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on August 3, 2005
This is the very first album I ever heard from slipknot.. it hooked me automatically.. I live in charlotte NC.. i first heard Do Nothing/Bitchslap and Gently on an old radio station because the DJ had purchased the album at a concert.. every now and then he would play various songs from it on the radio.. well enough about that..

The Album

Anders I believe did a very good job in this album.. His deep voice and great percussion fronting did great things for the album all together.. rather than review the album as a whole.. why not review each track?

SLIPKNOT - A great song.. the begining is quite long but it is way worth it once it gets into the actual song..

(this song was later changed to the song (SIC) )

Gently - A song I can relate to myself.. but the intro to the song is renowned as one of the hardest riffs to play.. it is a very complicated riff and lasts almost 4 minutes

Do Nothing/ Bitchslap - A Great song.. many think the funk added in makes the song suck.. but I myself think it makes it better

Only One - Not really much to say about it.. good song but I like the remake by the new slipknot better

Tattered And Torn - to many this song is annoying.. lol but i believe its awsome.. better than its latter remake

Confessions - my second favorite song on the album.. Great lyrics and music.. couldnt have been made better if they tried

Some Feel - This song and Killers are Quiet tie as my #1 favorites.. the lyrics are outstanding

Killers Are Quiet - Ladies and Gentlemen.. the best song on the album resides here.. it has the best music and lyrics of any song i've heard by slipknot thus far.. (it was later made into the song IOWA)

Dogfish Rising - Comical.. thats about it lol
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on November 29, 2005
I have to say, when i saw this album on i nearly had a heart attack. Perfectly aware that only 1000 copies were made of this CD i was stunned and abashed, only to discover it's an import and from the reviews discovered that the quality is poor. Yet, if you are unable to download the songs ((...)) or want the booklet or want a hard copy of the CD, i recomend you buy this. Mate, Feed, Kill, repeat was by far the most incredible CD by Slipknot and really lets the slipknot fan see where the band came from and where the progressions were. I am sorely disappointed that Anders left the band, his voice was deep and dark and worked perfectly. He wasn't as strong as a vocalist as Taylor was, indeed, yet he fit and that's all that really mattered. Gently, as said by another reviewer has one of the hardest guitar riffs one can even attempt to play... the tabs are located at the website mentioned above. This CD is music that was spawned from many different genres unlike the modern day 9-piece disaster that is Slipknot. I'm very disappointed that Paul Grey's amazing bass skills are now quieted and slowed and altered for the new Slipknot. This is a DEFINITE must own for any slipknot fan...
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on October 28, 2005
If you're reading this I would suppose that you own the EPONYMOUS Slipknot disc... You know the one where the first track is 742617000027. You know what that number is, that's right, the barcode of the original release of MATE. FEED. KILL. REPEAT

The tracks are (1)Slipknot (2)Gently (3)Do Nothing/Bitchslap (4)Only One (5)Tattered and Torn (6)Confessions (7)Some Feel (8)Killers are Quiet. After a duration of blank silence a hidden song comes in "Dogfish Rising." Just for you'll know, three of these songs have redentions on succeeding releases. Tracks 4 & 5 were done on the EPONYMOUS release and track 2 was reworked for IOWA. However, they sound so much greater in their original form. Artistic they are, how can a metal band get a sound that sound like an mellow orchestra go straight mosh pit and at any given moment begin rapping or at one point even get the disco/funk sound going. Yeah, for a moment I thought ol' school Incubus was in the partymix. Although my copy is downloaded and I don't have "Dogfish Rising." This is still a cherished prize. Even more than either of my copies of the EPONYMOUS CD (which one has "Frail Limb Nursery" and "Purity" instead of "Me Inside"). Greater than IOWA and THE SUBLIMINAL VERSES. Oh by the way, I thought #8 & #4 (Corey Taylor & James Root resepectively) were on this disc. I'll have to research that info. Buy it, it's fantastic!!!!!!!
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on August 29, 2011
Okay, I must say im sick and tired of hearing poor people get ripped off for a fake or burnt sticker covered copy on here. I bought my genuine off of ebay for $450. Anyway, before you buy, try and contact the seller to send a picture of the disk itself. Top and Bottom, The top will be a forest green with TWO rings circulating the center of the disk, underneath should be the same way but it'll be green. For more info on a real or fake go to my for "rockwithroadrunner" I show the top and bottom of the disk. Or a great website with a checklist [...] The album is very experimental and rocks in its own way. \m/
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on July 23, 2006
do you even KNOW what you're calling junk?!THIS IS A COMPLETE TREASURE!(okay,it could be better on the tempo and vocals).but other than that,this is Slipknot HISTORY!the songs were great!Anders really expressed himself on the vocals.Plus,it has awesome songs,like "SLIPKNOT","DO NOTHING",and "KILLERS ARE QUIET".Plus, to make it even better,there's a hidden track on #9 called "DOGFISH RISING"!!!it's kind of a comedy is mostly just sounds for about 5 minutes.Then it builds up into a wierd song.To make a long story short,if you hate MFKR,then you hate Slipknot

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on March 9, 2011
I bought this and it is the original authentic copy that usually sells up to $300 dollars on ebay. I wanted an official copy. A physical copy to add to my SlipKnoT collection. What I got was the original and it made me VERY $%#@ING HAPPY!!! Many of the "noobs" SlipKnoT fans that bash this album and say that this "isn't" SlipKnoT, they obviously do not know the first thing about the real SlipKnoT and their beginnings.

I got digital MP3 versions of this album with great quality sound from a SlipKnoT site dedicated to Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat., I don't know why SlipKnoT doesn't re-release this album, since it obviously sells, even when the music is free to get. Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat. is a collector's item to true SlipKnoT fans.

The music itself is a lot different from their current albums. This is far from the Nu-Metal crap you hear today. This album actually has guitar solos and has a mixture of genres crammed into one album. I'd call it "experimental metal". My favorite songs is "SlipKnoT", "Gently" & "Confessions". The album as a whole is great.

This album would be a great addition to your SlipKnoT collection, so get it today while it still last. If you want an authentic copy, look to the one who has the most positive feedback rating. I did and I got it for $30.
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on August 20, 2008
If you are a slipknot fan, you mush have this album. I think the quality of the work on this album is actually better than their vol 8 album, but I know I am in the minority. This has a broader range of sound, from club type music to the death metal grind. The vocalist are not corey taylor polished, but appropriate for the music. The sound does have a bit of the Iowa release death sound. This import copy is almost impossible to find anywhere other than online, so purchase from a seller that you have used before and trust, because a lot of folks are selling CD-R's. Read the listing carefully!!! I got a great copy here, and I hope you will to. Favorite songs Slipknot, Only One, Tattered and Torn. also note, there is a bonus hidden track on this at the end of the 8th song.

Finally, if it has not been said enough already, the releases for sale online anywhere for this album are going to be Unofficial Imports, and they are getting harder to find. The copy I have has the lyrics and about 20 pages of photos with it, on pale one music (copyright 1995). The quality of it is outstanding for being a independent release, and the sound quality is what it should be. This is not a polished big studio album that newer fans are used to. The original pressing was only around 1000 copies (some say 666 copies), so the chances of finding one of those for sale is a needle in a haystack's chance. Unless you have the copy in your hand and can validate that it's an original, you should only pay what you are paying for it here on amazon!!
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on April 21, 2008
This is like gold to me. If you are lucky enough to see these up for sale, grab it immedately. This is Slipknots' true first album. Only a very small amount were made by the band and many others were pirated. The CD that I got though looked real, but I don't know if it was an original. The CD quality is good, no flaws in it. The music though is completely different thing. The Slipknot that people know today (the band that made the self-entitled, Iowa, and some other CD) is not the Slipknot playing on this CD. It has a very different style to it (That I love to death) and has many different people singing/playing instruments. If you are a true Slipknot fan you must buy this, this is a golden nugget to those who truely love metal. If you're lucky enough and you have the gonads to buy it, you will get the best CD ever.
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on October 20, 2005
slipknots first cd, while amazing is not its best. that belongs to the red album, slipknot, to those who are uneducated in the world of the knot. Also to a fellow reviewer, this is not corey singing. he was not in the band at that point, along with jim root. great cd however a definite must for the hardcore slipknot fan. better than those new masks theyve manufactured and sell at Hot Topic and other poser stores.
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on January 19, 2016
Ordered this for my sons birthday and after reviving a defective CD made contact with seller record hound Chris. After 2 conversations with Chris he assured me of a replacement that never happened. He explained this product is produced overseas and may not be comparable with CD players here in the states.
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