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on September 14, 2009
Let's not get carried away. This is not a big winch like the ones you see fastened to the bumpers of monster 4-wheelers. It is much simpler than that. And for what it is designed to do it works very well. For infrequent light duty winching this is the perfect tool.

It has a built in handle for carrying, detachable power and control cords, and enough cable to get you within 25 feet or so of whatever you are winching. It has a 2000 lb rating, and will pull that much easily. Not quickly, but easily. It has a manual crank that can be attached to the shaft. It also has a very handy mounting plate designed to slip over the ball on a ball-hitch.

The clutch is manual, and drag is set by means of a threaded knob on the shaft. It is very simple to use. Simply connect the power and control cables, loosen the clutch, pull the cable to whatever you need to pull and hook it up. Then tighten the clutch and press the button on the control handle and start winching. Be patient. There is only one speed and it is slow. But it works.

I have tested the winch by hanging it from a beam and picking up the front of a truck with no problem. Then we really put it to the test by using it to pull our garden tractor out of the mud. It was a long pull so we needed to add a tug strap but it was easy enough to hook up. The pull was painless. The winch is slow because it gets it's power through gearing. It is quite a drain on a car battery, so it helps to leave your engine running while you pull.

Not something you would want to use every day but very handy to have around. For my money this is a 5-star tool. Great for the boat owner or for use around the farm.
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on April 17, 2012
First and foremost, let's be honest: this thing costs $60-something (April 2012). This thing has pulled up 3500 lbs up 30 degrees, so it's plenty powerful, that's for sure. The removable feature is great and it's light enough where you can put it on and off as you please. Simple to use, so good marks there.

There are a couple of bad features, however.

1. Short battery cables - I don't know what vehicle they're comparing the length to, but most pickup type trucks or full sized trucks would not reach with these cables. I had to add an extra 6 or 7 feet to reach the engine bay. Not a problem for those using battery booster type devices and running it closer to the winch, but an annoying problem for everyone else.

2. Short controller cables - Again, it would be great to be able to walk all the way to the back of a trailer, for example, and use the winch at the same time, but not so. Either you have to leave the controller in the front, go to the back, then return to operate it again, or you need someone else to help you. Not a big deal for smaller trailers, annoying on anything over 14 feet.

3. Difficult-to-insert connectors - It's very difficult to put in the rubberized connectors for power and controller. They are marked with a rib to make it idiot proof which is nice, but the rubber - obviously in place to make it waterproof - makes it a bit of a chore to put it in and out. On a winch designed to be removable, this is silly.

4. No back up (power out) control - This is the big one for me. I should have probably been careful and read and re-read the description, but this feature is oh so important and not having it makes using it a drag, so much so that I now have to buy a second winch and dispose of this one (at least for main duties). Try unloading a 4000 pound car without such a feature and you'll see what I mean. You certainly don't want to be mucking about with its clutch and releasing a bit at a time lest you enjoy tempting fate.

HOWEVER, as a portable load pulling type thing, especially with the hitch mount, it's pretty awesome.

Also, there are a billion brands selling the exact same part. My experience with it in terms of power was good, but it was this (Master Lock) one. You will likely have the same results with the others: same basic kit, different branding.
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on August 6, 2009
the most frustrating thing is the speed; it is ultra slow, also kept coming off of it's mounting bracket as there is a lot of wiggle room when placed over the mounting would seem you really need to make further arrangements in bolting this to it's mounting plate, a lunch pin for example.

i mounted it on the tractor and went to haul up some logs. the cable run is about 30feet; sounds like a lot until getting down in a ravine and seeing just how short that is...i attached an added chain, but still there was only a 30foot run at a time before having to go back down and make new attachments.

i do belive the pulling data is very accurate, i tried to pull my 2500 pound tractor on a 5% grade. it did it BUT i could have retired in the process...ULTRA slow.

there may be times when very slow is good as in tightening fence lines, pulling in a boat....but most of what i do around the farm speed is more important to me...if i were to guess i would say it winches in at about 6inches a minute. they say not to run the motor more than 8-12, gee that figures out to be a whopping 6feet in 12 minutes....

the setup seems solid except the plastic housing which if rather flimsy, as evidenced when it fell off the mounting plate...maybe a fall of 1 1/2 foot...the housing got big deep scrathes and seperated at the seam. they mention it is not waterproof, well you can surely believe that.

i will keep it as for the price it will have some uses, like fence pulling, lifting the motorcycle from a rafter/pulley to change tires etc...but for log pulling, moving something up to the flatbed well there are faster ways.
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on June 1, 2007
I welded the mount plate to my utility trailer. It works good for dragging a riding mower up the back. Used it for some construction stuff to. Not super duty or quick- but gets the job done.
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on July 31, 2008
While mowing my lawn, my Sears Lawn Tractor got away from me. While I was working to get it unstuck, it rolled down a steep hill. (Had it not hit a tree, it would have gone off a 20 foot cliff). The wheels got stuck behind large rocks. I bought the winch to pull it up a 40 foot hill, with at least a 45 degree incline. I had to use an additional tow rope even though the instructions warn against this. The winch pulled the tractor up and saved me the money and embarrassment of having to call a tow truck. It worked beyond my expectations.
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on November 3, 2006
This light duty Winch work just fine. I mounted it on a plate but for light duty the Ball mounting plate worked just fine.
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on June 9, 2008
This is really all I was looking for - needed to pull unmotorized vehicles up ramps into pickup bed. Simple operation, sturdy construction. I'm happy.
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on March 1, 2008
A great product for a very reasonable price. Warranty backed by a US company. Amazon was very quick to ship without cost. Glad I made the purchase. Recommend Amazon and product to anyone who needs a utility winch for their garage. Use mine on my Kwik Lift.
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on March 12, 2008
I just ordered this unit to use inside my garage to hoist up a utility trailer that I want to stand on end to make more room. I needed to buy an ac to dc converter to power it and the specs do not state the current draw. I called Master lock and they told me 4 to 6 amps for a several hundred pound load - and 20 amps at the maximum 2000 pound load. That is a lot of current so make sure your adapter and/or car outlet can supply the current needed.

I will post back once I have had a chance to use it.
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on September 4, 2009
I bought this winch to pull tree tops closer to a logging road to cut firewood. With all the rain we've had my full size pickup became stuck in the mud. I hooked this winch up for the first time and it pulled that truck out of the mud. I have since used it for its original purpose and have pulled tree tops out (against manufacturers reconmendation - 80 feet from the road) for firewood. Works great for less than $100.
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