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on May 17, 2012
People can bicker all day long about what makes a video game, "fun", and I'll leave you guys to keep doing that. I am here to give you my very brief opinion on Max Payne 3.

If anyone out there is more like me, meaning, you absolutely love shooting humans (not aliens) with guns (not outer-space lazers) then hear me now: No other shooter on the planet will give more satisfaction than Max Payne 3.


1) Enemy bodies and how they react to the bullets is the best i've ever seen in a video game. Most realistic to date, in my opinion.

2) With the music turned off (which i almost always do in video games), the gunfire sounds, environment damage from bullets, enemy gunfire, etc is "hard-hitting & pacts a punch". Sound is huge to me, and May Payne 3 delivers.

3) Bullet-Time/Dodge + minor cinematic slow-mo's of deaths to showcase some brutality. Simply fun to see, and adds that final layer of "hell yea" to the experience.

From just a pure "shooting guns" experience (single player), this is the cream-of-the-crop. Everyone else can keep your COD's and ultra-hollywood "set-pieces, i'll take a more mature-feeling, raw-hitting, powerful & gritty, gory "balls to the wall" shooting experience in Max Payne 3 any day of the week.

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on August 19, 2013
Once again, we have a new age game that tries to be too realistic and succeeds on that front, however, fails to be fun. That's the problem I have with 90% of new games, they try to be as realistic as possible and that's it. They also worry too much about the story and in game cutscenes that break up the gameplay. You'll be fighting enemies and then the next thing you know, it's a cutscene. This game must have 200 cutscenes, all of which are taking away from the actual gameplay. I don't want to watch a freaking movie, I want to play a game. I thought the first two games did a great job telling the story while still allowing you to play the game. The only games I've seen this gen that were compelling enough to have this many cutscenes was bioshock and the new last of us game which is nothing short of amazing. Another thing I hate about this game is its difficulty. I'm not one to complain about difficulty usually because I love hard games that challenge me, but this one was way to hard even on the medium setting. I don't understand why they did this, but the ai in this game seems to never miss and max can only take a few bullets before he's dead. Idk, maybe I'm not very good, but I beat almost every game I play on hard and this one was tough on medium, so I honestly don't think I would even try hard mode. Now, with that said, I will tell you the two most underrated games in history. The punisher for the ps2 and original xbox is still the greatest third person shooter I've ever played and I can't see anything being better in the future because no developers give a crap anymore about fun. Except for Nintendo that is, but they don't make 3rd or 1st person shooters. The other one is zombiu. It's the greatest zombie game ever and it has great replay value just like the punisher because it has great gameplay and it's scary. Neither one of these games focus on story, the gameplay tells the story and that's how a game should be. You people can do what you want, but if this is the future of games then I'm out, and I'll continue to play the classics from my ps2, ps1, and n64. I'll also continue to play my wiiu because Nintendo obviously feels the same way I do about this. I'll also play the last of us again sometime because it really is amazing.
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VINE VOICEon May 19, 2015
I, like most games I buy these days, got this for dirt cheap.
And for that price, it's awesome. It's a linear, 2-disc, action-oriented, movie-style-quality-storyline shoot-em-up game.
Ages ago, I tried the first Max Payne game, and I hated it. I never played the second one. I had forgotten about it until I saw this come up for cheap here. For the price I paid, it's awesome. Good graphics, fun to get through the levels, quick reload if you die, it's really good.
Once you win it, well, you're done. There's no replay here. Give it to a friend. The story gets complex, and I lose sight of what I'm doing and why, but it doesn't matter. Just shoot guys and get to the next level. It's fun. The "bullet time" is very "Stranglehold" and "Matrix"-esque. But a nice touch. Graphics are great. It's a fun game. Give it a try!!
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on August 12, 2015
This is truly an amazing game its 8 - 10 Hours depending on what diffuculty you play on the single player is where the fun is I wasnt a big fan of the multiplayer but the story and graphics are worth the Buy
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on July 23, 2013
Max Payne has been on a long hiatus and last graced consoles in 2003 with Remedy. His return under the hands of the Houser brothers at RockStar Games have created an excellent tale to explore Max's life. The gameplay mechanics is fluid, challenging, and engaging as an arcade shooter. The cutscene and game design allow for the game to feel like it has direct and plot without feeling like a rinse and repeat of shooting gallery after shooting gallery. This a great game to get at the price it is now! DONT MISS IT!
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on April 11, 2016
The game feels like I'm doing the same thing just in ina new environment like don't get me wrong the gameplay is great but I feel like I go here, shoot people do the slow mo thingy, then next chapter it's also annoying on how I cannot skip cutscenes and this game has endless cutscenes especially the very first one I I think I was sitting watching something I wasn't interested in for like 8 mins is the game good? Ehh it could've been better but overall I'd give this game a 5/10
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on May 23, 2012
By the time I finished this campaign, I had fired 25k bullets (there are in-game accomplishments like x number of people killed while using cover etc). So basically, if you like to be guns a blazin', this is the game for you. The story starts off slowly but becomes intriguing by the end, so don't quit after the first few cut scenes. It has a definite old school feel, because the maps aren't completely determined and guess what, you don't have infinite health! If you're picking this up expecting RDR or GTA, forget it this game is nothing like those.

I played through on medium and felt like it was a tough medium, and there are actually 3 additional levels of difficulty (not gonna try those methinks)...but it is manageable because the spawns are not infinite. Players just gotta calm down, use cover, and go for headshots (body shots take forever to down a baddy!).

Overall, I was impressed with Max Payne 3, and am glad I picked it up.
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on June 6, 2014
This is Rockstar Games first Great multi-player game. They did a hell of a job in crafting the multiplayer game play (how guns react, music during matches, etc...) it really was such a step up for them. The single player campaign was a bit stale but still has some awesome elements (as well as great graphics).
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on February 24, 2014
I bought this game when it was running for 10 bucks and knew nothing about the story line. Once i played the game, it quickly became one of my favorite and now researching for the back story. Superb voice acting, Gritty story, and one of a kind action game that will leave you in amazement.
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on July 13, 2012
I have not played a Max Payne game previously, I found it a bit slow overall. Bullet time is fun, but overall it's a slow developing game and there's really no super-compelling piece that keeps you coming back for more. It's a challenging game which is good; even on medium which is typically fairly easy, It was a struggle at times. This is a good one to rent for a weekend, get your fill of bullet time and then move on. Also you can't skip cutscenes so replay is annoying because you're waiting a couple minutes fairly often, watching a scene you've already seen.
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