Customer Reviews: Masterbuilt 20010109 Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer
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on November 28, 2010
Since the cooker takes a turkey up to 14lbs, I purchased two 11 lb birds. Per the formula in the directions I cooked the first one for 40-45 minutes and it came out ok. I proceeded to cook the second one and the cooker turned off by itself and showed no power. After 15 minutes of trouble shooting I found a reset button. Once the reset button was pushed the cooker started back up. It was not 10 minutes later and the power went out again. I had to hit the reset button again. The problem is you have to take the turkey out of the hot oil and slide the power unit up half way out of the cooker to get to the reset button (which is a hole that you poke a coat hanger wire into). This is a little tricky to do with the hot oil right there. I had to do this procedure 4 times till the turkey was cooked. The last time I could not get the power to come back hitting the reset button but the bird was cooked enough to eat just not crispy the way a fried turkey should be.
I contacted Amazon afterwards online and they offered a refund or to change out the cooker. With Christmas around the corner I opted for a new replacement to see if maybe it was just that cooker was the issue. This time though I will have a backup plan just in case the cooker fails again.
With all the hassle and stress it created I have to rate this product low (although it did create some excitement for the men gathered around the device to solve the issue). In the end the product was a disappointment.
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VINE VOICEon November 26, 2009
This Professional series fryer is much more than a typical fryer. It is loaded with safety features including a magnetic pull away power cord and a heating element that only turns on when properly installed.

As a professional in the food service industry I put this piece of equipment through it's paces. I deep fried wasabi pork pot stickers to a delicious golden brown and had very little oil retention on the pot stickers. I tried them with canola oil and vegetable oil/olive oil blend and each performed beautifully in the fryer. I also took some pork dim sum and some veggie pot stickers and steamed them in the elevated basket over water. The flavors were bright and the exterior skin came out at the perfect consistency, not too mushy or chewy. By simply adding some aromatics to the water I was able to lightly infuse the steamed items with additional flavor.

I then put together some General Tso's chicken and went about deep frying the chicken. After the chicken was cooked to temp I set it aside and steamed off some broccoli and then added it to some spicy orange sauce. I cooked up several batches at the same time, back to back and the recovery time was almost instantaneous. I only waited about a minute between cycles for the oil to return to temperature and began to fry the next batch. The ease of use in setting this machine up was great and switching from frying to steaming was a snap.

When it came time to drain the oil the drain spout on the side and removable heating element made clean up a breeze. I really enjoyed using this fryer and I am looking forward to coming up with some new ways to fry some old favorites. Perhaps even using chili infused oils to cook off chicken fingers for buffalo chicken wraps.

All in all this fryer/steamer is quite universal and wonderful to use. The only difficult cleaning was getting breading off the fry basket, but a quick soak in some hot soap water did the trick. You will enjoy creating with this indoor Turkey Fryer.
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on November 26, 2009
OMG! I can barely reach the computer I'm so stuffed! This Fryer is great! I was scared to use it so I had my husband lower the turkey (which was brined for 12 hours first!) into the oil. The only problem we had was the bird was too big at 13 pounds. I will stick to 10 lbs next time. This was easy to use and easy to clean. The convenience is amazing. This is the first time we have ever deep fried a turkey and we will definitely do it again! We see why so many people risk certain death trying to fry a turkey outdoors! Now you can fry it without the high risk but with all the reward. We highly recommend this fryer!
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on August 5, 2010
I purchased this Turkey Fryer thinking that it would be so handy at Thanksgiving. I only have one oven and baking a Turkey really ties my oven up. I have always liked Fried Turkey but my husband never wanted to bother with doing it outside because it takes so much oil, time, etc.

Shortly after receiving it I opened the box and was very impressed with the quality of the machine. I purchased an 8 pound turkey breast and injected it and fried it. It was soooo good. I followed the directions and found that I could have actually cooked it a couple of minutes less.

There are so many things that you can do with this machine. I can't wait to have the opportunity to do so. I used mine in the kitchen and it performed beautifully and was very easy to clean up.
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on April 28, 2011
Allot of reviews on this item so I will concentrate on what struck me as important and not clear before purchase. Like many I have done the outdoor propane method many times, a big PITA and expense but the reward of a fried Turkey made it worthwhile from time to time. Switching back to a low carb/sugar diet means cooking more from scratch. I can say after the first Turkey this will be great for many other dishes and while a bit of work compared to other cooking methods, this device makes deep fry occasionally a real possibility.

The > 14lb Fowel shaped bucket capacity only requires 2 Gal of expensive Peanut oil. (Compared to 3 on my outdoor model)

The spigot, with a strained funnel makes returning the oil to 1 gal containers easy to extend their life in a cool dark place.

Despite the atomizing of the boiling oil, the vent's oil collector screen did a good job of recovering venting oil. ( I would still prefer to run it in an open door garage or patio, could be great under an oven hood as well)

Clean up was great, after draining by spigot and further wipe down with paper towels the bucket was way to large for my sink. I used the bathtub to clean it and it wiped up easy. The heating element cleaned readily as well.

Build quality, its definitely a Chinese import by that I mean its not an heirloom quality appliance, kitchen aid or Cuisinart. That said it does look quite serviceable and is more like a budget kitchen toaster or microwave. If it fails after allot of use you toss it and get a new one.

Overall I expect to use this quite a bit, deep frying at home just never seemed worth the hassle and expense. This unit tips the scale the other way for me and I look forward to occasionally using this method to make my diet more interesting.
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on November 30, 2010
Alright, to start off, I'll fill you in on my perspective. I'm an average cook. Better than a weekend warrior burger and dog grill-man but by no means a master chef. I own my own small restaurant, so I know my way around a nice selection of dishes and cooking techniques.

I saw the infomercial on this unit and actually was excited to buy one and try it out. I tried the big dangerous backyard fryer once and did not like the experience AT ALL. Besides the danger factor, the cost was outragous just for the large volume of oil you need. So this seemed like the answer.

First off the features are really nice. It completely breaks down for cleaning (more on that later), has a side spout with a ball valve to drain the oil after it cools. Has a cover to minimize spatter (and if you ever fried a turkey, you know there's spatter). Best of all, it is electronically controlled so the temperature can be set and you don't have to do a fancy, drop a spattering turkey into hot grease with one hand while it boils up and over the rim of the fryer while deftly adjusting the propane valve with the other hand (quite a technique I've seen people use to minimze the danger factor of runaway heat causing even more hot oil sptter and boil over). This thing gets set at what temperature you want. It also has a timer to let you know when you're done. The only feature that failed was its "countertop" fittment. All teh kitchens I've ever seen have cabinets and it does NOT fit well beneath them so you have to use it on a table or have it precariously at the edge of the counter when loading and unloading the turkey. I recommend the table. Don't take chances with hot oil.

Okay, onto the cooking. No matter how much you pat dry the turkey with paper towels, you still get a lot of reaction when you put it into the hot oil in the form of spattering and some boil over. Until the bird is all the way in, you have to leave the lid open, so there is a significant amount of boil over and oil splashes you'll have to clean up later (some of which manages to get inside the unit, but it comes apart, so you can get in there and clean it). On a level of 1-5 the messiness factor is a 3. This thing does cook the turkey really fast. Instead of hours in an oven you're resady to go in about an hour and a half (including initial oil heatup time. Actual cooking time is about 45 minutes, depending on the size of the turkey). So, having a turkey ready to eat that fast was a big plus for this unit.

How the bird turns out? Well, not as wonderful as everyone raves about. You have to take into account several factors here: Turkey brand, whether or not you use the Favor injector, and timing it for the exact size so you don't overcook (hey, with this fast of a cooking method, five minutes can make a significant difference). I tried to maximize for moistness and juiciness. Overall I liked it. It was moist and tender. BUT if you use the method of baking the turkey in a broiling bag with bacon slices covering it and the breast down (so all the juices run into the white meat) you get a turkey just as moist and tender. So, for all this, I rated the final prodcut at a 2-3 because it was a lot more effort and after paying so much for the oil I could have gotten the same results with conventional baking with alot less work (just takes a lot longer).

Now onto cleanup. The infomercial shows how it all breaks down and fits into your dishwasher for super easy cleaning. I have a max volume dishwasher and the water sprayer was blocked by the main vat (too deep), so I had to hand wash it. I'm not sure what dishwasher model has that much room (and I didn't even get the big fryer for bigger turkeys). Not a huge deal, but it would have been nice to have all the componets auto-wash while I cleaned up the main unit. Anyway, I had to do a bit of cleaning (nothing like a conventional deep fryer takes, though. Nice slick surfaces aid quick cleaning). Total cleanup time was less than a half hour.

I'm excited to test its other functions and use it for a New England crab boil and try it out as a tamale steamer. I think t'll get used enough to pay for it's cost [...]

So, all in all, I gave it a 3-star rating.
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on November 27, 2009
Hands down, this is one of the best kitchen appliances you could ever own. We put the fryer on a table in our kitchen nook. I dried the turkey by stuffing any cavity with paper towels. I then injected Tom with the Butterball injector kit. While lowering the turkey, I had NO splatter. We allowed it to drain in its basket which hooks on the side of fryer. I forgot to sprinkle on the dry spice before frying so I used it as the turkey was draining. I then flipped the turkey on 4 paper towels. There was not enough grease from the turkey to soak through 4 paper towels! The house did not have that awful lingering, heavy fried food smell and the splatters on the stove, floor and ME that frying 3 small pork chops in a skillet caused. Our turkey (13.72 lbs.) was done in 53 minutes. It was golden brown, juicy and better than any turkey I ever had. I did pick this up at Lowe's 11/21/09 for $99. I had to go to a Lowe's out of my area because my regular Lowe's was out of them. For the effort and gas, it would have been worth paying the extra $17 to me if I thought I could get it in time. [...] see how easy it is to use this gem, go to [...], click on recipes and then the cooking made simple videos. Yes, believe the video. IT IS THAT EASY!! I'm frying a turkey over the weekend. Don't miss out, buy this fryer.
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on April 20, 2010
This unit works fine. We had a low country boil in it as soon as we got it and it worked fantastic. Family members have similar units and the water never seems to get hot enough. This unit turned all the way up brought the water back to a boil quickly and helped keep the timing right for the different types of food. Used it on Easter Sunday to deep fry a turkey and again, was pretty much right on the money time wise per the instruction/recipe book. Two liveable drawbacks that I see: 1 -the drain spot has to be removed for storage and rescrewed in to use it properly to drain the oil after using and 2 - the cover is very flimsy. Have to be very careful with it as I won't take much abuse. Otherwise, I would highly recommend this unit to anyone who needs a medium sized fryer.
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on December 9, 2009
I love my Butterball Turkey Fryer. I have been looking for a deep fryer for over a year and finally found one that does it all, deep frys, steams, boils. I fried chicken wings the day it arrived and they were the best fried chicken wings I ever cooked. I also cooked a seafood boil and my husband and I ate so many king crag legs we were surprised. This is a must have item and you will not be disappointed. The price is great and clean up is wonderful.
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on December 25, 2010
I purchased the Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer through Amazon after seeing a demonstration of the product on Fox News. I gave it a try on Thanksgiving. I roasted a turkey in the oven and deep fried the other. The deep fried turkey came out great.
The second time (Christmas), I only used the Masterbuilt. Big mistake. It started out fine, but then quit after about fifteen minutes. I checked the circuit breaker and everything was fine there. I nonetheless tried plugging it in to other outlets and nothing worked.
I pulled the turkey out of the fryer and cleaned it up as best as I could, then threw it into the oven. It was an oily mess, and Christmas dinner turned out to be leftover salmon.
This is the most unreliable product I've ever used, and I cannot recommend it to anyone.
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