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Mass Effect 2 - Playstation 3
Format: Video GameChange
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296 of 321 people found the following review helpful
on February 3, 2011

On 2/22/11, Sony distributed patch 1.01 for this game, fixing memory fragmentation & corrupt save file problems. Buy with confidence!

I've left my original (2-star) review below in unaltered form, just as a record that BioWare kept their promise and I, in turn, kept mine. Obviously, the warnings in the second half no longer apply.

And thanks to everyone who gave this review a "helpful" rating - if it saved even one person from buying this game before the patch arrived and having the same problems myself and others did, then it served its purpose.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * *

For some reason the reviews that try to guide potential customers to make informed choices are getting voted down here, whereas 5-star reviews are getting 5:1 or 10:1 ratio "helpful" ratings. This is really distressing.

Would it help if I heaped on some praise first? That's easy to do. Mass Effect 2 is a fantastic game. So here:


- Best storytelling I've seen in a game, ever, hands down. Ambitious yet nuanced, and neither sacrificing polish for interactivity or interactivity for polish.
- Most of the game looks fantastic
- Voice acting is, on the whole, superb
- An almost overwhelming array of things to do, and your actions have real consequences

BUT ...

If you are thinking of buying this game this instant, my advice to you is: wait. The game needs a patch. It currently has a problem with memory fragmentation during saving that corrupts save files--and all save files are bundled together, making entire careers and countless hours disappear with a single game freeze.

And a patch is coming--at least BioWare has promised it. When the patch does hit, I will immediately edit this review to acknowledge it, and change my rating to five stars. It's all in BioWare's hands now. | UPDATE: The latest word from BioWare is that they've completed the patch and sent it to Sony. Hopefully Sony's review process will go smoothly and this patch will be in the hands of gamers within a week. | I just think that potential customers should know to save their money until this game has been fixed.

And if this review gets voted down like every single other one that's tried to inform customers of a legitimate issue, so be it. But for the record, I tried to give it a shot--just like I tried to give this game a shot, before it ate 15 hours of my precious down time.
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51 of 56 people found the following review helpful
I never played this game on XBOX 360 before so I read some reviews before I brought it. All the reviews I read stated this game was amazing. With that being said, I went into this game with high hopes....

You know how when you go into a movie with high hopes you often leave thinking, "Well that was kind of a letdown.. I thought you said it as AMAZING!" Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 actually met my high standards. I have been playing this game for 2 days straight and I can't get enough of it. It combines two of my favorite gaming genres: FPS (technically, it's third person) and RPG. If you love the Uncharted Series... I think you would love this game too.


- Great Storyline (it's like you're watching a movie... there is character development)
- Beautiful graphics (The worlds you travel you are gorgeous... too bad the game is only in 720p and not 1080p resolution. But it's ok, it still looks great!)
- Customizable player (You can make the main character look just like you. Before you start the game, you get to customize the face of the main character)
- Upgradeable weapons, equipment, skills, teammates, etc.
- There are so much to do. Basically you aren't just going through a level... picking up ammo, collecting money, shooting everything that moves, everything is predetermined, etc., etc. You actually get to choose what to do and say. For example, when you are in a interacting with another character, there are multiple responses you can select. Saying one thing will give affect you one way and saying the other will affect you differently.


- So far, there is really nothing I can think of.

As for glitches.... I had to restart on PS3 system only ONCE because during one of the loading windows the game got stuck. But after that... everything was fine. So far it hasn't happened again.

I highly recommend this game to any person who owns a PS3. I can't wait for Mass Effect 3!!!!
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74 of 95 people found the following review helpful
on January 18, 2011
Having played through the first Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 on the 360, I don't have to tell most what a great game this is, but for those who don't know....Welcome to a great RPG/shooter experience. Now, when you hear someone talking about Mass Effect 2 on the PS3, it more and likely will be a "which is better" type of conversation. Well, from what I see so far in the PS3 version, the two still look almost the same. True, the PS3 version IMO does have better graphics...clearer, smoother, better lighting...but, its nothing to "WOW" about. I am not a fanboy of either console, but I think both has something going for itself while the other version doesn't. The good thing about this version of the game, is that you get all of the major DLC missions integrated in the retail version of the game. This is where the game has the 360 version beat, but being that ME1 is still exclusive to the 360, you will get a better gameplay experience on the 360 version. The comic that is included in the game, only has major decisions that you can alter to affect how your game turns out in the beginning, middle, and the end. However, anyone who has played the 360 version will notice that they left out the "smaller" decisions that can affect your game as well. Does this mean that you are missing out on anything? Yes and no. It won't ruin the experience, but to me, Mass Effect is a unique game and I want to get the MOST out of it. I highly suggest that if you haven't played the first one, LISTEN TO THE CODEX! I personally bought this game on PS3 because there were things that I would have liked to do different in my first playthrough on the 360. At first I thought it would be weird playing this on PS3, but it actually feels really good. If you would like a review on what the story is about, read some of the 360 reviews...its the same exact game...nothing different at all with the exception of the comic and the graphics are upgraded. Mass Effect is one of the greatest games of all time and I know you will enjoy this game if you haven't played it before. Don't let anyone talk you out of getting this game just becuase you can't play the first one...if you don't have a 360. Like i said...if you read/listen to the CODEX you will be fine.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on September 21, 2011
I'm no Mass Effect fan-boy, so let's get that out there. Clearly, the game came out years ago, and I am just now solving it, long after most of the buzz has died down (for 2, anyway) . Yet, there are people still reviewing this game in the last few days, and laying claim that it is the best game they've played.

Well, because it is. I've been playing games since pre-Atari 2600 days, and I can honestly say that this is the culmination of gaming history up until this point. It is the best example of multi-genre excellence I've ever seen, and it sucked me in for over 50 hours, first time around.

From the ominous opening music, until the final decisions through the Omega-4 Relay are made, the perfection builds every step of the way. Sure, there are many cinematic games that play like a novel and are fantastic (Uncharted comes to mind, as does Bioshock) but Ive never been pulled into a game with a "need to play" like ME2 has done. It does almost everything to a "10", and even some minor quibbles are tolerable as the story develops into the richest gaming experience you might have on a console to date.

The diversity of the characters and backstory make you feel as if this universe has been developed for a long, long time, and you are only now being introduced to it. The characters make you care about them with their depth, and this increases moreso as the game goes on. I've never experienced anything like it, and Bioware really set the bar with dialogue and character interaction. The "choices' you are given never feel like lines from a bad movie, like so many games, but are believable and accurate to the story and what you intended to say.

That's just one part of the mix, and it all blends to make the game what it is. From solidly envisioned sound effects for weapons and vehicles to the dark ambient beats at the club on Omega, sound was as well thought out as the rest of the game. Graphically, it is gorgeous, and even with the extreme size of the game (settings and worlds), still makes its mark as one of the best looking to date. Gameplay is never too far from the cutscenes in its graphical quality. Background rendering is fantastic, and close-ups of faces...well, the resolution is as high-def as you'd want it, edging closer and closer to photo-realistic.

Gameplay is varied, but never boring (except one mission, which I would still do again), and its mixed up enough to keep it fresh. The only hazy bit, control-wise, was the land-shuttle piloting, but it can be forgiven. Main missions, loyalty missions, side missions, mining, has it all. First person shooting takes a forefront to the RPG side, but I think it keeps it moving, and there is enough strategy involved for me.

When a game ropes you in, like this one did for me, and creates that yearning to play, the developer has done their job. This game plays like an epic film, but one that creates a universe that I think is on par with any of the great space-epic movies and tv series, and that alone is something. Many say we are in the true golden-age of television, and I think this can also be said of video games, which have now reached a level that has begun to rival anything you can watch as entertainment. Its an exciting time to play, and even more by the fact that I am sure Mass Effect 3 will once again raise the bar for this type of experience. Even if it were identical in all aspects, it would still trump anything currently on the market, and that says a lot. This game is a pivotal point for me in regards to gaming, and it has changed the way I will evaluate and appreciate all games in the future.

Simply put, the best game I've ever played..
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2011
I am a PS3 owner so this is the only Mass Effect game I have, but I think it's great. At its core its an action 3rd person shooter; you pilot a huge spaceship and you can visit numerous planets in the galaxy, which either contain friendly populations with shops and bars, or deserted places that are either crash sites, prisons, frozen wastelands, deserts, and so on. Any planet that does not have a town is typically a "mission", for example, you need to go to locations to free an enslaved community, or destroy a crazed robot that is guarding a mineshaft. The game does have a plot: you play as Commander Shepard (male or female, it's up to you), and you have been recruited to investigate why an alien race is stealing thousands of people from colonies and taking them away. To do this you need to recruit team members. so the first 75% of the game sees you travelling to far-flung locations and trying to meet these characters and carry out whatever task is required to get them to join you. These recruitment tasks are the story missions of the game, and while they vary in content, they usually involve a certain amount of similarity, because each mission is basically a journey from point A to point B, during which time you either have to kill any resistance you meet on the way, or sneak past, or unlock things, or help the new recruit to find something. Some of the most fun are the more unusual, for example in one you have to become bait for a predatory lover who always kills their victims after seducing them. Will you say all the right things...will you agree or decline to drink the spiked cocktail...I enjoyed this one. But for the most part is it about fighting. Action is in 3rd person, Shepard has an impressive arsenal of firepower and some telekenetic powers. You usually use the plentiful cover that the detailed environments provide to overcome onslaughts of enemies, which can at times be relentless! Each mission allows you to choose two of you crew to accompany you, and these AI controlled teammates usually do a pretty good job of helping out - you can pause the action and give them commands, although I found this quite tricky to do, so I usually ignored them and let them do what they liked, which is a shame really as I am sure there was supposed to be some strategy to be played with there.

The game allows you to recruit up to 12 crew members to fight with, and you are bound to have favourites as they are all different - and not all human. One very clever thing about Mass Effect 2 is that you only have to be as nice as you want to. You have a "good" and "bad" rating which changes depending on whether you behave accordingly or say supportive or threatening things to your team in conversations. You can also do an optional 2nd mission for every single crew member which adds extra stats to them and (more importantly), makes them "loyal". This is hugely important for the game's climax, so I recommend doing all of them!

Apart from the recruitment, there are loads of side-quests to do. Some just involve scanning planets for minerals, which I found very relaxing (a bit like fishing!), and some are vehicle driving, involving using a small launch craft which you drive around different terrains, and these were all great fun. There are even some tiny fetch quests when you happen to overhear a conversation in which a stranger has a problem, and you can choose to help out. All the completed missions and quests gain you experience points in return, because Mass Effect 2 has an RPG element in it too - the more missions you do, the more stat bonuses you can unlock such as more health, shields, skills and so on.

Once you have completed all the missions you can find/endure, you move to the game's final chapter in which you warp into another galaxy to confront the alien menace. This is by far the best part of the game, because as the commander you now have to assign key roles to your recruits in the hope that they will play their part in the success of the final mission. I didn't realise until I read some FAQs, but if you are a poor leader you can end the game with over half of your team dead! And after all my efforts to win their trust this was not something I wanted to do, and I am not ashamed to say I loaded up the save prior to the final mission begins more than once to ensure I had made the right choices!

I think most gamers will love this game, it has action, plot, story, great graphics and scenery, and some very realistic characters. There is A LOT of spoken conversation in this game - but please don't skip any of it, as it's nearly always relevent, plus you build your "good" and "bad" ratings with nearly every conversation, so choose carefully! My small niggles are that there were a couple of glitches, plus if you took away the (amazing, it's true) space age environments, you could play the exact same gameplay mechanics in any Wild West or 20th century war-simulation game. But the futuristic setting is a great addition and altogether this game is hugely enjoyable.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on January 31, 2011
I knew I would like this game because of the subject matter and Bioware, the company behind it. I've played their Knights of the Old Republic for PC and it had the best story I'd ever seen in a computer game. You felt like you mattered when you played through it. Down the road I played their Dragon Age which (along with Batman Arkham Asylum and the Uncharted games) had a great story, too. But this...well, the only thing better than Shepard and the Normandy for me, would be Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. Hell, it very much felt like that, spiritually, anyway.
You can go anywhere and do practically anything on your timetable. You can say what you want and do what you want. I totally adore the Paragon/Renegade thing. You don't have to be good ALL the time or bad ALL the time. If you do a little of both in your dialogue choices, you get surprising options that pop up as you go.
In places, I was genuinely moved by the events. I can't even begin to suggest the plot. No way. Find out for yourself. But it's a winner and I'm not done yet. Ok, bare bones. You recruit a team to solve this problem and you have to do a mission for each team member to make them "loyal" to you. In addition, other things happen and those are what you have to discover. Great world, great characters, great play balance, great music and great writing. Normally, I don't give a damn about visuals but this game is beautiful or creepy, depending on setting.
I only have two gripes and they're exceedingly minor. Others have complained about load times - that's when I go get a drink or something - but I did one of the vehicle missions and then did a later mission where I "discovered" and picked up the vehicle I already had used! Plus the "tutorial" on how to use the controls was in the second mission so I blew the trophy on the first mission! Not to worry. I'll get it on the second playthrough and there will definitely be one because I have to play as a badass chick next time!
My other gripe is I prefer a manual in my hand to on the disc.
Bottom line this is one of the greatest games of any kind I've ever played. Certainly the best for the PS3. I will definitely get ME3. No ifs ands or buts. Oh and it has Martin Sheen as the Illusive Man and I swear one of the krogans sounds like Michael Dorn. Haven't played the credits yet. Enjoy!!!!! I sure am.
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on January 25, 2011
I get excited every time I think about this game. I work and have a family, so I don't get a whole lot of time to play; but when I do, there's really no other game I'd rather spend my time with (besides Dragon Age, perhaps). I am a big BioWare fan, so I might as well make that clear. They write excellent stories, plain and simple. Mass Effect 2 is no exception. I played the original on Xbox360 and Mass Effect was the one game that made my switch to PS3 so difficult. So when I heard that ME2 was making its way to the console in black, I was ecstatic. I remembered most of my major decisions from the first game and I was thrilled when I could make them again via ME2's interactive comic in the PS3 version. Sure, playing the original and having your saved game translate to the sequel would be the ideal, but due to licensing, BioWare did the best they could.

I recently read the tie-in novels Revelation and Ascension and made use of the Mass Effect wikia website in order to refresh my memory and delve deeper into the ME universe. I would highly recommend doing this if you're new to the franchise. BioWare has created a universe with a rich history and a detailed cast of characters. That is what draws me to their games.

As for the game itself, you probably know that the RPG elements have been streamlined and everything flows much more smoothly in this game. You're in the action and you stay in it, not concerning yourself with + or - this or that attribute. There is a sense of urgency in ME2 that was lacking in the original. You feel like you, as Shepherd, must succeed in your mission. I would liken the actual gameplay to the Uncharted series. You use cover while trying to advance to your next objective. Unlike other games involving a cover system, you never feel like Shepherd is drawn to objects like a magnet. A simple press of the X button and you hug whatever form of cover is near you. You can easily remove yourself from cover without attaching to something else.

In between battles, you'll spend most of your time on your ship, the Normandy. From here you can mine planets for elements used to upgrade your ship, armor and weaponry. It is a nice distraction from gunfights. You also speak to your team, learning their histories and developing meaningful relationships with them. If there is one complaint I have with being on the ship, it's the excessive load time between using the elevator to move from one deck of the ship to another. This detracts from the experience and takes you out of the universe.

I've only been able to play for a couple of hours, but those are my initial impressions. It's good to be back in Shepherd's shoes after several years. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoyed playing the original until I started reading reviews for ME2 on the Xbox360. PS3 owners should cherish this gift from BioWare and EA. I invite you to lose yourself in this series and invest some time in BioWare's creation. You won't regret it.

Excellent third-person shooting action.
Action packed story w/ ability to initiate multiple outcomes
Good graphics/art direction
Good voice acting

Loading time between levels on the Normandy
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on April 4, 2011
Mass Effect 2 for PS3

For those who just got the game, be sure to download the patch and the free content first thing before you start a new game.

This was my first time playing a Mass Effect game and it took a while to grow on me, roughly 6-7 hours to be exact.
I was a little frustrated and overwhelmed at first. The controls and combat system seemed confusing and I didn't have the slightest clue what I was doing. After about 5 hours of play I finally mastered the controls/combat system and I eventually figured out how to travel through space to different locations, how to mine planets for their resources (that was a unique feature I discovered by accident but it comes in very handy), how to navigate the inner workings of Normandy, your flagship, how to upgrade weapons, armor, etc, and how to access the codex which is like an encyclopedia for everything in the Mass Effect universe. Yes, there is a MASSIVE amount of stuff to learn, and the game has a fairly steep learning curve, so patience will be necessary in the beginning. Once you get the hang of everything it becomes incredibly enjoyable and you'll be completely immersed into the mass effect universe. If you're slightly frustrated or confused in the beginning, just stick with it because this is truly an amazing experience that shouldn't be missed at any costs.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on January 20, 2011
If you havent played the original Mass Effect, this game is still a must play. You wont be lost as to whats going on, as long as you check out the codex section on the in-game menu. This game is AMAZING and the story line, voice acting, graphics and overall gameplay are all impressive. This game is ahead of its time, dont miss it.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on April 15, 2011
I just completed my second full playthrough of ME2. Obviously, I enjoyed the game.

My previous exposure to BioWare games was Dragon Age, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. There are some comparisons; you get to recruit people to your team, develop your skills and theirs, and accompany them on missions.

ME2 however places less emphasis on development, and more on action. In Dragon Age I was constantly fiddling with my companions' behavior (tactics) and agonizing over what skills or powers they developed. I played through some of the more challenging missions repeatedly until I had the tactics just right to survive. In ME2 you are only picking where to allocate skill (squad) points across a few tracks. Much quicker, and as a result the game moves along faster. In a good way. I really enjoyed the tactical experience of DA:O, but ME2 is just as fun in a slightly different way. It's much more like a shooter.

Replay value is high. After spending close to 100 hours on my first playthrough (I never said I was fast) I started again with a different character class and higher difficulty, and played again straight through in less than 50 hours. The experience is different enough when playing with a different character class that the game stays fresh.

Highly recommended.
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