Customer Reviews: MatricomⓇ G-Box MX2 Dual Core XBMC Android 4.2 TV Box + Special Edition XBMC [NEWEST VERSION]
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on November 20, 2013
I have owned the G-Box MX2 for about 5 months. I want to make it clear I have always loved this box, but there were some minor glitches at first with the over the air (OTA) update feature, XBMC occasionally freezing upon exiting, etc. I tried for over 3 months to get Skype to work well I never succeeded on my own. After 5 months my G-Box froze up and I had to restore the firmware. At that time I found that Matricom had released a new firmware for the box. It took me 10 minutes to load the new firmware and get the box back up and running. The firmware update took care of the booting problems, XBMC exiting issues, and Skype now works flawlessly with almost every webcam you throw at it. I have always been pleased with this box and how well it runs XBMC, but it runs very smooth with this new update. Netflix and other android apps had some issues prior to the update and now they seem to work great. I have several android games installed and they work great (I just plug in my XBOX controller and enjoy). I have always wanted to give this box a 5 star review and now... finally... I can. It was the best device running android that you could plug into your TV before the firmware update and it is even better now after the update. I recommend this device to anyone at $97 you can't go wrong. It is a much more functional box than the Apple TV and truly brings entertainment to your television. I just bought another one as a Christmas gift for my brother. The only bad thing I can say is that I emailed Matricom three times with a question about uninstalling preloaded repositories in XBMC and I did not get a response, but they do provide good phone support and all the updates and firmware files you need to reset the device and keep it working, they also have a forum to ask questions to the community and that is better than some of the other vendors out there.
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on January 6, 2014
Ok, so I'm writing this review because it seems like there's some confusion about what exactly this device is and isn't. So what is it? If you've tried to marry the pc world with the tv world you know they don't exactly play nice, To get them to work you usually have to use a host of adapters, tuner cards, software and oh yeah you'll need to find a way to drag your computer into the living room. While this experience has somewhat improved over the years, nothing has really come along that really allows that true pc experience on the television. Plain and simple, the G-box is a mini pc/android device. With USB, HDMI, digital Audio output (for surround sound) SD/MMC card expansion bays, Ethernet and wifi its truly the love child of a tablet and pc. There are no moving parts which means it doesn't consume a ton of power and it doesn't get blazing hot. That means you can mount it behind the tv or hide it out of sight...but wait that's not all. It runs on the Android platform, which means just about anything running on your android tablet or phone will run on this device. Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, Google Music, Angry Birds will all run ON YOUR TV. This box basically turns your tv into what a smart tv should be. Smart TV's are usually limited to what you can install and do. Depending on your tv, you may not be able to install any additional apps or you might even have to pay. I say don't buy a smart tv, buy this instead it offers you a lot more options and freedom.

Now let's talk about XBMC, if you've never heard of XBMC, it's free open-source software that allows you to play online and digital media. It has it's own interface and organizes everything in a nice clean way. I've heard it compared to Windows Media Center but that wouldn't really be accurate, it does what Media Center does better and because it's open source it has endless possibilities. If you've got a library of digital media (MP3, AVI, MP4's etc;) this will categorize them and present them in a nice browsable list complete with album or cover art. But that's not where XBMC really shines. It's called the cable-killer for a reason, with the free addons you have access to literally hundreds upon thousands of online repositories of media. I like to use the word EVERYTHING, you have access to EVERYTHING...movies, tv shows, foreign movies and shows, sports, live tv...yeah that just happened live streaming tv, karaoke, old cartoons not available anywhere (remember Frankenstein Jr. or the Blue Falcon? if you're under 40 you won't know who these people are.) The list is endless, and I can literally watch movies whenever I want. I can browse through thousands of movies and even watch the trailer for each one. There's even a subtitle addon! I can watch a movie and if needed I can enable subtitles and it pauses for two seconds, I select the language and boom I've got instant subtitles for movies!!! Honestly, this alone made me call the cable company and turn in my DVR and cancel cable. Having said that, this may not be for you if you consider yourself to be technically challenged. DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CABLE if you're not ready to learn how to use this box. It's not Netflix or Amazon Prime where everything is tidy and arranged, it's a little different. Getting used to the interface takes time but if you take your time and explore, you'll be amazed at what this can do! I installed XBMC on my laptop and have been running it from there until my GBox arrives and it works great. SInce my laptop is a about 2 years old it doesn't have native HDMI only Displayport and DVI so I use an adaptor.

Lastly, there are versions of the GBox that come with a remote or you'll see some reviews that recommend ordering a wireless keyboard mouse or touchpad. Because this software is menu driven you'll want to get some kind of remote that allows keyed entry. You can use the onscreen keyboard but it gets old fast. I've decided to not order the keyboard remote because I've actually found something better. If you have a android tablet or phone, you can actually download the official XBMC Remote from the Google Play store which turns your phone or tablet into a remote. It works flawlessly and it uses wifi so you don't need line of sight, or even be in the same room. You'll need to enable remote functions under System properties in XBMC and you'll need to know the ip address easily available in System Info under System as well. So understand what you're actually doing here, this box is going to change how you watch tv and what you use tv for. Did I mention there are even workout videos? Hope this review helps

***UPDATE** Since I wrote this review, I've actually switched the remote app I use and it's even better than the Official XBMC Remote, it's called Droidmote available in the Google Play store. Droidmote is superior to XBMC Remote in that it allows you to control and navigate the entire GBOX device and not just the XBMC interface like the XBMC remote does. You basically download the server component to the GBOX (those instructions are available in the Play store), then install the remote client on your phone or tablet. Enter the ip address for your device and you're done. The Droidmote has a great feature that allows you to use your touchscreen as a mouse. It moves the pointer as you move your finger on the screen. It also allows you to enter text using your smartphone keyboard. The XBMC Remote was slightly different and required you to enter the text then "send" it to the console. This is a much better choice than a $40 air mouse. There is a cost involved a whopping $2.99 from the Play Store, have fun.
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on December 3, 2013
My entire family has used the Apple TV, Roku Players. We primarily used the Apple TV 2 to have access to XBMC. Although, since Apple seems to be tightening up ship when it comes to updates and jailbreaking (to allow xbmc and other apps) it was becoming a pain to keep Apple TV working smoothly. Also, Roku doesn't allow XMBC.

We spent about two days researching comparable table top players like apple and roku and came across the Android player G-BOX. It was a piece of cake to set up. Took a bit of time to figure out the controls and how to navigate. Like anything new you have to adjust and break old habits especially when your used to Apple TV and Roku.

SOoooo... THIS player is a dream come true. It is absolutely a thing of beauty. XBMC is a native app and runs flawlessly. It's smooth and fast. Since I wanted something to primarily run XBMC this the player to buy. For those of you who like AirPlay with Apple TV, the G-BOX has Airplay! I was able to stream my photos from my iPhone to the tv no problem. Some video formats didn't seem to work when trying AirPlay but the majority of the photos and videos did.

My reasoning for this is simple.. XBMC and Android specifically integrated XBMC onto this player. You don't have to jailbreak, install / uninstall, update, etc. SO far it has everything taken care of for you and keeps it maintained.

Here is my advice. Buy the G-BOX MX2 with the MatricomⓇ G-Mouse Rechargeable Wireless Gyro Air Fly Mouse / Keyboard Combo. Gives you a keyboard and a 'Wii' like remote to move the mouse around on screen. Otherwise you will be using the default control that comes with it to navigate. It works with the default control but less hassle with the keyboard and mouse remote.

Any questions, ask. I've bought a second one to use in another room. Great buy and FINALLY an alternative to Apple and Roku.


The Gbox has held up great. There is ONE HUGE important thing that everyone needs to know if they are going to buy this product. BUY THE CONTROLLER Matricom® G-Mouse Rechargeable Wireless Gyro Air Fly Mouse / Keyboard Combo. This controller works like a 'Wii' remote. You plug in a USB dongle into the GBOX and you can point your controller at the screen and move the arrow all over the screen. The GBOX seems to be made specifically to use this type of controller because most of the menus and even applications like Netflix take advantage of the 'Wii' like controls.

It also has a keyboard directly on the backside of the control. This is actually one controller, although, the advertisement shows two controllers. The image is actually just showing you both sides of the control.

I have used this with the GBOX since I received it as a gift in November and it has worked great.

There was one situation where the GBOX froze and it wouldn't go past the load screen, although, there is a hidden reset button in the audio jack. You unplug the GBOX and plug it back in while pushing down on the reset button and it goes into safe mode. Here you are able to kick it into gear and your back up and running.

XBMC works like a dream on the GBOX. We use it almost everyday with the kids and when my wife and I watch a show or movie. Netflix also works like a charm BUT with the controller I suggested above. If you get the older controller then it's a pain in the backside, you'll get frusturated with the GBOX and wish you hadn't purchased it. IT'S THE CONTROLLER, not the GBOX. Makes a world of a difference.

The GBOX also has preinstalled options to have the ability to always reset, re-install XBMC, Netflix, etc. If it ever quits working you can uninstall and reinstall. Your back up and running.

Also, if you plug in a USB stick to the GBOX you can add a feature in XBMC to do a backup of your settings and favorites. This way if XBMC does stop working and you reinstall then you can throw your settings and favorites back into XBMC and your rolling.

Great machine and I would pick this over any other set top box that is out there. I've had Apple TV, ROKU, etc. This one so far is the best with what it offers.

Hope this helps.
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on March 8, 2014
I am definitely satisfied with the G Box. All things come as advertise. Runs XBMC great and efficiently, especially helpful if the Wifi signal is very strong or you can use an ethernet cable.
The Android part of the system is excellent. All apps from the AppStore are available and work great. I write my book on here, listen to podcasts, send emails, etc. Basically a personalized computer/tablet for your TV.
I have an external hard drive connected so all of my pictures, video and music are available at all times.
Great product and extremely fun to use. The company has been very helpful for any issues or questions I have.
Know that it is not a Roku player and it takes some work to customize it and make it how you want it. But once you learn it and practice, it is amazing I did without it. :)
A helpful device to add is a Logitech wireless keyboard with mouse. Very advantageous.
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on January 28, 2014
Um... ladies and gentlemen... Throw away your Comcast boxes (keep the internet though.. lol)

I must admit, this product was initially frustrating to install and to operate. The instructions in the box seemed vague for a non-tech guy like me. I was informed about the G-Box from a friend who is a programmer and he spoke highly about this media powerhouse. Through the initial frustration I have since cancelled my TV subscriptions and haven't been to a theater in months! It's all provided here, "if you do the research to learn how to install the necessary add-ons".

I advise if you are too lazy and impatient to simply search XBMC information on YouTube to find in depth reviews on how to operate this media program then leave your negative reviews some where else

I mean seriously, this provides you with the latest and greatest TV shows and movies out there. Take your time, give it a few weeks before you throw a tantrum, you'll be glad you did. I love it.
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on December 20, 2013
Ever since I heard about MythTV about ten years ago, I've wanted a Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC). PC hardware is somewhat expensive, noisy, and power consuming, so I kept putting it off. Windows Media Center worked well for me, but there's not much you can do to customize it. I bought an XBox 360 and used that as a front end for my main tv. It worked pretty well. Audio quality was sub-par for some reason even with digital output.

I recently discovered XBMC. It's a free, open source replacement for Windows Media Center than runs on pretty much every device out there with a screen. Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, etc. It plays pretty much every video and audio format I throw at it. What I needed was a small computer to attach to the big HDTV in my living room. I tried the OUYA and hated it. I then bought this Matricom G-Box MX2 and love it! It's not perfect, but 95% of the way there. With software updates coming all the time, I'm confident that last 5% will take care of itself.

How I'm using it: I wanted a unified system for all the screens in my home to access my media. My main Windows-7 PC is acting as a server (it's called a backend in this context). The backend has a shared folder that I ripped my DVD's and CD's to. On the frontend (the device(s) where I watch the media) I have full access to my entire library without having to mess with physical media. This would be great if you have kids who want to watch their shows. The backend also serves as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and can play, pause, rewind, and record live TV both off the air and from cable. You will need a tv tuner attached to your PC or network. I use a Silicondust HDHomerun. I can now stream live tv to all of my frontend devices.

I'm discovering new ways to use the G-Box MX2 all the time. I read in an online forum that people are using XBox 360, PS3, and generic controllers to to play games on this device with a bit of tweaking. It runs Android, so it looks and feels like an Android tablet minus the touch screen of course.

Would I recommend this product for someone with limited technical knowledge? Yes, if you can get someone to set it up for you. If you can copy your videos, photos, and music to a USB stick, then you can probably figure out how to use this product on your own.

On the other end of the experience continuum, this box is a hackers delight. I've been working with Linux for nearly 20 years and I'm the IT administrator for the school I work at. I'd like to put these boxes in all of the classrooms. Where else are you going to find a $100 solution like this? Teachers will have instant access to our entire DVD library, free streaming content from PBS, Discovery, etc., and the XBMC "skin" can be branded to our school. Kids can watch content on their tablets and laptops.

There are other products out there that are similar to the G-Box MX2. I'm sure they are good. I read good stuff about this product, tried it, and I'm happy with what I have.

A word about the remote: I thought I was going to get two remotes as the picture seemed to imply. You get one. The gyro mouse is on the front, and a full keyboard is on the back. It's "almost" a QWERTY keyboard until you get to the far right. Then you get some weirdness with the configuration. Zoom in on the photo of the remote to see for yourself. Threw me off at first, but I had it figured out pretty quickly. This remote does a pretty good job as a wireless keyboard/mouse from the couch. For normal use, I'll probably buy a standard IR remote. I'll definitely give teachers the standard IR remote. The gyro remote is great for configuring your G-Box. If you have a USB keyboard and mouse, you might as well use that for configuration.
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on January 13, 2014
This thing is more complicated then people write about. It does take some time to get used to it. If the Gmouse II was not cumbersome to use and not so clumsy it would be 4-5 stars easily. Your input device will directly affect how much you like this thing. Every time I fire up the GBOX it can't find the remote, and that is a huge pain for me. Shut it down and restart it, or re sink the two units. = Pain in my @$$! I do not like entering passwords and over clicking multiple times. It takes longer to get use to a touchy remote than it does to figure out the software. I use a ton of android apps. There are some that are not compatible with this device. So beware. XBMC is cool that is a bonus (didn't by this device for xbmc) but it is cool. XBMC It does not come with pre loaded add ons. So you will need to watch YouTube videos on how to add add-ons (their version of apps) it is not hard, just a little different. Google popular channels and add them, there are lists of good add-ons all over the internet. I wish it would have come preloaded with the best ones though. There is a wealth of Google apps that do work however. We have had a solid experience with Netflix, HBOGO, Watch ESPN, just to name a few of the channels I downloaded, and all have been fine. Once again your user experience with this device and aps will depend on how you input information into it. I might update that the gmouse 2 to that Logitech Keyboard. Has anyone used that, is it better than the G mouse 2? I also use the 3-d launcher which I really like. Makes it look a little neater than just a phone or tablet home screen.

After about a week of playing with this thing. I am already thinking about budgeting one for my basement TV. I will have to probably run CAT5 from my router to the new unit plug it in the back. I have a great streaming experience with this box in my living room as it is 30 feet from this router, TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 it is ASIN: B00CUD1KJK (copy and paste this number into your amazon search bar B00CUD1KJK to see it). The living room one is 30 feet from that router and full wireless n bars going at 150MBS 2.4 ghz. Remember if you lose even one bar of signal strength it can decrease your speed up to 30-40%. Making it hard to stream high def and you'll buffer or get a bad experience. So plug it in for a better streaming experience if your router is old, or cheap or you have a slower internet connection, it might help. I also have a 10 Meg connection from the cable company. No problems with streaming wireless, lagging or buffering. I actually couldn't tell a difference hardwired so I unplugged the Ethernet cable, since my router isn't directly behind my TV like most. Lot of people gave it poor ratings because of that reason hence why I am running CATV down to the my new if I get one for the basement. Not powerful enough signal strength down in the man cave for me to stream I don't think, and I am wireless N. The GBox is not 5GHZ compatible only 2.4 which is a little bummer. That would help with wireless streaming too. I added a 32gig SD for more internal app storage, but you can't move apps to it. So not quite sure what the SD card slot is for. Maybe that'll be in an update. I am going to save the money and not by the one with the GMouse 2 i'll use my remote i have now and move it to the man cave, use the Logitech upstairs for my fam.

Things to remember to keep this device turning your 50in TV into a Google tablet. Make sure you clear cache. Maintenance in general and I have only had this thing two weeks I found that out. Keep that ram free and Apps you use esp XBMC fresh. Your device won't lag as much. I installed the Null keyboard app. Good YouTube videos for this. The 4.2.2 keyboard is silly to have popping up every time. Esp with the Gmouse (or other input device with a keyboard). This is not Google tv apple tv or a Roku by any means what so ever. Those deices are designed for televisions in mind. Some apps are "stretched" however XMBC does broadcast in high def and has a phenomenal picture. I use 720p. That's all my Panasonic does anyhow. So cannot vouch for a 1080 performance some people said it doesn't work in 1080 anyways. I also want to reiterate the fact that this is not a Roku. This basically turns your TV into a tablet which is what I bought it for, but having XMBC is a bonus and I am still figuring out how to use it. I had never heard of that before i purchased this. Watch you tube videos and you'll have an ok to good experience with this device. I am going to come back when/if i upgrade my GMouse 2 to a Logitech controller and i might change this to 5 stars, who knows. I am telling you even simple things like entering a user name and password or even clicking an app to open can be time consuming. It is not QWERTY either. Some people said it was, it is a keyboard. But buttons are in different places, so that also takes getting used to.

Take away overall 3-4 stars. This is not designed by a large company so the user experience is sort of clumsy and takes a while to get used to and is choppy at times. Slow at times as well, and freezes up sometimes. So keep good maintenance and you'll have a better user experience. The G-Box looks nice, but it is sort of flimsy so never drop it or it'll break into 10000 pieces. I have a Roku and that user experience is very simple to use. If you want simple buy that. If you are willing to take some time and be patient with this device you will start to like it as I do. I wanted to send this back on day two I was so mad, but if you are willing to give it some time and learn how to use it you will like it as I do. Just that remote YEEK. YouTube videos and it takes hours to set up. Also games and apps are a pain with the gmouse hence why i am planning on upgrading it. If you buy this device for XBMC you might have a completely different opinion about this device than I do. I would defiantly recommend buying this over any other Android box you see on the Internets machine though. I also have not hooked this device up to a surround sound. Just run it through my TV via HDMI.

Updated*** after using the Logitech keyboard for a few days I have changed my thoughts to four stars. It has drastically improved my experience with this device. Navigation and input has become not so cumbersome.
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on July 20, 2015
I wanted to replace my HTPC. Figured a smaller product that was dedicated to media playing would be the way to go. I was mistaken. I had done away with my Droid tablets a long time ago because of the horrible way they look, feel, and perform (they don't multi-task, they freeze all the time, they are slow to respond and to execute, etc., etc.)

When I saw this, I guess a part of me thought that this would be different because this was a media center and not a Droid tablet. I was wrong. As soon as I saw it on the screen my spirits dropped because I could see right away that I had got suckered into another Droid tablet that was even harder to use because now I don't have a touch screen and have to navigate with a remote control, which for some apps/screens was virtually impossible!

But I gave it a shot anyways, and just like my tablets, an app wouldn't install right, or would stop working, or something else would go wrong to the point where I would have to reset to factory. Probably had to reset this thing to factory at least 5 times before I could even begin to try to use it as a media player.

The provided media player for ISO files is XBMC, which is a VERY complicated program to configure, and impossible without using a mouse and keyboard on the Droid....and there we go!! Now that I've had to add a mouse and keyboard to make this thing useable, what do I have??? You guessed it... all I've done is created another HTPC with way less capability, speed, etc., than the HTPC I was trying to replace.

Also important to note that the XBMC version provided with this device is not the latest KODI version that is available for PC, which means it has some capabilities lacking (i.e. NETFLIX, which many below say is available with this device but it is not!)

Like my title says...just stick with an HTPC if you have a large digital movie collection.
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on March 7, 2014
I randomly stumbled upon this and it solved my home entertainment system situation. I can't believe it isn't more popular and known than it is. I don't know why people would even still buy things like a Roku or Apple TV when this exists. It is a super-set of most of the entertainment systems out there, i.e. it contains 100% of their functionality and a lot more. Between XBMC (for all my local movie/tv files) and Android apps, it has everything covered: Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, YouTube, Skype, Pandora, web browser, Nintendo and every other game emulators, ...

Plenty of usb ports and built-in wireless. It does Apple AirPlay, so you can send content from your iPhone and iPad to the TV. I have it with a 2TB MyBook external hard drive full of movies/tvshows, usb webcam, xbox wired controller, and Rii bluetooth usb keyboard plugged in. Everything just works out of the box. Its now a movie/tv theater, skype video conference solution, video game system, and everything else all wrapped into one.

And completely portable. I wrapped all that up in one 1 gallon ziplock bag and brought on the road to hook up in my hotel room in 2 minutes.

Freaking awesome.
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on June 23, 2014
This Does not come with Instructions on how to watch anything. You have to go to and follow a guide on how to configure it to watch movies. Its not easy... And You will not be able to watch live TV unless you pay of a VPN or Virtual Private Network to access Country Blocked Content. once you configure it and add addons like 1channel, 2movies, Icefilms, Movie Storm, Daily flix, its basically a peer to peer sharing network of on demand style pre-recorded tv shows and movies. I do not have a VPN so I still have no free live Television like I was led to believe. You can Download XBMCHUB straight to a computer for Free. No need to buy this product, however the G-box has Wifi and Ethernet connection to separate it from the computer. It acts like a second computer and you can plug in a mouse and keyboard into your G-Box and do anything on it a normal computer can do like google search, youtube, facebook, check bank account, pay bills, ect right on your TV screen.
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