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on March 5, 2008
Deciding on what kind of nightlight to buy may seem like a very simple task. After all, if you've seen one nightlight you've seen them all. Right? Well when it comes to motion sensor lights, not all are created equal.

First of all I was looking for a nightlight, which is for our master bathroom, which would have a strong, accurate motion sensor. However, I also wanted a device that wouldn't turn on if the main overhead lights were already on. This meant that I needed a device that not only had a motion sensor but also a light (dusk/dawn) sensor. I also didn't want a light that would have to be plugged in, due to the location of the outlet in our bathroom. This meant that I needed something powered by batteries. But everyone knows that a standard bulb will drain small batteries very quickly. Therefore I wanted a device that used LED technology to produce the light. I wanted something fairly bright but not piercing. After extensive searching and review reading, all roads led to the Maxxima MLS series occupancy lights. Because our bathroom is fairly large, I decided on the MLS-03 device, as it has three LEDs, and claimed to produce fairly bright, white output.

The Maxxima MLS-03 is not a very small small assembly. The unit measures roughly 4 3/8"-H x 2 3/4"-W (at widest part) x 1 3/4"-D. The unit does NOT plug into A/C mains, so there are no electrical prongs sticking out the back. The back of the unit is slightly curved, with a single recessed hanging hole (oblong) close to the top. 3/4 of the back of the unit is comprised of the battery cover. Under the cover you insert 4 standard AA batteries. The top of the unit has a 3-position switch, with ON/OFF/AUTO settings. The front of the unit contains the 3-LED light assembly, with a fairly large reflector and a curved clear lens. There is a small hole, near the center of the device, which contains the light sensor. In the bottom 1/3 of the device there is a large motion sensor with a frosted lens.

The unit can be hung on the wall or simply placed on a flat surface. However, do to the height of the unit, I suggest mounting it to a wall or at least place it on a surface with the back of the device up against a wall, as it will tip over quite easily. I mounted mine on the wall, flipped the switch to "AUTO" and shut off the overhead light. As soon as I entered the dark bathroom the Maxxima MLS-03 lit up, projecting a rather bright, nearly white (slightly blue in color), wide beam of light. The light projects enough to illuminate the entire forward portion of our bathroom. I decided to mount the light so it would shine from the side, as you are standing at the sink/mirror and toilet area. As the light is quite bright, I don't think you would want it facing you as you walked into a dark room. As soon as I flipped on the overhead lights, the MLS-03 device went out, just as the manufacturer claimed it would. I walked in and out of the bathroom, with the overhead lights on, and the MLS-03 unit remained dark. Once I shut off the overhead lights and walked into the room, the MLS-03 lit up right away (when I was at a distance of about 10 feet away). Once I left the bathroom the MLS-03 remained lit for approximately 30 seconds before going dark. I tested again and again and everything worked flawlessly. I have had this light for a few days now, and the device works exactly as advertised.

The specifications of the Maxxima MLS-03 Occupancy Sensor 3 LED Light (as noted on the Maxxima web site) are as follows:

- Auto On/Off Motion Sensor
- 3 Super Bright LED's
- Battery Operated 4 AA (not included)
- Saves Energy
- Built-In Dusk To Dawn Sensor
- 110 Degree Sensor Coverage
- 20 ft. Motion Range
- Easy Installation
- 1-2 Years Battery Life (on motion sensor setting), or 100 hours continuous use.
- Turns Off 30 Seconds after Occupant Exits Covered Area
- Perfect For Low Level Ambient Light
- Mounting Peg Hole for Mounting On A Wall
- 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty

Did you catch that battery life claim? 1 to 2 years of use in "Auto" mode, or 100 hours of continuous use. Wow, now THAT is impressive! This light is brighter than a typical night light, yet you have to be willing to accept a white (with a bluish tint) colored light rather than the yellow tinted light that you get from a standard bulb. For me this light is the perfect solution for what I need. However, there is one little attribute that I do not like about this device. Nearly every time I shut off the overhead lights in my bathroom, the Maxxima MLS-03 will turn on and run for 30 seconds. The light sensor or motion sensor must be tricked by the sudden change of light, causing the device to turn on even though there is nobody in the room. But with a 100 hour battery life claim I guess I am not too concerned about the wasted battery power being used. I also think that a slightly frosted lens would produce a milder, more evenly distributed light. These shortcomings prevent me from giving this product a perfect 5-star rating. Still, I am extremely pleased with the Maxxima MLS-03 light system. I feel it is the perfect night light for a bathroom, closet, hallway or small bedroom. It produces plenty of light, will not light up and waste battery power if the room is already well lit, and the motion sensor works like a champ. This is an excellent product that lives up to its impressive claims and I highly recommend it to everyone. I am ordering another MLS-03 for my 2nd bathroom.
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on December 23, 2006
This unit runs "off the grid" - meaning, on 3 AA batteries and with the motion detector, this is one sweet, bright gem! I love it!! I never knew 3 LED's could be this bright! It a good, compact unit, about 4 inches tall and 3 wide. You can wall mount it or leave it on the counter like I do. It's about an 1 and a half inch deep. The power switch is a 3 function, on, off and motion. It runs on batteries only, no wall-wart jack.
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on June 15, 2007
There are three models of motion sensing night light made by maxxima. They contain one, two or three LEDs. This is the model with the most light output with 3 LEDs. The light is a bluish color. Its about as bright a regular night light. This model does not plug into the wall. Its only battery powered. It uses 4AA batteries. The motion sensor coverage is ok, but not great.
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on June 27, 2007
The 3 LEDs throw off quite a bright light - good enough for an entry hall in our house. The light is a whiter light - not the bluish light you often get with LEDs.

Only issue is that the sensor is a little erratic. Sometimes it doesn't work and other times it works quickly and other times it works slowly.
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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2007
This Maxxima 3-LED nightlight is a good choice for those who need freedom from a wall outlet and wish to save energy over the traditional incandescent light-bulb nightlight. Of course the light is a bright white color instead of a warm yellow that you can get from an incandescent bulb, but it stays cool and uses a lot less energy.

This nightlight is excellent at sensing motion and coming on only when needed, should you choose this setting.

The Maxxima 3-LED nightlight has helped me save energy while being more eco-friendly. I use rechargeable batteries which are charged using a solar powered battery charger. Before this setup, I used incandescent nightlights on in every room of my house pulling power off the grid (more than 50% of this comes from coal where I live). Now I only use less energy (LED) less often (motion sensing) and the energy is cleaner (solar.)

If you must plug your nightlight into an outlet, I would recommend looking at Maxxima's other LED nightlight offerings.

Cons: the clear plastic front could be partially frosted to help keep the LEDs from being piercingly bright. This nightlight will not "light up a room," but it will give you enough light to avoid tripping on things or bumping into furniture.
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on October 27, 2011
I've had to replace the batteries 3 times in the past 10 months. a bit more often than i like but not out of control.
It doesn't have as long of a "trigger path" as i would like but it always at least turns on at some point (unless the batteries have run out again). I have elevated ceilings so my stairway to the second story is split (turns part-way up) and therefore i have the light mounted on the wall in the corner at the split of the stairs - you have to be within 4 or 5 steps for it to trigger so you will have already started up or down the stairs before the light turns on. but it definitely helps you navigate the corner when/where it's dark. the brightness is ok - sufficient to see in pitch darkness but not so bright it startles you (overstimulates your sleepy eyes) : the light occasionally turns on even when its the middle of the day but not so much that its predictable.
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on January 18, 2013
I put this inside of the door going downstairs to the basement. I have some storage there and the vacuum cleaner. The stairs change directions quickly, so it is bit tricky with no lighting except from the bulb at the base of the stairs. It's sensitve to movement and turns off shortly after movement stops. Very bright. Replaceable batteries. Great little light at a resonable price.
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on January 12, 2012
I bought this to light a hallway and found the light was very adequate. The light pattern and mounting position make this suitable only for wall hanging (not ceiling).

Initial testing was great and it worked as it should, until it didn't. It would turn itself on and off erratically during the night. The on and off was without any apparent reason.

I trashed (recycled) it. Not worth the postage to return.

I also bought a "SE Wireless Motion Sensor Light - 10 Super-Bright LED" to use in a dark closet and found it to be a better choice for either ceiling or wall application.
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on March 7, 2011
Iam using this primarily as a safety night light so guests wont fall down the short stairway in the night. I put it on the eight foot ceiling in the hallway and it easily lights ten feet in each direction even though the unit is pointed straight down. There has been maybe a couple of times when the motion sensor didn't see me immediately but all in all usually reliable. The built in photocell prevents it from coming on when not needed.
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on March 5, 2012
Fails to properly sense a person. Even moving within a foot of the light does not activate it. SOMETIMES it will come on if you move your hand an inch from the sensor. In addition, the switch on the top is intermittent.

It's just a piece of junk. Sent back to Amazon for a refund.
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