Customer Reviews: Mariah Carey - Greatest Hits
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Mariah Carey is perhaps one of the most beautiful creatures God has ever created. Her sweet sexy voice is so pure and beautiful. The music on this album is for the true romantic.

The first CD is more intense yet still has some very romantic songs, while the second is much deeper and emotional overall.

"Butterfly" is still my favorite song because it speaks of how we are all individual souls that cannot be possessed. It always creates such beautiful images of a summer day and of the freedom to love without possessing. "My All" is highly emotional and one of the most evocative songs about longing I have ever heard.

"I'm thinking of you
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If its wrong to love you
Then my heart just won't let me be right
Cause I'm drowned in you..."

I saw her interviewed once when she was talking about helping children find families and I just thought what a beautiful soul she must be. The inner qualities she possesses seem to come out in her music.

I hope that no matter where life takes her, that she will always find enough unconditional love. It is the soul's deepest desire.

Mariah's voice is just amazing! If you buy only one of her albums, this one would be my recommendation. I would have
been happy without the bonus track.

~The Rebecca Review
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on December 12, 2001
While never accused of being a particularly meaningful song interpreter, Mariah Carey has nonethelesss produced some of the best pop of the last decade, the majority of which is presented here in this very generous twenty-eight song compilation. While her career is seemingly going even further south thanks to her unjustly criticized GLITTER album(and the accompanying flop of a movie), this is a good reminder of why, at her peak, few could come close to Carey's track record. While she was constantly prone to adult contemporary sap('I Don't Wanna Cry', the horrifically maudlin 'My All'--one of her worst records ever), she also produced a number of first-rate singles('Vision Of Love', 'Fantasy', 'Emotions'). Sixteen of the tracks are carry-overs from her previous 1'S collection(rendering that set pointless), along with tracks from RAINBOW, as well as a completely unnecessary remix of her holiday track 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. Additionally, the set includes several of Carey's non-commercial singles(the sterling 'Forever', 'Butterfly'), as well as one of her best, most fully realized songs ever('Underneath the Stars', which was inexplicably never released). One minor omission her is that of 'Breakdown', one of the few highlights from her otherwise dreary BUTTERFLY album. Otherwise, this is a great way to filter through the cream of Carey's Sony years.
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on April 23, 2002
Mariah's 'official' "Greatest Hits" was inevitible, albeit a little too soon after "#1's." Though the two sets were bound to overlap each other, "Greatest Hits" is an agonyzing disappointment for fans who had their hopes up for the ultimate Mariah Carey collection. The omissions are glaring; "Breakdown" is nowhere to be found, though Mariah insisted her real "Greatest Hits" would include it in the "#1's liner notes. Also absent are "Never Forget You," "Crybaby," "The Roof," any number of Mariah' hit remixes, and popular B-sides like "Slipping Away," "Do You Think Of Me," and "Everything Fades Away." Their disclusion could be excused if space were a factor, but the fact that they were replaced by such uninsipired tripe as "Underneath The Stars," a useless remix of "All I Want For Christmas Is You," and three of the four weak bonus tracks from "#1's" -- only one of which was even a small hit -- makes the aformetioned ommissions disturbing. Whether the tracks were selected by Mariah to spite Sony, or by Sony to spite Mariah, "Greatest Hits" is not worth buying by any stretch. Keep "#1's," and maybe pick up "MTV Unplugged" instead. Those two discs are a much better listen than these two.
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on March 27, 2006
As a casual fan, for many years I just had her "1's" collection and figured it was enough. Well recently I got this "Greatest Hits" fairly cheap and quickly realized how much better it really is. Besides the inclusion of more tracks, I like this collection more for the songs that didn't reach the top of the charts. Some of the minor hits I like alot more than the #1 hits, specifically "Can't Let Go", "Make It Happen", and the cover of "Without You". I think my current favorite here is "Anytime You Need A Friend". That song is excellent, and is one of a few I had completely forgotten about. Another plus to this set is the inclusion of the songs from "Rainbow". In a perfect world this would also have "Breakdown" and "Against All Odds", but it's still an amazing package. The only other surprise to me was the lack of pictures. She usually gives us some nice shots, but not here.
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on August 26, 2003
There is a big problem with the sequence of "hits" on this CD. First off, as many fans have noticed, this is basically the same songs and (almost) same order as her previous hits album "#1's" which is a shame... because this album could've been so much better. Because I already bought "#1's" I decided not to get it.
My version would be somewhat like this.
Vision of Love
Love Takes Time
Anytime You Need A Friend
My All
Underneath The Stars
Can't Take That Away
I Don't Wanna Cry
Without You
Can't Let Go
I Still Believe
When You Believe
One Sweet Day
Thank God I Found You
Never Too Far
There's Got To Be A Way
Emotions (12" Club Mix)
Fantasy (regular version)
All I Want For Christmas Is You (ORIGINAL VERSION!)
Always Be My Baby
HeartBreaker (original version)
Make It Happen
Heartbreaker (remix ft. Da Brat and Missy "Misdamenor" Elliot)
Thank God I Found You ("Make It Last Forever" Remix)
Honey (bad boy remix)
Fantasy (Remix ft. ODB)
Breakdown (Mo Thugs Remix... basically same version but extended raps)
Loverboy (remix)
Basically it could've been somewhere along the lines of Whitney's GH. Mariah has so many remixes she decided to make her own Remix album... so it wouldnt be as good if she had them on the 2nd disc. She could had it like first disc-slow songs and seocnd disc-fast songs. She could've included a bonus dvd too. She also could've partnered with Virgin (after all they DID give her a few mill to leave the label) and put some 'Glitter" songs on there for the fans. And of course bonus tracks which are basically remixes that got good airplay on the radio. Vote no or Yes but that's my opinion. I love Mariah and I think this GH collection could've been *SO* much better!
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on December 13, 2001
Mariah Carey was the biggest female songstress of the 90's. She had several hugely successful albums hit after hit (at least up until the "Butterfly" album.) This album is a great look back at her amazing career (although the first disk has most of the good stuff on it. Mariah worked for her success and her first album yielded 4 incredible hits (Vision of Love, Love Takes Time, Someday, and I Don't Wanna Cry) They were all huge on radio and commercially (all making it to #1) Mariah's 2nd album "Emotions" wasn't quite as successful as her first, but it was still a fantastic work churning out three of her best songs (Emotions, Can't Let Go (breathtaking), and Make It Happen) Yet again, all three were large on radio and commercially. Next came along her biggest acheivement yet "Music Box." Four fantastic singles followed (the 2 #1's "Dreamlover", "Hero", and the equally deserving "Anytime You Need A Friend" and "Without You." In '95, Mariah released yet another huge album "Daydream." "One Sweet Day" was one of the buggest songs in history and "Fantasy" and "Always Be My Baby" were also amazingly successful. "Forever" was also released off "Daydream" but never charted (which is beyond me cuz it's a fantastic song.)'s where Mariah began to falter. '97 and "Butterfly." She began to go into the hip-hop scene and radio quickly turned its back on her. "Honey" and "My All" went to #1 but only due to commercial releases. They both received lukewarm airplay. "Butterfly" never even charted. in '99 "Rainbow" was released which provided some amazing songs, but they were overshadowed by the hip-hop (...). "Heartbreaker" and "TGIFY" went to #1, but yet again, they released barely any airplay and only managed to cuz of commercial releases....
Mariah...go back to the music that brought u onto the scene. Don't waste your time with music that doesn't show off your amazing talent.
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on June 6, 2005
Mariah Carey's "Greatest Hits" is an excellent album. I only owned two of her albums at the time when this was released, so I decided to buy it. If you own all of Mariah's other albums or own the album "#1's", then I would not recommend this album as there is nothing new about the tracklisting apart from getting a Remix of "All I Want For Christmas Is You". If you don't own the "#1's" album and own round about two of the diva's workings or less, then I would recommend it.

Sure all the #1 singles are here. Therefore, if you have the "#1's" album, you will already have a fair amount of Mariah's #1's on that album. In fact, 16 out of the 28 tracks on this double-disc set (57%) are on the "#1's" album! All of the bonus tracks that were on that album, also appear on this album apart from "Do You Know Where You're Going To" and "Whenever You Call" (with Brian McKnight). Still, this album shows a fabulous display of all of Mariah's hits from the 90's up to 2001, when this album was released.

All of the songs were included, apart from a few. "Breakdown" was not included, and neither was "Open Arms". For me, these are the main songs that should have been included, but were not. There were five songs that were not included, but these were the main two that I was bothered about. The two discs had longer than half an hour left, so these tracks should have and could have been included. The new remix of "All I Want For Christmas Is You", is very R'n'B style and very funky, however, it's also very safe. The original version should have been included instead.
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on December 5, 2013
This is the first album I got of hers and it has all the songs I love. I write or use to write poems by playing songs. Sometimes the words would just speak to me. Eunice Kennedy Shriver the founder of Special Olympics past in 2009. I played Hero on YouTube and wrote a poem for her.
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on August 6, 2003
As a fan of the "greatest hits" albums (owning hundreds on CD), I was pleased with the track selection but unhappy with the packaging. For an artist as talented as Mariah, she deserved better. I am a HUGE fan of the liner notes (my favorite: Prince Hits 1 & 2) and there should have been some at least the major highlights. The liner notes would be welcomed by casual fans as well. The other problem is no new pictures except for the cover! Pictures are a NECESSITY (my favorite: Best of Rod Stewart has a whole slew of them, more than you want).
Columbia Records is known to give poor packaging. Other notable artists: Chicago's early hits albums, Barbra Streisand, Billy Joel (just lyrics), and Toto.
Liner notes and LOTS of pictures are a MUST for all hits albums. I hope everyone agrees. However, I don't think there will ever be a collection like this again, so it's the top pick by default. Unless, Columbia gets cute and releases future hits albums like so many artists out there.
Overall: 5 stars for Songs and 3 stars for Packaging = 4 stars.
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on March 23, 2004
When Mariah's #1's album came out people complained because it didn't have all the songs they wanted on it. But not all of Mariah's songs made it to number one. Then when this masterful greatest hits came out. People complained because they should've put more on it. So then she came out with a remix album and people are now complaining because they didn't put the right one's on there. What does this woman have to do? Every single on this album I have purchased. Every album I own! And NOT ONCE have I been dissappointed or mad. And to all you other people who post that Mariah is horrible! What do you listen to that's so inspirational (Britney, J.Lo give me a break!). At least Mariah has 2 things going for her she can sing amazingly. And she can write her material also! Does Britney or J.Lo? NO. She was number one for ten years. I wish that she still is but it's these brain dead teeny boppers that are taking over. Mariah you are the greatest and you always will be!!!!!
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