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on December 25, 2010
I bought this with some trepidation. Cases and covers are somewhat personal so, until you actually see and use the case, you don't know if it is "for you".

Well, worries over for this case.

First, I did not want a case that made the Kindle too thick or too heavy. This case does the trick. With the Kindle installed in the case, the case is 13/16-7/8" thick, 4 7/8-15/16" wide and 7 3/4-7/8" length. It adds about 6 ounces to the Kindle, so not bad at all.

Next, fit and finish should look good: The outside of the case has nice lighter toned (gray) stitching as a highlite to the dark case color. The stitching rims the edges and the mesh speaker holes. The brandname on the case is understated and not in your face (a good thing). The backside of the outer case has a strap to keep the case closed and the two speaker holes. They are triangle holes, lined with stitching with mesh vents.

Flip open the case and you see the internal look. Again the same stitching highlights edging. There are access cutouts for all connectors (bottom), buttons (left/right sides), and amazon/kindle name (top). The screen and keyboard are not hindered or blocked at all. However, if you have really big fingers/thumbs, the left most keyboard keys and the right arrow on the cursor pad may be a challenge.

With the flip case open, what was the inside of the closed front case is now the outside of the back of the case (where your fingers are holding). There is a sleeve that you can slide your fingers into to help secure the Kindle. This actually releaves most, if not all, of the pressure that your thumb feels while holding the Kindle. To one side of the finger sleeve is a vent for access to a small pocket. It is good for sliding your hotel keycard, very small (narrow) notepad, a couple of dollars for the vending machine, you get the idea...

The flip case can be used to hold the Kindle in a reading position on a stable platform: table, couch side arm, etc... It does not have predefined angle settings, it is limited by the friction, or lack of friction, of the platform that you are using.

The weakest point on this case will be the hinge where the flip point occurs. I looked this over carefully. It is done well. There is a separate hard piece built into the case where the case hinges. It has two purposes: 1) to protect the top edge of the Kindle, and 2) to provide stability/strength to the hinge point. Time will tell, but looks like a good solution.

Weakpoints: the lower corners, left/right buttons, and lower connection points are not completely covered with the case closed. This is the negative to the positive of easy access. The case edges do slightly extend past the corners and edges so there is protection.

Pros: Many listed in review: I like the case stitching, dimensions, weight: overall look and feel.
Cons: None found yet
Neutral: Big fingers on the right cursor key button. I have small hands so no issue for me.
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on December 29, 2010
I am not thrilled with my Marware Eco-Flip cover and may even return it.

1 - The material and construction are nice.
2 - The Kindle fits in the case very well.
3 - I like that the front, or face, of the Kindle is completely open. (On some other brands of cases there is a strip of leather that goes across the Kindle, above the keyboard and below the screen. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but having a choice of both, I prefer the fully open face.)
4 - The strap on the back of the Marware cover (when opened) for your hand is nice, though I wish it was a little wider. My small hand does not fit as fully under the strap as I would like. This strap is the main reason I bought the Marware cover. Larger hands will likely find the strap even more convenient to use because their fingers will fit farther under it.

1 - The biggest con, and the reason I may return it, is that the photos show the Kindle standing up easel-fashion. However, it will NOT stand up this way on its own, not on any normal table surface. There is nothing to prevent the case from sliding open when you attempt to use it this way. The only way the Kindle would stay upright is if the surface you put it on is textured, like on a tablecloth or some other textured surface where it would not slide open. (I listed a possible solution below.)
2 - I do not like the elastic closure strap. It is very tight if you want to use it around the closed case.
3 - I was reading the other reviews and someone mentioned that the width of the spine at the top, when the case is open, makes it difficult to attach a reading light. I have not tried using my light with it yet, but I can definitely see where that may be a problem. I don't think the clip on my Kandle light will open wide enough to attach to this case.

So, if you ONLY want the case for the convenience of the hand strap, it might be worth it to you. But if you also like the idea of an easel case that will allow you to sit the Kindle on a table top, hands free without fear of it collapsing, then buying the Marware Eco-flip case may be a disappointment.

If I can devise a short strap with a small clip at each end that can attach to both edges of the cover when it is flipped open, keeping it from sliding all the way open, then I may keep it. The strap would only have to be about two inches long and would store easily in the little pocket on the cover. This may be an easy fix for a big (IMO) shortcoming.

UPDATE: 14 January 2011 -- In the end, I returned my Marware case. When I realized that the hand strap didn't work as great as I hoped it would, trying to find a solution for the easel function didn't seem worth the effort. The hand strap, though a great idea, didn't feel like it was positioned correctly for the way I hold the Kindle. Perhaps if the strap was wider or my hands were bigger, it may have worked. As it was, the case just didn't work for me all around.
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on November 10, 2010
Got this case today for my latest generation Kindle. Love it! It fits perfectly in the case, but still allows easy access to all buttons, keys, charging port and the headphone jack. There is even a screened in mesh part over the speakers so that sound is still audible. Leather cover is as expected. Inside microfiber has a bit of a funny smell to it, but I assume that will dissipate over time. Only complaint is that the plastic adhesive used on the bottom corners to keep microfiber pieces joined together is somewhat jagged at the edges in two places. Not a huge deal, but I had to take scissors to snip that tiny jagged piece off because it was right where I rest Kindle in my palms. Definitely would recommend.
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on December 8, 2010
The Kindle fits in the case perfectly. There are holes for all the peripherals so you don't ever really need to remove it from the case. It is sufficiently padded so you don't have to worry if it's accidentally dropped. There is a grip on the back of the open case where you can insert your hand for a more secure hold while reading and also have a thumb free for page turning. All in all a very convenient way to carry your Kindle safely.
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on November 18, 2010
When I first purchased my Kindle, I didn't think that I would need a "cover" and thought that the covers were just extra ways for the producers to make money. I quickly realized that I was wrong: if I'm going to use the Kindle a lot and take it with me in the car, in my bag, etc., I needed to have something to protect it. I decided on the Marware Eco-Flip because I liked the photographs showing it as a kind of easel stand. I have not been disappointed. The case performs the basic function that I needed--protecting the Kindle--but it is also stylish and practical AND does not use real leather. I'm more than happy with my decision to purchase the Marware Eco-Flip Case.
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on December 6, 2010
I recommend this cover. The fit and finish is excellent. Only a couple of minor concerns.

First, the cover touches the side of the volume-down button. But it doesn't actually activate it, so it is fine.
Second, there were a couple of sharp pieces sticking out. But those were easy to trim with a pair of cutters.

I like, how the rubber band can be flipped around to hold the cover open. This is a very good cover with well thought out design.
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on December 12, 2010
I got my cover 4 days ago and I'm thrilled with it! I have arthritis in my hands and the back-strap makes holding my Kindle totally painless. In addition, the "stand alone" function is great for reading at a desk. The cover fits perfectly, and I no longer worry about dropping my Kindle while carrying it around. It is perfect protection too for those trips to the coffee shop or while traveling.

If you are in doubt about what cover to buy, look no further! This cover is reasonably priced and very functional. I can't say enough good things about how this cover has improved my Kindle reading experience!
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on December 27, 2010
The fact that this is a reporter-style (top opening) cover was my key criterion for me. The top folds all the way back and secures with the elastic strap, making it effectively disappear when using the Kindle. I find the "handle" to be weirdly placed and unusable, but the card slot is useful.

The quality of the leather was higher than expected... the padding is nice too, without making it too bulky. I can fit my Kindle, cover and all, in the back pocket of my jeans(obviously not comfortable for extended carrying).

There is a minor flaw in the attachment of the handle... you can see a little of the not-so-pretty flipside of the leather. However, this is very minor, and doesn't really bother me at all. Also, the top becomes kind of bulky when in use (mostly due to the spine), so if you're using a clip-on reading light, make sure that the clip opens pretty wide (I use a Mighty Bright, which just barely fits).

Small flaws aside, I'm pleased with this case, and would buy it again.
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on January 16, 2011
Just got this case for my Kindle a few days ago, but I'm very happy with it. The leather exterior is attractive and comfortable, and the micro-suede interior is reasonably padded and fits the Kindle securely and easily, with access to all buttons, switches, and even mesh cutouts on the back to allow heat dissipation. The only access issue I have is that the case runs a little close to the right arrow side of the navigation buttons, which makes it slightly awkward to hit with your right thumb (lefties shouldn't have any trouble). I rarely use the navigation button anyway, so it's not a big deal for me, but it is annoying. The portion of the interior that secures the Kindle in place looks insubstantial at first glance, but feels very sturdy.

Overall, the case adds a noticeable heft to the Kindle (which is very light to begin with), but it's still no heavier or thicker than a typical paperback, and I feel so much safer just setting my Kindle down anywhere, and not having to baby it, that the extra weight is worth it. The case had a mild new-car sort of smell to it (especially on the interior), but after a few days it went away. I also noticed a stiffness in the narrow portion of the top of the case that connects the front and back covers. It sort of crinkles when you flip the case open. This noise made me a little nervous that I was doing the equivalent of breaking the spine of a book, but it doesn't seem to have done any harm to the case, and the noise has reduced over time. Speaking of that narrow section, it tends to remain perpendicular to the front and back covers when the case is open (I guess you could force it to go flat, but I am afraid to). The net effect of this arrangement is that when the case is open, the top is thicker than the bottom. This unevenness feels a bit strange at first.

There is an elastic strap which can secure the case either open or closed (a little bit of a tight fit to secure closed, but it can be done), but so far, I haven't felt the need to use it much. The weight of the Kindle will hold the case open while you are reading it, and thus far, the cover stays shut when you want it to, as well. I'll probably only use the strap during travel.

The hand sleeve is located inside the case (resting against the Kindle screen) when it is closed; it is outside on the back when the case is open. It's a nice touch. It may be a bit small for those with large hands; I have small hands for an adult male, and can comfortably fit four fingers and about half my palm through the sleeve. However, I find that when using it, I have to cock my wrist at an angle to hold the Kindle level (which can be uncomfortable after a while), so I haven't used it much.

The "easel" method of using this case is cool, and a primary reason I bought this case instead of Marware's Eco-Vue folio style case. However, it's effectiveness depends entirely on the surface you are resting it on. On a table or other hard, smooth surface, it won't stand up because the back of the case will simply slip back. I've had success reading at the table on a placemat with a ridged edge (it doesn't take much) that the bottom back of the case can rest against. Also, the easel method is great for reading in bed or on the couch, with the Kindle resting on a pillow, blanked, or your stomach :) So if the easel mode is important to you, consider where you will be using the Kindle before buying the case.

Finally, while the "build quality" of my case seems very good, it's definitely not flawless. Stitching seems very secure and even, though in a few places, you can see where they doubled back on stitches, resulting in minor aesthetic flaws. There is also "bubbling" in the micro-suede covering the hand sleeve, and the portions of the interior that secure the Kindle are slightly curved in some places (such as the long, thin sections that run by the page-turn buttons) which stand out against the sharp lines of the Kindle's screen edges. I have not noticed any structural flaws or sharp edges; all of these manufacturing defects purely affect appearance. I'd be very surprised if you could find a case in this price class without SOME minor defects.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the case so far, and would highly recommend it, provided the caveats above are not deal-breakers for you.
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on December 21, 2010
This has all the nice features of other covers such as nice asthetics, good quality leather and suede, good fit. But what really makes this the only one I'd recommend is the strap for your hand on the back. It's genius. I have 3 friends who bought other covers who all ended up buying this one after seeing mine because it is just SO handy to be able to hold it like that. I highly recommend.
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