Customer Reviews: Electronic Pictionary Man Game
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on September 22, 2008
This game is so much fun! You draw on the little man and his two props, to make the other team guess what he is.

1) Of COURSE it takes batteries. It is electronic.
2) I love the electronic aspect of it. It makes it so much easier, no cards, easy to keep track of. Much simpler!
3)The scoring is EASY. Just a wipe off board that you write your point (or no point) for that round on.
4) 30 seconds is more than enough time to act out the word or phrase. We even felt like this was a lot of time for some words. The word comes up on the bottom of his foot, so you are able to hide the word from your teammates even if they are right next to you.

We never have encountered any words yet that a 12-14 year old wouldn't understand. The more difficult category is TV, where the man will be a TV character. You may not know some of the TV shows, but hey, that's pictionary.

The only criticism that I would have is that some players will just try to draw a picture on the block, and play it like regular pictionary. (not even use the man). So for the first few rounds we didn't use the block. It is fun because you can not only draw on him, but he an act things out with the props. I kind of wish he was bendable.

All in all, this game was so much fun!!! I just brought it to a party of 8 people, and we had a blast!!!!! There really isn't anything to NOT like about it! Wow!!!
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VINE VOICEon November 27, 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got this product on the day before Thanksgiving and the next day my parents, my wife's parents and other family members came over to the house. We had folks varying in age from one another by over fifty years. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE had an absolute blast with this game.

The rules are easy to learn and it is easy to master the interface (one power switch and two buttons) on the digital menu that assigns the subjects that folks have to digitally represent.

The set includes:

1) The Pictionary "Man" which is a blank human shaped figure made of, what seems to be, a dry erase board type material. On the bottom of the foot of the "Man" one finds an on/off switch, an LED display and two buttons (labeled 1 and 2, respectively). After one turns the switch on, one presses the #1 button to get one's general subject (Person, Title, Misc., Role Play, Action, etc.). One announces the general subject to one's team. One then presses the #1 button again to get the specific topic (if it is a person it might be anyone from Ghandi to Moe from the Three Stooges). One DOES NOT tell anyone else what the specific subject is. One must use items 1-4 to convey, visually, what this specific subject is. If one's teammates guess the subject successfully, then the team gets a point. The first team to 15 wins. The #2 button is used only in the "Challenge" round, which is played after seven questions. One can learn more about the "Challenge" round by purchasing the game.

2) A rectagular object made of the same material that opens up and stores various other game pieces.

3) A cylindrical object made of the same material that does not open up to store items.

4) Two blue markers (one for each team) that are used to draw on items 1-3 in order to create visual clues that will allow one to guess the subject offered by the Pictionary "Man".

5) A cloth that erases the blue marks but, miraculously, does not turn blue as it erases!

6) A score card that has "Team 1" and "Team 2" printed on it. Next to each team name, there is a series of 15 boxes, which one checks off, respectively, as each team earns points. The score card is marked with the provided markers and cleans as easily as items 1-3. You never create more than two teams. With more people, you just increase the size of the teams.

7) The rules of the game are also provided.

BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED. You have to provide three AAA batteries on your own, but that is a small sacrifice to make for the joy of playing such a wonderful game.

For the first few questions, we had a hard time. We were getting subjects like "Ribeye Steak" or "Groin". As the game went on, though, we started doing things more creatively. For instance, we once got the action subject "slide". We didn't even draw. All we did was take the rectangle, put it at an incline and slid the Pictionary "Man" down it. It took only a few guesses before somebody got slide. The other team then got the action "mount". They drew a picture of a horse on the rectangle and then moved the Pictionary "Man" in such a way that he appeared to be mounting the horse.

At the end of the evening, and this is the most important part, I told everyone that I would be reviewing this game and I needed their input. I asked them, "How many stars, out of five, does this game deserve?" Men, women, senior citizens, middle aged folks, newlyweds and youngsters all agreed, FIVE STARS.

The game made for a great introduction to a fabulous family get together. Everyone enjoyed it and it really loosened people up. Folks who used to just come to eat and who barely spoke were really getting involved. We all had lots of fun and it really inspired us to be creative. Even though the first few words felt impossible to us, we quickly found new ways to convey messages visually and had a blast doing it.

So, five stars for fun, five stars for durability, five stars for being a great social activity for every demographic and four stars for educational value. It might not be a day at school, but it does inspire one to think in new ways, and that's good enough for something that's just so darn fun.
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VINE VOICEon April 6, 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Pictionary is a great game, but Pictionary Man is a mass market miss. If you understand how to play Pictionary, then you understand how to play this game ... they are basically the same; however, instead of drawing on paper, you draw on hard white plastics objects (with a dry erase marker) in the following shapes:
- The man (a cartoon shaped person, about 12 inches tall)
- The board (a block about 1.5" x 6" x 3"
- The puck (a hockey puck about 1" think and 2" across)
The pros:
Pictionary is a great game, and loved by most people
The cons:
The dry erase markers are quickly mashed by frantic players drawing and pointing with them - if you play the game often, these will frequently need to be replaced at your own expense. Batteries are not included - to run the timer and score board. Drawing on "the man" is time consuming, distracting, difficult, and ineffective. We quickly discovered that in most cases, the player would discard the man and use "the board" as a blank drawing pallet - in essence using a marker and tiny white board instead of pencil and paper.
In summary:
Pictionary is a great game and I highly recommend it; however, Pictionary Man is just trying to get his hands on your wallet ... instead, "stick it to the man" and stay with the original version.
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on June 20, 2009
Our friends and we LOVE this game. However we are pretty disappointed because we have played this game a total of four times (slightly different groups each time but a few of us played all of the times) and by the second game, we were already getting words we had gotten in the past. The box says there are over 2,000 words but it doesn't matter if the computer is random and picks old words before new words! In this case I think cards would be so much better because then you can make sure you never get repeats. Otherwise the game is fun, easy to understand and play, and I love how it incorporates charades, in a way, with the pictionary. Its great! I just may be contacting the company though to ask about what to do when you pay $31 for a game that starts repeating itself after the second game....
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on September 8, 2008
I saw this at Wal Mart and grabbed it first thing, it looked like so much fun (especially with my group who love the artsy side of Cranium and Pictionary)... I was so disappointed!

How the game is played:

You have to have batteries AAA (I found this to be annoying as most games take AA, but not annoying enough to not purchase). The ages recommended is 14+ (needs to be) and can accommodate from 4 players-large groups.

The Pictionary man is a white erase doll essentially and comes with a white erase circle and rectangle. If you look on the box you see people drawing a cute surfer character with a sun and a surfboard or a man with an apron on (kiss the cook), barbecue grill, and spatula.

I'll go ahead and tell you that this will not happen in your game. You get (I think) 30 seconds to draw whatever character that comes up on the electronic foot of the Pictionary man. You want to get your team to say the word (like regular Pictionary). If it says surfer... you won't go through the trouble to make a cute little sun and drawstring trunks... You will as quickly as possible scribble a surfboard on the rectangular thing, not draw anything on the Pictionary man and act it out.

This gets very boring very fast and is also very limited.

Another thing that was annoying was the electronic aspect. Usually I like the electronic parts in games because they make it simpler. Not in this game! We were a little confused on the scoring. The electronic screen appeared like an old nano/gig-pet (small, black and grey, very digitalized)... The options were difficult to maneuver through and the challenge rounds were confusing.

Some of the words or people listed will actually be unknown by your 14-18 (or even more) age group.

I think this game has a lot of potential, but within 15 minutes we had put it back in the box and I was looking for the receipt. My suggestion: stick with regular Pictionary.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Pictionary is a game that has become a staple in party games and to get a large number of people into groups and have an enjoyable time.

Mattel now brings us Electronic Pictionary Man and definitely introducing another fun way of enjoying the popular party game.

This time around, this game comes with a figure (which needs three AAA batteries), a round prop, a rectangle prop, 2 erasable markers, wipe cloth and the game rules.

The object is still the same, divide players into two teams and a team will select who will draw the clues on their turn. And of course, you change a person will draw the next clue on their turn.

The game is separated into the following categories:

People (Character, Celebrity, History)
Titles (Movie, Music, TV)
Role Play (Occupations and Pastimes)

So, instead of a dry erase board, you have the markers to write on the figure, the round or rectangle prop.

Under the figure is a digital screen and two buttons (and an on and off button). Push the large button and you will be given a clue, and then a brief time to think of what to draw and then the timer will start. Push the button again to stop the timer. If your team fails to answer the correct clue, you pass on the figure and props to the other team.

After 7 turns, Pictionary Man will then go into a challenge round and teams will see need to answer as many answers in the time allowed. And also teams can be allowed to steal points as well. The first team to reach 15 points can win the game.

So, an example of a clue is the film "Men In Black" how would you use the figure or the round or rectangle props as clues. Or another clue would be "librarian", "ballet dancer" or Roseanne Bar, how would you draw these? The game also features over 2,000+ clues, so plenty of clues and it's quite random, so you don't have to worry about getting the same clues over and over again in a round.

As for durability, they are pretty much hard plastic and the round and rectangle props can be opened to store things inside. The rectangle stores the marker wipes and you can even put the markers inside them.

As for the figure, it has a speaker and digital display on the bottom, it's pretty hard plastic but I wouldn't drop it from a high distance.

And I think that the battery life is quite long, especially since it has a sleep mode included.

As for the ease of use, it's actually quite easy to use. There are only two buttons and the digital display tells you which button to press (1) or (2).

I enjoy Pictionary Man because if you have a small group of people around a table, then it's quite fun to play. Also, because you get the three props, a little more creativity involved in how you use them.

All in all, highly recommended to those who love party games!
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VINE VOICEon February 21, 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a technology-loving person, I was intrigued on what promised to be a fun and new way of approaching the fun game of Pictionary. I was disappointed to say the least. This electronic version of Pictionary seems poorly conceived. A white plastic figure and "magic" pens that one can use to draw clues. An electronic clue-giving window seems kinda cool. Unfortunately, as my teenage daughter and her three friends reported, the clues are hard to draw -- and, worse, there is absolutely no connection to the plastic figure on which one is supposed to draw. It all feels rather ...random.

This is one case where the non-electronic version of the game seems like a whole lot more fun than the electronic version. There is, really, no reason that I can think of to spend the extra money for the electronic version of the game!
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on December 27, 2011

The "man" is sturdy and won't tip over.
The electronic timer is loud and you def won't miss when your turn is over.
There is a rectangle and a circle block to draw on so you can attempt to get your clue guessed.
The box it came in can be used to store the game. I didn't have to throw it out like some games that have the "window".
These are really lame pros...but i'm trying.
The pens don't smell bad....


The rectangular box, the white one that you draw on, keeps falling apart. The erase cloth and instructions were in it so you have to open it.
After 2 playing sessions, the blue pen is staining the seams and any abrasions that are on the objects. (they came scuffed)
The clues are on the foot and you must be careful not to press any buttons while playing or you have to start over.
The clues are for adults 14+ (yes, the box says that). My kids knew what 1 in 8 things were. And then you have to start over because you've messed up the count.
Every (i think) 7 clues there is a "team challenge". this is the "count" i'm referring to. I really wish this was optional, but you are forced to play it or, yup, start over.
Not sure why the "man" has a butt crack. No other features, so why this? Hours of entertainment for my immature boys.

What we did to make it playable for my family.

2 adults and 2 kids (age 7 and 12)
We took the batteries out and wrote our own clues on index cards. Stuff like spiderman, zombie, witch, harry potter, etc.
Then we took turns and used a timer out of another game. Now it is playable for my family and we spend hours cracking up about our drawings and the boys crack up about the "man's" butt crack. sigh
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VINE VOICEon December 3, 2008
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was very excited to get this game - we are a huge game family, and we love regular pictionary. We opened it and played the instant it was delivered. While it was fun for a while, because of the novelty of it, the limitations inherent in the poor design grew increasingly aggravating and we tired of it after a few days.

The game includes a plastic man (who gives the word your team will guess on the bottom of his foot - very similar in style to the word delivery in 'catchphrase' - which by the way is an excellent game), 2 plastic 'props' (a rectangle and a circle), markers & a wipe-cloth, and a scoreboard. You are meant to either act out the word with the man & his props, or draw the word (or clues to the word) on the man and/or his props.

At first there was a lot of hilarity involving writing on a man or making the man act things out. But the poor design of this game imposes many limitations on what you can do. For example, he doesn't bend at all so there are many 'actions' and 'role plays' that would be easy for a person (or a bendable man) to act out - but which are impossible to act out with this guy. The 'props' are similarly limiting. We would try to draw on a prop to indicate what it was and then (awkwardly) have the man 'use' the prop... but it wound up being faster and easier to draw clues on the rectangular prop as if it were a blackboard... which sort of defeats the purpose of Pictionary Man. I think the lack of posability of the man is the number one problem with this game. Also it would be nice to be able to choose your own category (such as with catchphrase). Also occasionally the category given wound up having nothing at all to do with the word. We found the 'Challenge Round' to be an annoying complication. Lastly, and I didn't 'mark off' for this as it could just be my family - it would be better if the markers were retractable (instead of having caps) because in the frenzy of the game my furniture was frequently marked up.

All that said, we did have fun with this game for a time. Bottom Line - if someone else has this at their house, it is a fun way to spend an hour with your family, but it won't be enjoyable for long enough to justify buying it. This game will not, in my opinion, ever become a 'classic'.
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on December 26, 2008
Our family loves to play games at the holidays and pictionary is a favorite. When my sister-in-law showed up with Pictionary Man we were all really enthusiastic. We stuck with it for over an hour and I have to say it is so much less fun than the original version of pictionary.

To start with the words that came up when we played were impossible to draw out, especially on the odd shaped figure. My suggestion is use the original version of pictionary with a dry erase board and save your money.
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