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on August 14, 2009
I am the mother of a beautiful daughter, wife of a tattoo artist, and tattoo artist myself. I have never been a fan of Barbie for various feminist reasons, but my daughter is much "girlier" than I ever was. She loves this doll, as silly as it is. As far as the doll being "skanky"'s Barbie! Of course it's skanky, just look at her. If my daughter likes it and I can educate her about the silly stereotypes you'll encounter by getting tattoos, then good. We used to tattoo her dolls with Sharpies anyway, and this is WAY easier!
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on January 14, 2011
I get that people have strong opinions about the value of a doll that comes with a "tattoo" gun. I'm not interested in value judgments on the morality of tattoos. Seems very simple to me that if you don't agree with a toy's perceived social statement, don't buy it or let your child play with it. If you support or have no issues with said social statement, buy the toy.
What I am interested in is the durability and workmanship. The plastic applicator gun has a timer that seems to be shoddy at best. I may have missed it in the instructions, but I'm not sure how long the timer is supposed to take. Ours only works every third time we use it, making "timing" a hit or miss activity. I came looking for reviews hoping to gain some insight into whether this was a common issue. If this is an issue for others, it might be helpful to post a review to that effect, since the tattoo gun is a major component of this toy.
As for the rest of the toy, the tattoos seem to be the same or better quality as any other temporary tattoos you might buy, and my daughter likes that Barbie has her own little matching tattoos. We have yet to use this on the clothes provided, so I can't speak to how well that aspect works. And I have had no issues with the gun leaking, though I can see where over-wetting may be a problem since the water is delivered to the sponge applicator by pulling the trigger, which children may be tempted to do more than necessary.
Even after opening my review the way I did, I will say that I find it funny that "Totally Stylin' Tattoo Barbie" comes wearing stilettos, while "I Can Be... Computer Engineer Barbie" wears sensible shoes. Just sayin'... :-)
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on March 16, 2009
The tattoos are the same tattoos that little kids are getting at parties, down the shore, fairs and other places kids like to have fun. Teddy bears, stars, butterflies, hearts, etc. The girls are having a blast with the "tattoo machine" and everyone in the family is sporting Barbie tattoos.

Educational?? I explained the directions to the 3 1/2 and 6 1/2 year old on how to use the applicator and tattoos. Gave them a demo and they were on their way. It was adorable to watch the little one's concentration during the explanations because she just couldn't wait to try it out. If she ran into a problem, she and I figured out what to do to fix the problem. The oldest was tattooing Barbie's clothes before I had a chance to tell her how to do it. It may not be math, but it showed them how to use something from beginning to end and to get results from their trying.

Both girls love Barbies. The 6 year old cuts their hair. The youngest one uses them in her pretend stories.
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on March 7, 2009
I love tattoo Barbie. She is edgy and cool. I am so sick of goody goody Barbie with her unattainable body proportions. I plan to make a whole sleeve on mine, dye her hair brown and give her Bettie Page Bangs. Maybe tattoo Barbie can join Jem's band and scream out "I love you, I love you , I love you. What's your name?" Little girls need a punk rock revolution! They belong to the blank generation, and they can take it or leave it each time. When I was growing up, Barbie had a dream house, a car, a bunch of careers, education, and a slacker boyfriend named Ken who had a surf board, swim suit and party outfit. Ken had no job, no house, no education, no career. And as an adult with a Masters degree, whom do I find attractive? Surfers, musicians, slackers, men with no job, no car. You see my point? Tattoo Barbie is exactly what we need. All of us. God save the queen!
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A sign of the times: Barbie's got tats! I'm sure the girls (and boys) will have a fine, albeit less than educational, time applying these decals to the doll's arms, legs, lower back, and other, more intimate, spots on her plastic skin. It makes me wonder what's next. Will we see little holes for studs and rings in the next version of this Mattel classic? Totally Stylin' Pierced Barbie! Just what the preteen urban wannabes wanna play with! You go, girl!

Post-Script: When I first wrote this review, I got a lot of negative comments along the lines of "OK Grandpa, you made your point. You are old and live in a bubble." and "I can remember LOVING Barbie and LOVING temp tattoos. Were my parents somehow stupid for allowing me to wear temporary tattoos then?" I'd like to respond.

I'm not old (my youngest child is currently 9) and I don't live in a bubble. I teach at a college in an urban neighborhood, and I'm surrounded by students and street kids who are inked and pierced. I don't mind. I wrote my review mainly because I was so amused by the cognitive dissonance I experienced when I first encountered this product. It made manifest the irreconcilable differences between squeaky-clean Barbie and tattooed hipsters. The contrast reminded me of the unauthorized Barbies and Kens I've seen, dolls dressed, accessorized, and otherwise altered in order to subvert the perfect image that Mattel has constructed around the entire franchise.

I do have a serious point, though: the schoolgirls who constitute the Barbie crowd are not the demographic that Mattel needs to be selling on the aesthetics of tattoos. While temporary decals are harmless fun, we live in a world where tattooing and piercing have become obsessions. Nowadays, too many parents are absentees, and their kids can't wait to get their first permanent body modifications. A toy like this, together with peer pressure, feeds their incipient rebellion. If they have involved parents, of course, it shouldn't pose any real problem. By itself, a doll isn't going to transform "good girls" into "tramps with stamps."

But I must make the inevitable observation that such toys encourage in children both a fascination with body image and fashion and an acceptance of tattoos as attractive. Since I don't like the way they look, and since I think that many young people use questionable judgment when getting them, I'm obviously biased against such products. I think it's valid to inject that kind of skepticism into my review.

Reading what I've written, I realize my review is far too "meta" for most people and especially those who simply want to buy a Barbie. If my darling niece wants one for Christmas, who am I to deny her? But if my little joke triggers a bit of serious thought or discussion among parents, I'm happy.
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on March 28, 2009
The first time I saw this I was in my room and watching television. All of a sudden a commercial pop's up on T.V, and my eyes got wide at the Barbie on the screen, a Barbie with tattoo's!

I called my mom into the room and told her to watch what was on the screen. Instantly we both wanted one. We both have tattoo's, myself being 19 and my mother being 56, we went to get tattoo's together and love them.

I think this is something that portrays a true reflection on society. In the Washinton post it was mentioned about tattoo's and the percent that are tattooed. "In the 18-to-29 set. Just about half, 48 percent, in that age category had either a tattoo or piercing."

I think with such a large amount of people, (almost half) between that range there should be a Barbie which represents those people. Look we have Barbie's with successful careers, an African American Barbie, a South African Barbie, Hispanic Barbie, Chilean Barbie, Spanish Barbie, Latina Barbie, Chinese Barbie, Indian Barbie, Native American Barbie, Eskimo Barbie, Peruvian Barbie, German Barbie, Icelandic Barbie, Canadian Barbie, Korean Barbie, Mexican Barbie, and Russian Barbie.

I could go on and on, but if we have so many different types of Barbie's why can't one type of lifestyle be made into one as well? Just because someone doesn't agree with one lifestyle does it make the "Hispanic Barbie" or the "Chinese Barbie" a bad influence on children? I think not.

If people want to continue to bash one lifestyle (the tattooed variety) might as well bash them all.

I ordered both dolls (my mother wanted Barbie and I wanted Nikki) and we are going to be tattoo artists for a day and create! I hope mothers find that this is a very nice way to help open up minds to other types of people and to help to accept them.

Most doctors have sleeves of tattoos it doesn't mean they are going to go out and hang with their gang or go sit on a corner and wait for their work to roll up. People with tattoos and be very nice and considerate people, and thats what we should be teaching these children.
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on May 28, 2009
I haven't bought her yet but I curious as to all the talk I'm hearing, seeing and reading about Matel making a tattoo barbie. It's been a really long time since they have put out an interesting barbie that's fun. I'm 25 and I grew up with Barbie, you know, back in the day when her chest was huge and her hips were small. I never compaired myself to her. I honestly don't see how people could think that tattoo barbie would be a bad influence, does some mind tell me how's she's worse the knocked up barbie? Cuz I'm fairly sure tats are better then pregnant pre-teens.
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on October 15, 2014
I got it because I thought it would be taken off the market. She has never been out of the box. Will be handed down with the rest of my Barbie and Midget collection to my granddaughter when she is older. Midget is hard to find, also she was Barbie's BFF back in the 1960's.
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on March 13, 2012
My niece loved this barbie. I wanted to send something that would remind her of me. lol The only down side to it was the tattoos don't last long once she started playing with them, as with anything like this. Can't find the refills but it's ok she still loves that Barbie.
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on January 10, 2012
I purchased this doll for a Barbie collector after reading in a recent Kovel's newsletter that this doll is predicted to be 'collectible' and in short supply. Happy to have found this doll on go-to web site.
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