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on November 19, 2011
One of the complaints about the Marware Jurni Kindle cases is that they don't lie flat. The solution appears to be running the zipper partially back once you open the case. The illustration in the Amazon listing even shows this.

However, when you look at other Marware products and read the reviews, you might come to the conclusion that the company doesn't always "get it". The reverse zipper trick is a bit of a "The dog ate my homework" excuse. If Marware had intended the case to work this way, they would have used the kind of zipper pulls that can be moved from one side of the slider to the other. My guess is that they designed it, has the cases made overseas, and when they got their hands on the production models, got that sinking feeling that comes with realizing you messed up.

You CAN make this case work properly and fold open without a lot of effort. Just take a sharp knife or good embroidery scissors and cut away the fake leather hinge piece. Work carefully on the threads that stitch the hinge to the cover and pull the piece away a little at a time. You'll be rid of it in a few minutes. It does leave some unfinished looking areas on the case, but it FUNCTIONS like it was supposed to, and the zippered pocket on the outside is actually usable.

The Jurni is just another Marware design with problems. In this case, the back "hinge" piece is made of materials that are too stiff, and want to fight back at you. Marware may have forgotten (or may have never known) that for many of the activities undertaken by Kindle users, the ability of the Kindle to lie flat is important -- otherwise you might as well be reading a paper book.

I would be happy to trade my (now fixed) Kindle Fire Jurni with a truly functional production model, should Marware ever fess up and get this thing fixed.
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on October 24, 2011
I was looking for something that was durable and adequately protected my Kindle, and this works beautifully! As another reviewer pointed out, the cover doesn't stay open well, but if you bend it back and slightly zip the cover closed, the cover will stay open.
It's about 1 in. thick, but it's still small enough to fit in my purse. I'm very happy with this purchase!

EDIT: Since I've been using this with my new Kindle Touch, I've noticed that the cover is more flexible now and doesn't require me zipping it to stay open! Also, the side pocket (as other have pointed out) is pretty useless. I tried to put the power cord in go. I can see how CC would fit, but honestly I would be scared I couldn't get them back out! I still give it 5 stars because it fits my Kindle Touch so well. I can turn it on and charge it without having to remove it from the cover.
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on November 16, 2011
After looking at many cases online, I chose this one for a few good reasons. I wanted a zipper, which it has. The zipper works very smoothly and you can fold open and back zip the case to hold your Kindle using the elastic strap. I wish the zipper tab would flip to make it easier, but it still does back zip ok. When folded and back zipped flat, it is more comfortable to hold than a regular paperback. By inserting four fingers in the strap it leaves your thumb free to tap and change the page. It could be held in left or right hand. I think it is going to be very comfortable to use when my Kindle arrives. The zipper pouch on the front is spacious, though as someone else reviewed, very flat. It will easily hold some cash, cards, and a key. Thats all I wanted. It seems sturdy and well made. I think it will hold up well.
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on December 3, 2011
I read the reviews for this product, and almost didn't buy it, but I'm glad I did. I carry my Kindle in my bag to school, and wanted something that would potect it from getting smashed or spilled on. The other covers, with their open sides, were not what I really wanted.

No, the pocket is not really big enough to carry much, but that's why I have a purse and a bag. I did not try to fold back the cover and zip it, as some have done, but I really don't intend to use the hand pocket. I am already capable of holding my Kindle, I just wanted something to protect it. The Kindle fits snugly in the inside, not too loose, not too tight. I used the special offer from my Kindle and got this cover for half price, which makes it an even better deal. I am extremely pleased!

When I looked at the picture, the product looked bulky. I ultimately decided a little bulk was worth the added protection. I was happily surprised when I opened the package, and the cover was slim and sleek. Before I purchased this, I was carrying around my Kindle in the original packaging. This case is an improvement on SOOO many levels!
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on February 13, 2012
I was extremely unhappy when two of the four elastic straps designed to hold the kindle touch inside the cover broke only six weeks after I began using it. I tried to sew the straps back in place, but the frayed elastic straps made that very difficult, if not impossible. This was my first experience with a Marware product and will likely be my last. The cover seemed fine when I received it, but the quality turned out to be disappointingly poor. I was not hard on the product. In fact, I thought I was careful with it. Also, I had to wonder why a zippered pocket on the front of the cover was even included, because there was no room to put anything thicker than a single sheet of paper in it. I paid $29.99 for the kindle cover, and I feel cheated.
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on December 7, 2012
I bought this for the Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi (Graphite) and it is a great fit and provides excellent protection. The case is sturdy, padded, and well made. The front side zippered pocket is nice to store small sized items in; such as business or credit cards, driver's license, notes, a key, a pack of gum, etc. The case folds back to make reading easy and there is a wide elastic band on the inside that functions as a hand-hold, so you can grasp the case open from behind, while reading. The elastic binding corners holding the Kindle in are a good, tight fit and they are designed so that they do not obstruct the view-screen. Being able to totally zip the cover up is a nice feature, as you never have to worry about the Kindle falling out of the case. The case, itself, is lightweight. The price was very reasonable. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a decent, reliable case for their Kindle.

Update: I must add, I love this case so much, I have purchased a total of three of these cases: the black one for my first Kindle 6" E Ink Reader, a beige and brown one for my Kindle Paperwhite, and a red and black one for my second Kindle 6" Wi-Fi (black) E Ink Reader. These cases are extremely durable, lightweight, good-looking, practical, sturdy, and offer great protection for the Kindle.

For the Kindle 6" E Ink Display Wi-Fi models, attaching a book light is a breeze - when you fold the cover back to read, clip the book light to the front cover section and position the light over the Kindle.

Of all the Marware cases I have, this model (jurni) is my favorite. I wish they made them for the new HDX Kindle Fires.
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on March 26, 2012
I ordered a Marware jurni case (blue) for my son's kindle fire last month. My daughter bought the kindle touch recently so I had to go back with this same case. Ther is an elastic strap inside so you can open the case and hold it like a book by slipping your hand through the strap. Being that the case is less than a month old, it is still a little stiff to open all the way to hold it like a book but a very nice addition to the case. Some people have complained of a strong odor. We have not had an issue with that at all. The case is made with a cardboard backing or something like that because it is very very sturdy once it's all zipped up. My kids throw these into their backpacks to school and they have stayed safe and secure. One last thing, the ereaders are held by 4 elastic bands around each corner. We have only had the cases for a month or so but it is very very snug without any give. I hope as long as the ereader is not taken out over and over the elastic will stay strong. I highly recommend, especially if you travel, throw your ereader into your purse or bag, or have smaller kids like I do.

We've had these cases atleast 6 mo now and have had no issues. Kids throw them in their backpacks and kindles are still safe and sound. Love these cases. My daughters only complaint was that the case doesn't prop up her ebook on her desk like other case styles. Highly recommend.
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on January 4, 2012
This looks like it could have been a good functioning product...however it SMELLS terrible! I tried airing it out, leaving it in the garage...nothing helped. The plastic smell is so strong there is no way I can carry or read my Kindle from it. Returned the item...Extrememly disappointed in the product
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on December 9, 2011
Kindle offers had an offer for selected cases at 50% off and I bought this one. There is no way I would have paid the regular price of $30 for this case. It has an outer pocket that is quite small and can't hold more than an ID card. You can fold it back so that you can read one-handed. The zipper looks like it will be the weak spot on this case. If you can buy it on sale it may be worth it but not at regular price. The build quality is acceptable. You can charge the Kindle without removing it from the case which is a plus. My advice is to look around for a less expensive case but all the Kindle Touch cases seem to be sold at a premium.
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on January 12, 2012
This cover stunk like noxious fumes and took over a week to air out. A co-worker ended up paying me for it to use with her Kindle Touch--it took about 2 weeks to off-gas. I bought a nice M-Edge and a light to go with it at a brick and mortar retailer. I expressed to one of the sales people that I had purchased one online that had a horrible smell and they had said they had a few people come in and say the same thing.
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