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on December 11, 2013
I thought this film lacked character development and depth. The dialogue and the acting felt superficial and forced. Ironically, the friendship most believable and genuine appeared to be between Margarita and Carlos. Nicola Correia Damude's Magarita came across as a sincere and very likable character and she,a very capable actress. As with many lesbian films, content and character development was replaced with gratuitous sex scenes that neither developed the plot nor the character.

I was confused how a family that lived with and "loved" Margarita for six years; treated her like family, could devolve and crumble the way they did in this film. I think the crumbling is possible, given the circumstances, but the story itself didnt't translate well to the screen because of the superficial acting. The story is a good one and makes an earnest effort to illuminate the struggles illegal immigrants face in this country. I expected more from this film and was left feeling a little disappointed.
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on December 22, 2013
Margarita is a good example of entertaining and intelligent indepenent film making. Here you find a great story competent actors and a charismatic lead actress. What a delight to find a story where the main character is a lesbian, but the story involves so many more issues. Margarita is an illegal immigrant in Canada and the family she has worked for are letting her go after 6 years, so she need to get married or be deported. This dilemma she faces gives rise to both dramatic and comedic plot development which is very satisfyingly resolved. What a great country Canada is, where same sex marriage is legal, if only Australia, where I live was as enlightened!
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on April 21, 2014
I admit that I had low expectations for this film. After reading some of the reviews and after having just seen Concussion, I figured this movie was just another piece of garbage.

But I couldn't have been more wrong! I cannot wait to watch it again. The main character, Margarita, is rip-roaring funny. She has a pleasant accent and a sarcastic wit that kept me laughing. Nicole Correia-Damude, who played "Margarita", absolutely sold this movie!!! Her performance is AMAZING!!! Patrick McKenna and Maya Ritter also did superbly, and their performances really helped bring the movie together.

The story is relatable given the current worldwide economical turmoil. Many people/families have found themselves in similar circumstances and are forced to resort to drastic measures. This background isn't meant to imply that the movie is "heavy" in any way. The directors were able to keep the movie light through comedy. The story still makes the audience think about immigration issues and the effect of difficult financial times on families, marriages, children, and employment relationships.

The chemistry between Margarita and her girlfriend Jane was iffy. I think that the directors should have cast someone else as Jane because Christine Horne's performance wasn't really memorable. However, Nicole Correia-Damude, playing "Margarita", had enough passion for both of them.

Bravo on an excellent movie! I'm glad that I bought it. As far as I'm concerned, it is tied for 1st place with "Kiss Me" and "Out At The Wedding".
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on December 4, 2015
A very lovely tale of an illegal immigrant nanny and her employers. She is family when she works but due to hard times and cash shortages her family need to give her the boot. They don't want too but have too. She gets the news then has an accident and needs hospital care and the immigration people catch up with her and want to send her back to Mexico. But she is in Canada and is an out lesbian and her family are not married themselves. So both him and her ask her to marry them so she can stay in Canada and they can keep her. They do love her in a very professional way. And there daughter thinks shes her big sister and loves her dearly. BUT Nanny decides to stand on her own two feet and turns them all down and decides she will go home. BUT her girlfriend has other ideas and pops the question for real. A lovely tale with just a bit of magic. Enjoy. A good watch for all romantics and dreamers.
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on April 12, 2014
Margarita is a simple movie, but thestory in this movie,
is so good, but whatever you may think may happen,
well, its don't.
the movie starts with a rich couple getting there towed!
than, after that, we find out they also have a nanny,
that basically does everything for them ,
encluding rasing there daughter,
than the couple figures out they have money going out than have
coming in, so they argue & decide they need to let there,
Nanny go, so they can save money,
the family sees her as part of the family and neither the hubby or wife,
wants to tell her.
they finally do it together, than they realise that she is in the U.S illegally,
so, the couple decides , since they want margarita to stay in the country,
and they know they cannot afford to go to court, so the couple talks
about how they will keep her here,
btw, the couple is NOT married, they are only common law,
the wife decides well, the her hubby could marry Margarita,
and she could stay here, margarita decides since she is a lesbian, '
thats not a good idea for her, so the wife gets a great idea,
why don't she marry Margarita, the courts would understand that,
but Margarita has a girlfriend that doesn't want to marry her
to much has been said about this movie,
so whatch the movie and see what happens,
it will surprise you.
again , what you think should happen , doesn't!!
i would recommend this movie to any person wanting to learn
about things in a lesbian relationship!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 12, 2014
Margarita is a Nanny to a high flying couple with a fourteen year old daughter. She has been with them a number of years and seems to do everything for them as well as being the daughter’s best friend, teacher and confidante. She is also a lesbian and has a girlfriend who seems to want to keep her at arms length outside of their physical relationship. Well the couple Ben and Gail have had a run of bad luck in the cash flow department. A string of bad investments and bad career choices has left them financially embarrassed.

Well they have to make cutbacks and so they have to think the unthinkable and ‘let Margarita go’. Margarita, meanwhile, has spotted the slide in their fortunes and has been doing economy measures for some time, as well as fixing computes, mending the gutter, clearing the drive and servicing the hot tub – she is also drop dead gorgeous. Well once they have told her that she has to go the consequences for everyone become very apparent, very quick – and that’s when they find out she is also an illegal immigrant.

This is just a wonderful film, Nicola Correia Damude (’Havana 57’) as Margarita is sensational but a special word has to be said for Patrick McKenna as Ben who is marvellous, funny, and an all round entertainer who you can’t help feeling sorry for him even when he is trying to fire Margarita. Everyone is great in this and the direction is excellent from Dominique Cardona and Laurie Colbert they worked together before on ‘Finn’s Girl’ so they knew they could deliver and deliver they have in absolute spades. One of the best films I have seen for ages and I can not recommend highly enough – a comedy with social comment and a bucket of human emotion and it’s Canadian – what is not to like?
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on July 21, 2014
A heart felt lesbian comedy. Although the movie covers the serious topic of illegal immigration, the off beat characters make the film very funny. The only truely sane on of the household is Margarita. I enjoyed watching this film.
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on January 20, 2014
The lesbian main character's sexuality is beside the point.

She has both straight and gay people in her life that love her. No one has a problem or issue with her lifestyle, which is refreshing.

The dialog is humorous. The characters have common foibles but are at their heart, kind and loving.
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on May 31, 2014
I had wanted to see this film. i was hoping it wold not be another formulaic lesbian movie. It was not and I was very happy about that. This is a great, thoughtful film that looks not just at lesbians in romantic situations but at people in normal situations of daily life. It examines how things and people are often not what they seem and the lies they tell themselves and each other in order to maintain the lives they have created when full disclosure is no longer an option. And the story is told with an honest, candid voice that made it that much more credible. The couple who employ the title character are feckless, shallow yuppies whose identity is more tightly tied to their suburban home than to any moral compass. In contrast the title character is a hardworking person whose status as an undocumented person serves as the backdrop for her struggle to live up to her own moral and ethical standards. As the finances of the family she lives with unravels we get a glimpse into the hypocrisy that is often the price of affluence-real or perceived. That's a tall order for a dramedy but this film pulls it off by letting the characters various stories be what they are-complicated, compromised and riddled with contradictions. And yet interspersed with genuine love and affection. just like real life. The ending was a tinsy bit sappy but I could not fault them for that. All in all a very lovely film I will watch again.
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on January 8, 2014
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