Customer Reviews: Matched Trilogy box set
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on December 7, 2012
(My wife's review). This is a series tailor-made for Hunger Games readers. Romance and action in a Big Brother society, and I'm not giving anything away to tell you that it starts with a teen girl, Cassia, who is shown her expected marriage match but for a brief second another boy's face appears on the screen. Hmmm... The story builds from there, each book adding a new layer and new voices to the narrative. Addictive reading.
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on July 24, 2013
**possible spoilers here and there**

Book 1-Matched- I really liked the start to this trilogy. It gave a great set up to how life has turned out some time into the future and it gave me a true sense of suffocation. I know that the characters in the book didn't feel that way for the most part because that's what they grew up knowing. But the author did a great job at making me feel what it would be like to live in that situation. Matched was the background and build up book. It gave the basic background for how this lifestyle came to be and it was a perfect subtle build up for what's about to come. How even in a seemingly perfect society nothing is truly as perfect as it seems. And how in a way living this way seemed more terrifying than living in chaos.

Book 2- Crossed- I liked the adventure in this book and Cassia's slow discovery of the world outside her world. In her eyes everything she was seeing was so new, breathtaking and terrifying at times and I enjoyed the discoveries and endured the sadness right along with her. In this book you start to see the true colors of the Society and the Rising and neither one gives a great impression. You see how the Society is quick to try and extinguish anything that doesn't fit perfectly into their tiny, shinny bubble and it's a terrifying thought to think that at any moment they could deem one of your actions unsuitable for the society and have you shipped off to God knows where to fend for yourself without batting an eye. The Rising wasn't much better. They seemed to trust very few people and felt just as controlling an manipulative as the Society.
This book is also where I started to dislike the series a little. I read somewhere that the authors favorite character to write was Indie...and it was painfully obvious. I hate when authors make it obvious. I know each one has a favorite to write about but never have I seen one so open about it in their books. I got a little tired of all the characters talking about how beautiful and amazing she was. I mean, she's a secondary character and I feel like the focus was on her entirely too much as far as the "romance" portion of this book is concerned. And Cassia was too quick to give Indie credit for a lot of things when she should have been giving it to herself. Cassia didn't grow up the way Indie did so why should she automatically know the things Indie knew. The world that Cassia was thrust into in this book was a complete 180 from what she was used to and she fought and she survived. I don't really feel like she was given her dues for what she accomplished no matter how little of an accomplishment it may have been in Indie and Ky's eyes.

Book 3- Reached- This was my least favorite book of the trilogy. Back to the whole romance thing for a moment (and I yes I know that's not the whole point of the book but since it was in there I'm going to talk about it) I didn't really feel a "love connection" between Ky and Cassia. If anything I felt like he was in love with Indie (barf). Every time they were together in a chapter he would once again talk about how beautiful and amazing she was...things he hardly ever said about the girl he was actually supposed to be in love with. The only thing he would really say about Cassia is that he missed her and flash back to a kiss or a moment they shared. I never knew why he loved her, why he missed her especially when he was all the time staring at and praising Indie.
Now that I did my romance rant...back to the meat of the story. most of this book was spent looking for a cure for the virus. I didn't get a lot of Xander's medical chit chat in his POV chapters and so I skimmed a lot of his stuff. I'm not a science person at all so maybe I just needed it dumbed down a little for me. Xander was a pretty boring character until closer to the end of the book when he finally started to progress and transform. I could really see his growth which is more than I can say for Ky or Cassia.
Cassia changed only in the sense that she knew what the world was really like now. She knew the truth for the most part. Ky seemed to always want to stay out of everything on every side and just let the chips fall where they may (while talking about how beautiful and amazing Indie was).
I was REALLY disappointed in the reveal of the Pilot. He was talked about all the time and I thought it was going to be some shocker or one of those "omg" moments you get in some books...but nope. He was just a nobody that knew how to fly well and helped rescue people and earned his spot as the pilot *yawn*.
I could really nitpick at a lot of things in book 3 and if I gave it an individual rating it would only be 2 stars. Thank goodness the 1st 2 books were good and somewhat helped makeup for a blah 3rd book.
All in all, I've told my friends about these books (not exactly recommended them) but told them that if they have nothing else to read then these would be good.
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on April 16, 2016
After reading and rereading the Hunger Games and Divergent series a hundred times I was looking for something that would be similar and not a knock off. This series really pull me into the story, made me fall in love with the characters, the world, and time they lived in. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to escape reality, government conspiracies, and loves triangle love stories.
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on February 6, 2013
I bought these books for my niece's 15th birthday gift and thought I'd read the first book to make sure the contect was appropriate for her. Little did I know I'd fall in love with the characters and couldn't put the books down! My neice is going to love them and now we'll have something else to talk about. Can't wait for the movies to come out!
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on January 29, 2013
I exchanged a book I received as a Christmas gift (that I had already read) for the first of this trilogy. I am so glad I did. Once I finished the first book I downloaded the second two on my Kindle and read them in one night. The first book is definitely the best, the next two a little weaker.I always have to see where the story ends so I continued through. The concept is interesting and the characters will draw you in. I used the concepts from the book to start some interesting conversations with my kids!
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Book 1:
I would like to start by congratulating Ally Condie in doing such an amazing job with this book. I think that it was very well written and I can see why Disney has purchased the rights for the film adaptation. Even though at the moment, the majority of the books I am reading are in the YA category and these are indeed the ones I most enjoy reading, I have noticed that YA novels (especially from the dystopian genre as this one is) are not as poetically elaborated as books like "Warm Bodies" and this one were.

I actually finished it in one sitting. The events in the story unfold at a very quick pace, which I love in a book because it keeps me entertained and fully engaged.

Although many people have described this novel as being very original, I kind of found it to be very similar to "Farenheight 451"! I was actually very intrigued about the death process for the elderly in this society, which reminded me somewhat about the culture of the Eskimos. After you finish reading this novel, you can check a little reference of this and get a sense of what I am talking about: [...]..

The story is set within a dystopian world in which your choice about everything has been taken away from you. Even in matters of the heart you must marry whom the society has chosen for you, hence the name of the novel, "Matched". The female protagonist (Cassia) is matched with two individuals though, and she must decide which path to take. The only thing I am going to say about this is that the love triangle in this story is complicated even for me as a reader. I think it is the first time I experience my soul being played tug of war with. I felt like my heart was being torn in two as I read about each of the male characters, because they were both so freaking awesome that by the end of the book I was just resigned to the two of them. So Cassia, do all of us a favor and just marry both please!

I give it five stars and I would definitely recommend this book to all YA and dystopian novel lovers!

Book 2:
Well done Ally Condie! This second installment was even better than the first! There was a more profound description of the characters and of the world itself, with the introduction of new concepts like the "reclassification".

I loved the new way in which the story was narrated, now not only by Cassia, but from Ky's perspective as well.

And I must clarify that although I love Ky, I am Team Xander!

Book 3:
Oh my goodness! Reached was amazing! All I am going to say about the ending is that it is a happy one! Although I wish she would have ended with the boy I loved! Oh well, at least she was consistent.

There was so much poetry in this novel, that I had a hard time choosing which phrase I loved the most, but in the end I am going to stay with: "Anna embraces them both, and for a moment they are a little family, three generations, connected not by blood but by journeys and farewells". The reason why I loved this phrase so much is because I completely agree with the fact that many times there will be people in our lives that are more dear, special and important in to us than our family simply because of all the experiences that we may share with them.

One thing I did not like about this book though, were the kisses between the characters and others that were not their true loves. I felt that there was a lot of cheating and although in a sense this is a realistic portrayal of teenage love experiences since it is a time in which they are still adventuring and discovering themselves sexually and romantically, it was not realistic in the portrayal of the reactions of the characters that were cheated on. I mean puh-lease! Who can say that in their teenage years or in any other stage of their lives were cheated on and then reacted with understanding instead of anger or jealousy! Bull-#$%^!

Either way, this was my favorite novel! Ally Condie made me fall in love with both male protagonists in such a way that every time I felt like I was leaning more toward any one of them, she would make the other one do or say something that would make me empathize with him! So yes, my heart was ripped in two by both Xander and Ky. In the end though, Xander won the battle! <3

Also, there were many things that I was able to predict from the beginning of the Trilogy. Like for example, Matched at least to me, was very similar to the Hunger Games in the sense that both sides of the war seemed to be using the characters. I also seemed to have a feeling that her grandfather and her (Cassia), had more to do with the rising and the matching of her with two boys than they realized. But for this you will have to read the book because I will not give it away!

Once again I must say that I truly cannot wait to see this trilogy on screen! I think it will play out beautifully!
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on December 15, 2014
The matched trilogy is a great series that kept me reading late into the night and fretting over the characters’ dilemmas when I had put it down. The story and characters have maintained a constant presence in my mind long after I finished reading the first book, which, to me, indicates a great story. The characters are complex. I didn't always understand, or agree with their choices, but after some thought I realized their perspective. The plot kept me guessing, as well.

I recommend this set for a good night of reading.
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on June 10, 2016
I really enjoyed reading these books. The boxed set was a great price and they came in perfect condition. The books are all very good and I would recommend them to everyone. They have a great story line and I never got bored while reading them. If I were you, I would give them a try!
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on June 8, 2014
This is the best story Ive read since The Hunger Games. It keeps you interested from the start to finish. I do have to say there is times that I get upset with some of the choices that are made but it is so much like real life that its expected, without those choices it would seem fakeish/movieish/bookish/storyish instead of the super good read that it is. It is a great story and if you like The Hunger Games you will like this....and No its not about a game of skills but it is about people trying to survive which is how that two storys are similar. Anyway I really like the collection and I hope you do too. And the best part of getting it on the kindle was I got all 3 books in one group instead of paying for 1 at a time.
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on February 20, 2015
Very slow in places. Not as good as other Dystopian books I've read, such as Hunger Games and Divergent, but pretty good all in all. It was hard to get through. The story line was predictable as well.
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