Customer Reviews: Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition -Xbox 360
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on February 14, 2013
This game is an exemplar of it's genre. Yes, the endings were everything you heard about them but they added free dlc that rounds them all out nicely (and at no cost) The multiplayer is really good as well if you've got three other player friends. The randoms you are matched with online are the typical whining, swearing teenagers you'd expect.

Moreover, this game has been steadily patched with free content and supported for almost a year now. A level of commitment most AAA games don't receive. And most of it is completely free. The paid DLC options are worth the money with another major one still on the way.
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on December 5, 2012
A great ending to this wonderful series, there is so much to be said, alot of backlash for the ending. My retort is that you should download the Extended Cut(which is free) and download the Leviathan DLC(which is not free). The goodies i got with this edition were nice, plus Javik is an interesting guy(i like him more than Vega). This is getting me through college(other then hard work and the support of my lover). I'm still playing this on and off. Plus you'll do the most epic things as Shepard ever, like blow up a reaper, or two....

As far as multiplayer goes, it's definitely different, working as a team to defeat Reapers, Geth and Cerberus, and now, the collectors. It is a cool experience because you're playing as resistance fighters, not as anyone on the Normandy. Plus you do some things different from the story and can play as almost every alien, with the exception of a far. Nothing like completing a good mission with a good team. Plus since there is new DLC to play as a Volus, it's hilarious.

i was definitely a satisfied customer.
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on May 10, 2016
This is the only Mass Effect that I gave four stars.

The story now combines the two to make one that is both personal but makes the Universe absolutely dependent on your decissions. It's almost like the Universe is asking for rent money and you only have tree fiddy... For most of the damn game.
The consequences to inactivity or missteps will show in a very large way. What you've lost, you cannot get back.
Whatever you blundered in the second game will say hello and claim a part of your ass.
Once it kicks into high gear, the story takes off on a roller coaster I found myself obsessing over.
"Screw work, lets play this damn thing."
The ending though.... It made me want to kill my roommate because the creators got really...really...sloppy.
But during this masterpiece's rising action, it is almost unbeatable. buy it and buy some vodka for the BS ending.
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on April 5, 2012
Despite what all the other butt-hurt fans are saying (and unfairly doing with reviews), the ending to this game did not ruin the game for me. It was disappointing in some respects, yes. It was depressing. It needs better closure and explanation, especially for some of the endings. However, I believe the general concept of the ending is entirely appropriate to a game involving this kind of scale (the ENTIRE galaxy is at WAR; bad things happen in war). And the game more or less drops hints throughout the entire story about what's going to happen, so for the most part, everyone who was "surprised" was just in denial. The worst part of the ending isn't necessarily what happens, but what DOESN'T happen (better closure to a lot of other side story lines and character stories).

Overall, this game adds improvements to the series, and takes away in other areas. For sake of a quick read (because I could make this into an entire essay), here's some quick bullet points divided into PROS and CONS:

--- Weapon customization is brought back (from ME1)
--- More weapons for each category, and more weapons now than ever before, each with their own unique attributes, sounds, and style of use
--- No restrictions on what guns what class can carry, merely a penalty to power recharge rate (you can fully load out an Adept, but you'll be waiting around for their powers to recharge after each use).
--- Graphics have taken another step up, and textures are now highly detailed. Add in a few new animations as well.
--- Powers used on a target simultaneously can now be combined into explosive additional effects ("combos"), so setting a guy on fire then popping him with a concussive round results in a fireball explosion.
--- All weapons and armor that have ever been available in the game series are now available for in-game "purchase", so no need to have any of the previous DLC or pre-order bonus codes.

--- Bioware has all but gutted the RPG element out of the game, with the majority of most conversations being automated, and when a decision does come up, it's usually just a simple "bad" choice versus a "good" choice. Renegade / Paragon persuasion and interrupt choices are few and far between
--- The story is more linear and guided than ever before; there's not a lot of room for variability or custom pacing here.
--- Collecting most war assets is entirely shallow and boring, and LITERALLY, involves going to a planet, following the indicator arrow on the scanner, picking up the item, rinse, repeat, without ever actually doing anything to get it.
--- There are only two enemy factions in the entire game: Cerberus and the Reapers. Granted, they each have entire classes of bad guys with different techniques, powers, and weapons, but it gets kind of stale after awhile.

That's a short list, but it covers some of the biggest issues.

I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition on here, which, I think, for $20 extra, was worth it. All of the in-game bonuses and real world extras you get are nice; the free soundtrack download and metal case are especially cool. The extra N7 guns you get aren't anything that special, and I've hardly used them at all in the game for various reasons. The N7 hoodie is kind of cool, though, and looks surprisingly natural and not out of place in the context of the Mass Effect 3 universe. Additionally, it's must better than other clothing options. Finally, the day one DLC, "From Ashes", adds a new character (ALWAYS an awesome bonus) and brings some new perspective to the events occurring in Mass Effect 3, although the actual process you go through to get the character (the specific mission) is kind of shallow, short, and lame. The day one DLC for Mass Effect 2 (Zaeed Massani) was much cooler and more fun, not to mention it gave you major decisions to make which resulting in awesome results.
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on September 11, 2013
I am a self confessed Mass Effect superfan. i have loved it from the moment I started the first game through the 5+ complete playthroughs I have done of the trilogy. Endings aside, no matter which boat you float on, love it or hate it, I did not think it ruined the experience for me or ditracted from the myriad of other poignant and exceptional moments with this final entry into the series. The story, characters, sound, environments, and action were top notch. There are moments in this game, especially of those with strong ties to the characters, that have an emotional impact unlike anything I have played in gaming. With the added DLC that has come out, and the over 500 hours I have gotten out of the multi player, this title is very well worth the cost and addition ro your library.
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on March 14, 2012
This was very well done game and with the new Ending my biggest issues with it are gone. Many improvements over the first 2 and its Bioware's best shooter to date.

I cant give it 5 stars becuase you need to spend $10 or purchase an $80( more now if you can find it)collectors edition for DLC that has a sizable impact on the story. To really enjoy this game you need it. The case for the Collectors edition was a disaster. I had to spend 5 minutes trying to carefully get the discs out of the case without breaking them. Then trim the plastic insert with nail clippers so I could put them back in and they still stick. I keep my discs in 2 old dvd cases since they are so hard to get out of the case.

Gameplay: Bioware made some welcome improvements to the game play. The annoying mini games are gone the weapons are better and upgradeable. The powers are more polished than they were in ME2. As a shooter goes this is Biowares best one to date. It is significantly more challenging than the first 2 games. My only issue with game play was the cover system was touchy at times.

Kinect: I purchased one specifically for this game and it was not as grand as I thought. There is a delay when in combat and about a third of the time I had to say commands twice or more. It is sorta fun and makes combat slightly better when it works. If you don't own one already I wouldn't buy it just for this game. It also picks up all the sounds in your play area so if you have alot going on in a room you will annoy players in multiplayer who can hear it.

The story was good and my choices from both other games had an impact on it. You also had some tough emotional decisions to make along the way. I was a bit disappointed with how many of the characters from ME2 were simply footnotes in this game. The games graphics are falling a bit behind but they are not terrible.

Multiplayer: Bioware has lowered the war asset requirements so you no longer need to play it to get the best endings. The multiplayer is fun and with three levels of challenge most players will find alot of enjoyment from it. It does lock up at times and some people quit early which means you will have wasted your time. The random money and character unlock sytem can be frustrating trying to open the weapons and characters you want. As a whole I say its 4/5 due to lag and at least one lock up per day. You also have to deal with people who play too agressively or unsporting alot of the time.

Bioware redeemed itself by adressing its ending and adding closure to the game. Its not a perfect game however it is definitely a very solid game and worth buying.
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on November 18, 2014
one of the best game series every made, hoping for new game stories and more mini missions for all the characters leading up to the game, between each game and after the last game...need to keep this series alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on January 14, 2014
Mass effect is one of those games you have to play several times to make different decisions and get the different outcomes. literally this game is not the same game twice, between the 3 versions you have hundreds of combinations of outcome. I would suggest this game for anyone who loves to find all the extras and check every corner, make decisions and weigh outcomes. Every choice has both an up and down side to it and must be considered carefully.
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on July 30, 2015
As many others have posted. The make and production quality of the game, relative to others released around the same time, would be 4/5 stars. Control and gameplay is solid and enjoyable, though some controls and animations are awkward.

The narrative and thematic inconsistencies of the game story are so flawed and so illogical, the overall experience of playing and finishing this game will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth--not because the ending is sad, bittersweet, or unsatisfying, but because the last 10 minutes of the story run completely counter to all the themes and core storylines you've developed over this game and it's prequels. The decisions you made throughout the series end up mattering very little.

Updates have been released to step back from the original ending, and they do help, but the underlying flaws remain. What could have been the greatest conclusion to arguable the greatest game series ever is now a footnote in video game history as a great debacle of storytelling shared as a cautionary tale by young literature professors around the world.
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on September 2, 2014
This was the most anticipated game of my life. I popped for the collector's edition because I completely loved the second game. The graphics where better in the finale but so much was lacking. The story never felt real or worth investing in. The squad characters were lacking. Big disservice to lots of the returning characters. The combat was nice and smooth but it didn't really add too much more than what was in the second game. Difficulty wise this game was cake. I played through on insanity with no difficulty which was a disappointment after I poured hours into crawling through the second game on insane. The perks for the collector's edition really were not that special. Probably not worth the extra money. Tin case for die hard fans.
Why the four stars with such a bad review? Multiplayer. This multiplayer was something magic. It brought us together in a coop way that nothing has before. Not even Halo firefight. I have hundreds of hours invested in this game's multiplayer and I loved every minute of it. I don't know if it is supported any longer or if any one plays anymore but it was something else. Mass effect is a great trilogy and I would recommend any RPG fan give it a play through. This game was doomed from the start because it could never live up to the hype the second game created. ME2 was the business. Respect it
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