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VINE VOICEon January 27, 2006
Review rewritten on 09-APR-2009

Mr. Callemans books are thoughtful and include original ideas. It would take your finding a copy of The Mayan Factor from Joe (aka Jose) Arguelles of 1987 to realize that Mr. Calleman has expanded those concepts and put them in a much more understandable framework (with somewhat less hyperbole).

Apart from John Major Jenkens and Barbara Tedlock most other sources on the Mayan calendar are either academically dry or mainly fantasy. This book in particular provides a road map for the conscious evolution of humanity over the next few years. This evolution is guided, in part, by energetic eminations from the center of the Milky Way. The Mayans call this source the HUnab Ku. This concept is clearly Arguellian,

The book does need to be read carefully and with meditative reflection. There is much here that you will not get if you approach just with the rational mind. This book is a serious treatise of many concepts and not all of them are Mayan. It requires you to approach it as a new human being to be able to understand what it is saying

Calleman provides a general timeline for this period in the years leading up to 2012. He appears to have been correct about energy moving from the West/USA to the East/Asia. His writings on Mayan Fifth night during 2008 and it's portend for the world economy appear to have been an accurate prediction. However, as things worsened in 2009 I began to wonder whether Calleman's correlation of the end date of the Mayan Calendar at Oct 2011 was off by a year and that Dec 21 2012 was indeed the authentic end date.

After spending time in April 2009 reading the 1999-2001 exchanges between Calleman and John Major Jenkins I am leaning more towards the standard 2012 interpretation for many reasons. When I asked Calleman in 2007 about how he arrived at the end date of Oct 28 2011 he referred me to his first book on the Mayan Calendar. The evidence and argument in that book for his end date is brief, sketchy, and unconvincing. You can check out the posts at the alignment 2012 website of JMJ for more information on why the Calleman correlation does not hold water.

Calleman's own synthesis of a world view (and galactic view) containing Mayan elements has merit. But the various elements presented in the book were not clearly distinguished and delineated for the reader as Mayan versus Calleman. You have to be very careful reading his material to know what is Mayan and what is Calleman.

If you have an interest in the Mayan Calendar and 2012 AND you are a very observant reader with some metaphysical leanings there is much you can glean from this book.

Update on 27-FEB-2011

Looking back on this book five years later, I can say this book continues to grow as an enigma. On the one hand Carl has gotten himself into a corner by going head-long against any traditional or alternative Mayanists by sticking to his 'end' date of Oct 28 2011 and provided no proof for his date correlation that can be verified. You can read interesting exchanges between Carl and John Major Jenkins (JMJ). Carl, in his later book, The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life changes his prophetic model again away from this book to something else (echanging 20 for 18 in the last number period). Johan Normark does a pretty conclusive job of showing how Carl has left himself way out with no basis in Mayan historical source at all and that the latest number schema from Carl can't even any longer contain the full long count timeline.

Picking up this book in the past few days I am struck by something that didn't stand out before. This book is very poorly organized. For example, if you wanted to read about the dreaded 'Fifth Night' in Carl's invented (non-mayan) 13 periods (7 days/6 nights) you would have to jump around to a few places. If you read this book straight through you can get what he is saying. But if you are going back into the book looking to drill down into certain points you will be frustrated because of the poor organization of the book.

And now for the crux of the enigma of this book. This book, coincidentally or not, was one of the few sources to clearly predict the financial meltdown in the West/US in 2008 (clearly within the 5th night). How could someone, if they had jury-rigged the Mayan Calendrics, have more than a few 'hits' in terms of correspondences defined in their material is the question. And if Carls projection holds for his last Tzolkin 260 day round which ends on October 28, 2011, then the period of August 10-30 is also a fractal resonance for the fifth night as well. If you look for 'The Calleman Matrix' on the Internet you can find copies of the chart from this version of the book. Interestingly his theoretical last 260 day round before Oct 28 2011 started on Feb 11 2011, a revolutionary period, also the day that Mubarak was ousted from the Egyptian presidency.

But I suppose only by January 1st 2013 will we really know whether Carl and/or the other 2012ers were onto something. If not then maybe our collective apocalyptic neurosis will latch onto another date for some other reason.
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on February 23, 2005
Ignore Shaman's extremely biased review below of this book in order to promote the sales of Barbara Tedlock's books.

"The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness" is an extremely well-researched and constructed in-depth explanation of the "true Mayan Sacred Calendar" and count and details the cosmic plan that governs the evolution of consciousness and propels us on a path toward a common destiny. Calleman's implications for how the Mayan calendar coincide with major historical events and how we all should be preparing for the final Universal level of conscious enlightment are profound.

Note: Although many think of the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon Calendar as the Mayan Calendar, the fact is that this is a calendar system that has NEVER been used by the Maya. Adam Rubel of Saq Be, an organization reflecting indigenous and especially Mayan views says: "Regarding the dreamspell work of Arguelles: It has been made clear, I think everybody here understands, the need to distinguish this system from any relation to the Mayan tradition. This is the wish of the elders, that the confusion and misrepresentation cease."

The secret Divine Plan is now revealed here. I strongly recommend this outstanding masterwork for those looking to align their intuition with their individual, human and cosmic purpose.
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on July 5, 2004
This is one of the best books I have read and I would recommend reading this book prior to reading "Maya Cosmogenesis 2012" by John Major Jenkins. Calleman does an excellent job comparing the current dualist/materialist mind and the unitary/evolved mind that is destined to occur by the end of the Universal Underworld (2012 AD). According to Calleman, the Mayan calendar ends at the end of the Universal Underworld and does not start over which is contrary to J.M. Jenkins' theory in Mayacosmogenesis 2012 ( --> Calleman does not cover Galactic Alignment and apparently believes that is not the purpose of the Mayan Calendar. Its purpose is greater than that, it charts the evolution of consciousness via the cosmic plan through the nine Underworlds that build on top of each other.
He explains that during this transition phase to higher consciousness, we are going to experience higher levels of stress and career burnout. Our need for spiritual awakening will battle with our dualist/materialist mind and wreak psychological and physical havoc. With the levels of novelty accelerating (see Terence McKenna's "The Invisible Landscape") e.g., more changes and technological/scientific breakthroughs appearing, stress levels will keep increasing.
The venus transit, acceleration of time concept that we all have been feeling but nobody talks about, and sun spot cycles are discussed as well as an Indian Avatar named Kalki who is supposed to be communicator/leader of the spiritual awakening of the Golden Age. Calleman does a pretty decent job of tying in various religions' prophecies (e.g. Book of Revelations) and how they are backed up by the Mayan calendar. The graphics/tables were very well illustrated and easy to read and helpful.
Reason I gave a 4 out of 5:
I was dismayed that the evolution of plants and animals were not discussed and crop circles were not included as well. Also how is the state of the environment going to be by 2012 AD? There was no discussion on that either.
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on November 28, 2005
this book does have its merits... some intersting ideas & it opens up vistas for those new to mayan mathematics and time-conception.
unfortunately the 'galactic-underworld' prophecy chart which is the basis of the book is calleman's own invention, not The Mayan Calendar. although he admits this, by turns he refuses to acknowledge the validity of the true long-count of the Maya.
furthermore, most of the information he gives regarding properties of the calendar are of Nahuatl (Aztec) origin. (for example the sacred numbers 1-13 are all related to a Nahuatl deity). It would be more forthcoming of Calleman to call his system 'reformulated nahuatl' or something to the effect, rather than 'The Mayan Calendar' which it is not.
this book seems to be the product of someone who spent a lot more time delving into the specifics of a particular model of creation than the actual facts of the mayan calendar.
he does present interesting info on such things as the frequencies of the layers of the earth and how they relate to various frequencies in the human brain.
most of his seemingly novel ideas of this type however are quite obviously taken (and slightly modified) from Jose Arguelles' book 'The Mayan Factor'. Examples are the Earth's chrystal core, the 'I am another yourself' philosophy, Buddah's appearance at the mid-point of the 13 baktun cycle, and the underlying concept of 'the transformation of consciousness'. Even the Galactic Underworld model of creation (in which there are 4 fractals of 7-days & 6-nights) is remarkably similar to Arguelles 7:7:7:7 model (presented subsequent to The Mayan Factor).
also... for some reason those that are grabbed by Calleman's work tend to adopt a dualistic and hysterical attitude (see lightworker's review of July 28 below) which leads me to think there is something fundamental missing from Calleman's scheme.
A book far more interesting, balanced, and fair to the traditional mayan calendar is John Major Jenkins' book 'Maya Cosmogenesis 2012'.
Jenkins' work is that of a scholar presenting facts, and makes no pretense at being a practical guide to navigating the shift in consciousness. Calleman makes the pretense but the follow through is substantially lacking. For a practical guide to incorporating the energies of mayan time-science into your life I recommend beginning with 'Time and the Technosphere' by Jose Arguelles. While this is also not the traditional mayan calendar, the presentation is satisfying and uplifting on a level not even approached by Calleman.
For those more interested in the traditional mayan calendar and how it is utilized by the living indigenous maya I suggest Barbara Tedlock's 'Time and the Highland Maya', a fascinating anthropological work by an initiated daykeeper... again however, not meant for those looking for a practical way to incorporate the energies into their own life.
despite the issues i may have with Calleman's presentation I'm glad that there is such a surge of interest in the legacy of the Maya, and this book serves at least to stoke that interest and guide us to a better understanding of this most amazing subject.

In Lakech!

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on September 2, 2006
Well researched well written book about the Mayan Calendar and what it might mean to us today.

Easy to read and understand.2012 is not to be feared but looked at the possibility of how the world is changing and why. Barbara Hand Clow uses this book in her current work as I do to help people wake up to the changes that are happening. It is not the end of the world but a new world everyday to awaken to, appreciate and live in.
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on July 14, 2004
For the past 15 years I have danced around Mayan Calendar information, and it wasn't until THIS book came out that I found the `home' I was looking for in the Mayan `Tzolkin' Calendar!
This is a MUST READ for our present times . . . as turbulent and chaotic as they are, the information researched and presented by Carl Johan Calleman in a NEW FRAMEWORK gives us more understanding and HOPE!
Calleman introduces us to the Classical Tzolkin Count which has been followed for the past 2500 years in the highlands of Guatamala. The Tzolkin Calendar (Count of 260 days) repeats a specific sequence of 20 glyphs thirteen times.
His information helps us better understand that the Tzolkin can be (my note: and really should be) studied at multiple degrees of complexity as each day is not just an Energy Tone of that single day, but has multiple layers of information available to us based on Trecenas (13 day sequences), Uinals (20 day sequences), Day and Night sequences (daily as well as in the longer cycles), and in relation to the Nine Underworlds.
In writing of the World Tree, he helps us better understand the differences (which are much more apparent in these times) between East and West thinking and cultures. The chapter entitled `The War of the West Against Iraq' is an example of this.
As we begin to understand the longer cycles and how the Underworlds have created a `duality' in the consciousness of the peoples of that time, we can better understand how THAT `thinking' has carried over to our current time. In 1999, we entered the Galactic Underworld, which is carrying us on the journey forward to a `whole mind'. . . IF we are willing to step into the Rhythm of that journey.
For me, any book or seminar or tool is only as good as I allow it to be. From this newer framework of information, I have designed for myself a Tzolkin-style of Day Counting (sort of a squared off spiral!) that I spend time with every day. Through it I can better see and then put to use in my everyday life the Daily Energy Tone as it relates to the current position it holds in the greater cycles . . . and for me, that alone was well worth the price of the book and time spent within in!
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on December 30, 2006
Carl Johan Calleman applies a convincing interpretation of the evolution of consciousness to the Mayan Calendar system, provoking interesting possibilities over the next 6 years for energies that might become available to anyone open to working with them. Far from fatalistic, he promotes a view of rapidly increasing opportunity. Getting there however, may not be easy. The first part of the book is rather dense, and the references (to illustrations, etc.) jump all over the place, so stick with it - it's worth it.
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on July 19, 2010
This book is a must read! & read it before 2011-2012 arrives, you'll be glad you did!!

I read this book first, not realizing that Dr Calleman have written another book on the subject before this book. However, I read his first book later & I liked this one better. I think it was easier to understand.

When I read the book the first time, I had to get used to the Mayan terms that he uses. However, the more I read & looked at his graphs, charts, diagrams the more impressed I became. The more I realized that 'wow! this guy has done it!'. This book rang true, felt true, it rang a bell! When I finished it the first time, I went right back to the beginning and re-read it again, this time underlining parts that were important. Researching history & comparing it to his own research on his 'Matrix', comparing dates & the more I read & researched the more I was convinced that he hit the bulls eye when it comes to interpreting the Mayan Calendar & its true message. So to my surprise when I finished it the second time I started re-reading it again!!!!! Is like I wanted to make sure that I did not miss anything, understood everything he explained; I did some more comparing w/ history, etc etc, & of course, I highlighted some more!! I have never done that w/ any books I have ever read before!! And I am a reader!!

About 6 months later I re-read it again. This was around the year 2007-2008. Now w/ 2011-2012 approaching, I took it out & I'm going to read it again!!:) Call me nuts. In between I have kept up reading all his articles, & there are gobs of them!!! And I also read his first book, & his last book, also very good. My favorite so far has been this one.

Realize this, we are co-creators, the end of time approaching we'll have a decision to make; to co-create or be a slug & fall behind!!

I had to laugh to see some people here putting this book down, Ha! they must be thick minded!! or shallow! Either that or people that do not like Calleman put them up to it!! They're a joke! Read this book for yourself, have an open mind, make your own decision!!. I am not saying that he's the only one that is 'right' about the Mayan Calendar, I think that is very likely that 'most' authors that have sincerely researched the MC have a 'piece' of the truth to its true meaning. Maybe there is going to be 'also' an alignment!! etc etc. Whether its 2011 or 2012 does not matter, in fact, I think is 'BOTH'!! Because it might be that it all gets 'started' in 2011 to end in 2012, when you look at Calleman's matrix you see how each Underworld lasts a certain amount of time, so perhaps there is an overlap. He even mentions that there are overlaps between these Underworlds!.

The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness
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on September 13, 2006
The authors first book on this subject, after years spent deciphering and interpreting from the historical remains, is called "Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our time : The Mayan Calendar (Paperback)" and is far, far more detailed than this book which relates more to spirituality and evolutionary theories of prophetic understanding. The other book is much more detailed in the math and base 20 number system that they used to count all the way back 16,640,000,000 years ago and by the Gregorian Date of October 28, 2011 - when the Mayan Calendar 360 Day Caldendar Count will flip from when it started almost 16.64 Billion Years ago. By then anything that could, would or should have happened will have already manifest our collective evolutionary destiny.

That is correct as you read it: the date of the big bang and the age of the universe, or it will be, in a few years when the whole 16+Billion will start again at zero and evolution will begin again - on a new wave length frequency for each level of 9 there are in the the cycles of billions of years. It is extremely complicated, do not expect to understand more than just the idea for at least the first month or two. Gradually, it will get to be easier but at first it is a shock and challenge to the one stable, steady force structuring and scripting all of the lives on the planet who all subscribe to the calendar. Between the days of the year, time of day and holidays there is nothing about the calendar that we have ever questioned except to compare our system.

However, no good reason exists for blind allegience to a system of counting days of the week and seasons of the year devised by Pope Gregory in 1519 AD. We have all heard the reason, it was to correct the deficiencies of the Julian which was then out of whack by over ten days and something needed to be done to know when to plant crops, when to harvest and when to pay taxes. The sole purposes of the Gregorian Calendar was to get everyone to church on time every week, pay the Sunday tithe in Mass, plant the crops in the spring on time and harvest in the fall - on time to pay the annual taxes.

So the Julian was really replaced to divert any notice of the Mayan system which was discovered by Cortez in 1519 during the Conquistadors. It was a calendar the Pope needed to keep track of the year DURING the year (the word 'calendar' is from Old French 'calendier' from Latin 'kalendarium' or 'account book'). But the Mayans had a calendar for that and it is more accurate than the one Pope Gregory imposed and they used the 'Haab' for agriculture but they were not watching and guessing about the purpose of their ingenuity. They already knew what they were counting, which were days every day.

So, what we call a calendar today is largely what it has always been used for in recent history ("a chart or series of pages showing the days, weeks and months or a particular year, or giving particular seasonal information.") The Mayans were counting time, in a precise system accurate to a greater degree than we are still today.

Like I said, extremely complicated, frustrating and in my opinion, if it inspires you then you have your work cut out for you, dig in and get on with expanding your consciousness. If it does not make sense, or it is distasteful, offensive or creates an uncontrollable need to be critical or condescending without understanding, well I will hope that inspiration finds all of us soon.

When it finds you, come find this book!
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on April 1, 2005
This has been a EUREKA experience for me. I feel as if my life

has been pointed toward this information. For some reason, I

found this sequel first. (Of course, I am reading Mayan Calendar

as we speak.)

Do we not all (humanity) feel that we are endeavoring to find

a source of information that returns us to peace, alignment with

the ultimate God source, personal power and each other?

What revelation to have a scientist speak to us through investigation and reason.

I am grateful,

Georgia Arvidson
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