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on December 19, 2009
This is a really fun game. You can steal other people's questions, so everyone is playing the entire time rather than having to wait for everyone else to answer their own questions. Gone are the days of wracking your brain for an answer while the phd next to you smirks about how HE knows it. If he knows it, he'll answer before you can, and you'll answer before he does when he gets a category he doesn't know, like movies. There are a lot more categories than a game like trivia pursuit, and you don't have to answer a question from every category to win. Plus, it's a lot faster...we finished a game in about 45 minutes. It's refreshing...can't wait to bring it home for the holidays to play with the whole family.
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on January 9, 2010
OK Our family likes board games, checkers to trivia to strategy types. Seeing this on a recommendation list before Xmas (and checking reviews from Europe for that version) I thought it looked like fun. And it does not disappoint! With over 20 different categories, covering topics from Architecture, art, business, nature, sports,TV, food, etc, and chances to steal points by answering opponents questions this game goes way beyond the normal "Trivial Pursuit" type game. You win with points rather than just answer until you get it right. You actually get to decide which category is your best chance for the most points. But watch out because your opponents can steal your category too! With 4000 questions the game has great replay-ability and unlike the other trivia games this one can be played in under an hour even with 4 players/teams.
If you like trivia (all questions are US versions but do cover worldly things too) or even if you got turned off by all the different Trivia versions give this one a try, I think you will be surprised.
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on July 10, 2012
The Bezzerwizzer tiles let everybody play at the same time. Zwap tiles help you get rid of questions you don't want. There are categories and questions for everybody. A great trivia game for a large gathering.
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on December 5, 2010
My family and my husband's family love to play games. Whenever we get together, we play all sorts of different games, from board games to Charades, with all levels of challenges. We love to find new games that are easy to learn to play, and fun for all engaged in play (players could be our 80-something mothers, teenage or 30-something children, friends of the family, guests brought along for the first time -- you name it), so simple, straight-forward directions are important. The "regulars" include a fashion designer, a university English professor, a university biology professor, and an aeronautical engineer, so our backgrounds and knowlege is varied.

The reviews for Bezzerwizzer made be believe that this game would be perfect for us; however, I was initally very disappointed. After playing it four times now, I can say that it will never be my favorite game. First, the instructions are repetitive and lacking in detail. They are often circular, never really explaining the intention. We finally gave up trying to interpret them and started making up our own rules. The "fast pace" of yelling out answers isn't suitable for strangers, our mothers, or the "regulars" when all we want is to challenge one another. And while they are not genrally as "off the wall" as other trivia games, some of the questions are ridiculously simple; many questions are amazingly difficult, and there seems to be no middle ground. Often, it seems the questions are in inappropriate categories, such as a "Technology" question asking what (the sound barrier) was broken on land by a named person in a certain year. A couple of the given answers have been of dubious 'correct-ness', as well (as in they are "kind" of right, but arguable).

Finally, the majority of the questions are written so badly that the meaning is sometimes obscured, or we spend our time criticizing the grammar rather than playing the game. One question (so far) didn't even have a verb in it. So the game is not fun for the whole family, nor is it evenly challenging, and most irritating of all, we have come to question the education level of the person(s) who wrote the questions.
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on February 28, 2010
Purchased this game for a Christmas gift. It takes a time or two to fully understand the rules and game play, but once you do, it's a great game! We spent hours playing. It's fun because you can challenge and change the order of categories. My only complaint is when our son opened the game for the first time, a playing piece was missing -from a sealed plastic bag! We figured out a way to still play, but it was frustrating to pay so much for a game and have a part missing.
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on October 30, 2012
This game was bought on a whim, to be used to occupy 4 adults who were going to be spending a lot of time in the hotel room in short spurts between meetings. Too short of spurts to play poker, trivial pursuit, monopoly or risk, and we heard this game could be played in 30 minutes, and was trivia and had a sport element to it with the use of bezzerwizzer tiles to challenge your opposition, if you think they are clueless. It was a laugh a minute, and fun, and can indeed be played in 30 minutes or less if you have some smarty pants people playing and 45 mins if you have younger kids too. There are questions in there that anyone can answer and then there are some harder questions to keep everyone on their toes. This game is so worth the money, as the board and pieces are well made, so are the cards and I look forward to playing this game for years to come. It goes on all our trips with us, and we play it with houseguests after dinner, before everyone goes home too.
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on June 25, 2015
This trivia game is not your average trivia. The questions are so obscure at times that you and all other players are going to feel both absolutely dumb and incredibly smart throughout the process. Team play is not a must, but would be very VERY helpful. Eclectic knowledge is the key here. I love it, but I'll admit that it makes the questions in Cranium or Trivial Persuit seem like child's play. Dad thought it should have said in the instructions or on the box that it requires at least a Masters or PhD to play. I disagree, just need to know when you know and accept when you don't. Eventually, you'll get one that you know for sure, and it may be the winning move.
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on May 28, 2014
I will start off by saying that I am NOT a trivia game person. I bought this game at the recommendation of a friend when looking for a game that might catch the interest of my brother-in-law who IS a trivia game person. I opened this up on Memorial Day during our family get together to try it out not expecting to like it excessively, but hoping it would be passable enough that I could play it with my family when they were in a trivia mood.

Sadly, my brother-in-law didn't make it, so I still don't know if he would like it, but I did get a mix of players with different game preferences. We all, to our great surprise, loved the game.

There is trivia in this game for every kind of person, and you have the option to steal other people's questions if it's something you know. Altogether, that makes it so no one had a huge trivia advantage, leaving others to feel like "what's the point?" which I've often seen with games like Cranium and Trivial Pursuit. Everyone felt engaged and like they had a real chance of winning.

Overall, I would recommend this game to people who enjoy trivia games, but I would also recommend it to those who haven't like them in the past. Especially if you have a competitive streak.
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on May 26, 2013
Based on experience with family & friends, plus a review of the game itself, Bezzerwizzer is a fine, swift-paced, and engaging game for many---but not all--kinds of minds. Among the pluses is that as few as two and as many as 16 are able to play comfortably; the game itself is sturdily made and well-produced; and the interpretation of the rules can accommodate a variety of ages and stages.

In its simplest form, a player (and his or her team) can decide to stick with the four (out of 20) categories drawn by chance. So do the other three teams, and the race is to the fastest, most confident, best informed team. This works well if you have three or four persons on a team whose minds are sticky-traps for factoids and have diverse ages and interests. We/I once had a killer team of a sports-obsessed 13 year-old, a science and literature whiz of 15, and an 80 year-old who'd remembered a lot of history. The 15 year old was a decisive team leader; it is a game giving opportunities like this to all ages.

Bezzerwizzer is well, but intricately designed, and the 10 to 15 year old age group suggested may over-estimate younger players' skills. It is probably best for those with flash access to the memory banks, warp speed in responding, and possessors of many factoids common & arcane. It is, however, still fun even when the strategy options available to all teams are not used.

However, Bezzerwizzer is even more engaging when all the strategy options come boldly into play. For example, suppose your team drew four topics or areas that are winners for you but your opponents could run all around you with one of their categories. Do you stick with your four or pre-emptively get their strongest area by trading in your weakest, to block 'em? How sure are you where their strengths and weaknesses may be? Are they likely to be assertive? Slower on the draw? What's your best strategy? When, if at all,during the game as it develops, do you want to use your Bezzerwizzer and ZWAP tiles?

These and other considerations add to the complexity of the game. It probably takes three or four dry-runs for everyone to get the hang og it or decide they are likely to be terminally bored. In general, the more strategy games such as chess they play, they better. Putting in this learning time adds much to Bezzerwizzer's interest and moves it farther (much farther) from Trivia.

Bezzerwizzer has proved a great friends and family game for people fast on the draw and richly endowed with sticky-tape minds for trivia, use of strategy tiles, and so on. We've found the trivia-type questions to be intriguingly varied from pretty simple (hey, we all like a few sure wins) to quite arcane to a few that are somewhat debatable. This can lead to checking things out on the net, debates, and considerable cortical enrichment. Although one can never discount knowledge. That 13 year old came up with the abbreviation for lead, and fast!

Bottom line: An excellent value at Amazon's price for the wild-minded, competitive, and ready to roll group. Up to four on a team seems to work well, though three is even better for maximum opportunity for involvement.

Any cons or reservations? As noted, one almost always needs to match the characteristics of a game with the mix of players. Bezzerwizzer is great for many, but not all, players. And eventually, one does want more question cards! Also, to keep things moving, the group should decide on a time maximum per turn & have a timer. We use 1 minute and a simple egg-timer.
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on March 5, 2014
My wife and I enjoyed this game - kind of a trivial pursuit where you have a little control over the categories. That said, the fun ended as we started repeating clues.

Each round you will go through 8 cards with just 2 players, and each game you can easily use 40 cards or more. As such, you run through the cards once and start seeing repeats. In most games, this is well obscured by the variety of categories, but here you get some control over the categories, so many categories are used more often than others. In the categories you like most, you get repeats, and the repeats get more common, quickly diminishing the replay value of the game. In the end, its a great group game, but it has only modest replay value because of the repetition within cards.

Fun concept
Enjoyable game play
Nice small to medium group game

Short-ish deck that is quickly recycled
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