Customer Reviews: Maxpedition FR-1 Pouch
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on June 28, 2010
This is the best first-aid pouch I've ever bought. It has multiple elastic loops, pouches, and zippered pockets for organizing medical supplies. Here is a list of some of the items contained in my FR-1:

3 pill bottles
4 tongue depressors
1 pipette for wound irrigation
2 syringes
2 surgical masks
3 pairs of non-latex gloves
1 roll of gauze
6 small gauze pads
3 large gauze pads
8-10 bandages of varying sizes and types
6 alcohol wipes
3 moleskin bandages
1 roll of fabric tape
1 pair of tweezers
1 pair of dissecting scissors
1 pair of trauma scissors
1 scalpel
2 hemostats
1 suture kit
1 pack of water purification tablets
1 electronic thermometer
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on January 19, 2013
It's size is deceiving... Trust me, this sat on my desk for a few days with myself thinking... I need to send that back! LOL

Give it a chance like i did.

You Can PACK AWAY in this thing! I ordered an Adventure Medical Kit brand kit, the Ultralight .7 a few weeks ago. A nice set for a starter 1st aid kit. But when you look inside, it's enough to cause some anxiety itself... all mixed up, disorganized. I sought out the Maxpedition FR-1 Pouch based on others saying how good it is, ordered, and it arrived. Eager to check it out, I did... initially thought, Yeah Right! This isn't going to work. It seemed small.

Let me tell you, this thing can pack it away! I took all the contents of the Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight .7, packed that in it. Then sought out other things to place in there... eye drops, nasal spray, extra bandaids, benadryl tablets, still room... then got desperate to try and fill... added chapstick, q-tips, cotton balls, chewing gum.... still room to add.

My Suggestion: get a pack of those little zip lock bags, the ones that are half the size of a sandwich bag. I spread out all the contents of my 1st aid kit on the table. I categorized the items separating them for what they are... bandaids in one pile, aspirin in another, topical ointments in another... get what I am saying? Then bundled all separately in their bags, as I tucked the larger flat items in the rear pocket.. I labeled them with a sharpie marker for was ease of finding later. All fit in nicely, all organized very well, can find anything with minimal effort. Sure you will have to pull a few items out to get to others behind them... , but the stuff is now bundled with like items. For ease of stow-ability & portability... I am glad I got this pack. It fits nicely in my 2nd Maxpedition Lunada.
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on May 26, 2013
First off, I'd like to say that the Maxpedition FR-1 pouch excels in almost every respect. Construction and modularity are top-notch. My only real complaint would be the price for this pouch, which seems excessive, all things considered-- around forty dollars when all is said and done. I've gone through quite a few of the reviews, both positive and negative, and will try to address the "issues" (weight and capacity) with this pouch in my review.

I'll start by going through the construction of the FR-1. Maxpedition has fabricated this pouch using 1000D Cordura fabric treated with Teflon to repel both water and grime. Just holding and playing around with the FR-1 upon receiving it, the strength and durability of the Cordura is plain to see. It's thick and retains it's shape when set down. The Teflon does a good job of keeping the Cordura fabric clean and dry. Water can still get in through the zippers, though I haven't had a problem with that yet. Maxpedition has considered this very real possibility and placed a metal grommet at the bottom of the pouch to drain any water that might make get in. The MOLLE webbing does not appear to be treated with Teflon and will get wet, but it dries quickly and I've had no issues with it getting dirty so far. As far as the webbing is concerned, it's much thicker and taut than the Cordura, and has very little give once attached to your MOLLE equipped gear. One caveat, though-- the high strength of this nylon will likely make it a bit of a chore when attaching this pouch to other gear. The stitching on this pouch is superb; some of the best I've seen on any mass produced gear. I have no doubt that it will stand the test of time. The zippers and paracord pulls all seem to be of excellent construction, and the reinforced handle is a nice touch. Now, by this point I'm sure some of you are looking over all the heavy duty materials that went into making this pouch and are wondering, "Is this pouch heavy?" The short answer is yes. But in a good way. It has heft. It makes it feels substantial in a way that inspires confidence that this product will in fact be able to take all you throw at it and then some. Is it uncomfortably heavy on its own? No. I'm fairly certain it weighs in at less than eight ounces, and the fact is that the vast majority of people who buy this pouch will not feel it.

Now for modularity. Just looking at the pouch one can tell that a lot of thought went into it's design and construction. On the outside it's covered with MOLLE webbing, there's a hook and loop strip for attaching patches or whathaveyou, what I believe is a "flashlight pouch" behind the hook and loop strip, and elastic cord to secure it in place. On the inside, however, you begin to see the FR-1's true potential. Inside there are several elastic loops, two pouches-- one secured by zipper and the other mesh with elastic to hold contents in place, and paracord to adjust how far you want the pouch to open when you pull the zippers. With enough time and planning, you can carry just about everything you need to treat most trauma injuries. Some reviewers complained that they couldn't fit much in this pouch-- true enough, if you think you're going to fit your jump kit in this bad boy, you're going to have a bad time. That isn't to say you can't stuff the FR-1. Just to give you an idea of what you can manage to carry in this pouch with the right attitude, here are the current contents of my first aid kit:

-3 pairs of nitrile gloves
-1 1-inch, 10 yard roll of waterproof medical tape
-2 4 foot rolls of compressed gauze
-2 8x10 ABD pads
-3 occlusive dressings
-6 4x4s
-2 eye pads
-1 tube of instaglucose
-1 triangle bandage
-30 steri-strips
-10 alcohol prep pads
-8 5ml tubes of saline for irrigation
-1 pair needle nose tweezers
-1 emergency blanket
-2 hand warmers
-3 1 gallon waste bags
-1 pair of EMT shears
-1 penlight

I also had a rite in the rain notepad and pencil in the space behind the hook and loop strip, but have since started carrying it on my person. Again, this little pouch has an amazing capacity, but it's probably not going to fit everything you want if you're looking to carry everything to treat minor bleeding to childbirth. It will, however, carry a large quantity of things within reason.

Overall, bearing craftsmanship, quality of materials, and the thought that went into making the FR-1 as versatile as it is, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a compact pouch to serve as a first aid kit or a general purpose organizational pouch.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and if you found this review helpful, please rate! Thank you!
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on October 12, 2011
I went nuts and bought 4 maxpedition bags. I was able to handle them before purchase. I will use this bag for it's initial intention "first aid" but put other things in it as well. The quality is top notch and material will outlast you. All maxpedition products that I own come with a lot of straps, stretchcord,pockets,slots,and bands so you can carry it any way you want. The killer thing with maxpedition pouches and bags is you can connect them to the maxpedition packs or slings. And you can get different colors and move them around. It is water resistant not water proof. the crazy thing is it has a hole on the bottom so water does not stay in the bag,but if you wanted to you could strap it sideways. These are really cool high end bags for sure,and depending on how reliable you want your bag to be is what it really comes down to. No doubt you could go to a big box chain store and pick up a bag for less money that will hold what you want to carry. But you may not find a bag to hold your stuff the way you want to,and carry it the way you want to with as much confidence and versatility. If you are going to strap this to a maxpedition pack,it will help if you get the tie tacs from maxpedition.the 3 inch ones will fit this pouch
UPDATE=11/25/2012 I wound up putting some first aid, a compass, a lighter, a magnesium bar, some flashlights and a few other things. When ever I took it out and opened it people were more interested in the bag than the gear inside.
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on October 31, 2015
Solid pouch, high quality zippers and materials. Using for an IFAK, I replaced the zipper pulls with a reflective paracord to aid in low light situations. Also removed the paracord that was threaded inside to prevent the bag from opening flat if you wanted. Maxpedition makes great stuff.
review image review image
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on March 3, 2013
There is a lot of really good information about this product in these reviews and I'll add my two cents worth.

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised that it was larger than I had expected, given the product photos. It IS, as so many people say, very durable and well-made. It was intended for hard use. Top notch quality. The size did change my perspective. I was intending to put it to use as a small survival kit for the outdoors, something I could wear on a belt or over my shoulder, or throw into a backpack. I never go into the woods without wearing a day pack anyway. (All the stuff that goes into this pouch was already in my main pack.) What a great surprise to find that it can hold more than I thought! This pouch offers me more options.

First off, it CAN be worn on a belt because the hook and loop patch acts as a belt loop. It will accommodate a belt up to 1 1/2" wide. However, once loaded down with stuff, the pouch might be too cumbersome / heavy for some peoples' tastes to be worn on the belt. Sturdy D-rings allow the use of a shoulder strap (not included), and a long, adjustable nylon strap makes for an easy "Indiana Jones" style carry. So, once camp is made, if you want to leave your main pack with the shelter and head out to forage, you can don your strap, throw the pouch over a shoulder and go.

This pouch was well thought out. Lots of connection options from MOLLE methods to stuff with pocket clips. The exterior bungee (which sits over the hook and loop patch) can be used to secure plastic bags for gathering food or fetching water, a thin rain parka, an extra bandanna, a flashlight, or any number of things. Use your imagination.

The clam shell design is great. You can adjust the interior paracord so that it will open just so far, or to "wide open" sitting with one side up and back while the other is on the ground. The interior has pockets and retaining straps for all kind of gear organization, of course.

I won't list all the items that nest in my pouch, maybe because I'm still working out the details and deciding what should stay in there and what should go in my stowaway pot. But, I have decided that I love this pouch and that I will always have it in my day pack, at the ready to be used alone when desired.

Finally, I know this is a bit off subject of the product, but as for the other great container that is in my pack, a 1.1 liter pot for cooking, boiling and storing goods ... take a good tip and go give it a look:

MSR 1.1L AlpineTM Stowaway Pot

Happy trails, all.
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on March 1, 2014
I was looking for something to throw my EDC gear in without spreading it out all over the night stand. Fits a my concealed carry with extra magazine, flashlight, knife ect. It has an internal zippered pocket and multiple molle attachment points both inside and out. Easy to clip multiple items both inside and out. Fit and finish of the product are top notch. Zippers are smooth and strong. Strong carrying handle.
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on March 12, 2013
Rather than have my medical supplies scattered around in various compartments of my "BugOutPac", this compact pouch should do the job nicely with everything in one place that can be attached to my main pack.
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on January 20, 2014
this pouch is perfect for an IFAK style system, but be warned. before I completed building mine, I got a beefy for Christmas and abandoned this one. HOWEVER, I was building more of a trauma response kit and did need a little more room/organization. If you want a good ifak to build, I would say for sure try this one. Of course it's not specifically designed for first aid, but a lot of people get it for that. I own many Maxpedition products and love each one, so I will still be using this for sure. great pouch, super tough.
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on March 14, 2014
I purchased this pouch for a first aid kit for longer (3-7 day) backpacking trips. I have extensive first-aid training to I probably pack somethings that the first-aid novice might not, and omit some items due to redundancy. Regardless, this is a tough pack. Stiff material, I soaked mine in hot water for a 10 minutes and let it air dry over the register. Not sure if this hurts the Dupont coating or not but one it dries you can actually load it up without fighting with the fabric. Note: this only slightly reduced the rigidity, it's certainly not floppy or anything. Worked for me I managed to get everything I wanted and some room for my current meds and some extra "luxery items." Its a little like playing tetris in that a lot of stuff can fit if you put it in the right spots. Also utilize the easy access loops for your frequently accessed items and other hopefully never used items like quikclot in the back zipper pouch. Anyway, great pouch that attaches easily to whatever rig I'm using. Expensive but you get what you pay for in my opinion.
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