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on August 10, 2004
Matrix Revolutions was interesting as sort of a post-modernistic blend of Christianity and Jungian psychology, but in the end it was a let down as an action adventure movie, and it's message was rather garbled.

The main positive for me was that they didn't resort of one of those ubiquitous finales where some sort of clock is ticking down to disaster, with the world saved with 2 seconds to spare.

But the ending was not very satisfying. Nothing was resolved in any way that seemed permanent. The main characters were abandoned and minor characters pushed to the front of the stage. What philosophical points it made were confused by the need to show something exploding, speeding, or performing Kung Fu every few minutes.
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VINE VOICEon June 23, 2008
"The Matrix Revolutions", the last in the Wachowski brothers' super sci-fi trilogy, is a mixed bag of criticism. Most of us already know what everybody else thinks based upon the surprisingly low opening weekend box office of $48.5 million that the film barely scraped, a direct reflection upon the consensus of the "Matrix Reloaded" back in May of `03. That's right, folks - for those who were disappointed with "Reloaded", "Revolutions" will only upset your expectations even further. For those who eat up every fat morsel that the film industry serves up piping hot from the griddle of hype (the teaser trailers in combination with the cheeky Powerade TV ads), you'll love it pound for gluttonous pound.

The remainder of this now flaccid storyline has Zion up crap creek without a paddle, their firepower no match for the hundreds upon thousands of Sentinels about to breach the core of the city. There is something afoot in the Matrix as well - the malicious Agent Smith (Weaving) has proliferated himself throughout the entire system and is more than prepared for a final confrontation with Neo (Reeves). However, Neo is preoccupied with what measures must be taken to ensure the safety and survival of Zion whilst Trinity (Moss) ever-faithfully prepares herself to accompany him on his most perilous mission yet.

As exciting as this apocalyptic final chapter sounds, you know you've lost something when the story completely overwhelms the characters. Neo, Trinity and Morpheus used to be some pretty damned interesting folks. In the film that began it all, Neo was introduced as a cocksure novice who slowly but surely realizes his true potential. Trinity was a strong and admirable yin to Neo's yang, a woman equipped with a lethal combination of beauty and brains. Morpheus was a wise but humble seeker of truth, a teacher not abject to learning from others.

Where the hell did these people go?

They were killed off by one deadly mechanism: FRANCHISE. This was the point at which art was sacrificed for profit and the Wachowskis lost themselves in the high-tech impressionism of computer graphics imaging. What started as a fantastic premise full of possibilities has resorted to eye-candy for the action movie catalog, a by-product of overzealous marketing.

Aside from this noticeable change in the scheme of things is another inexplicable move - the film's grandiose conclusion. Many people will be baffled as well as fuming, the ending leaving more questions with nothing to provide any answers. The most significant resulting quandary is why some of us chose to spend nine dollars on over two hours of visual excess only to be swindled by a cryptic ending. Sorry to say that the entertainment industry has suckered the lot of us once again.

Let's face it - the only real fun to be had here is by the actors and you gotta hand it to Hugo Weaving - he's successfully managed to find himself a character in which he can completely indulge in all its salacious evil. The bad guys always seem to have more fun in overwrought productions such as this and Weaving is clearly having a blast as Smith, cackling and smirking to the hilt while his markedly arched eyebrows and piercing blue eyes consume the screen.

Reeves, on the other hand, puts no more energy into his acting than what's required and let's face it - there isn't much of a requisite for emotion. His designer wardrobe, stylish shades and killer moves are the real showcase and Reeves excels at this but nothing more. Moss retains her cool surface as does Fishburne, along with Pinkett-Smith as the resolute Niobe. Don't expect much to change; these are repeat performances, after all. Mary Alice joins the cast as the Oracle and the presence of a new face in a familiar role is only a bittersweet reminder of Gloria Stuart's passing (a vague explanation was written into the script for why the Oracle appears physically different).

Bottom line: If you're just dying to know how it all ends, go ahead and spend the few bucks to rent it. Just don't expect to be illuminated or amused by it all (or to get your money back!).
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on February 25, 2006
When I first saw The Matrix, I was just blown away with the story. I thought it was original and compelling. The action was just fantastic to watch, so I was excited that they were going to make 2 more parts to the movie because the first one doesnt really explain what happens to Neo. The second one, all though not as good as the first, had some really great action in it which made the movie for me and right then I just knew that while they had a really good story to develop, they were in it soley for the money and I knew the third was not going to live up to what could have been. But of course, I went to go see it, along with all the other Matrix fans (who probably also new this was going to suck as well). What a major let down. This movie easily is in the top 10 of the worst movies ever made. While I liked the whole Anderson duplicating thing, everything else was just junk (except for the fights, which are still pretty good even though the special effects went down a notch). And what a disappointing last fight. It was taken straight out of the DragonBall Z cartoons (which I really dislike). Again, what a let down. What could have been a great trilogy because a joke in my eyes. Spare yourself the frustration that comes with watching the death of the orginal Matrix movie.
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on May 24, 2004
I enjoyed the special effects very much but the magic of the first of the series is gone. We could all identify in Matrix I with Neo struggling to understand, "what is real?", "what is freedom?" In this one he wrestles with his development as some kind of assembler code messiah, but it is not well scripted and is just too far out to identify with anymore.
And Neo's development is overshadowed by the predictable Hollywood formulas that are thrown at us: If one Mr. Smith was a great bad guy, we'll just make more of them. We'll have 30,000 red-eyed, metal octopus monsters instead of 30. It's not a thoughtful film anymore. It's the Hollywood answer to the eternal question: How do we milk this franchise for a few more million bucks?
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VINE VOICEon July 18, 2005
The original Matrix should have been left as a classic, stand-alone movie. Is there any effective follow-up to a messiah tale? (I know Frank Herbert fans would argue vehemently against me.) But Hollywood always wants to capitalize on commercial success and squeeze every dollar possible out of a concept. So many story arcs and sub plots started in the second movie are abruptly dropped or never pursued in this final installment of the trilogy. It is as if the movie makers suddenly said "Oh @$%, we gotta finish this movie - QUICK!" The plot shift is so drastic and unbelievable as to be almost comical.

My Advice: See and love the first Matrix, then never, ever watch the following two movies. You'll be happier.
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on November 13, 2004
The Matrix was a brilliant movie. The sequels were not. After watching Matrix Revolutions I really wished that the Wachowski

brothers had just stopped with the first one. This is ghastly. The audience cares about Neo, Morpheus and Smith so what did we get? Morpheus being weak and unsure (and pretty out of shape. Larry Fishbourne obviously hadn't been to the gym) endless scenes with annoying side characters, and horrible cliches. Was the crusty old military man scolding and then having to rely on the plucky kid scene necessary? Were the endless scenes of the commander talking slowly to the counsel needed? And as for the slow talking did anyone notice what a bad actress Jada Pinkett Smtih is? She spends the entire movie scowling and speaking her laughable lines very slowly. While I'm on the subject of laughable was I the only one who laughed at Trinity's death scene? Considering her injuries she shouldn't have been able to talk much less give Neo a pep talk. The battle scenes went on too long and weren't original in the least. This whole thing was just a lumpy mess.
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on November 5, 2003
The action and effects were great, but the Matrix presumes to be something deeper. It turns out that it's just confusing mush.
There's a lot of talk about choice and purpose and love--and if this trilogy is to mean something it ought to say something. And you think it's going to. But it doesn't. Smith asks Neo why he gets up, why he continues to fight. Neo just says, "Because I choose to." Ridiculous. Is that all the Wachowskis want to say? After all the interaction of choice, destiny and love, Neo ends up a pure existentialist? Again, I say, ridiculous.
And to top it off, Neo's "choice" results in peace with the machines. Peace! Are you kidding? After the wonderfully rich set up of the machines as symbolic of the way our own pride, ambition and hubris can blind and enslave us, the result is peace with the enslaver? Huh?
They should have stopped with just the first one. They got completely lost with the next two.
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on December 7, 2014
Whump ending. Trinity's death scene was awfully long (and predictable) during such a hectic, time constricting time in the plot. I mean I know the character Neo was like a futuristic, Christ Messiah copy-cat and his death was a part of his purpose but this movie was very meh.
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on April 27, 2004
I'm sorry--was there a movie here?
I saw a lot of special effects. I saw a helluva lot of special effects. But I'm not sure if I ever saw an actual movie.
Wow. Yikes.
Stick a fork in this once vaunted series.
This lamentable 3rd installment of the Matrix does to this series what the horrible 2nd installment of Robocop (Peter Weller) did to that series, and what the horrible 3rd installment of Aliens (Sigourney Weaver) did to that series: Kills it off completely, finally.
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on December 14, 2013
I really liked the original matrix, and thought the ending of that movie was enough closure for me. #2 & #3 seemed like they were trying too hard to capture the magic of the original.

The special effects for the original were groundbreaking, and it seems like they decided, if a little bit of special effects makes the movie good, a ton of special effects with make the movie great....wrong.
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