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Marvel Ultimate Alliance lets you play with a team of your favorite superheroes. Choose from Wolverine, Spider-Man, Thing, Storm, and many others!

You can sort of consider this a Diablo style game with a much more upbeat style. You are one of four characters on the screen at any time, and can quickly flip through them. You go through the rooms hacking, slashing, slashing, and then hacking some more. Along the way you grab colored orbs and glowing coins to help you level up your own character and unlock goodies.

It's disappointing that at the beginning your four starting characters are Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, and Captain America. As much as I like those guys, couldn't ONE of them have been female? Still, it's only maybe 10 minutes later that you get to the "team switching" spot and can begin to design your own team. They're not stingy with the characters. Right from this point you can immediately begin to use spider-woman, deadpool, iceman, colossus, elektra, human torch, iron man, thing, luke cage, invisible woman, storm, mr. fantastic, ms marvel, and moon knight. There's also other unlockable characters that you can get as you go.

Each character can be levelled up to gain new abilities and outfits. You can choose characters that "traditionally" (in comic book stories) work together, and they will actually know to do combos in gameplay.

The characters personalities really shine through in the cut scenes. Wolverine is stand-offish and a bit arrogant. Spiderman cracks jokes the entire time. Captain America feels he's in charge. I realize that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for them to have redone the cut scenes for every single combination of characters that you could have done! So again, I wish they had a woman in the set :) Maybe kick out Spidey and his incessant comments ...

The graphics are rather good, from the flickering flame to the shadows and reflections. This isn't a game of subtleties, though. No textured fabrics or flower petals here. Everything is shiney and plasticky.

On the sound side, it's a comic book adventure. You have incredibly cliched dialogue given by over-the-top voices, and lots of booming going on. It's to be expected.

The storyline is also a traditional comic book story but heck, we all grew up with them! You're saving the world. Depending on how well you play, you achieve that mission to different degrees. They did a great job getting you to replay it over and over again in order to unlock the best ending you can.

I really give the game great kudos for their multiplayer and online options. If you're playing at home, you can easily co-op in four people, one for each character, and go to town. There aren't many games where four people can easily have great fun playing together. For online, the same is true - you can really have a lot of fun conquering levels as a wide range of characters, interacting with players all over the world.

This isn't a heavy thinking game, and it doesn't involve complex concepts. Instead, it's a game that adults can easily play with kids, and that can give you a few hours of fun relief from the real world. Well recommended!
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on December 18, 2006
Hey, I admit, this may not be the game if you are looking to highlight the grand capabilities of your PS3. But if you wanna have some good, old fashioned rock'em, sock'em with Spider Man, Captain America, Thor, and lots of other classic Marvel heroes, then this is the game for you. If you have played either of the X-Men legends games you get the idea of what this games' set up is like. It is mission based as the heroes battle Doctor Doom and a legion of other villians.

Don't get me wrong, the graphics are an upgrade from the X-Men Legends graphics, but don't harness the full capaability of the PS3, which I doubt we will see harnessed by any game until sometime next year.

The story of the game is long and will provide hours of fun and entertainment. To be honest, I feel that some of the other reviewers here have been a bit harsh. Stop expecting too much, too soon from your PS3. Better and better game will come, just as they did with PS2, you just have to be patient and in the meantime, have some fun. Ultimate Alliance will provide you with that fun.
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on September 7, 2015
The concept says it all: you walk a vastly changeable team of Marvel heroes through a who's who of settings, minions, and villains, slamming buttons like they (aren't) going out of style. And occasionally walk into old-school puzzles or weird-angled weirder-buttoned boss concepts that aren't afraid to be just *annoying.*

It's a mixed bag. Like some reviewers say, it's a chance to get Diablo-like action and team play with classic superheroes, and it delivers that in basic form. (With nearly twenty heroes and a dozen different powers for each, there are certainly some strategic possibilities. I trained the Invisible Woman to stun everything in sight with her force fields.) What it doesn't do is make an effort to make characters play differently enough from each other that they feel more like Marvel heroes and less like random game characters.

The details are a mix too: for every Ghost Rider saying "What the heck" (classic demon dialog), there's a "Consider yourself clobbered!" or a bit of comics trivia that actually adds some much-needed mood.

If you want mix-and-match basic action, you could do worse-- and if you want a whole lot of Marvel faces on it, this is the place to find them. Too bad it's only the bits of the trim that actually seem Marvel.
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on November 26, 2013
a good game, but I think my expectations might have been too high.

I played the x-men games before this one, and that might have been the problem. the first x-men game was amazing, the second one was much better, so I was expecting the increase of game play for this one too. it was on par with the x-men games (don't get me wrong) but I was hoping it would be even better... it was equally as good.
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on June 7, 2015
I remembered playing this game. It's because of this game I am such a huge marvel fan today. All credit goes to this game, for making the marvel comic book characters look epic and badass. This game is a must have for every marvel fan!!
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on November 26, 2013
Marvel Ultimate Alliance is one of my favorite games on the PS3 hands down.

I'll start out with the graphics: nothing to call home about, but generally impressive. The character details are great (down to the voice acting) and the animations for all of the various moves look realistic

Presentation: The story is pretty solid if not simple. That being said, it's enough to get you through the game. The star of the game is the MASSIVE array of Marvel characters that you can play as -- MUA includes all your favorites from Spiderman, to Wolverine, to Iron Man and each character boasts his/her own array of costumes, power-ups, and unlockables.

Gameplay: A lot of people seem to feel that MUA is nothing more than a game for button mashing -- you can play this way if you'd like, but I've found that if you want to get really good at the game, you have to master combinations along with pulling off your various power moves. I think this elevates the game from the standard button masher and makes it a significant amount more fun. The gameplay doesn't really differ from level to level too much which does get tiring, but every now and then the boss battles change things up and keep things interesting. You can play by yourself or in co-op, and even then, there is true cooperative (no comparisons) vs. arcade mode, in which at the end of every level you or your partner gets awarded extra points for smashing the most bad guys -- this mode gets to be pretty fun!

Lasting Appeal: I can't think of another game that I have played so many times from start to finish. There are so many interesting characters and they are all extremely diferent (though for the most part, they break down into melee vs. range combat) and the power-up moves for each are diferent enough that playing through several times can yield a diferent experience each time.

I'd give this game an 8.5 out of 10 mainly for the fun (and addictive game-play), its co-op arcade mode, and the number of playable characters that lead to endless replay value. Highly recommend!!
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on July 2, 2013
Some people are bashing this game for how it has poor graphics, well get UMA2! They worked hard and made the graphics better due to your complaints, this game is fun with friends. I had this game before as a child when the ps3 first came out and this game was no disappointment. Great Game, Fun to Have, Good to Play with 3 other Friends.
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on September 9, 2013
bought this game through indie sales and it arrived quickly. They didn't provide the tracking number which was originally cause for alarm and was poor at communication but glad the game works and got here quickly.
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on July 25, 2011
I played this on the PC and once I had a PS3 I just had to get it again (especially since I have crated up my PC ... too many viruses and hardware issues). MUA is EPIC and a great game. Graphics are actually quite good, even in 2011. There are many cool heroes to choose from, although several really do not get their nice powers until lvl 20. I played Cap and loved it. The uniforms are really cool and colorful, unlike MUA2. This game is long, lasting 20+ hours or so, and fun throughout. I played this game at least a dozen times, and it still is fun!
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on December 28, 2011
If you like marvel comics and play video games than look no further. This game has over 20+ marvel characters to play from and many boss characters from the comics. The graphic are good for the PS3 and sound is excellent. The control are great too but I would turn off the motion control off (I do not like the PS3 six-axis).
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