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on June 3, 2010
I really enjoyed getting to know the main character Daphne McKinley. Being an author she was a woman after my own heart. However, she writes dime novels, which were looked upon as frivolous writing - not to be taken seriously. The nemesis in her books is loosely based on a character named Rawhide Rick. Because Daphne comes from a family of wealth she does not want anyone to know what she does in her spare time. So she holds this secret close to her heart.

Joshua Crawford finds out that the books written by D. B. Morgan aka Daphne, have portrayed his grandfather, Richard Terrell,(Rawhide Rick) in a not so favorable light. He sets out to find this D. B. Morgan and is determined to make him write a retraction. You can imagine his surprise when he finds out that the real author is Daphne. He is even more surprised to learn that his grandfather has a past that he did not know about - this was before Richard Terrell became a Christian.

Daphne and Joshua find that they both have to re-evaluate what is important to them in their lives. In the meantime they begin to have feelings for each other and this seems to go well until- Joshua's fiancée' enters the picture. I really enjoyed reading this book even though it was not my favorite genre. This is the third book in the series, but was great as a stand alone book. I would love to go back and read the first two. Looks like I found a new author to read!
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on August 12, 2010
I have read a couple of books recently about gals who wrote dime novels, and loved them! So, when I saw that this book dealt with that theme, I decided to give it a whirl, and I love was a charming story.
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on May 31, 2010
This is one of my favorites of Robin's books. I loved this book! I think Daphne is my favorite character of hers. Robin's characters are so real. Daphne faces a dilemma and has to make some tough decisions about truth and honesty. I really enjoy the historical details Robin includes in her books. You really get a feel for the time period. This is the third book in a very satisfying series about three women of Bethlehem Springs. All strong,confident women who are brave enough to take on non-traditional roles. Daphne is such a fun character. There is one scene that is so funny but I can't really share the details without spoiling it. You will just have to read it for yourself. I am looking forward to re-reading the series.
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on May 28, 2010
I don't read much fiction these days, compared to when I used to read at least 2-3 novels a week. But I can always count on Robin Lee Hatcher to deliver a delightful escape in the form of a great story.

I first discovered Robin about seven years ago. She was the first author I discovered who opened up her life and heart to her readers through the Internet, and I remember being so drawn to this sweet, godly woman who shaped her characters with such depth and realism.

Her newest novel, A Matter of Character, does not disappoint. I am always intrigued with stories about writers. Robin has crafted a compelling character in Daphne McKinley, an unlikely heiress living in the small town of Bethlehem Springs, Idaho. No one knows of her secret life as the author of a dime novel series based loosely on the adventures of Rawhide Rick, legendary around town for his less than scrupulous run as the town judge years earlier. But when Joshua Crawford comes to town, determined to clear the name of his grandfather, Daphne must come to terms with the power of her words. Together they seek the truth, even while the plot has them very much at odds with one another. Together they learn there's always more to every story than meets the eye.

A Matter of Character is the third and final offering in The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series, but it easily stands alone as a quick and easy read. Whether you're new to Robin Lee Hatcher, or a long time fan such as I am, you're sure to enjoy this well-crafted story. For an extra bonus, hop over to Robin's website and get to know this wonderful Christian and author.

(I received a review copy of this book)
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on May 30, 2010
A Matter of Character by Robin Lee Hatcher is the third and final book in the Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series. Daphne McKinley loves her life in 1918 Idaho. She lives independently while spending plenty of time with her brother and sister-in-law and their two adorable children, and she just happens to secretly write dime novels about the Old West, including a villain called Rawhide Rick who she based on a real man she's heard stories about. Joshua Crawford has come to Bethlehem Springs seeking the author D.B. Morgan who has written several stories about his grandfather Richard Terrrell, aka Rawhide Rick, to force the author to retract the stories and to prove that Richard was a wonderful man of God, but when he meets Daphne his plan gets a little off track as he falls in love with her jubilant spirit and intelligence. A desperate illness throws the two together in enforced intimacy, bringing their hidden feelings to the surface. Can their romance survive the revelation that Daphne is the author of the books about Rawhide Rick or will a secret from Joshua's past destroy their growing relationship? Hatcher's writing is always a joy to read with strong handsome men, beautiful, intelligent women, and intriguing stories that pull them together and apart. I did think that the cabin scene happened a little too early in the story, because everything after that felt a bit stretched. This trilogy about Gwen, Chloe, and Daphne comes to a natural end with this volume filled with romance, faith, and humor.
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on May 30, 2010
A Matter of Character was a fabulous conclusion to an endearing series. In fact, it's my favorite book of the three. I really appreciate how all of Robin's books in this series were set in Idaho and that they all focused on women with unique situations. It was fun getting to know Daphne. Her personality was perfect for an author, and her discovery of true love was beautiful. I thought it was neat how she realized that while she wrote about falling in love, until she experienced it herself, she had no idea how powerful the emotion could be.

It was hilarious how Daphne handled things at times, too, like when she added a character to her book to torment when she was mad at Joshua. That was a real hoot. I also found the hero, Joshua, to be an all-around great guy even with his flaws. He was a decent person and that was probably why he struggled with setting things straight. I loved that he didn't want to hurt anyone, though sometimes delaying the inevitable hurts people more.

There were many tender moments in this story and some awesome kisses, too. The best part for me was how it became an enjoyable escape for a few days. It's the perfect CBA romance because it was fun, clean, and had just the right amount of romantic tension to draw you into the romance without it overpowering the rest of the story. Robin is a truly amazing storyteller. Did I mention that I thoroughly enjoyed this final book in the series? I love it when the characters become my friends.
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on May 27, 2010
"A Matter of Character" is the third and final installment in The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series. The series, set in 1915-1919 rural Idaho, poses the question "Who says a woman can't do a man's job?"

From the back cover copy: "It's 1918, and Daphne McKinley, heiress to a small fortune, has found contentment in the town of Bethlehem Springs, Idaho. But Daphne has a secret.
A series of dime novels loosely based on local lore and featuring a nefarious villian known as Rawhide Rick has enjoyed modest popularity among readers. Nobody in Bethlehem Springs knows the man behind the stories...except Daphne.
When newspaperman Joshua Crawford comes to town searching for the man who sullied the good name of his grandfather, Daphne finds herself at a crossroads, reassessing the power of her words, re-thinking how best to honor her gifts, and reconsidering what she wants out of life."

I thoroughly enjoyed this series, especially this final book. Robin has a way of bringing her characters to life. Historical details have been carefully researched, and add dimension to the story. A Matter of Character is a fun, quick read, but it also asks some hard questions. I was challenged in asking myself, "Am I a person of character, and in what ways do my words honor God and others?"

I highly recommend this book, and look forward to the books Robin will be writing next!
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A MATTER OF CHARACTER by Robin Lee Hatcher is an Inspirational Historical set in St. Louis, Missouri and Bethlehem Springs, Missouri. It is a refreshing, historical with romance, understanding, faith, coming to terms with the truth of a loved one's life as a young man into adulthood. It is well written with depth and detail. It is the third and last in The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series, but can be read as a stand alone. The hero has a temper, and is out to find the truth about his grandfather, who has been written into a dime novel, not in the best of light. He is a villain. He learns the truth is not always want you want it to be and what you believe to be true. He also falls in love along the way, with the writter no less. The heroine is a determined, strong willed young women who writes dime novels under a man's name. She will also find that all is not as it seems and of course falls in love. This is a tender story of faith, romance, and family. If would highly recommend this story. If you have not read the other two in this series, I would also recommend reading them ( Book #1 A Vote of Confidence, and Book #2 Fit To Be Tied). This is a fast paced, page turning must read. A keeper. This book was received for review and details can be found at My Book Addiction and More and Zondervan.
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on May 29, 2010
The other day my mother in law asked me, "Do you read anything just for pleasure?"

I have stacks of newspapers and magazines. Piles of books and volumes of research material. I read all the time, but when she asked me that simple question I felt like someone who had just received a mild concussion and could remember their name.

"Umm...the last fiction book I read strictly for pleasure..?"I realized my coffee was gettting cold as I just stood there and stammered. "Probably not as often as I would like too."

Thankfully there are writers who write with an easy to read flow and with a freshness that captivates readers.

Robin Lee Hatcher is one of those writers.

A Matter Of Character is the third book in "The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs" series. While this is the first book I have read of Robins, it will not be my last. I enjoyed reading about what Idaho would have been like in 1918 and was thankful to have received an advance copy.

A Matter Of Character left me thinking about my own life and the questions that we find ask when we find ourselves at a crossroad.

What do we really want in life and am I really honoring the Lord with the gifts He has given me?
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on May 28, 2010
Although it could be a stand-alone book, A Matter of Character, continues on the great saga of The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs with the same heartwarming characters from her last two books and fun spirit of the early 20th Century adventures in Old West Idaho. Daphne McKinley, sister to the first Sisters of Bethlehem Springs hero, Morgan McKinley, is a female author in a dominant male authored world who finds herself in quite a writer's predicament. The romance, humor, and anticipation in seeing how God will help Daphne through this dilemma are quite entertaining. Robin never ceases to amaze me with her tapestry of lives and events she weaves together for our entertainment while she helps us grow joyfully in our walk with Jesus along the way as we relate to her characters.
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