.

Wendy Cohan, RN
Author: "The Better Bladder Book - A Holistic Approach to Healing Interstitial Cystitis & Chronic Pelvic Pain" (Hunter House, 2010)
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