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Size: 3 tubes of 10 gChange
Price:$11.54+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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356 of 370 people found the following review helpful
on June 6, 2011
Okay, I find all the reviews of this product that comment on smell to be amusing. You are applying it to your anus. It is not the best smelling part of any body. Pretty much, almost anything you put on it, smells better than its natural state. This stuff smells like mentholated patchouli incense... much better than a hemmoroidal poop chute.

That said, this product is fantastic! It is extremely cooling - even after the initial application. You'll feel nothing but a blissful cool tingle as the swollen 'roids shrink. Seriously, it is like applying rose-colored ice cream to your bum... and the cool LASTS. I liked to mix this stuff with Nupercainal to get a cooling and numbing effect. After a day and a night, I can actually think of something other than on the pain and discomfort radiating from my backside. Buy this product. It is inexpensive and will let you focus on things other than your sore rectum.
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332 of 351 people found the following review helpful
on December 30, 2009
First of all I want to say that this product in AMAZING! It did miracles for me. I was suffering from internal hemorrhoids. It was EXTREMELY painful to use the restroom! I did my research and after some trial and error I FINALLY got rid of them. I know that everybody is different but this is what worked for me. First, buy this product. Use it everytime that you take a shower morning and night. Secondly buy some Tucks Hemorrhoidal Pads WITH Witch Hazel (Very Important!) Must have witch Hazel. Wipe yourself with toilet paper first then use the pads to clean that area entirely. Look up Witch Hazel if you want to know what it does. Thirdly, buy Metamucil Sugar Free Psyllium Fiber. Instead of drinking plain water or soda. Drink Metamucil with water with everything. After about a week and a half I was able to use the restroom normally. Metamucil helped to soften my stool and regulate my bowel movements. Tucks helped relieve, sooth, and clean that area. And this product helped me to cool, sooth, and alleviate the internal hemorroids. I no longer have any pain and I can continue with my life. I can assure you that this product works. This is my first time posting something on Amazon about a product. I feel that I owe it to myself to tell others who suffer from internal hemorroids about my experience. I know that it can be very painful and sometimes you don't know where to turn to. Please follow my advice and I wish everything goes well. Thanks and I hope this works for you!
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196 of 208 people found the following review helpful
on June 30, 2013
I had the 'roids.

I had them bad.

Maybe it was even a fissure.

All I know is that every time I pooped it felt like pooping a broken lightbulb, and there was blood. For around six months. I was sure I was going to need surgery. I knew I needed a doctor.

Then I tried this stuff.

I was a little wary of putting anything from China on my body. Especially not there.

For the first two or three days I didn't notice much difference. Little number, maybe. I started taking the Fargelin which I had ordered at the same time, but was even warier of ingesting.

Yes, I smelled like I was smuggling a stale egg roll between my butt cheeks. No one noticed. At least, no one noticed and commented.

And then...gone. Maybe after 10 days? I went from using it every morning and night and after every movement because I had to, to forgetting to use it because there was no pain.

I stopped taking it maybe a week ago and there's a little irritation now and then when I go but nothing like before.

This stuff is a miracle. I don't even want to know what's in it, I don't care, I lived, I feel great, and nothing else worked. Buy some.


Still feeling great, have not had to use the medicine again. Whatever it did it seems to be permanent!


Still feeling great, no pain, no problems.
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155 of 177 people found the following review helpful
on May 16, 2012
Well this product was really a shot in the dark for me, I mean chinese miracle solution right!?!? I'm a truck driver and these things have been plaguing me for 7 years! I mean I have re-organized my life around roids, very very bad ones, inner and outer. I have lived my life carrying baby wipes and prep-H on me at all times, I mean that stuff gets really expensive after a while you know(I know You know what I mean). Social awkwardness, really long bathroom times considering I'm OCD, anyway these started destroying my life when I was a bodybuilder and ongoing from being a truck driver.

Ok so I was willing to try anything at this point but 1'st I went to the doctor AGAIN to get a script of cream that rang up to 158.00! I was like YOU CAN PUT THAT BACK! I'll deal with it, well when I got home I was looking up solutions ranging from heat, combined with witch hazel and Lidocaine........ Yeah well I saw this and it had near a hundred good reviews so for 17 bucks with shipping I was willing to go for a longshot (keep in mind I read the bad reviews and I actually thought it wouldn't work).

Yeah well it WORKED! I mean really worked, I'm starting to think that drug companies really try to squeeze money out of people by putting out mild stuff that doesn't work to keep it at bay, I mean i've had scripts of cream and yeah it worked but for 158.00 and it took 4 tubes to make a difference then very shortly after they come back naaa I'm done! I applied this twice the first day and yeah it feels like an ice cube literally, it doesnt hurt in the sense though but really cooling. Keep in mind I did NOT use this while having a bad flare up, the flare up had died down some by the time it came in the mail but to me flare up or not I'm so used to it I just deal with it enough to keep it out of my mind. This stuff really felt like it was working, you can feel them absorb it, after ONE day they reduced by half or more! The second day today, which is tonight they are GONE! I mean GONE! 7 f'ing years of hurt and wasting money on prep-h cream and wipes, adjusting my life and they are gone with this chinese miracle!

Now for pros/cons

Cons: Ok they did make them hurt a lil the first day, like sensitive but It really feels like it's absorbing so really who cares they hurt me every day so that and maybe it smells strong and feels like an ice cube. (Though during a flare up an Ice cube feeling is really good)

Pros: THEY ARE GONE! THIS STUFF WORKED! This is all that I will EVER buy again. They shipped me 3 tubes and I used not a quarter of one tube so think about that for a minute. 8 bucks for prep-h per tube per week or 2 tubes depending on severity, baby wipes EVERY week

Concluding this I will say I don't know about the negative reviews, everyone is different but it seems that the majority here finds this a miracle so it sucks for those it didn't work for but for those of you like me who know what going through life every day like this feels like 17 bucks is NOT a problem to take a shot
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28 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on April 30, 2012
Like several folks have written in their reviews, I was skeptical about this product before buying...Chinese label, claims of dramatic healing, etc. I have been battling a bought with an external roid for 4+ weeks. Tried some herbal pills, and that did not help. Witchhazel wipes do help to sooth but did nothing to reduce the size of the roid or provide longer-term comfort or diminish symptoms. I tried Prep H gel as well. And although that provided temporary relief, it did not reduce the size of the roid or provide long-term comfort. The Prep H also began to irritate the surrounding tissue, and some bleeding was noticed.

I have been using this cream for 4 days, 3X per day. The relief it has provided has been excellent. The symptoms (itching mostly) have subsided to the point where they are almost gone. The biggest surprise is that that roid has actually shrunk in size by half. I will continue to use this product for the next several days in hopes that is completely eliminates the roid. Still a bit skittish that this is a Chinese product and the product is not FDA approved, but our FDA has not reviewed/said no to a lot of products that are safely doing well for patients in other countries. As for the smell that people describe, it's not bad at all IMO. However, I realize that everyone has a different sensitivity level when it comes to odors. IMO, this odor is no stronger an odor than Ben Gay muscle cream. Regarding the application of it, to me it's a cooling sensation, not a burning sensation. No problem at all, and in fact, soothing.

In addition to this cream, I do eat a whole foods plant based diet with a lot of fiber. That certainly helps bowl health and relieves roid symptoms. Also drink plenty of water, and I have been drinking low cal cranberry juice. I suspect the fact that I am getting better is a function of all these things working together in addition to my own body healing the roid naturally.

I hope this review helps you and that you see improvement in your condition, because I know how much roids suck!

I have now been using this product for 3 weeks. It's simply amazing. I rarely write reviews of products unless they are outstanding, and this is. Three weeks after using it, my severe external roid is about 90% GONE. I have had NO discomfort in weeks, and I expect the final evidence of the roid will disappear in the coming days. Prior to getting this cream, I was miserable. I now know that when the roid flares up it most certainly will....I have a solution to eliminate symptoms and cure it. Amazing stuff. Woo hoo Chinese medicine!
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55 of 63 people found the following review helpful
on August 17, 2013
Let's be blunt... you're looking at this product and reading this review because you or someone close to you has a problem. If it's you you're probably sitting down at your computer leaning off to one side, or standing up with your tablet. That's not important. What IS important is that you need some relief and you're wondering if this stuff works.

I won't say that my problem is worse or bigger than your problem. What I will tell you is that when my problem shows up, I start referring to myself as "us" or "we" instead of "I" or "me". Last year, while on vacation, I actually started referring to it using a person's name. Anyway, I told you this to emphasize the truthfulness of the review and give you an idea of what you may expect.

I read a lot of reviews about smell and bad breath and all that stuff. Does this stuff have an odor?... yes, it does. It's best described as a mixture of medicinal, herbal, with a little bit of dirt scent thrown in there for good measure. I personally don't find it unpleasant and as a matter of fact, Prep H is worse because it smells fishy to me. The ointment is extremely thick and doesn't stain undergarments or clothing (something I've recently experienced with the H product). I'm happy to say my breath is no worse than it is already... let me rephrase... I didn't have bad breath before, during, or after using this product. Maybe if I emptied the entire tube into my nether regions would this be a problem. But a little dab will do ya, and there's really no reason to go crazy with this stuff unless you're getting some sort of weird enjoyment out of the application process.

Once on, the experience you'll get is one of cooling (like something with eucalyptus or menthol in it but not quite as severe). The sensation was almost immediate and to be quite honest, a huge relief from the burning and pain of an untreated problem. After a few minutes the pain went away and lasted quite a long time. Finally, after less than 24 hours after application, the swelling goes down significantly.

This is the first product for this problem I've ever used that actually worked. I'm amazed at the results, and highly recommend it... both of us do.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on February 12, 2013
This stuff is amazing. I've only been using it one day and I swear to you my problems are over. I used it twice (probably put too much on because last night it was burning so bad I had to wipe a little off), but I remembered the other reviews and decided maybe it was healing me. Today, I didn't even have to use it. The pain is gone. End of problem.

BTW I had an external hemorrhoid on the bottom side that felt like a raw sore and was hurting pretty badly. I have sat on it all day and I can't even tell it was ever there. Buy this product. It works.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on September 10, 2014
For those of you pressed for time (and your booty is in pain) I will give you the cliff notes version of this review: Buy it NOW.
For those of you stay at home moms with loads of idle time, unemployed fellows, and people from the "show me" State of Missouri, I will offer you this little ditty on just how amazing this product was. *I should add up front that I used this in conjunction with another Asian remedy offered on Amazon, Fargelin Herbal Supplement.
The lead up: somehow a gremlin or evil troll entered my anus and wreaked all sorts of havoc about two months ago. I dont know if the evil entity used a jack hammer or just placed rusty pins in my no-no spot, but you get the picture. In my head, evil trolls did this to me, although my doctor said "thrombosic hemmoriods". These are the kind that are inside your anus, pain scale was perfect 10 after a morning duece. I was not happy. Yes, I suffered for two full months with this before taking action and declaring war on my rear end.
The show down: I used this cream with the supplied applicator tip twice a day. Once at night, once at work after bowel movement. Within FOUR days of use the evil entity that had taken up residence in my rectum was vacated. Now when I go number two its like a sweet symphony of harps being played by angels. Yes, the cream smells like a head shop. Incense. For those of you complaining, maybe you should think back a day before you used this and remember what the smell coming from that area was like. It was not incense. It was worse. So, this is at least a step up. The sensation upon immediately applying you ask? Well, it is like your arse just started smoking menthol cigarettes, cool and refreshing. It is like icy hot for your poop shoot. Icy, cool, clean. Apparently a combination of ancient Asiatic sensations that evil booty trolls cant stand for more than 3 days.
I have NEVER written a review on Amazon until now (ten years ordering all sorts of cool stuff)...So trust me. ALL the other creams made for the over the counter market here in the US are geared at dulling the pain, not treating the problem. THIS MAGICAL CREAM will go the extra mile, it will heal you. It will make you whole again. You will not shift endlessly in your work chair while attempting to crush the evil troll living in your rectum. You will not wince at the thought of having to go potty. Now, I waltz right in the men's room and proudly purge last nights burrito with cheese...and I flinch not. In short, it works. It heals. It made me feel like a man again, instead of the pathetic suffering human I had become. Sorry team America, China wins on this remedy. Hands down. Icy. Cool. Relief.
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37 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on May 26, 2012
First let me say I have never, ever written a review about anything but I am so compelled to write it about this. I have been dealing with HUGE internal and external hemorrhoids for years and over the last 9 months have gotten so bad that my quality of life has plummeted!! Like alot of other I have tried EVERYTHING!!! Spending $1000s of dollars on creams, suppositories, remedies, herbal supplements, etc with NO RELIEF and NO BENEFIT!!! I was ready for the surgery (dreaded hemorrhoidectomy)but the surgeon didn't want me to have to go through a second surgery just yet (as I had to have a fissurectemy and the pain was awful) and wanted to give me another month or two to recover and regain my strength.

Anyway, I kept doing more and more research and came across this cream and decided I have nothing to lose. After only 2 applications the "putrid" or unhealthy tissue is actually starting to fall off and I can feel it working JUST AS DECRIBED!!! IT'S REALLY WORKING!!! I am in complete shock and am so happy that it's given me faith that this will actually work for me.

As for the other reviews, they're Absolutely ON TARGET. Immediate cooling relief and makes things SO comfortable down there and you can actually feel it removing the heat and feel it working. Whoever, came up with this....GOD BLESS YOU for giving me hope that I had all but lost!! Thank you Thank you!!!!
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28 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on November 24, 2012
I found this product and read all the miraculous reviews and decided to try it. When you order you get three small tubes of product. I have finished one tube and have not seen the results some others have (according to their review).
The smell of it isn't bad as some have noted. I'm going to continue and will update. It is better than Preparation H. I don't know how the stay in business.
UPDATE: I have used all three tubes and I still have the same problem. I will not be buying any more of this product.
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