Customer Reviews: Marina Style 5 Glass Aquarium Kit - 5 Gallons
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on September 24, 2013
Great beginners tank or perfect for a Betta. You receive everything needed to start a aquarium except the gravel, water and fish. Comes with food, water pump, filters, net, hood, light, water conditioners and water chlorine neutralizer. The thermometer did not work, but I like the thermometers that go into the tank, it will give a more accurate reading. Other people have complained about receiving there tanks broken. My tank was packed good. The thing I did not like the items packaged inside the tank, food, filters and such and not secure inside the tank. They do move around inside the tank. The light that comes with tank is "ok". I purchased a different bulb listed below. The GE lightbulb makes a very big difference and makes my Betta's colors really shine.
Receiving the tank I filled it with water, poured in the additives, and let it circulate for 24 hours and stabilize to room temperature. Then in went my fish. Be careful putting in a fish, do not just drop him in. He seems happy and living life as a happy fish. Every time I walk buy his tank or sit in my living room he always watches me and follows me. My bettas usually stays at the top of tank, they are top swimmers. I purchases live plants that grow and reach the top of the tank, he likes to lay in the leaves at the top of the tank, I have read it is normal for them to do that.
If you are setting up a tank, these are the things I have noticed for my fish and aquarium.
DO NOT buy gravel from wallmart. Even after rinsing the gravel, some of the gravel will float and my betta will try to eat it.
DO NOT buy the floating log top, it peels after about month, which cannot be good for your tank or betta.
DO set your your water pump to lowest possible setting, Bettas are not strong swimmers and like calm water.
Do buy your gravel at a pet store that cares about pets and fish. (PETSMART OR AMAZON)
Do buy an air pump with a Air Flow Control, and set it to the lowest possible setting with air bubbles. Betta like calm water, but the air pump will remove the film that will appear on the top of the tank and also oxygenate the water for the plants and betta (I know plants dont breath oxygen :-)).
This is what I purchase with my 5 gallon tank:
GE Lighting 89082 Energy Smart Spiral CFL 10-Watt (40-watt replacement)
2 PCS Non-return Check Valves for Aquarium Air Pump
ViaAqua 50-Watt Quartz Glass Submersible Heater with Built-In Thermostat
Marina Cool Air Pump
Jardin Aquaculture Air Flow Control 3-Way Lever Valve Pump for Aquarium
Marina 1-Inch Cylinder Air Stone, 4-Pack
Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock
Sea-Life Plants Live Lily Aquarium Bulbs
Sea-Life Plants Live Aponogeton Aquarium Bulbs
With everything, my fish has a happy home.
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on October 17, 2011
My girlfriend and I are both new to taking car of fish (we have a single small gold fish). This tank was a decent price and seems to be working just fine. It has no leaks, and is perfect for us since it comes with instructions on how to take care of the fish. The filters are really easy to change and the fish has a lot of space to swim around in. The primary thing I was worried about was the filter's suction, but it seems to be very gentle so the fish does not get caught in it.

Update: It has been a over a year and still no issues with leaks, or the pump. The only very minor annoyance is that sometimes the lid to the filter changer vibrates. But it is easy to solve. Other than that no complaints about this tank. It is also very nice that the replacement filters are relatively cheap on amazon.
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on September 29, 2011
I bought this as an upgrade for my betta fish. I've had a 1.5 gallon for a while, but wanted something a bit bigger.

-This unit has a nice foot print. It doesn't take up a ridiculous amount of counterspace.
-The filter is very impressive compared to other tanks I've seen. The flow is adjustable, from very gentle to rather aggressive.
-The filter is also rather quiet. Unlike my other tank, this one doesn't need an overly aggressive airrated to vibrate and make all kinds of noise.
-The lid and glass both seem to be of high quality. The opening section of the lid is sturdy and there are no scratches or bubbles in the glass.

-I'm not a huge fan of the light. This one comes with incandescent lighting, but I prefer my last tank's LED.
-The filter is a universal model. It has the ability to attach to far larger tanks, so it sits on there kind of awkwardly. I used a small piece of cardboard folded over (the box the bulb came in) on the outside of the tank to make it a little bit more stable. I don't see it at all and it works better than the space included.

Overall this is a great tank for a small room, like a dorm or kids room. If you have the space I would recommend something bigger, but for the right task this is a perfect kit.
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on May 20, 2013
Thank you so much for my timely order which was received earlier than expected and in good and working condition as promised.
The tank was also packaged well for shipping, resulting in a whole tank with no leaks or cracks. Everthing was included as illustrated in the advertised picture and everything also fit in place as obviously built to do. I had no problems putting it together and filling it with water. The instruction manual for the water pump was easy to follow and the bottles of liquids were also easy to apply as per instructions under the label. I also find the little tank care booklet to be very useful especially for beginners like me.
With my son all grown up and moved out I needed something else to do with myself and time, so I figured I can take care of some fishies since I'm no longer needed as a 24hr mom. I'm so excited! I think I can see the bacteria I also learned alot on YouTube and also learned what I did wrong when I was younger....Knowledge can keep things alive...
Thanks again. TE Atl, GA
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on January 20, 2015
I ordered it on December 26th and it arrived on January 20th. I wasn't to happy about that. At all. Especially for the price I payed for it. It's a pretty nice tank. I love it. Easy to set up and it looks good too. It has frame work on the bottom. I upgraded from a 3 gallon to the 10 gallon so that's a pretty big difference for my mystery snails. They seem to love their new home. I'm thinking now I'm gonna have to go to the store and get some guppies or maybe even a betta fish (not sure if they're safe with mystery snails). It comes with all the extra food, water conditioner and a cycle start. (And a net). The care guide really sums up everything you need to know. It tells you everything and it's helpful. I enjoyed looking through it. It's a good product.
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on January 2, 2012
I got this tank to replace a 5 gallon tank. (Never buy a "plastic" tank) The glass aquarium came with everything I needed. Add gravel, decorations, water and fish and your done. Couldn't be easier. Great for kids and adults whom don't what a spend a lot of money and time just to have some fish to watch.
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on April 3, 2013
I bought this tank about a week ago. It was everything as described in the info section. I have a Betta fish in it, and it works perfectly. He seems to love it. I would ONLY recommend this tank to someone they wanted to use if for a Betta tank or hospital/quarantine tank. The filter has been working amazing. I also like that it has two slots for the filters to slide in so i can combine more filter media. The flow adjustment also comes in handy for Betta's or sick fish. The flow can go to a trickle to a steady stream. Other reviews were talking about how the filter hangs odd on the tank. That is why a little black round thing comes with it. there is a hole you pop it into. You have to turn it so that it hangs level. I do not have any issues with it hanging weird or not level. Over all i am extremely happy with this kit. If you are looking for a small tank, for a Betta that has the capability to create a ecosystem and not have to do weekly 100% water changes this is for you. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TANK FOR GOLDFISH!!! way too small.
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on February 14, 2013
Mine has now been set up for about three months. It's been a great way to get into the hobby- everything that it comes with is good quality and works great. My fish like the food, the LCD thermometer is great, and the tank looks pretty decent. I have one betta, four cardinal tetra, two nerite snails, and about 10 live plants in mine and the filter keeps up just fine (I just do water changes once a month). Depending on the fish you choose, you may need a thermometer, but they are available cheap. Ask your fish store when you buy your fish.

The only weak point is the light. Incandescent bulbs are obsolete, produce a bad color light, and run hot and waste electricity.

**Here's my tip: buy a low wattage compact fluorescent bulb--available from Amazon, big box stores, home improvement stores, even grocery stores--and pop it in. Look for 10 or 13 watts, and make sure the color temperature is "daylight" (6700K)and not "soft white" (2700K or similar). It makes a world of difference. Here's a great option, just add it to your cart: GE Lighting 89082 Energy Smart 10-Watt Daylight Spiral Compact Fluorescent Bulb

A $5 CFL bulb will bring this kit into the 21st century and you'll be amazed how good the tank and its inhabitants will look! Plus, plants love the extra light.

Summary: buy this kit and then replace the bulb immediately. Then just enjoy.
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on October 8, 2012
I was impressed that the tank arrived in good shape, and is good, solid glass construction. Very nicely built. The top is fabulous, with an opening that goes all the way across the front, not just a little hatch that is useless if you actually have to do something inside the tank. The filter is great -- powerful and quiet, lots of kick to it. My fish are very happy in their new home! The double lights in the hood are appreciated, and arrived in fine shape. The "extras" with the tank were good, too. Introduced me to some good new products that I've purchased again since. Especially the stuff that helps with amonia in the tank. Super purchase.
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on August 15, 2012
great value for your money, i priced the items separately and it was annoying to find the right fit and this was just so easy, whole thing took about 2 minutes to set up however, i just want people to be aware that it does not come with a heater and that is expensive so please add that into your decision.
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