Customer Reviews: Marbles Bolo Camp Knife, 18.75 in.
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on January 30, 2012
Just got this machete and did some yard work. No problems with the blade and no effort.

The only downside is the handle. Like some videos mentioned, the groove (or more of a gap) all around. I'm going to fill it with epoxy to strengthen it and part of the handle towards the blade doesn't "sandwich" the blade properly. Filling up the inside areas with epoxy may do the trick.
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on November 20, 2013
I have about nine machetes and this one is not one of my favorites. I ordered it quite excited about it. No, it wasn't the orange finish that did it for me, but the fact that it's made by the company that makes Condors and Imacusa machetes, both of which are known for being good stuff (I have two Condors and agree). The reviews also had me hopeful.

What I liked:
- The feel of the machete was pretty nice. There were some gaps where the handle was oversized for the tang, but no big deal. It feels good in the hand and has nice balance.
- The partial cutting blade on the back. I like being able to finish something off with a back stroke.
- Looks. The bolo looks hefty and seemed to me as if it would be a good chopper. I, as always, am thinking of how it would work in a backpack as a survival tool.
- That the paint is orange. Look, I'll be honest... I'd rather there not be paint, but if there is, it should make sense. Hi-viz orange makes sense. You won't lose it.
- It's very good against light brush, makes a good yard or lawn tool.
- Sharpens to a razor's edge and holds an edge well.

What I didn't like:
- Case must be ordered separately. C'mon!
- The blade is way too light and way to "tinny" as it makes a hollow ring on every stroke from blade vibration.
- It's a TERRIBLE chopper because there is so little heft in the blade, largely stemming from the partial back blade which sacrifices the weight of the spine for another cutting edge. Additionally, the spine down below the back edge is too thin. This thing needs some meat on its bones. One thing that makes a machete so formidable is the weight behind the blade. This has very little.
- I hate the paint. I get what they're going for, but I took it off. I couldn't deal with it. This is personal preference and if it has to be painted, orange is OK, but I like a more natural look.

Honestly, I use my machete like a cross between a machete and a hatchet. I like chopping wood. I like being able to snap thick stuff. Compared to my Cold Steel magnum kukri or my Condor parang, this thing is a toy. Were it not for my habit of sharpening things too sharp (including that dangerous back edge that comes down about four inches from the top), I'd give it to my 11-year-old. If I spent a lot of time hacking through sawgrass, coffeeweeds and swamp reeds, this thing would be handy, but given my tendency to find myself in southern hardwood forests, this isn't the right tool for me. It is well made and it's decent steel but I feel like I am giving it too much credit with a 3 star rating, though it is well made and I can't make myself drop it to 2 stars. I put it in the same class (albeit a notch above within that class) as my Gerber Jr. Gator machete, though with a better fit and finish. YMMV.
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on February 27, 2012
This thing is sharp as hell. Seriously pay close attention when handling it, especially while unsheathing. The blade is in very good condition, not bent or crooked. The sharpened edge on both sides are very, very sharp. The wooden handle is not bad except the metal pinhole at the butt of the handle (for a lanyard) sticks out a little. As another person commented in their review there was a gap where you can see the tang around the handle but it was sealed with the same orange paint that is on the blade and on the end of the handle. I actually like the orange paint on both the blade and the handle so I will have a better chance finding it in the woods.

This machete did come with a sheath which had three pockets, one of which had a sharpening stone in it. I would suggest you put band-aids in the remaining two pockets because you will need them. The one thing I wasn't crazy about is how you are supposed to sheath and unsheathe it; which you cant do in one fluid motion (doing so and you will cut the Velcro straps around it). You actually have to open and close these two Velcro straps to keep the sheath strapped around the blade. Doing anything this close to the blade and you'll likely cut yourself.

I haven't cut anything other than the cardboard box it came in (and my fingers). I'll try to post an update after I use it for what it was intended for.
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The Marbles bolo cutter is really superb as far as the blade is concerned and decent as far as the handle goes. I just picked up a second after using one for over a year and finally dulling it beyond repair, which is really good considering how it was used. Normal use would not cause that but I use mine to kill poisonous water snakes/ rattlesnakes as well as cut paths and that sometimes means hitting it against rocks or making contact with something solid and dinging up the blade or chipping handles. Before using the bolo I had to replace one around every three months so that's pretty nice. The handle could be better, as far as that goes I prefer the basic Marbles Machete because it is a wrapped handle, but this blade really seals the deal. Not only is it really sharp, but it stays sharp and has a good wrap-around blade so you can use your momentum to clear areas faster.

It does not come with a case, but for ten dollars Marbles also makes a cover specific for this, with three pouches and a sharpening stone. It fits this perfectly but straps in, making it hard to just pop in and out, so I carry the one as a back-up in a large pouch for basic machetes and one in the bolo cutter cover just in case.

Really good blade, especially considering how newer blades in the same price range are made from lesser materials. The color also helps if you sit it down and need to find it, which sometimes happens when taking a break in the middle of clearing areas.
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on March 3, 2016
this is my workhorse around the yard when i need to break down or trim back branches. it can definitely get through larger diameter trunks and retain it's edge. it has a nice weight and thick spine for hard or dry wood. the nylon sheath doesn't come with the bolo but that's fine with me. for me this bolo was a perfect because the fit and finish of the handle wasn't perfect; i like to customize the handle to my preference. if you are not into doing a little more work them you might want to pay a little more for a condor, which also makes a great bolo. whenever i buy a machete, i usually try to stick with ones that are made in central or south america, el salvador being my go-to.
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on May 2, 2013
Works as designed. Be sure to get the sheath with the sharpening stone. A machete without a sharpening device is useless. This machete sharpens easily. That is essential when bushwacking and cutting down invasive species at ground level. I am not afraid to whack at the ground if necessary with this tool.
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on November 28, 2012
I brought this about a week ago, and i originally had a very positive review. The blade kept a damn good edge, i felt the blade was a little thin. The sheath is more durable than the machete. Only problems i could find were the Velcro and the way the machete fits into it. I did some modifications to the blade, i gridded down the "false edge" cuz it was a danger, i made the mistake of cross drawing the machete, i had placed my left hand on the stealth, and took the blade out with my right. The false edge sliced my hand pretty deep, nothing to bad. I also to sand the handle down, because its to big and bulky.
After all that i was ready to give it a test run. After work today i went into the forest and started cutting up some tress. For a good part of an hour this Bolo KICK BUTT. The edge held up, the handle feels good, the blade is nicely made. i was about to leave home when i saw this log and i though one last swing. I went to this log and took a nice swing, a heard a loud "ping" the blade bounced off the oak. I looked at the blade a large portion of the blade a fallen off, not bent just disappeared. i Looked into the log to make sure there was no nail, or other metallic parts, but the machete fell apart with just about one hour of use. I give this product a there because i am a little rough on my tools(tough love) but there is no reason this blade should have cracked under the pressure.
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on January 22, 2014
Great machete for chopping vegetation for compost. Razor sharp with a nice wooden handle. It was recommended by a local blacksmith who specializes in garden tools.
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on June 1, 2012
Love the blade, nice and sharp, and very strong. But the handle leaves much to be desired. The two wood halves are a bit too large for the tang, and leaves a gap all the way around the tang, right in the middle of the two halves. This is not confortable on your hand. You have to either cut/sand it down, making the handle smaller, which I don't want to do, or fill it with something. Obviously wood filler wouldn't work for a working tool, so that's out. I've read that some have used epoxy, so I might try that. Shame that such a fine blade is given such a sorry a** handle that needs to be worked.
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on June 15, 2013
Thick blade. Nice weight. Great for chopping anything and everything. From branches and weeds to zombies and intruders, you will never go wrong if this blade is by your side.
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