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on August 13, 2010
The Speed Dial is a very unique and looks amazing. Unfortunately, as others have complained, the lock works when it wants to work. I think I know why. When entering just 4 combination codes that do not repeat, the lock works like a charm. For Example if the code was up,down,left,right then the code works. But I did not want a short combination. When I first saw this product the code that automatically came to mind was the first 8 combinations of the famous Konami video game code which is up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right.(Look up Konami Code if you want to see websites where the code works)
The code worked like a charm the first time but I wanted to make sure so I clamped down twice and inputted the code again. The combo didnt work. It took me 4 tries until I got it to open. It did this repeated for 5 mins. Just in case I reset the code back to the original code that came with it, unlocked it, then I relocked it and finally I inputted my custom code. I did this resetting several times. Finally I decided to shorten the code to just Up,UP,Down,Down,Right. Again I met with the same problems but I noticed that whenever I did repeated motions in the same direction it would sometimes not finish correctly.So I changed to the code to the simple Up,Down,Left,Right,Up,down,left,right combination. 5 times out of 10 the lock worked.(That was an improvement by the way). I then changed the left to up,down,left,right. Once I did that I noticed that 9 times out of ten the code worked. I didnt want to have that short of a code because someone would eventually get it if they just played around so I finally changed it to up,down,right,right,left. My code still does the double motion so sometimes it gets stuck but its complex enough that I can use it at the gym. So bascially remember two things: Keep the code short and try to avoid too many double motion combinations Ex. Right Right Left Left
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on July 30, 2010
I was concerned about all the poor reviews complaining about not being able to open the lock and messing up when you set the combination causing a lock that can't be opened.

What I find is you need to understand this lock to use it well.

Pressing on the shank resets the combination unlike normal master locks which are reset by turning several times. So if you hold the lock wrong while entering the combination you will be reseting it as you enter the combo and clearly it will not open.

Secondly, you need to be deliberate when entering the combination especially when setting a new combination. A little care will prevent you from miss entering the combo. If you realize you might have messed up while setting your own combination, reset it before relocking it and do it more carefully. You want to hold the button firmly and move the button in the direction and back to center. Don't just let it spring back to the center because sometimes it will spring back so hard it goes the other way registering another move. If you hold the button firmly as you enter the combo you will find you get much better accuracy. I can open my lock 100% of the time if I do this. When I first got the lock I thought everyone was right, I could only open it once in several tries. I was using my thumb to move the lock in the direction and letting it spring back. Now that I grab onto the button and move it in the direction and back I have no issues. I like to hold the lock in my left hand making sure I don't reset it by pressing up on the shank. Then I used a firm grip on the button with my right hand to open the lock.

One thing I like about this lock is you don't have to look at it while entering the combo. So it's easy to look around an make sure nobody is watching you enter the combo. You can also shield the lock with your hand as you enter since you don't need to see the lock yourself.

The fact that this lock can't be shimmed open is also very nice.

The only reason I don't give this lock 5 stars is I would prefer to see a more solid construction. I have read that the gears inside are plastic and the lock seems like it might be weak so perhaps easily snapped. I would be willing to pay double for a more rugged version of this lock. Another reason is I would prefer if they used individual buttons rather then a single button. 4 simple buttons for left, right, up and down would be very nice. This would prevent the issues with the toggle button springing back making it much more accurate to enter the combination.
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on February 6, 2011
I'VE CRACKED THE CODE! All you have to do is mash it while you're doing the code!
(more concise instructions after "So:" below!)

So, I just bought this lock for use in hostels in an international trip I'm leaving for in two days. Two things attracted me to it:
-The design
-The security of having a new way to unlock a combination. (Thieves tend to stick to things they know, it's easier work)
-(ok there's a third)The fact that instead of numbers all I essentially have to memorize is a nintendo style cheat code! I'm 25, I mean holy eff, this lock was built for people like me!

BUT! I was dissapointed because just like about half of the reviewers here my lock would only actually unlock about once every 5-12 times I tried it. I looked on here to see if anyone had come up with a solution and didn't come accross any, so I just played with it for a bit.


Is your lock only opening some of the times no matter how many times you do the code right? Here's the solution (finally)!!!

Keep constant pressure on the middle button/joystick while you're doing it! That's it. Simple mechanical nuance. If you think about it, that's kind of a beautiful thing.

A few years of ipod touch screens have turned me from a button masher to a button tapper. Don't tap this sucker, MASH it.
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on June 18, 2010
I had the problem that several reviewers had - after setting the new combo, the lock failed to open. I did some research and discovered that if you miss a step in the combo reset, all you end up doing is adding the default combo and your newly created combo in one long string. Try running through the entire series and see if it works for you, I was able to open the lock and avoid returning a second lock.
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on March 6, 2013
I'll not take too much time, but mine is the same story you see here repeated many times. It worked great for a few weeks and then it didn't. It wouldn't open anymore. Timing was bad, standing there in the gym lockers with only my towel, embarassed, trying the code over and over and over again. It clicked after the 40th try. Since then sometimes it would open after 1 try, 5 try, 20 trys. I'm trying it right now and it won't open. The lock is cool but if you can't trust it to open when you need it to open, it's worse than useless.
I got a regular combination lock now. It opens when I put the code in, and that's great.
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on November 5, 2010
I work in a facility that employees 200+ blind and visually impaired people and we supply them with lockers. Traditional key style padlocks have always presented a problem with people loseing the key and combination locks were out of the question. The Speed Dial lock is very blind friendly and have been well recieved by blind and sighted employees. The ability to change the combination is very convinent and many employees have purchased mutiple locks to replaced traditional keyed locks around there homes. At a recent city wide event that catered to the visually impaired, we sold out of the locks in the first few hours and have had many inqueries. Amazon proved to be the least expensive option for this lock.
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on January 30, 2010
This is a great lock. It combines the convenience of a keyless lock, the security of an impossible to guess combination and a very easy way to enter the code into the lock. I have used mine for months, with excellent results. Once you have used it, you would not want any other kind of lock. Congratulations Master!
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on January 27, 2012
I'm posting this method of working the Masterlock Speed Dial combination locks for the benefit of anyone who might have one on something and can't open it. If this is *you*, have patience; opening this thing knowing the combination is a wee bit like *cracking* an ordinary combination lock. You need a delicate touch.

I tried operating this lock as shown in the video on Masterlock's web site: move the button to the each direction in the combination, releasing it each time so the return spring re-centers it for the next entry. Once I familiarized myself with this procedure I attempted fifty consecutive trials and succeeded ten times (10% success rate).

After considerable experimentation I found this to be the most consistently successful technique:

(1) Depress the shackle twice to reset the lock. It doesn't matter whether you do this fast or slow, as long as the shackle is *fully* depressed twice.

(2) As you enter each move in your combination, move the button *SHARPLY* in the chosen direction until it stops. In other words, when you move the button away from the center, do it *fast*. DO NOT RELEASE THE BUTTON.

(3) *GENTLY* ease the button back until it is resting in the neutral position before moving on to the next entry. In other words, when you move the button toward the enter, do it *slow*.

Using this method, I immediately achieved a 92% success rate in fifty consecutive trials and suspect my success rate is going up as I get used to it.

The most critical factor is the gentle return. I suspect the impact of the button snapping back to center undoes the lock reset or previous entries. You don't have to return the button in slow motion, although that works. After a little practice you'll get a feel for how gentle you have to be.

The sharp movement away from the center is less important. If I move the button gently in *both* directions, my success rate drops from 92% to 80%. I suspect this may be because parts of the mechanism are more flexible than they ought to be.

I do not recommend using this lock in any situation where not being open it promptly would present a danger or hardship. The combination mechanism is obviously flimsy and imprecise, and even if you can get it to work consistently *today*, it might let you down after rough handling or extreme temperature changes.

Good luck.
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on June 4, 2015
The first lock I received did not work. I contacted the company, and after accusing me of not following the directions (which I did, perfectly), they sent me a new one. The new one opens fine, but the shank is just a tiny bit too long, so I can't use it on the lockers at my gym, which have the recessed locks. This is so frustrating, and now I have two totally useless locks.
review image
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on April 19, 2011
I LOVE the idea of this lock. So easy to open without looking at it, and great to be able to set own combination. The theoretical design is fine ... 7501 unique combinations -- some are more secure than others, but if you use a sequence of 5 to 8 steps, you are likely quite secure.

HOWEVER, I used my lock for a couple of days with my own combination (carefully set) and it worked fine. Then, one day, it no longer opened. Luckily I kept it "locked" in my gym bag, otherwise this could have happened while the lock was on my locker (and I was naked in the shower... you can see how inconvenient that would be).

I think the problem is that the lock is not able to "reset" the tumblers to the zero/start position so my unlock sequence combination is recognized. Pressing the shackle down twice is supposed to perform this reset. My shackle is not moving very much, so I think the reset is jammed (maybe the internal reset gear notch is just a little out of place).

Unfortunately, this type of failure is completely unacceptable. I hope Master Lock discovers this problem and comes up with a design fix that reliably prevents the failure.
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