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on July 20, 2012
Are you scared of the Jovian Lizards? Are you tired of hearing of the screwups that the military has been doing? Do you want to make a difference? Well then join us, NERGAL Industries, and the become one of the elites aboard our first space batttle-cruiser, the NADESICO (well what we mean is since there is not enough "trained" military people we will take ANYBODY who is willing to go up in space and try to do what those nitwits should be doing). Enjoy 5 star cuisine prepared by our top chefs, one of which is also our ace Estevalis pilot, join our communications staff headed by the greatest anime voice actress of our time, and wonder as our commander (who is the daughter of the only admiral who actually has had success out there) tries to figure out not only how to beat the Jovian hordes but also figure out why her childhood friend and love interest(the pilot) is dating our head comms officer (the anime voice actress). Also don't forget the annual Geikigengar convention, this year being held right here in space. So join now, again we'll take anyone. (voice over "Idiots").

Now that that is over, pretty much says it all does it not. One part Battleship Yamamato, one part Robotech, and throw in Tenchii Muyo for flavor and this is pretty much what you get. So join our fearless crew of otaku loving, peace wishing, and genetically enhanced people as they try to take the fight to the Jovians and find out what is truly out there in space. I loved this series, especially the one where the Geikigengar people are watching the Nadesico as an anime tv series. The movie also was good, a lot darker but still has all the screwiness that you expect from the series. So pick it up and enjoy.
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on July 30, 2012
Previously released by the now defunct ADV, now the company that recently brought us Dirty Pair TV, known as Right Stuf aka Nozomi Entertainment, are bringing us a Deluxe version of Marian Successor Nadesico.

The new boxset will contain REMASTERED VIDEO from new telecline prints from component, progressive sources while previous released have been grainy, washed out, faded composite sources. ALL 26 episodes are remastered, including the Motion Picture which is included as well for the true completist fan. If you thought that was generous, we now get the previously UNRELEASED GEKIGANGER 3. This Gekiganger special was previously a Japan exclusive so most fans will be seeing this for the first time. For anyone thats a fan of the old Force Fiver shows like Starvengers, this is a must see.

The amazing English-language dub is included, along with the original Japanese audio which is remastered as well. We also get better subtitle translations and on-screen translations, and special on-disc extras yet to be announced. This ia Limited Edition set so get it early before it's goes Out of Print. All 7 discs come in amazing Thinpak-style, full-color chipboard art box. It looks very expensive and chipboard is rarely used these days.

Overall this is an amazing release and Nozomi have surpassed their Dirty Pair TV release with this release of Nadiesco, a must for new and old fans. Clearly the Ultimate Release and therefore an A+ for Video, Audio, Extras and Packaging. I dare you to find a better release of any show than this.
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on January 3, 2014
Indeed, for anyone who may be wondering like me, who only know anime from cartoon network and the toonami days, this is one darn excellent anime. In fact, I would go so far as to say this is one of the best anime series I have Ever Seen. It's that good. But what makes it that good? The writing, that's what. The writing is just so creative, always veering in different directions and subverting expectations. The series plays as a parody, or rehashed unserious loveletter to the genres it employs, such as mecha and harem. I LOVE harem series, and this is indeed partly a harem, but with a quite satisfying end (for those who were so dumb and didn't realize it, there are Easter Eggs in the OVA in the bonuses in disc 7).

Martian Successor Nadesico: The Complete Collection is apparently remastered, with better audio quality and picture, akin to the Tenchi Universe collection that was recently released. This reissue brings back an essential anime, full of great characters and good stories. If you have ever seen Gurren Lagaan, and indeed I hope you have since that is by far the best example I can think of for such an original series, this is what GL wanted to be and pretty much used as its sole inspiration, but never never never amounted up to. The themes of war, romance, sci-fi, heck let's just keep it at war, are so much more mature in this series. There is a plot twist involving the Jovians that will make you go, 'Oh, there's more to all this than I thought', and this twist will remind you of Now and Then, Here and There, which along with Grave of the Fireflies were my two standards for war anime (along with Gundam Wing, Cartoon Network days and all) UNTIL this series. Seriously, you are missing out on one of the best anime EVER by not seeing this, its take on pretty much everything is original and thought provoking, though lighthearted and entertaining and funny at the same time.

If all you know is Tenchi and Gundam wing, it's time to get out of the anime basement and come up to the surface--you mole--and start checking out everything CN was too afraid to get a license for. Of course you may think this series is a bit too silly at first through the first couple episodes, but things gain a certain Tone at a point, and you'll just want to see it out to the very end henceforth. And believe me, the writing gets very silly, but I think I only thought that because I've never seen anything quite like a drama/pure parody/reflexive--meta-irony theme like this, it's so silly and serious but again, lighthearted, I want to stress that word very much, it's all over the place but the writers really control everything, it's very impressive the creative tangents they can go off on and still bring you back to the main story--an element of complete storywriting so often missing from modern anime, and especially Gurren Lagaan, as inspired and fun as the first 15 or so episodes of that was .

I don't often rate anime series five stars because in my Cartoon Network-centric head I think they mined all the anime talent and classics that were available at the time, but when I find something they totally missed on I do a little jump for joy. I would easily compare Nadesico with the best series of the 90's, such as Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, Tenchi Muyo et al. You really are missing out on one of the BIG ONES if you don't see this. Essential anime.

And yes, the romantic story which I look for in most good anime is definitely here, even if it takes time to mature into something you care enough about. (;
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on October 22, 2012
The Earth, Moon, and Mars are under attack from Jovian invaders. The Nadesico is a privately owned battleship crewed by civilians. Civilians that happen to be very talented. The crew fights to protect humanity from the Jovians and have a little fun. This anime crosses over so many genres. Action, comedy, sci-fi, harem, drama, mecha, and romance. It's very broad. There are also tons of awesome characters. The characters are what make this anime so frickin great. This was one of the first series I ever bought; and over 200 later I still go as far as to call it a legend. You need this anime. I hope you love it as much as I do.
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on October 2, 2013
This series has always been at my top 10 because of the characters and their fun additudes even though theres a lot of killing and manipulation going on in the series. you have your crazy love triangles and goverment take overs its cool because the chars try to look on the bright side of things instead of get depressed about their sitution:)
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on January 6, 2013
You find yourself liking the characters. You find yourself rooting for them to succeed. And you find yourself laughing as they poke fun at themselves and anime in general. It's a good series that has a lot to offer, and it's well worth your time.
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on January 10, 2014
I originally bought this series on VHS years ago ,and I've been meaning to get this DVD boxset for a while now. And I finally got it, I'm so happy that the powers that be. Have made and released this boxset with the complete series and the Prince of Darkness ,and the Gekiganger 3 movie specials.And some great extras, and it will be a welcome addition to my DVD collection!
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on October 15, 2012
Can't beat this value. Lives up to its "Complete Collection" name. It even comes with the theatrical version and the Gekigangar OVA. Picture quality is good. Not as good as I expected, but there are no noticeable flaws. Saw a few subs mistranslated, but that seems to be the norm in the industry. Audio quality is excellent, really noticeable with headphones.
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on August 4, 2013
This anime has a special place in my heart for the it provides such a diversified team of characters and their eccentric personalities only provide for a better narrative twist. The series has a balanced mix of seriousness pertaining to the war against the jovians and yet still provides moments of laughter. If you have the time, check this one of a kind gem out for im sure you wont be disappointed.
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on February 10, 2016
This show is exactly how I remember it. A hilarious teen romance story...in space! A great addition to any otaku's library.

Product includes the main series, the OVA, and the movie. The discs and box are in great shape.
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