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on July 5, 2012
Here's another must-own for the 3DS, plus it's my most played on the handheld. Just like how I got Super Mario 3D Land, I got Mario Kart 7 the day it came out. If you love Mario Kart or if you're new to the series, this game is especially a must!

Just like the other Mario Kart games since Mario Kart DS, you can play this game on your own, with nearby people provided that they have 3DS's, or play online. I dig the fact that you can be able to customize your kart, as well as the ability to glide and drive underwater! I would also like to thank Nintendo for getting rid of the thunder cloud that plagued Mario Kart Wii, that thing was just really annoying... you also won't be able to see any fake power-up blocks either, yay! Instead, you'll see new power-ups which are the fire flower, the raccoon tail, and the lucky 7 (I only use that to use the star lol). But still, be prepared to get attacked by those too, that includes blue spiny shells, bullet bills, and bloopers! And each time you get a lot of coins, you'll be able to unlock kart parts. You will also be able to unlock hidden characters, as well as a 3-star rank when you do awesome in the grand prix mode.

The best part of Mario Kart 7 is the game's online mode. You are able to play in worldwide matches much like in Mario Kart Wii, but with an improved VR system that doesn't decrease by a lot for no reason! The only way to lose your VR is when you get last place, and you only lose 3 VR when that happens, which isn't much at all - that is much more fair than Mario Kart Wii's online! You are also able to race in communities and find people/friends you previously raced. There is also the Mario Kart Channel where it updates the time trial ghosts and the community list. The game also keeps track of your wins, losses, coins collected, etc. Plus you'll still be able to unlock remaining kart parts while you collect coins in the online mode too!

The only cons I have are the mii's voices, no actual way to ban whichever items you want while you make a community, not having the ability to create your own messages when you're in a community, and Toadette not being in the roster (I miss her!!!). Overall, the game is definitely chaotic, but you'll keep coming back for more action. Right next to Mario Kart Double Dash, this is my favorite entry in the Mario Kart series. Go get it right now!

Final Score - 9/10 - Awesome
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There is no question that Mario Kart is soon set to celebrate its 20th anniversary as one of the most acclaimed video game series for the Nintendo games. It has just been a non-stop fast & furious ride for Mario, Bowser and his friends from each angle. It has been on every system since the Super NES, and it hasn't seen the plumber and his friends and foes hit the brakes into the warp pipe even once. Still, there have been so many racing games that have tries to copy it and haven't succedded, or those who have been inspired by Mario and his friends race. Well whatever the case, Mario and his friends kept on evolving in the Mairo Kart games and they have never lost their luster. Now with the high-octane and mushroom speed, it is at it again for the Nintendo 3DS, and truthfully it is worth each and every race.

Mario Kart 7 really brings in the big guns for the Nintendo 3DS, where some of the other Nintendo 3DS games, have missed their mark with the launch of the system. Hard to believe it is the 7th racing game for Mario and his friends, and this time around it has continued to evolve well by bringing in a swift mix of the new and the old. Just like Mario Kart DS and MarioKart Wii, gamers will race 32 tracks that are both new and from Mario Kart's past. The game definitely looks amazing with some new wrinkles into the game, as you have new racers and new courses too like racing in the new Music Park, where hopping on each note and insturment will help you cross the finish line, Shy Guy Bazaar, where it is a Middle Eastern flavor available, as you and your fellow racers try and cross the starting gate, while trying to glide from rooftops, and classics as well like Luigi Raceway from Mario Kart 64 and the speed and mall-madness of the Coconut Mall from Mario Kart Wii.

Aside from the mix of old and new tracks as well, there are new racers that are here to challenge Mario, Yoshi and friends including Lakitu the cloud-dwelling and spiny tossing foe, Metal Mario (as a celebration to help celebrate the 15th anniversary of Super Mario 64,) Shy Guy and Wiggler to name a few. They bring a lot of new blood into the game, as well as new elements like customizing your karts with tires and gliders which will make you soar your way back to the asphault.You also can race underwater too, which will help you find shortcuts in the game, especially in redesigned courses like Koopa Trooopa Beach and new Cheep Cheep Lagoon. There are also a few new items in the game too including the fireball power-up, the tanooki tail which will help you swat passing racers, and the new Lucky 7 that is a seven-way mix of weapons like the shells both red and green, a blooper to ink foes, banana peel and and a star for invinciblity.

The graphics in the game look amazing, as you score your way to the finish, as well as collect coins while on course to help yopu unveil extras to help customize your karts. The control is strong as well, in the classic mode, but there is one small hiccup with the new first person perspective. While the concept is good, in that mode you can race with others using the gyro sensor from the 3DS and steer your kart by swaying your racer back and forth, like the Wii Wheel was in Mario Kart Wii. That can take a bit to get used to for new racers, but for veterans they can also choose to play in the classic way as well. The sound is strong as well, by bringing in the classic scores and musical elements of the distinctive classic courses like Mushroom Gorge, but overall it is the gameplay that is fun in both single play and especially multiplayer too. The multiplayer adds extras with the Streetpass, and online gameplay like Mario Kart Wii showed, as you and 7 other racers try to race your way to the finish line.

Overall, despite one small flaw, Mario Kart 7 is definitely a fast and furious game from start to finish, and it still is just as great for many gamers more than meets the eye. If you have enjoyed the chase that Mario Kart has brought before than you'll definitely love this Nintendo 3DS game. I definitely love this thrilling racer and it shows that some game franchises have never gotten old, they just have gotten better with age. It is definitely a must buy for your Nintendo 3DS that is sure to be a treat that many racers haven't been able to show for over 2 decades across the finish line. I absolutely recommend Mario Kart 7 from start to finish.

Graphics: A

Sound: A-

Control: A- for classic gamers; B for Nintendo 3DS gyro sensor

Fun & Enjoyment: A- for solo play: A for multiplayer

Overall: A-
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on April 2, 2014
I don't know if they'll ever release Mario Kart 8 for the 3DS, but if you are holding back on this then you should definitely add this to your 3DS collection. Even though this was release a few years ago, this game is very enjoyable! I've been playing with the online community and my friends and it's totally worth my time. If you just got a DS lately or if you held back on it for awhile then you should give this a go. Mario Kart 7 is the best racing game on the 3DS.
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Out of the way, every single racing game on the Nintendo 3DS, because Mario Kart's come to town! And in style too; the game has brought over a few new and returning elements to the series's traditionally insane kart-racing playing field! Mario and friends now have the ability to race underwater and inexplicably pack in gliders in their karts for when they need to take brief rides in the air. Coins are also making their way onto the tracks for the first time since Mario Kart Super Circuit (excluding the arcade installments). You can even do stunts like in Mario Kart Wii!

And with these features, the people at Nintendo have delivered yet another bunch of exciting new tracks! For example, Bowser now not only has a castle, but also a whole city dedicated to racing on. Wario also makes a contribution with a sunken ship of all things, and even Wuhu Island makes a guest appearance for this game! These new tracks are as fun to play as they always have been in every new Mario Kart, and they complement the newly implemented gliding and underwater driving finely.

That's not to say we should forget about this game's batch of returning tracks from previous installments gone by. In fact, they look downright beautiful this time around. Graphically, I personally believe the Nintendo 64 tracks benefit from the visual upgrade, but each track looks great in its own right. I also love having the opportunity to play a few of the Wii tracks on a handheld system. While this game may not carry over the half-pipe stunts from MKWii, though, the game does inject its new elements into the older courses featured here, allowing them to get a bit more of a fresh feel.

Do I really need to discuss the gameplay at this point? Of course not! It's freaking Mario Kart!! The kart-racing item-throwing gameplay has been as fun and frantic as it's always been! I will say, though, that it becomes all the crazier during online play, which has been thankfully carried over from Mario Kart Wii as well. Back in Mario Kart DS, what was given to you for online play was a limited selection of tracks, and only three other people can race you. Not the case here! You can have a full-on up-to-8-player race in one of all the available tracks of the game! It's madly addictive, and is one of the bigger reasons why I'd come back to playing this again, among others!
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VINE VOICEon December 5, 2011
Every time Nintendo releases a new game you can always bet on them bringing over their core franchises. The one that seems to ruffle the most feathers and delight the most is always Mario Kart. The gameplay is often fun, simple and it's easy for just about anyone to pick up. It's also a series that has what can be considered a tried and true formula. Mario Kart has retained its familiar formula for two decades now and it's not going to stop here. If you've liked Mario Kart previously there's no reason not to really give the game a try.

As you'd expect, Mario Kart 7 is pretty easy to slip into. There are 32 courses in total and at least 16 of them are retro courses drawn from other Mario Kart releases. Most of them are pretty well designed, and those who love the older courses will be pleased to find some of the classics here. Some of them have changes to compliment some of Mario Kart 7's new mechanics. Each race has eight racers. There are also a ton of items to find and use as you race.

If there's one thing Mario Kart has always been criticized for and praised for it's the different assortment of items. Some familiar items that have been in Mario Kart forever return such as the mushrooms, stars and bananas. Some of the more recent items return as well such as the bullet bill. There are three new power ups to behold in Mario Kart 7. The first is the fire flower which will let your hurl fireballs at your opponents for a certain amount of time. There is also the Tanooki Leaf that gives you the Tanooki Tail to whack your enemies and finally there's the Lucky 7 which gives you seven power ups at once that you can use. Of the three new items the Lucky 7 is the most amusing of the batch. The fire flower seems as though it should've been a part of Mario Kart all along. The Tanooki Tail, however, is by far the least amusing of the new items here.

There is some degree of luck when it comes to winning, but there's more of a feeling that you're in control than the Wii variation where you could easily be bombarded with several items at once just seconds before the finish line. Here, that isn't likely to happen. You'll still find yourself hit by an item, but you won't find yourself bombarded too often in such a short period of time. The balancing here is better to the point that there is still a little luck, but your skill is actually important here as well.

There has been a lot made about the new addition to the vehicles. The glider and the propeller. One allows you to fly while the other allows you to traverse the water. For the most part, these additions don't really add much to the experience. It's amusing the first couple of times you do them, but you'll feel much more at home with your wheels planted firmly on the ground. They're not entirely useless. Gliding can, for example, give you an edge in some races. It's going underwater that more or less feels no different from being on the surface. So while they're certainly welcome additions, it doesn't really do a whole lot to enhance the experience.

You'll more or less experience much of what Mario Kart 7 has to offer within a couple of hours. Certainly there are 32 courses but you'll breeze through all of them rather quickly. You'll also unlock drivers and a mirror mode and different parts to your Kart. If anything the multiplayer is what is more likely to keep you coming back to Mario Kart 7. You can play locally with friends or online and both actually work out just fine. You can also get into coin battles and the balloon battles, which is pretty standard for Mario Kart now (and also much more fun with friends). There's also a Mario Kart channel just like there is for the Wii.

Visually, Mario Kart 7 is by far the best looking game the 3DS has at this point. There's a lot of detail put into it and it just looks smooth. The 3D also works out rather well, but chances are you won't actually need it to enjoy the game. It really gives players a sense of what's around the corner for the 3DS.

The only thing that really keeps Mario Kart 7 down is that it really isn't any different from the previous Mario Kart. Things have been slightly reworked and tweaked but there isn't much offered here that other Mario Kart games aren't already going to provide for you. The new courses are great but usually that's all you get. Aside from that, the experience of Mario Kart 7 isn't really all that different from the previous ones. It's not necessarily a bad thing. It means those who've loved Mario Kart don't have much reason not to try it. It makes for a decent game, but it sometimes walks a fine line between improving the series and becoming stale. Regardless, the game is still good on its own and worth a look.
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on January 30, 2014
Great game for both kids and adults. Fun and challenging with high replay value for both single player as well as multiplayer

Online multiplayer works flawlessly. Local multiplayer is fantastic requiring only 1 person own the game which can be shared with other player's 3DS via local wifi.

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on February 7, 2015
Mario Kart 7 is a great racing game for the 3DS. The game brings a few new things to the series but keeps most of the classic elements that have made the Mario Kart series so good. The game also features a good variety of multiplayer modes, which are easily the best part of the game.

Mario Kart 7 brings a few new things to the table. First of all, you can now customize your kart. Instead of just picking the car you want to use as you could since the GameCube game, you now pick the base car, the wheels, and a glider. Each part changes the stats of your car in different ways. The glider is another new feature in the game. When you are flying through the air, your kart can glide allowing you to stay in the air for longer and control your landing somewhat. You can also drive underwater in certain tracks, which is a cool part of the game. Thankfully, they've removed the bikes from the Wii game, it's all karts. Another new mechanic is that coins appear on the stage that you can drive over to collect (you can have a max of 10 at once) similar to the GameBoy Advance game. However, unlike that game, the coins simply allow you to get to your maximum speed, you lose coins when you spin out, but not every time someone hits you and you don't spin out if you have no coins, which makes the coin mechanic actually fun, unlike the GameBoy game.

The tracks in Mario Kart 7 are pretty fun to race on. They have the standard 4 new cups and 4 retro cups of 4 tracks each. The new tracks really take advantage of the new features, and some of the retro tracks have slight tweaks to make them better suit the new game (such as the pipe in Koopa Cape from the Wii now being underwater). Most of the items from the Wii game are here, as well as a few new ones like the super leaf, which lets you deflect items for a certain amount of time.

The game has good and fairly simple controls. The control scheme is very similar to the DS game and the GameCube controller scheme from the Wii game. The circle pad helps add some precision in turns that was missing in the DS game. There is also an option for motion controls, though I found them to not be as good (but I also didn't like the Wii Wheel). Also, the motion controls keep you from being able to see the 3D effect (although the new 3DSXL should fix this).

The game modes are pretty much the same as the Wii game. There's Grand Prix for 1-2 players, where you race a cup and get a rating. This is how you beat the game, by clearing all the cups and unlocking everything. Time Trials, for 1 player, lets you race your own time, or other ghosts downloaded through SpotPass and StreetPass. Vs mode, 1-4 players, is the classic multiplayer race. Battle Mode, also 1-4 players, features Balloon Battle and Coin Runners. These modes are similar to the Wii game, and can be played individually or on teams. These take place on special battle stages. There are a few new ones and some classics. I still don't like the new Balloon Battle as much as the classic one where you were out once all balloons popped, but it's still fun. It's worth noting that Mario Kart 8 changes battle mode to be on the race tracks, which makes battle mode very hard to play and not near as fun, so unless Nintendo changes it back in the future, this is the last game with a good battle mode.

Local and Online Multiplayer are available. Local Multiplayer works with Download Play, so others don't have to own the game. However, those who don't own the game are limited to playing as Shy Guy with the standard kart. Online multiplayer is probably the best mode of the game, as it was in the Wii game. You can play vs and battle mode with friends or strangers and get a rating based on how well you do. There are also online groups that you can join that have special rules for games such as only certain items, which provide a nice twist sometimes, though they could have been done a lot better.

Overall, Mario Kart 7 is a great game, and one I would recommend for anyone who owns a 3DS.
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on December 9, 2011
I guess I've always been more of a traditional racer than a kart racer. To put it in perspective, I've really enjoyed the Wipeout series, Split Second, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Burnout 3, etc. As far as Mario Kart, the last game I played was on the Super Nintendo. Prior to Super Mario 3D Land (probably the best game on the system), my 3DS was gathering dust when my nephew wasn't banging it around or taking silly pictures of people for Face Raiders. Needless to say, it didn't take much convincing from my coworkers to pick up what sounded like a great game to follow up SM3DL with.


+ Lots of courses. Yeah, I know some of these are repeats, but they're basically all new to me since I haven't played the other games in the series.
+ Super painless multiplayer options. Really easy to hook up with friends and play.
+ Nice presentation overall.


- I'm not kidding when I say that the game is tough on newbs. If you don't know all the tricks, the game can feel slow and frustrating as you rapidly fall back to 8th place and stay there.
- If you don't memorize the courses, you will lose repeatedly.
- Visual language inconsistencies. Some water is good. Other water is just decoration and will kill you if you try to navigate it. In some levels (especially the castle-looking levels), the difference in appearance between onroad and offroad areas (which slow the car down considerably) is incredibly slight.
- The 3D effect can be jarring if you play racing games with any sort of motion. For example, when I play console titles, I find myself slightly turning the controller in my hands as a I go around corners. If I do that on the 3DS, the 3D effect falls apart.

If you're not a long time Mario Kart player, you'll have to put in a lot of practice in order to compete. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but for somebody who just wants to jump in and have some fun, it didn't exactly deliver the experience I was hoping for.
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on August 2, 2014
Mario Kart 7 is a very nice game its cool to have it out on the go! the down sides are that it has poor settings like time limits and stuff and items you want to turn off or on especially for the mini games like balloon battle, it also doesnt have any bikes like Mario Wii and Wii U and its kind of disapointing! and it doesnt have a versus mode so that means no racing on whatever tracks you want when you want unless your doing time attack but this is realy disapointing and its really dumb of Nintendo not to include this! the bright sides are that its got a nice racing feel like jumping doing tricks racing under water and such are actually pretty fun also gliding! customizing your kart is fun too and its adds a bit of strategy to the game! and that stupid blue shell doesnt appear in every single race anymore if your like me and your alaways in 1st place this is awesome because you dont get blown up on the third lap XD the balloon battle is ok its not amazing it can use better settings like i said! I actually like coin runners i think its called its a nice mini game. the stages are all really fun in the racing part and if u played the old games your gonna love the remakes! so over all its a great game if u have a Wii U just get mario kart 8 because you get more out of it but if you dont have a wii u or just want Mario Kart on the go because you need to upgrade from the DS version this an over all great game! I like it
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on January 31, 2014
Unlike other games, this is so easy for a young child to learn and play. I've played it, and I love it too. It costs more than other ds games, but it's worth it for the entertainment value.
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